Hangul: 티아라

Alternative name: ティアラ

Fandom Name: Corea: Queen's, Japón: Sweet Treasures.

Fandom Color: Ivory Pearl

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: Korea: July 29, 2009 - Japan: September 28, 2011

T-Ara Members

About T-Ara

T-ara Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. QriDec 12, 198636 years old
2. EunjungDec 12, 198834 years old
3. HyominMay 30, 198933 years old
4. JiyeonJun 07, 199329 years old

T-ara Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Eunjung1.68 m (5’6″)
2. Hyomin1.67 m (5’6″)
3. Jiyeon1.67 m (5’6″)
4. Qri1.63 m (5’4″)

Members and Position(s)


T-ara is composed of four members born between 1986 and 1993. Their names are: Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon.

The oldest member and leader is Qri (born Dec 12, 1986). The youngest member (maknae) is Jiyeon (born Jun 7, 1993).

Former members include: Hwayoung (left 2012), Areum (left 2013), Boram (left 2017), and Soyeon (left 2017). Dani and Hana left the group prior to their debut.


Qrileader, sub-vocalist
Eunjungmain rapper, lead vocalist
Hyominmain vocalist, lead rapper, dancer
Jiiyeonmain dancer, lead vocalist, visual, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The name T-ara comes from the word ‘tiara‘, which is meant to represent how the members want to be the queens of the music industry.
  • Qri became the leader since 2013.


  • Long before the formation of T-ARA, Mnet Media planned to debut a group called “Crystal” consisting of Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Won and Lee Chae Won in 2008.
  • Before their debut they were called “Super Rookies”, and at that time they were in the group Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Eun Jung, along with Ji Won (SPICA) and Ji Ae (Jevice).
  • After the departure of Jiwon and Jiae, when Boram, Soyeon and Qri came in, the main positions were given to Eunjung (Lead Rapper) Jiyeon (Lead Dancer and Visual) and So Yeon (Lead Vocalist). Thus becoming permanent.
  • The group was originally owned by Mnet Media, with the departure of Jiae and Jiwon from the group, it was transferred to its subsidiary MBK Ent. on July 9, 2009.
  • It has a rotational approach to group leadership – the leader changes every time a full-length album is released – as the company wants each of the members to become a responsible person, since the leader must take care of several tasks, such as adjusting the schedules of all the members, editing the videos, mixing the songs, etc.
  • “Roly Poly” was the most downloaded song of 2011 in Korea with over 4,000,000 downloads.
  • The song “Roly Poly” is named after the name of former MBK Entertainment CEO Kim Kwang Soo’s favorite candy.
  • The choreography for the song “Day By Day” was set by Jonte Moaning, choreographer of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and who has also worked with other groups such as Miss A and Wonder Girls.
  • Hwayoung collaborated on the rap for “Day By Day”. She provided feedback to the writers so that the music sounded youthful and catchy.
  • Kim Kwang Soo, former CEO of MBK Entertainment, announced on July 30, 2012 the termination of member Hwayoung’s employment contract, citing her inappropriate behavior towards the working group.
  • She achieved a gold record in Japan for her Japanese album “Jewerly Box”, having sold more than 100,000 copies. Such achievement was certified by the Reconding Industry Association Of Japan (RIAJ).
  • “Lovey Dovey” was the second most downloaded song of 2012 in Korea, with over 3,300,000 downloads.
  • Qri would assume his position as leader in 2012, but due to the Hwa Young controversy he did not do so until 2013.
  • In 2012 they would release a full-length album titled “T-ara’s Effect” which would have a dubstep sound and mark their return as 9 members, this one was never produced due to the bullying controversy.
  • T-ara ended its Japan tour with a concert at the “Budokan” in Tokyo on July 25 and 26, becoming the first Korean girl group to perform at this venue, considered by Japanese artists as the “Dream Stage”.
  • “Day And Night/Love All” is a ballad performed by Ahreum, (former member), Kim Gun Ji of Gavy NJ group and Shannon (former member of F-Ve Dolls).
  • The original version of “Sexy Love” features Hwa Young’s rap, as this song was recorded before its release, this version was released on GomTv channel because they made the mistake of uploading the MV of “Sexy Love In Tokyo” with the original song, which was deleted shortly after, but they managed to get the audio, even the distribution of lines is different.
  • “Bo Peep Bo Peep” was certified gold in Japan by the Reconding Industry Association Of Japon (RIAJ), having sold over 100,000 physical copies of the album within a year of its release. The album had previously been certified gold for its digital sales.
  • “T-ara’s Best Of Best 2009-2012 ~Korean Ver.~” is T-ara’s first greatest hits album to commemorate the first anniversary of their debut in Japan.
  • “Roly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey” have been recognized as “Best Songs of All Time” by the Korean National Record Chart (Gaon).
  • T-ara ranked No. 5 among Korean music leaders. Such achievement was certified by the K-Pop Charts Awards.
  • On July 10, 2013, MBK Entertainment, through a video, announced Ahreum’s departure from the group, arguing that her decision was based on her desire to continue her career as a solo singer.
  • The song “Number Nine” owes its title to Love Potion Number 9, which, in fiction, is a type of magic drink that creates feelings of love.
  • The song “Do You Know Me?” is a remix of Sand Pebbles’ hit song “What Should I Do?”. Music producers Shinsadong Tiger and Polar Bear created the said remix to add a modern twist to the retro song.
  • According to Forbes magazine, T-ara ranked second among female k-pop groups that had the highest money income during 2013, with a total of 194 billion won.
  • “Number Nine” is the group’s first song to have a Chinese version, which was performed at their concert in that country.
  • Ji Yeon and Hyo Min were the first members to debut as solo artists with the singles “Never Ever” and “Nice Body”, respectively.
  • “Sugar Free” is the group’s first song to have an English version.
  • It is the first Korean group to sign with a Chinese entertainment agency.
  • Little Apple garnered 8 million views on Youku, China’s largest video portal, just 2 days after it was posted.
  • After five years of debuting they had their first concert in Korea on December 25, 2014.
  • Eun Jung is the third member to debut as a soloist.
  • Eun Jung collaborated with singer K.Will with the single song “I’m Good” from her album.
  • Eun Jung’s solo album will have two types, Kinho type (Digital album from a letter) and physical type.
  • Internet users discovered that member Hwa Young was never bullied and that her departure from the group was due to a punishment from the CEO for not wanting to perform at the Music Bank of Japan even with an injury.
  • At Dream Concert 2015 they sang “Little Apple”, days before it was confirmed that they would sing a remix created by Ferry, however they sang the normal song, So Yeon and Bo Ram replacing Ji Yeon who was filming a movie.
  • Eun Jung is the first member to release a single in Chinese version.
  • First female group to have two million followers in their fan café.
  • During their showcase, they were asked how they felt about coming back at the same time as Wonder Girls and they said, “We actually had a rehearsal with Wonder Girls not long ago. Honestly, for us the question of competing with Wonder Girls is a great honor.” They continued, “Wonder Girls are our seniors, they promoted since we were just apprentices. We used to dance to Wonder Girls songs when we were apprentices and to be able to go back and promote with them is amazing.”
  • In an interview T-ARA talks about their difficulties of their recent comeback, to which So Yeon said, “I can’t help but feel that good songs are now wasted on us because the Korean public doesn’t love us anymore. I think the song would have been loved by everyone if we had released it before the incident. I hope people can at least love our song without prejudice. Now it’s hard to take the top spot on the charts so we were excited when we took the 39th spot, we screamed.”
  • So Crazy is the second song to have a Chinese version.
  • So Crazy is the first song to have an MV in Chinese version.
  • Got First Place #1 twice (2015-2016) in #FanArmyFaceOff Voting With over 3 Million views.
  • He signed a contract with Wang Sicong, son of China’s richest man, for his new entertainment venture called Banana Plan.
  • As every year since 2010, NAVER creates an open list for fans to vote and choose their favorite female group dances, T-ara’s “Roly Poly” came in 8th place with 2.3% (1,477) of votes.
  • According to the ranking taken out by TB WORLD of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015, Ji Yeon was ranked #44.
  • Within minutes of releasing “TIAMO”, a song from his new mini album, it reached #1 on the ollehmusic portal.
  • Sugar free and number 9 have more than 100 million hits on the Chinese portal yin yue tai.
  • Despite China’s restriction on banning Hallyu due to diplomatic conflicts between Korea and China, T-ARA and EXID are the only K-Pop groups that are licensed to promote freely in China, as both groups belong to the Chinese agency Banana Culture Music.
  • Rumors indicate that MBK Ent. never did anything about the bullying controversy because the CEO is a close friend of Hwayoung’s father, plus his family is wealthy.
  • Following the former staff member’s statement, the group has received supportive comments from Korean netizens.
  • Ahreum, a former member of the group, thanked the reporter on instagram for finally telling the truth of what happened in 2012, retracting it days later. Rumors indicate that she was threatened to recant.
  • The song of their thirteenth mini album “20090729”, would be composed by the group DIA, this as a gift from them to their superiors (T-ARA), due to the constant criticism from T-ara’s fans because the name is the date of the group’s debut, and that this is something special for both T-ara and the Queen’s for the memories created, and because this could be the last work as a group, MBK Ent. dispensed with the decision, so T-ara will compose the lyrics of this song.
  • His new song “What’s my name?” got #1 on The Show, his first win in 5 years, the last one was with the song “Lovey Dovey”.



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