Boram (T-ara, QBS)

Jeon Bo Ram, is a South Korean idol, singer, actress and a member of girl group T-ara. Bo Ram was the first new member to be added to T-ara after two former members, Jiae and Jiwon, quit the group in mid-2009. It was announced on July 15, 2010 that she will be the second leader of T-ara. But in July 2011, Bo Ram passed on her leadership to fellow member Hyomin.

Boram along with Qri and Soyeon formed a subgroup called QBS in May 2013. The subgroup focused on the Japanese market

Her contract with MBK Entertainment expired on May 15, 2017.
Her is Lee Mi-young, a well-known actress. In September 2019, Boram cast in ‘Modern Family’ of MBN along with her mother. This was the first time public appearance in a while.

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Boram (T-ara, QBS) Facts

Native Name: 전보람

Birth Name: Bo Ram Jeon

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: March 22, 1986

Gender: Female

Member of: T-Ara

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