Hangul: 인피니트

Alternative name: インフィニット

Fandom Name: Inspirit

Fandom Color: Pearl Metallic Gold / Pearl Metal Gold

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: June 09, 2010 - In Japan: June 06, 2013

Infinite Members

About Infinite

INFINITE Member Ages

INFINITE Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. SunggyuApr 28, 198933 years old
2. DongwooNov 22, 199032 years old
3. WoohyunFeb 08, 199132 years old
4. SungyeolAug 27, 199131 years old
5. LMar 13, 199231 years old
6. SungjongSep 03, 199329 years old

INFINITE Member Heights

INFINITE Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Sungyeol1.83 m (6’0″)
2. L1.80 m (5’11”)
3. Sungjong1.79 m (5’10”)
4. Sunggyu1.78 m (5’10”)
5. Woohyun1.76 m (5’9″)
6. Dongwoo1.75 m (5’9″)


INFINITE is composed of six members born between 1989 and 1993. Their names are: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong.

The oldest member of the group is Sunggyu (born Apr 28 1989). He was 20 years old when he debuted with INIFINITE in 2010. The youngest member or maknae is Sungjong (born Sep 3, 1993). He was 16 years old at the time of INFINITE’s debut.

All of the members of INFINITE are Korean.


Sunggyuleader, main vocalist
Dongwoomain rapper, main dancer, vocalist
Woohyunmain vocalist, lead dancer
Sungyeollead rapper, vocalist
Lvocalist, visual
Sungjongvocalist, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • L left Woollim in Aug 2019.
  • Sunggyu left Woollim in Feb 2021.
  • Dongwoo and Sungyeol left Woollim Entertainment in Mar 2021.
  • Despite most members leaving the agency, Sunggyu reassured fans that INFINITE remains a group and that it has not disbanded. This leaves the possibility for future reunions and promotions.


  • Their possible names were Supersonic and Big Dipper.
  • They had a great debut thanks to their music and very elaborate choreographies, they did not win awards that year but they stole everyone’s attention.
  • INFINITE is known for its high levels of synchronization and dancing.
  • In their first concert, the members cried with emotion, all except Sungkyu.
  • The boys are really close to the SISTAR girls. And they are considered neighbor-friend groups by the fanbases.
  • His song She’s back was originally for SHINee, but as the song did not fit the concept of the Lucifer album, it was given to INFINITE.
  • They were the first Korean Idol group to broadcast a live concert on youtube “Second Invasion Evolution”.
  • They were the first idol guests of the show “Weekly Idol”. Aside from being the group that has been there the most times (More than 10 episodes, currently 12 episodes). That’s why MC’s Doni and Coni say they are family and their special guys.
  • They are one of the few groups that renew their logo every promotion cycle, as an integral part of their concept.
  • They were dubbed as the princes of kpop.
  • They are well known in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
  • For the release of the album Infinitize to which the song The Chaser belongs and with which they promoted on May 15, 2012 Infinite kicked off the promotions with a non-stop showcase tour that took them to five different cities in South Korea. Starting in Gwangju at 9am, continuing to Pusan at 12pm, Daegu at 2pm, Daejeon at 5pm, and ending in Seoul at 8pm.  The group used a helicopter to travel between cities throughout the day.
  • In May 2014 INFINITE held a large-scale showcase in three countries Korea, Japan and Taiwan to kick off the promotions of the second full-length album “Season 2”. The showcase was called “1 .2.3” with the following message “1 time that will not come again”. The first concert was held on May 19 in Japan, the second on May 20 in Taiwan and the last one on May 21 in Korea.
  • Infinite took the first place in the billboard 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2012 with “The Chaser” for this Infinite beat out Big Bang and PSY to take the top spot, which is why they were ranked by billboard as the best rising K-pop group of 2012.
  • They worked together with UNICEF to promote the “2012 UNICEF Birthday Donation Campaign”.
  • They are considered one of the groups with the highest precision in their dances, some TV shows mention them as a reference of synchronization or compare other Idol dance groups with Infinite’s synchronization.
  • The Infinite movie “Infinite 3D” outperformed Super Junior, Big Bang and BEAST in viewership.
  • For the first time they were in the Top 10 of the Melon Music Awards in 2012, with their hit song “The Chaser”.
  • They are considered the group with the most naturally beautiful features (without surgery) in the Kpop industry in a survey of plastic surgeons.
  • INFINITE and other groups such as “SS501” “KARA” and “SNSD” are known for making kpop very popular in Japan, being the most famous and loved artists in the neighboring country.
  • The music video of hip hop group Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM” makes a special appearance, as well as Monster and Muzie from UV.
  • Sunggyu is always being bullied on variety programs, especially by the members; so most of the time Sungjong comes out to calm down the situation.
  • Because they are very close to TEEN TOP and make several performances together, fans named the two groups TEENFINITE.
  • They performed a Special Stage with TEEN TOP, they sang The Chaser and INFINITE To You.
  • The MV of “Destiny” was recorded at Universal Studios in California, being the first Kpop group to set foot in the studio, and the MV is valued at $900,000 or around 10 billion won.
  • His first world tour “2013 Infinite 1st World Tour One Great Step” performed in 30 cities around the world including L.A – USA, London-England, Paris-France, and Lima-Peru (although the latter was cancelled due to the 2013 awards).
  • Hoya and Dongwoo often compose the raps for some of their songs, such as “Destiny”.
  • His video “Destiny” reached more than one million plays in just one day.
  • SungKyu (the leader) can sometimes be playful with the members and even spoil them a lot, but when it comes to playing his leadership role he is very strict with them.
  • Hoya and Dongwoo composed the song MAMAMA by Tasty.
  • His first world tour “One Great Step” kicked off on 09/08/13 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
  • Samsung Company to help support its new Galaxy series including the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, has hired three artists to make “Galaxy Songs”: INFINITE, CNBLUE and ICONA POP.
  • The MV teaser for ‘Galaxy Song’ titled ‘Request’ was revealed on Woollim’s official YouTube channel. In the teaser, the guys prominently feature Samsung Galaxy products. The full MV of “Request” was revealed on September 27.
  • According to an SNS survey conducted by KBS, INFINITE is the most popular group in Southeast Asia.
  • All the members love their leader SungKyu very much (although they sometimes make jokes on him) and even revealed in an interview that they would not know what to do without him.
  • They ranked 3rd in the ranking “The best idol groups of 2013”,based on the scores (based on digital charts), music album sales, awards, fan cafe, etc.
  • They confessed that their fights sometimes come to blows.
  • It took 2 hours to film the rain scene in their MV “Come Back Again”, and they were singing live at the time.
  • SungYeol was the leader during the This is infinite program, which made SungKyu sad and feel betrayed by his dongsaeng.
  • When the guys launched Be Mine the CEO was telling them not to feel pressure about all the activities, but he had invested a lot of money in them and they had to do well so they were under even more pressure.
  • Their bedroom is always messy as they don’t clean much.
  • Before debuting the guys used to live with the CEO of the company and 5 other trainees, the house used to have many defects (Leaks, cracks, etc..), because of that, they asked the CEO to change their house but he told them that only when they debuted and got into the Top 10, but they didn’t make it, some time later they launched Nothing’s Over and got into the 9th place, when they told the CEO, he told them that their proposal had expired so he gave them a new chance but this time they had to get into the TOP 3, after launching Be Mine they got into the first place and at the end, the CEO kept his promise and changed their bedroom to luxury apartments.
  • The rap parts of the song “Last Romeo” were written by Dongwoo and Hoya.
  • In the new album “Season 2” Sunggyu wrote the lyrics of the song “Light” which he sings as a solo.
  • Woo Hyun wrote the lyrics and composed the song for his solo (Close your eyes).
  • For the “BACK” video the guys received two weeks of training to perform the fight scenes.
  • The concept of “Back” was bad guys.
  • His song 1/3 Remix and Last Romeo were featured in episode 1 of the drama My Lovely Girl sung by the fictional group Infinite Power.
  • Her latest song “Back” can be heard in chapter 3 of the drama My lovely Girl.
  • Woollim Ent CEO Jungyeop has a great relationship with them. They spend many days together: he takes them on picnics, fishing, shopping and watching movies together or invites them to dinner. The CEO even accompanied them during the entire 2013 world tour. For him they are his spoiled children and he once wrote that, despite not being paid as much as other groups in their category or not having many changes of clothes at concerts, he is very grateful to them for all the effort and affection they give him. Full letter.
  • The CEO sold his house to pay for Destiny’s MV.
  • B-Bomb and Jaehyo of Block B were a lineup for Infinite. It is rumored that B-Bomb belonged to the band before their debut but had to leave for personal reasons.
  • Billboard has recognized them as the fastest growing kpop group and the most talked about in America especially in Peru and Mexico, they have been on lists of most influential billboard artist for twitter and music. Billboard praised ‘Last Romeo’ for its musical style and synchronized choreography.
  • Kim Sung Kyu confirmed for new variety show along with other idols in India.
  • Infinite was the only Korean group invited to the 9th Asian Film Awards 2015 held in Macau.
  • Infinite participated in the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival 2015, where Hoya’s birthday was celebrated.
  • At the press conference prior to the Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival 2015, some fans infiltrated and caused chaos, leading to the disruption of the press conference.
  • Sunggyu is currently preparing the release of his second solo album with the help and support of Kim Jong Wan of the rock band Nell.
  • Sung Yeol and Sung Jong made a parody of HyunA Y JS’s Troublemaker in which they kissed each other.
  • Jo Woojong posted on her Twitter, “Sorry INFINITE fans. I know I’m worse when it comes to looks. I know… It was in the script but I think I misunderstood.” He added, “I am also a fan who loves INFINITE and I apologize once again.” The emcee was referring to the comments he made during the National Choir program at the recording of I’m Korea’s MV on May 15. While talking to Sunggyu and Myungsoo he said, “Two INFINITE members are here with us today, but it seems they were chosen based on their looks, the most handsome one and the ugliest one.” On that, Sunggyu wittily commented, “I’m the handsome one, right?”. But the presenter’s comment continued to annoy the fans.
  • They will start the promotions of their album “Reality” the same week of its release and the main song with which they will promote it will be “BAD”.
  • INFINITE will perform its second world tour entitled “INFINITE EFFECT” starting August 8-9 at the Olympic Park in Seoul.
  • “INFINITE EFFECT” has been in intense demand as all tickets for the Seoul shows sold out in just 10 minutes.
  • Although the release of his album was scheduled to be released on July 13, 2014 at 00:00 Korean time, the music platform Spotify had the album available two days before its official release through the artist’s account (Infinite), hours later the album was blocked by the same platform (?) and later re-released. Some Infinite fans started a campaign to stop playing the album on the said music platform claiming that the album was leaked, others said it was legal since the album is featured on Infinite’s albums. Woollim Entertainment had not commented on the leak(?) of the album as of this writing.
  • It is the first KPOP group to upload to youtube a 360° video (also known as panoramic shot, a new Youtube function where the user can move the video to the angle he wants to see).
  • In a recent radio broadcast, it was commented that L is the member who has earned the most money just from the fact of his appearances in dramas and his individual commercials; with SungJong earning the least money.
  • With their album “Reality” they have already won 5 awards in Music Shows, in its first week of release, for their great reception to the new style of music they propose.
  • On the July 28 broadcast of “The Show”, INFINITE, GOT7, 9MUSES, Stellar and GFriend were nominated for first place. INFINITE took the win with 8,657 points, earning the second highest record by any artist on “The Show”.
  • They appeared again in the reality show INFINITE SHOWTIME where in the first episode they were all moved by the words of the leader, they remembered their first concert with much nostalgia, they also revealed that Hoya was going through a leg injury that prevented him from dancing in his concerts, they also revealed that Woohyun was going through a crisis and depression.
  • At the Weekly Idols Awards 2015, when L won one of the awards, Coni said to AOA’s Mina, “And since it’s INFINITE, Mina please stand up.” This caused bewilderment and curiosity among the fandom of both groups.
  • INFINITE achieved the highest audience rating of SNL Korea season 8, breaking records for three consecutive weeks, continuing its trend
  • It was reported that the staff of SNL Korea had shown inappropriate behaviors against B1A4, INFINITE and Block B, as they are accused of having manifested sexual harassment.
  • They are considered the best dancers in kpop.
  • Because Sung Kyu will enter military service sometime in 2017, the leadership will pass to Woo Hyun.
  • Hoya and DongWoo performed at KCON MEXICO 2017 at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico as their INFINITE H sub-unit.
  • SungJong,SungYeol,Sung Kyu,L,Woo Hyun sent a video to KCON MEXICO 2017 at Arena Mexico City saying that they couldn’t go as a group, but they support INFINITE H and then they would all come as a group.
  • On August 30, 2017, it was announced that Hoya decided to leave Infinite and not renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment, which ended on June 9, after 7 years.
  • On October 2, INFINITE performed as guests at the ‘2017 Hong Kong National Youth Day’ concert. This marked their first public stage as 6 members after Hoya’s departure.
  • On this day, INFINITE performed “Cover Girl”, “Can U Smile”, “Thank You”, “Be Mine”, and “The Eye” with the choreographies and songs rearranged as 6 members.
  • On May 14, 2018, Sunggyu will begin his Military Service.





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