Hangul: 비아이지

Alternative name: ビアで

Fandom Name: Biginning

Fandom Color: Black, white and red

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: Korea: Jul 08, 2014 - Japan: March 23, 2016

B.I.G Members

About B.I.G

B.I.G Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. J-HoonJul 15, 199032 years old
2. GunminOct 03, 199428 years old
3. HeedoApr 22, 199626 years old
4. JinseokFeb 09, 199825 years old

B.I.G Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Heedo1.80 m (5’11”)
2. Gunmin1.77 m (5’10”)
3. J-Hoon1.72 m (5’8″)
4. Jinseok


J-Hoonleader, lead dancer, lead vocalist
Gunminmain dancer, vocalist
Heedolead rapper
Jinseoklead vocalist, maknae


  • Her first MV “Hello” did not have very good reviews and most of the people who have commented have said that it is an unoriginal style, resembling other artists, while her second MV “Are You Ready? ” reviews have been better saying that it is a fresher and funnier style.
  • They recorded their second MV “Are You Ready ” in Thailand.
  • In several programs Benji has shown his great talent on the violin.
  • On 04/02/15 it was announced that the official name of the Fanclub is Biginning no Beginning.
  • They said in K-Populous that they were proud of the nickname people gave them after their first MV “Hello”. Their nickname was “patriotic idol group” as it introduces Korea and their own nationalism.
  • Members Min Pyo and J-Hoon are cousins.
  • On February 14, a short video was released through the group’s official Twitter account, where they appear next to the figure of An Jung Geun (a Korean independence activist who died in 1910 and marked the country’s history) in Seoul. They wrote: “Our hero and martyr An Jung Geun, his last words were ‘Even in paradise, I will work hard for the independence of our country’ that touches our hearts”, But on that holiday for love, the spirits have no calm and this publication was badly received by netizens, considering that this little video was actually a publicity stunt.
  • They had a South American tour in 2017, visiting Mexico and Brazil.
  • On November 15, 2018, group leader J-Hoon quietly enlisted in the army without informing fans.
  • It was revealed on January 19, 2019 that a new member was added to group. Jinseok became the new maknae.
  • On August 11, 2021 they re-debuted together with 3YE as a mixed group under the same company GH ENTERTAINMENT with the single PRESENTE.
  • On July 22, 2022, they held their first fanmeeting in Argentina.
  • On July 24, 2022, members J-Hoon and Hee Do judged the KPOP Latin America Contest in Argentina.



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