Hangul: 드리핀

Alternative name:

Fandom Name: DREAMIN

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: October 28, 2020



DRIPPIN Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. HyeopAug 13, 199923 years old
2. YunseongOct 30, 200022 years old
3. ChangukJul 25, 200121 years old
4. DongyunFeb 18, 200221 years old
5. MinseoMay 13, 200220 years old
6. JunhoJul 09, 200220 years old
7. AlexOct 06, 200418 years old

DRIPPIN Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Changuk1.84 m (6’0″)
2. Yunseong1.81 m (5’11”)
3. Junho1.79 m (5’10”)
4. Minseo1.77 m (5’10”)
5. Dongyun1.77 m (5’10”)
6. Hyeop1.77 m (5’10”)
7. Alex1.76 m (5’9″)

Members and Position(s)


DRIPPIN is composed of seven members born between 1999 and 2004. Their names are Cha Junho, Hwang Yunseong, Kim Minseo, Joo Changuk, Kim Dongyun, Lee Hyeop, and Alex. The oldest member is Hyeop (born Aug 13, 1999). The youngest member is Alex. Alex is the only foreign member of DRIPPIN. He is Korean-German. All other members are Korean.


Hyeopmain vocalist
Yunseongleader, main dancer, vocalist
Dongyunmain rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Junholead vocalist, visual, center
Changuklead vocalist, lead dancer
Alexlead rapper, vocalist, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Cha Junho is a former winner of Produce X 101 and member of the project boy group the was formed, X1.
  • Most members (Hyeop, Yunseong, Dongyun, Minseo, and Changuk) were part of the trainee project boy group from Woollim Entertainment called W Project 4.
  • All members except for Alex appeared on Produce X 101.
  • The oldest member of DRIPPIN is Lee Hyeop (born Aug 13, 1999).
  • The tallest member of DRIPPIN is Changuk with a height of 184 cm (6’1”).
  • The shortest member of DRIPPIN is Dongyun with a height of 176 cm (5’9”).
  • The youngest member of DRIPPIN (maknae) is Alex. He was the ‘hidden’ trainee and last member to be revealed. He is Korean-German and started as a child model. Alex is the only foreign member of DRIPPIN. He is also the only member that did not appear in Produce X 101.



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