Number of Members:

Hangul: 샤이니

Alternative name: シャイニー

Fandom Name: SHAWOL [샤월 (syaueol)]

Fandom Color: Pearly Teal

Company/Agency: SHINee

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: January 1, 1970

About SHINee

SHINee Member Ages Ranked from oldest to youngest. MemberBirthdayAge1. OnewDec 14, 198933 years old2. JonghyunApr 08, 199032 years old3. KeySep 23, 199131 years old4. MinhoDec 09, 199131 years old5. TaeminJul 18, 199329 years old SHINee Member Heights Ranked from tallest to shortest. MemberHeight1. Minho1.84 m (6'0")2. Key1.81 m (5'11")3. Taemin1.79 m (5'10")4. Onew1.78 m (5'10")5.…

SHINee Members

SHINee Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. OnewDec 14, 198933 years old
2. JonghyunApr 08, 199032 years old
3. KeySep 23, 199131 years old
4. MinhoDec 09, 199131 years old
5. TaeminJul 18, 199329 years old

SHINee Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Minho1.84 m (6’0″)
2. Key1.81 m (5’11”)
3. Taemin1.79 m (5’10”)
4. Onew1.78 m (5’10”)
5. Jonghyun1.74 m (5’9″)

Members and Position(s)


SHINee is composed of 4 members born between 1989 and 1993. Their names are Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. The oldest member and the leader of the group is Onew (born Dec 14, 1989). The youngest member is Taemin (born Jul 18, 1993).


Onewleader, main vocalist
Keylead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Minhomain rapper, vocalist, visual
Taeminmain dancer, vocalist, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The oldest member and leader of SHINee is Onew (born Dec 14, 1989).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of SHINee is Taemin (born Jul 18, 1993).
  • The main dancer of SHINee is Taemin.
  • The main vocalist of SHINee is Onew.
  • SHINee was originally formed as a 5-member group.


  • It has been the only Korean group to perform at the Abbey Road Studios in England (some of the artists who have performed there include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Adele, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Michael Jackson and many others).
  • SHINee broke a record on Japan’s Oricon music chart for being the first time in 44 years of Oricon that a foreign artist (solo artist included) released three different singles, and all three ranked in the Top 3. The Hit songs are “Replay”, “Juliette” and then “Lucifer”.
  • Jong Hyun at every SHINee World Concert (SWC) has performed Alejandro Sanz’s song “Y Si Fuera Ella” (included in the album “SHINee World”) in a Korean version.
  • In the song “Señorita” (from the mini album ‘ROMEO’) they say words in Spanish.
  • SHINee was accused of plagiarism for Corbin Blue’s song “Deal With It” which was covered by them in “Juliette” (2009), but SM actually bought the rights to this song.
  • They were on Hello Baby! (2010), taking care of little Jung Yoo Geun. In which Onew said that he prefers chicken to Yoo Geun, as he loves chicken.
  • They participated as a jury in the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 2011 held in Moscow (Russia).
  • The choreography for “Sherlock”, “Dream Girl” and “Everybody” was created by Tony Testa (Michael Jackson’s former choreographer).
  • It is the first Korean group to have a total attendance of 200,000 people at an Arena Concert in Japan during the 20 dates.
  • They appeared on Show Luo’s (Taiwanese actor and singer) “100% Entertainment” program.
  • The group has 4 managers.
  • SHINee only learned of his debut a month earlier.
  • In the recording of their video Dream Girl they had to repeat the microphone scenes several times because they were dropping them too much.
  • They are the first group to win 4 weeks in a row on MBC’s “Show Champion” with the song Dream Girl.
  • They appeared in the First Episode of Lee Soon Shin is the Best at minute 5:36 with the theme song Dream Girl.
  • On April 22, the teaser of ‘Why So Serious?’ was released, surprising fans because the teaser does not feature Jonghyun due to the mishap he suffered.
  • The choreography for “Why So Serious? was created by world-renowned choreographer Devin Jamieson, who worked with Michael Jackson, Usher, Britney Spears, among others. Also with Super Junior for the choreography of “Sexy, Free & Single”.
  • His third album, “Why So Serious? : The Misconceptions of Me”, reached 1st place on Billboard’s weekly chart of best-selling albums in the “World Album” category.
  • They will release a 2nd travel book called “SHINee SURPRISE VACATION”, which contains members’ scenery and daily activities through Switzerland, Thailand, England and Japan.
  • On June 26, they will release their second Japanese album called “Boys Meet U”.
  • They sang “Why So Serious?” at Music Bank Half of Year.
  • SHINee made comeback with his mini album titled “Everybody”, released on October 14, 2014.
  • SHINee members were named honorary ambassadors of Gangnam.
  • SHINee confirmed concerts in Chile, Mexico and Argentina on the occasion of his World Tour: “SHINee World III”. This will be his first time visiting Latin American countries.
  • They released their third Japanese album on September 24, 2014, under the title “I’m Your Boy”.
  • He led the Oricon Daily List with his latest Japanese album “I’m Your Boy” since its debut in Japan.
  • They made their debut at Tokyo Dome in March 2015, 4 years after their debut in Japan. Both dates (March 14 and 15) were quickly sold out, demonstrating the group’s popularity in that country.
  • It is confirmed that a new album will be released in 2015.
  • Jonghyun was chosen as one of the best faces of 2014 ( The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2014) ranking #84, along with other Korean artists and other globally recognized artists.
  • In the list of songs chosen for SM Entertainment’s old game to date are: “Everybody”, “Love like oxygen”, “A-Yo”, “Hello”, “Why so serious?”, “Juliette”, “X-Mas”, “Hitchhiking”, “Replay”, “Destination”, “Sherlok”, “Amigo”, “Dream Girl”, “Lucifer”, “Ring Ding Dong”.
  • After 1 year and 7 months since the last Korean release, SM Entertainment has announced the comeback of SHINee with a new studio album. The album will be released on May 18 and is titled “Odd”. Their first performance will be at M! Countdown on May 21.
  • Jonghyun composed the song “Odd Eye” and participated in the lyrics and wrote the song “View”.
  • Regarding SHINee’s common bedroom, we only know that Onew and Minho are still living there. Key moved into his own apartment (a place that was shown several times in reality show ‘Key knowshow’) in early 2014. While this year Jonghyun shared, on his radio show and later on twitter, that he had already moved into his new apartment. Not far away from his mother’s house.
  • Before the stage join hands at the center and shout: “Ultra transformation SHINee”.
  • Taemin ranked #4 of the highest paid within SM Entertainment, being the highest paid within SHINEE.
  • Jonghyun posted on Twitter to be Taemin’s mother.
  • SHINEE has a very good relationship with all the Red Velvet girls.
  • All members are very successful in their individual careers, Onew as an actor, Jonghyun as a composer, Key as an MC, Minho as a model and Taemin as a solo artist.
  • Among the sales kings on SM Entertainment, SHINEE ranks #3 with $25,400,000,000, #1 is TVXQ and #2 Super Junior.
  • The large amount of profits SHINEE has made during 2015 is due not only to album sales but also because of the large number of concerts held which brought a large profit to SM Entertainment.
  • It is the group that has generated the most revenue in SM Entertainment since January 2016.
  • The members said they would make a comeback in 2016.
  • They will release a new Japanese single called “Because of you” (Kimi no Sei de). A date has not yet been confirmed but promotional images have already been released.
  • The Onew leader is taking a break due to allegations of sexual harassment he allegedly made to a girl in a club while he was in a drunken state.
  • Jonghyun was found unconscious by police in an apartment he had rented. According to the South Korean Police and Fire Department, Jonghyun was found unconscious on December 18 at around 6:45 pm (Korean time). The emergency team rushed the vocalist to the hospital, however Jonghyun could not be resuscitated and passed away. The cause of death is believed to be carbon monoxide poisoning. It is believed to be a suicide, as a frying pan containing a brown liquid, identified as charcoal, was found in the apartment, which would have led him to suffer the poisoning, the police arrived at the apartment warned by Jonghyun’s sister, who had received a farewell message from the singer. The message stated “It has been very difficult. Let me go. Tell me I did my best. This is my last goodbye.”
  • On May 23, 2018 the pre-sale of its official lightstick opened, and on May 27, 2018 it officially went on sale.
  • On December 10, Onew entered his military service, he wished to have a calm and quiet enlistment, without giving much detail of where it will be. On December 8, he uploaded a letter to his fans on his instagram saying goodbye.
  • SHINee managed to have 130,000 viewers from 120 countries for its online concert “SHINee World: Beyond Live”, ranking the second most watched Beyond live of SM artists.
  • “Don’t Call Me” has been certified Platinum in Gaon for selling over 250,000 units.
  • SHINee sold more than 2,500,000 albums on Gaon Chart since its debut until today.



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