Hangul: 써드아이

Alternative name: 3YE (International)

Fandom Name: Eye

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: May 21, 2019

3YE Members

About 3YE

3YE Member Ages

3YE Age Ranking

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. YurimApr 13, 199824 years old
2. YujiNov 25, 199824 years old
3. HaeunMar 12, 199924 years old

3YE Member Heights

3YE Height Ranking

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Haeun1.63 m (5’4″)
2. Yurim1.60 m (5’3″)
3. Yuji1.60 m (5’3″)

Members and Positions


3YE is composed of three members born between 1998 and 1999. Their names are Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun.

All three members were previously part of the Kpop group Apple.B. Apple.B. debuted in August 2017 and disbanded in 2018 following the departure of two of the five members, Sandy and Hyunmin. The remaining three members debuted as 3YE.

Yurim is the oldest one. She was born on Apr 13, 1998. The youngest member or maknae is Haeun. She was born on Mar 12, 1999.


Yurimvocalist, visual
Yujileader, main vocalist, lead dancer, rapper
Haeunmain rapper, main dancer, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The oldest member of 3YE Yurim (born Apr 13, 1998). She is also the leader of the group.
  • The youngest member (maknae) of 3YE is Yoon Ha Eun (born Mar 12, 1999).
  • The tallest member of 3YE is Park Yurim with a height of 164 cm (5’5”).
  • The shortest member of 3YE is Son Yuji with a height of 160 cm (5’3”).


2019: Debut with First Digital Single “DMT”.

On May 12, 2019, two images were released on their social networks, one indicating the date 21.05.2019 and the other showing the members with the same date thus giving the beginning of the preparations for their debut.

From May 14 to 15, individual videos and images of the members were released. On May 16, the name of their digital single “Do Ma Thang” was revealed through two images along with a 21-second audio teaser. On the same day, three individual teaser images of the members of their respective debut MV were released.  

On May 19, the teaser of the music video for the song “Do Ma Thang” was revealed, while on May 21, they made their debut single and MV receiving good reviews of their debut.

Back with Second Digital Single “OOMM”.

On September 17, 2019, the group made its first comeback with the digital single “OOMM (Out Of My Mind)”, which features the eponymous title track and its instrumental version.

2020: Return with Third Digital Single “QUEEN”.

On February 16 on all the group’s social networks, it was announced that 3YE’s comeback would be held on February 21; starting on the same day, uploading a photo of the concept as well as the name of the comeback “Queen”. Also on February 17, the concept photos were revealed individually and as a group (showing the girls’ outfits made up of stylish outfits). One by one, teaser photos were released for each member (Yuji, Haeun & Yurim), respectively.

On February 18, a short video titled “Queen [Short Teaser]” was released in which, the only thing we hear is “open your eyes” inviting us to wait expectantly for the girls’ return. It is then, when on February 19 we enjoyed the [Long Teaser] of “Queen” in this we appreciate the different locations and apparently a story that will be told through the course of the video. On February 21 was released the official MV of “QUEEN” in its about 4 minutes, we observe the story of conspiracy and betrayal between the three girls.

Back with First Mini Album “TRIANGLE”.

On June 14 they uploaded to Instagram a photo with what they would publish every day. And finally at the end of the same month, on the 29th they released the official MV of “YESSIR” where we can see them in a more military environment.

2021: Return with Fourth Digital Single “STALKER”.

On March 19, the group’s social networks show a mysterious image announcing a possible comeback of the group which, until then, had an unknown format.

The following day, another image is uploaded without much detail anticipating a comeback with a concept already recognized in the group. Already on March 21, the timetable for this comeback is officially released, featuring concept photos and the long-awaited music video for the title track “STALKER” which will be released on April 1.



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