Hangul: 에프 엑스

Alternative name: エフエックス

Fandom Name: 미유 / MeU

Fandom Color: Pearl Light Periwinkle (Pearl Lilac)

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: September 05, 2009 - In Japan: August 03, 2012

f(x) Members

About f(x)

f(x) Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. VictoriaFeb 02, 198736 years old
2. AmberSep 18, 199230 years old
3. lunaAug 12, 199329 years old
4. SulliMar 29, 199429 years old
5. KrystalOct 24, 199428 years old

f(x) Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Sulli1.70 m (5’7″)
2. Victoria1.68 m (5’6″)
3. Amber1.67 m (5’6″)
4. Krystal1.65 m (5’5″)
5. luna1.62 m (5’4″)


Victorialeader, main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist
Ambermain rapper, vocalist
Lunamain vocalist, lead dancer
Sullirapper, vocalist, visual
Krystallead vocalist, visual, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The oldest member of the group was Victoria. She was also the leader of the group.
  • The youngest member or maknae was Krystal.


  • The name of the group that was planned at the time was the “White Angel” project, not f(x), and it was planned to be composed of between 5 and 6 members.
  • Since the formation of the members to debut in f(x), the history and selection process of the members caught the attention as during that time the trainees discarded from the final lineup of Girls’ Generation Lee Hwan Hui, Kim Ye Jin and Heo Chan Mi, and the trainees Gong Seung Yun and Yun Do Yeon were thought to form the group because of their preparation and popularity in the company, However, the lineup was changed at the beginning with the arrival of Krystal, after which SM found Luna and Victoria, whom SM found at a dance school in Beijing, and Amber, who spent about a year and six months of training, managed to excel and formed the final lineup of f(x).
  • The name of the members was originally going to be the initial letter of the member in place of the x in f (x) (e.g. Victoria as f(V)) ; according to this it would be known who participated in each song. however it was discarded.
  • It is one of the most multicultural Kpop groups as the members are composed of Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean Americans. It is also considered one of the most influential girl bands for being fluent in 3 languages: English, Chinese and Korean.
  • Prior to their debut several members had some recognition; Victoria had done several commercials, Shiny’s “So Beautiful” and the U-Music video for Super Junior-M, Krystal was also known for her commercials and for being the sister of Jessica , former member of Girls’ Generation.
  • When the group debuted with “LA chA TA” it attracted attention because it was mistakenly believed to be a mixed group.
  • They gained a lot of popularity with ‘Electric Shock’ the title song of the album of the same name showed its strength by reaching the top spot in Melon, Soribada, Naver and Bugs in real-time music charts. The single ranked the highest in various charts in Korea and, its music video ranked #1 in YouTube’s “Most Viewed Videos” category, it was the fourth most watched Korean video of 2012 and the first of SM Entertainment, getting more than 10 million plays in one week. Meanwhile, quickly after its release “Electric Shock” placed high on the “Electronic Album” chart on iTunes in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The music critics of the renowned international website “Fuse” included the “Pink Tape” album in the list of “The 41 best albums of 2013”.
  • The album “Pink Tape” got the #1 spot on: MelOn, Mnet, Olleh, Bugs, Soribada, Naver and Daum.
  • They achieved an all-kill with “Rum Pum Pum Pum Pum” and “Red Light”.
  • Pink Tape has reached NO.1 on “Billboard World Albums” and “K-Pop Hot 100 chart”.
  • Since 2014, he has been active in Kpop as a leader in experimental music genres, due to the composition of his songs by foreign composers (teams), collaborating with Korean composers.
  • In its first week on sale “Red Light” sold 30,719 copies.
  • The cooks in the group are Victoria and Krystal.
  • They have sung several songs from the other groups of the same SM: “Kissing You” from Girls’ Generation, “U” from Super Junior and “Hello” from SHINee.
  • The group left for New Zealand on April 8 to film a new reality show called “Amazing f(x),” which will show how they live their daily lives and share their experiences with other cultures.
  • They were the first K-pop group invited to participate in the famous “SXSW” festival in Texas.
  • They worked together with the famous actress Anna Kendrick for the English program “Funny or Die”.
  • They performed a concert together with EXO at SMTOWN WEEK on December 24 and 25, 2014.
  • On February 3, 2014, it was announced that Krystal will join as a member of the group S.M. The Ballad, to make comeback with that group on February 14.
  • In a survey conducted about the height of the female groups, F(x) was classified as a tall group because of the height of the 4 members: Krystal (1.65), Victoria Song (1.68), Amber Liu (1.65) and Sulli (1.69).
  • All members made their doll for Unicef.
  • On August 8, 2015, SM Entertainment announced that Sulli would leave F(x), to focus on her acting career.
  • They filmed the music video for their fourth album on Jeju Island.
  • As every year since 2010, NAVER creates an open list for fans to vote and choose their favorite female group dances, “Pinocchio” by f(X) came in 13th place with 1.1% (718) of votes. The first place and repeating for the 5th year was occupied by “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls, with 45.1% (29,425) of votes, after them “Abracadraba” by Brown Eyed Girls occupied the second place with 11.1% (7,205) of votes, in third place A Pink with “No No No No”, EXID with “Up & Down” in 4th place and Girls’ Generation with “Into the New World” in 5th place. See complete list.
  • Six years after debuting, they had their first solo concert titled “f(x) the 1st concert – Dimension 4 – Docking Station”, which will be held in January 2016.
  • They had their first tour in Japan on February 20,21,23,25,26 and 28, 2016.
  • The album “4 Walls” became their best-selling album just one week after its release.
  • The album “4 Walls” was #1 on Billboard’s weekly “World Albums” chart.
  • After 6 and a half years, on January 31, 2016, f(x) revealed the official name of its fanclub at its first concert: MeU.
  • Many fans have shown concern due to a possible disbandment of f(x), however Krystal said that she renewed her contract and still has a lot of work left and Luna said that f(x) was not going to disband and that they would bring new music for MeU. Also the members have been seen going and recording in studios which may mean that they are working on a new album.
  • Electric Shock’s MV reached 100 million views on YouTube on October 16, 2016, making them the third Korean girl band and sixth overall to achieve this.
  • In December 2017, f(x) was announced to return in 2018 without specifying in what form. In January 2018 teasers were released announcing the return of Luna and Amber with the single “Lower” for Station, this being the first single released after some time of inactivity.



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