Miss A

Miss A

Hangul: 미쓰에이

Alternative name: ミスエイ

Fandom Name: Say A

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: June 30, 2010 - In China: October 10, 2011

Miss A Members

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About Miss A

Miss A Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. FeiApr 27, 198735 years old
2. JiaFeb 03, 198934 years old
3. MinJun 21, 199131 years old
4. SuzyOct 10, 199428 years old

Miss A Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Suzy1.68 m (5’6″)
2. Jia1.66 m (5’5″)
3. Fei1.65 m (5’5″)
4. Min1.61 m (5’3″)


  • At first they would debut as a group in China but eventually JYP decided to have them debut in Korea.
  • They are considered the princesses of K-pop along with F(x) and 4MINUTE.
  • Lim would debut with Miss A, but eventually debuted in the group Wonder Girls.
  • It is one of the few K-pop groups where the members are 50% Chinese and 50% Korean.
  • Each member of Miss A has her own fan club: Fei, who are called Feithful, Jia and her followers are called Jiattacks, Min owns the M&M and those who follow Suzy are called Sueweeties.
  • Miss A, unlike the other groups, are not forced to live together. At present, Jia lives alone, Suzy and Fei used to live together, but then Fei moved into an apartment and Min lives with her grandmother.
  • Together with JYP they decided the name of the group.
  • The group does not have a leader, they decided it because they feel very united, they do not think it is necessary.
  • They were the first female group to make a perfect all-kill with their debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl”.
  • In their debut year, after 2 months of debuting, they immediately positioned themselves among the top 10 most famous groups and exponents of KPOP, staying on the list.
  • As for the concepts of her songs in “Bad Girl Good Girl” was the female strength and bad girl, in “Breathe” is an image of a cute girl falling in love for the first time, “Good-Bye Baby” is the powerful and sexy girl, “Touch” the feminine and delicate, “I Don’t Need A Man” a girl surviving on her own.
  • All of them, with the exception of Fei, have made raps for the various comebacks. Suzy made her rap debut with “Touch” and Min with “I Don’t Need A Man”.
  • They are the first group of girls to win an award within a week of their debut.
  • Their first album “A CLASS” was a perfect All-kill positioning with their official single “Good-bye Baby” on it and all their songs also on all music charts. The same happened with his debut mini album “Bad But Good”.
  • SPIN magazine released the top 10 most famous KPOP groups and songs of 2012 in America. PSY was in first position, GDragon with “Crayon” second and miss A with “I Dont Need A Man” in third place.
  • He is part of the first generation of ‘JYP NATION’.
  • They are considered one of the most powerful and flexible groups in KPOP thanks to their powerful and complicated choreographies, as well as their great singing on stage.
  • They were congratulated by Jackie Chan who said he was very proud and impressed by their performance at the 2011 MAMAs.
  • They have their own cinema in China, everything in it is related to them.
  • They worked with an American choreographer who worked with artists such as Beyonce in Single Ladies, on her song “I Dont Need A Man”. Also with the producer of the British singer Pixie Lott for her song “If I Were A Boy”.
  • The girls have been involved in their projects, as well as the costumes, choreographies and the design of their albums.
  • 2PM’s Taecyeon wrote miss A’s song ‘Madness’ for her mini-album ‘Independent Woman’ and also sang on it.
  • It is one of the best known K-Pop groups in China since 2 of its members are Chinese. Whenever they go to promote or visit the country, they are received by millions of fans, having to be with bodyguards constantly. In addition, their songs in Chinese version always win in the first places in the charts, proving that they are very loved.
  • miss A say that they are very disobedient to what is due to the protection of their bodyguards, because while they do not look, they approach their fans quickly and receive letters, gifts etc..
  • Girls would rather be busy on stage and doing activities all day together than resting in their bedrooms. They don’t like to be doing anything.
  • It is the only group that has achieved the highest broadcast ratings with 13.8% for the KBS Gayo DaeJun 2013 event.
  • After 3 years, her debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” is still #1 on MelOn’s 2010 chart.
  • The creator of the choreography of “Bad Girl Good Girl” was Park Jin young (JYP).
  • At the performance of “Hush” at the 3rd Gaon Chart Kpop Award, Suzy had an incident with the top of her dress, as the brooch that held it by her neck broke; despite this she preferred to continue until the end of the performance, showing her professionalism. Watch video.
  • They are the second kpop group with the most “Line” followers with more than 12,000,000 subscribers. Being miss A the first kpop girl group with more followers in this social network very popular in Asia and European countries.
  • According to the Chinese “Baidu” ranking of the most influential female groups in China, miss A is ranked 6th, being a kpop group.
  • They performed “Alone” by SISTAR and they, in turn, performed “Hush” Video ver. And in a poll conducted by Mwave, miss A won against Sistar as the best performance of the song.
  • They occupy the #18 position of the most searched groups in the networks of 2014 according to Google Trends, despite the fact that they have not promoted in all of 2014, being this surprising in comparison to other groups.
  • miss A did not have a comeback in 2014 because each of the members were busy with their personal projects at the end of the year. Jia with Chinese movie “The third king of love”; Fei is participating in many variety shows such as “Cooking Korea”, “I’m legend” and besides, Fei and Jia are Djs. of MBC Idol True Colors radio. Min is participating in drama “Dream Knight” and lastly, Suzy is acting in her new movie called “The Sound of a Flower”.
  • Despite not having had a comeback in the whole of 2014, they were nominated for the 2014 MAMA awards, being this surprising as they led the voting in the first place for “best female group dance” with the song “Hush”. They had more than 20 million votes.
  • Miss A is ranked #5 in the ‘Top 20 Girl Groups of 2014. Being surprising since they have had no comeback in that respective year.
  • On March 17, miss A issued the invitation to its new Official Fan Cafe with the possibility of registration for international Say A’s.  
  • “Colors” is the first work directly managed by JYP Entertainment since AQ Entertainment is no longer in charge of miss A. That’s why there are reality show called “Real miss A”, fan club and showcase.  
  • The page has been published through which the miss A showcase will be broadcasted live on March 30, it is the same day the MV will be unveiled but hours later (see showcase). The following day they have a special presentation for Naver Music, on the page is the countdown for the start of the event (pg.).
  • After the release of the mini-album “Colors”, they made an all-kill (AK) ranking #1 in 10 music charts.  
  • The MV of Only you received more than 1 million views after 18 hours of its release. And after 32 hours it received 2 million views.  
  • In less than a day on the Yinyuetai Chart in China, it received more than 2.1 million views. “Only you” is #1 on the chart, and has a score of 99.99 out of 100 points.  
  • It is the first 2015 group to receive a perfect all-kill (PAK) since Sistar in 2013. Apart from that surpassing the previous group, as they currently have 3 perfect all-kill (PAK).
  • miss A had 9 roofs on Melon, and was #1 on the Intiz chart for 2 consecutive weeks. And in the third week they were #2.  
  • On billboard, “Only you” is ranked #4 in the world albums category.
  • “Only you” is #1 in digital singles on the Gaon Chart. The #3 position in physical sales album and the #1 position as the most downloaded song of the month of April.
  • It’s been more than a month since “Only You” was unveiled and it’s still on the weekly Intiz chart.  
  • The Colors mini-album will be unveiled in Taiwan and Hong Kong on May 22 in Chinese version, which has the translation done by Fei.  
  • In the total results of the first half of 2015, miss A ranks #1 in “digital sales” of the girl groups chart, and #4 in the general chart. It also ranks #1 in “downloads” in the girl groups chart and #4 in the general chart. In “streaming” it occupies #2 on the girl groups chart, and #5 on the general chart.  
  • Almost 5 months after its official release, the MV of “Only You” reaches 30 million views on youtube being the first of the group to do so.  
  • In Weelky Idol they recognized that they never fight, for nothing.
  • The practice video of “Only You” is considered as one of the most outstanding k-pop videos in 2015, along with the video of GOT7’s “Just Right”.
  • His song “Love Song”, included in the album Colors, was recognized as one of the most powerful songs of 2015.
  • JYP recently sent out a statement informing of Jia’s decision not to renew his contract and also commented on the group’s concentration on individual activities.
  • “We inform you about the contracts of my A’s members Jia and Fei. Jia’s contract with JYP Entertainment ended on May 20. We really support Jia who has spent a lot of time with JYP” Entertainment and hope her future will be even brighter.” “Fei has recently renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment and will continue her activities in Korea and China; we will support her unconditionally. Miss A will focus on individual activities from now on.”
  • Individual activities are planned; there is no information yet as to how the group will return.
  • Suzy Bae’s solo debut suzy made her solo debut on 24-Jan-2017 with a Mini Album subtitled Yes? No? with which she has been very successful in the first few hours she reached the number 1 spot on the Melon and Naver charts.
  • For the promotion of the mini solo album Yes? No? Bae Suzy is making a reality documentary program for the first time since her debut in which she shows some days of her daily life as well as her home for the first time, which is being presented through Dingo thanks to their own promotion.
  • There are rumors about the future of Miss A, as Min and Suzy’s contract is due to expire this year, but neither of them have given a concrete answer as they are concentrating on their individual projects and will give an answer after finishing those works.
  • They are considered in the TOP10 of the most influential K-Pop groups.
  • On December 27, the agency issued a statement confirming the dissolution of the group after seven years together.



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