Hangul: 원더걸스

Alternative name: ワンダーガールズ

Fandom Name: Wonderful

Fandom Color: Pearl Burgundy

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: February 10, 2007 - In the United States: June 26, 2009 - In Japan: July 25, 2012



Wonder Girls Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. YubinOct 04, 198834 years old
2. HA:TFELTMay 26, 198933 years old
3. SunyeAug 12, 198933 years old
4. SunmiMay 02, 199230 years old
5. HyunaJun 06, 199230 years old
6. SoheeJun 27, 199230 years old
7. Hye RimSep 01, 199230 years old

Wonder Girls Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Hye Rim1.67 m (5’6″)
2. Sohee1.66 m (5’5″)
3. Sunmi1.66 m (5’5″)
4. HA:TFELT1.65 m (5’5″)
5. Hyuna1.63 m (5’4″)
6. Yubin1.63 m (5’4″)
7. Sunye1.62 m (5’4″)

Members and Positions

  • Hyuna (2007-2007): vocals
  • Sohee (2007-2013): main dancer, vocals
  • Sunye (2007-2014): leader
  • Yeeun (2007-2015): lead vocals
  • Sunmi (2007-2013, 2015-2017): vocals
  • Yubin (2007-2017): main rapper, vocals
  • Hyerim (2010-2017): vocals, rapper


  • They were trained by Rain in both dancing and singing.
  • They were ambassadors for the Special Olympics in Greece Athens 2011 and South Korea PyeongChang 2013.
  • Their hits “Nobody”, “2DT”, “Be my Baby” “G.N.O.” “The DJ is Mine” entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart being the first Korean group to enter the chart.
  • From 2013 to 2015, Yu Bin, Ye Eun, Sun Mi and Hye Rim lived together despite the fact that as of 2011, it was no longer mandatory for the members to do so.
  • They were nominated for the Kids Choice Awards 2012, being the 1st group from Korea to be nominated for these international awards.
  • Her fan club ranked in 2013 at number 14, being the largest in the other girl groups with 89,830 members.
  • During the tour they did with the Jonas Brothers in the U.S. which lasted about 3 months, they lived together with J.Y. Park which caused them several problems (Discussions) but they became great confidants so much so that J.Y. Park mentioned that the one he likes to chat with the most about his groups is Wonder Girls even 2AM and 2PM agree that the Wonder Girls have a different treatment from J.Y. Park.
  • The group has stood out not only for their talent in dancing and singing, they are also recognized for being one of the few groups that are involved in the composition of their projects. So Hee and Hye Rim are in charge of clothing and accessories. Sun Ye is responsible for vocal and melody arrangement. Yu Bin as well as Ye Eun have composed several songs. Ye Eun is in charge of album production. And the whole group edits and helps in video production.
  • In the Philippines for the presidential polls, the now President used the theme ‘Nobody’ for his campaign.
  • They are the most famous K-Pop group in the United States thanks to their TeenNick movie and their countless performances.
  • In terms of composition, Sun Ye and Ye Eun composed “Saying I love You” for The Wonder Years:Trilogy. Yu Bin composed “Hey Boy” and collaborated with the rap of “Girlfriend” for Wonder Party and collaborated with the raps of “Girls Girls Girls”, “G.N.O”, “Me In” from his album “Wonder World”. Hye Rim composed “Act cool.” Ye Eun composed: “Girls Girls Girls”, “G.N.O”, “Me In” for Wonder World, “Girlfriend” and “R.E.A.L” from Wonder Party. “Hello to Myself” for Dream High , “Smile”, “Stay Together”, “You’re In Me”, “For Wonderful” (dedicated for the Wonderful) (the songs are not yet included in any album).
  • J.Y.Park said “I will only stop putting my name on my artists’ songs, when they can present themselves”. He had already done so with Rain, Wonder Girls stopped using J.Y.Park’s signature with “Like this”.
  • For Like Money, the world-renowned Cristyle, who has worked with Rihanna, was featured. And again they will count with the collaboration of Beyoncé’s choreographer Jonte Moaning. Recall that for “Be My Baby” and “The Dj Is Mine” among others have worked with him. They also worked with the well-known American singer “Akon”.
  • Their debut album in Japan, “Nobody for Everbody”, ranked 7th immediately after its release on the Oricon charts. According to Oricon, it is the first Korean group to rank so high for their debut album.
  • On July 30, 2012, the official Billboard USA website, due to the Olympics, recognized artists who have made their countries proud by appearing on the charts, Wonder Girls represented Korea.
  • They were named by the American magazine “VIBE” as one of the 10 International Artists that dominated 2012, being on the same list as One Direction, Adele, PSY, among others.
  • They were named by Weekly US as one of the top 26 girl groups of all time around the world, being on the same list as the Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls.
  • They sang together with one of the world’s greatest artists Mr. Stevie ‘Wonder in the concert held by the UN “Un Day Concert”, in the same ceremony they sang Like Money.
  • They participated in an album for the USA “A Very Special Christmas” which is a Christmas carol special with the song “Best Chritsmas Ever”, the album also features Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, Michael Buble, Jordin Sparks, among other artists.
  • On November 26, 2012, her agency JYP Entertainment announced Sun Ye that she would marry her fiancé on January 26, 2013 and on October 16, she gave birth to her first baby girl named Hailey and in Korean Eun Yoo.
  • JYP Entertainment announced that the group helped Sun Mi’s debut, many of the choreography steps were set by them, and the MV is made based on Wonder Girls’ ideas. He also stated that on the day of the MV recording, all but Yu Bin (who was in the U.S.), were by Sun Mi’s side.
  • They were questioned about whether Sun Mi was still part of the Wonder Girls or was an independent artist, they replied that Sun Mi was still part of the group, only that since she finished her studies, she became an inactive member, they also pointed out that for the group’s next comeback she will come back with SunMi.
  • “Full Moon” Sun Mi’s first mini-album featured a song composed by Ye Eun “If That Was You”, and had 2 versions, one sung by Sun Mi and the other with Ye Eun’s collaboration (the latter was only included in the physical album). Yu Bin also collaborated in the same way for “Who Am I?
  • On December 11, 2013, the agency announced that SunYe, Ye Eun and Yu Bin had renewed their contract which expired in December of that year, but in the same announcement So Hee has not yet done so even though her contract expired, as she had decided to focus on her acting career leaving aside her singing career, due to this, she stopped being a member of the Wonder Girls but despite this So Hee still has a good relationship with JYP Entertainment and the Wonder Girls members.
  • So Hee also released a statement via Twitter thanking JYP Entertainment and Wonder Girls for everything and announced her move to BH Entertainment asking for everyone’s understanding and support, minutes later BH Entertainment posted on their Facebook account that So Hee joined their agency.
  • On July 30, 2014, Ye Eun made her solo debut, under the new name HA:TFELT (pseudonym she uses as a composer) with the Mini-Album “ME?” She produced her debut album and MV together with J.Y.Park, she also composed the 7 tracks of it with the help of Lee Woo Min a composer of JYP Entertainment.
  • Hye Rim collaborated with Ye Eun on the track “Iron Girl” from her debut album, while Yubin appears on the MV and was a producer of the MV together with Ye Eun.
  • Days before announcing Ye Eun’s debut, Sun Mi, Yu Bin and herself gave hints and clues to it on their respective Instagram accounts.
  • The song “Nobody” was part of the sountrack of the movie “The Penguins of Madagascar”.
  • For an interview with Yu Bin from billboard in April, she talked about Wonder Girls. When the interviewer asked her “Have you talked to your Wonder Girls group mates, do you all still keep in touch?”, she replied, “Actually, 4 of us are living together, Yen Eun, Hye Rim and Sun Mi live together, so we actually saw each other 10 minutes ago (laughs). I see them every day. So Hee visits the apartment a lot. She actually visited us three days ago. I see her often too. And with Sun Ye, we talk all the time through the phone, since she’s not in Korea. But, yes, we all keep in touch.”
  • The rest of the songs in the album were composed by the members. 2 songs were composed by Sun Mi, 3 by Ye Eun, 2 by Hye Rim, 5 by Yu Bin where in 2 songs she collaborated only with rap and 1 song was composed by Hye Rim and Yu Bin.
  • In the physical version of their album “REBOOT”, you can find a track dedicated to the fans called “Talk” in which Sun Ye and So Hee participated; more than a song it is actually a talk between the 6 girls, being this the first and only track of Wonder Girls as 6 members.
  • Sun Ye tweeted an image of her daughter watching the group’s comeback at Show! Music Core along with the caption “Dear aunties, congratulations on your first performance! You were great there, and you are the best.” Watch Here
  • Sun Ye and So Hee were supporting the group in their Music Bank performance, Sun Ye brought her daughter and Sohee brought some ice cream to the girls showing that they are still close. Watch here
  • They said that the idea of becoming a band came about because Yu Bin and Hye Rim learned to play their instruments 2 years ago as a hobby, while Ye Eun has played the piano since she was little, seeing this Sun Mi also wanted to learn to play an instrument and consulted with the girls, so they came up with the idea that if she learned to play the bass guitar, they could form a band. At first they were just doing it for fun but then they wanted to share it with their fans.
  • J.Y. Park was the one who asked them to compose all the songs on the album.
  • Although Sun Ye and So Hee officially left the group, the other members and fans still consider them to be part of the group.
  • In a poll opened by NAVER at the end of 2015, fans were able to choose their favorite dances of female groups and “Tell Me” once again and since the list was created (2010) occupied the 1st Place with 45.1% of votes (29,425).¨
  • Fuse TV included the album “REBOOT” in the list of the “20 best albums in the world of 2015”.
  • Billboard named “REBOOT” the best K-pop album of 2015.
  • After the departure of Sun Ye who was the leader of the group, they decided to take turns playing rock, paper, scissors every month. For the comeback with “Why So Lonely” it will be Sun Mi since she won the game in July.
  • Why So Lonely, is a song composed by Sun Mi, Hye Rim, Yu Bin and production Ye Eun.
  • His song Why So Lonely got a Perfect All Kill after it was revealed on Intiz chart, i.e. it ranks #1 on all online music charts in Korea.
  • After several speculations about the possible disbandment of the group on 26/January/2017 JYP Entertainment released an official announcement “Hello, we are JYP Entertainment. We announce that Wonder Girls is disbanding after 10 years. The decision has been made after many conversations between the members and the agency. Yubin and Hyerim of Wonder Girls have renewed contract with JYP Entertainment and will continue with music, performing and presenting, among other activities. After much deliberation, Yeeun and Sunmi have decided to leave JYP Entertainment. As a thank you to all the fans who have relied on Wonder Girls for the past 10 years, the group will release a final single on February 10, their 10th anniversary day. Thanks to fans all over the world for being with us, JYP and Wonder Girls, for 10 years.”
  • They released “Draw Me” as a farewell song on February 10, 2017, which was composed by Yenny and Yubin.
  • His single “Draw Me” reached number 1 on 7 of the top 8 download charts in Korea.
  • “Draw Me” also topped China’s top charts for several weeks.
  • After announcing the dissolution of the group, they released a thank you video to their fans with the background track “Gone” from their album “Reboot”.
  • In this video, photos of former members SunYe and SoHee were added. So despite their departure before the disbandment, for the company, for the fans and for them, Wonder Girls became a group of 6 again.
  • In total Wonder Girls only released 9 lead singles in 10 years (not counting “Draw Me”, which was their farewell single). Only “Irony”, their debut track failed to reach number 1 in the music charts (but did achieve a big hit) while the other 8 did.
  • Their last performance as a group was on 21.12.16 at the ‘Sky Conection in Vietnam’ concert, and it was only with 3 members. Yubin was unable to attend due to the illness of his father, who passed away the next day.



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