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Nothing to Lose

Title: 이판사판 / Nothing to Lose
Chinese Title: 理判事判
Also known as: Judge vs. Judge
Genre: Legal, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 32 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Nov-22 to 2018-Jan-11
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


The story of a female judge who fights to reveal the truth about her older brother who was framed for murder and was himself killed by powers greater than her.

Judge Lee Jung Joo (Park Eun Bin) presides at the Seoul District Court. She sometimes swears at shameless defendants with unspeakable words. Meanwhile, Judge Sa Ui Hyun (Yun Woo Jin) is assigned to the judgement bench with Judge Lee Jung Joo. He is well known for his excellent use of the law and his conscience to reach verdicts. Now, Lee Jung Joo fights against a huge power who framed her older brother for murder and killed him.


Main Cast

Yun Woo Jin as Sa Ui Hyun
Park Eun Bin as Lee Jung Joo
Dong Ha as Do Han Joon
Na Hae Ryung as Jin Se Ra

Hankook University Law Class

Heo Joon Suk as Ha Yeong Hoon
Jung Yoo Min as Hwang Min Ah
Hong Seung Bum as Nam Yoon Il
Jung Yeon Joo as Lee Seon Hwa

People at Court

Lee Moon Sik as Oh Ji Rak
Lee Chang Wook as Jung Chae Sung
Woo Hyun as Choi Go Soo
Bae Hae Sun as Moon Yoo Sun
Jo Jae Ryong as Song Ho Chan
Kim Min Sang as Seo Dae Soo
Lee Hye Eun as Oh Mi Ja
Heo Jung Kyu as Kim Moo Shik
Kim Jin Yup as Lee Cha Won
Oh Na Ra as Yoon Pan

The Families

Kim Hae Sook as Yoo Myung Hee (Do Han Joon’s mother)
Lee Duk Hwa as Do Jin Myung (Do Han Joon’s father)
Choi Jung Woo as Sa Jung Do (Sa Ui Hyun’s father)
Ji Seung Hyun as Choi Kyung Ho (Lee Jung Joo’s biological elder brother)
Kim Hee Jung as Uhm Shin Sook (Lee Jung Joo’s mother)


Kim Byung Choon as Court chief
Bae Yoo Ram as Kim Joo Hyung
Jo Wan Ki as Seo Yong Soo
Park Ji Ah as Jang Sun Bok
Hong Hee Won as Prosecutor Tak Young Jin
Choi Hong Il as Kang Ki Yong

Production Credits

Director: Lee Kwang Young
Screenwriter: Seo In

Episode Ratings

2017-11-2216.7 (19th)6.9 (17th)6.9 (18th)7.8 (11th)
2017-11-2227.3 (15th)7.9 (12th)8.0 (10th)8.9 (6th)
2017-11-2337.5 (16th)8.0 (12th)7.2 (19th)7.7 (15th)
2017-11-2347.2 (18th)8.5 (9th)7.6 (16th)8.6 (8th)
2017-11-2955.7 (20th)6.26.0 (19th)6.5 (19th)
2017-11-2966.0 (19th)6.5 (15th)7.5 (13th)8.5 (7th)
2017-11-3076.07.2 (16th)6.7 (18th)8.0 (13th)
2017-11-3086.06.2 (19th)6.6 (20th)7.8 (14th)
2017-12-0696.16.5 (20th)6.6 (17th)6.9 (17th)
2017-12-06106.6 (20th)6.8 (16th)7.3 (14th)7.5 (10th)
2017-12-07116.66.3 (20th)7.1 (17th)8.2 (11th)
2017-12-07126.9 (19th)7.0 (18th)8.2 (12th)9.1 (7th)
2017-12-13135. (15th)
2017-12-13145.97.17.9 (11th)9.0 (5th)
2017-12-14155.66.4 (20th)6.6 (18th)7.6 (15th)
2017-12-14166.06.6 (18th)8.1 (14th)9.2 (6th)
2017-12-20174.45.86.8 (18th)8.2 (12th)
2017-12-20185.16.37.4 (17th)8.6 (10th)
2017-12-21195.6 (19th)6.1 (17th)5.86.5 (16th)
2017-12-21205.9 (18th)6.6 (13th)7.1 (13th)7.9 (11th)
2017-12-27215. (17th)
2017-12-27225.66.3 (19th)7.1 (15th)8.3 (8th)
2017-12-28235.36.57.6 (15th)8.9 (10th)
2017-12-28245.46.77.9 (12th)9.2 (8th)
2018-01-03255.86.4 (17th)6.37.1 (16th)
2018-01-03266.36.9 (15th)7.3 (14th)8.2 (11th)
2018-01-04276.06.56.4 (19th)6.8 (19th)
2018-01-04285.76.46.8 (17th)7.5 (15th)
2018-01-10295.76.26.5 (17th)7.0 (15th)
2018-01-10305.86.57.6 (13th)8.4 (10th)
2018-01-11316.3-7.1 (18th)7.3 (17th)
2018-01-11326.5-8.0 (13th)8.7 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Douglas Min Says:

    Five days to go
    Still waiting

  2. 2 : Katie Says:

    Omg! I’m looking forward to second leads, hopefully Dong Ha isn’t the suspect or killer?

  3. 3 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] inca un serial ce va incepe in aceasta seara pe postul de televiziune SBS.  Acesta se numeste “Nothing to Lose” (이판사판) si va se vor putea urmari cate 2 episoade a cate 35 de minutein fiecare miercuri […]

  4. 4 : Cassie Says:

    The first episode was a hoot. I just love the young female judge. The actress Park Eun Bin handles the role wonderfully.

  5. 5 : Min Says:

    First Episode was great can wait for the next Ep

  6. 6 : sanjinyeon Says:

    Impressive start, I like legal genre with touch of comedy, looking forward for more interesting character.

  7. 7 : Gia Says:

    Again, it’s about legal…
    But, it’s something new because it’s about just…

    I’m gonna watch this…

    Park eun bin.. fighting

  8. 8 : MaxT Says:

    The 4 episodes were pretty funny. 8/10.

  9. 9 : Jukbang Says:

    Just ep 6 & the storyline decline rapidly .. too much sub plot making this drama rather confusing . Ep 1 is just an eye candy.

  10. 10 : USA Says:

    Like the storyline, after 2 episodes, but difficult to believe the female lead judge in her 20s? She finished her law school at 19? Way too young for the role, and the comedy while entertaining doesn’t mix too well with rape, pedophile, murder – she’s dancing crazy while on bench – unprofessional & completely uncharacteristic of any judge… Will give this drama a try for now, but comedy for murder trial(s) need to be written & executed cleverly. So far, this looks like a high school level comedy… unimpressive…

  11. 11 : D'wie Says:

    Can’t stop watching😍

  12. 12 : passaporte para fluência Says:

    It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this
    helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. 13 : Now Says:

    i enjoyed this drama. The lead couple was nice and i liked the lead actress wardrobe in the show too

  14. 14 : Mey Says:

    At first, I did not expect anything but I ever seen YWJ in the other dramas, he played very good..so I decided to watch this drama until the end..I’m sorry to say, this drama actually have good story plot and good setting too although I think the actors lack of chemistry and there was some line thats not have correlation with one another..so its kind of boring at the middle episodes..anyway, its ending have interesting line so far..thanks..

  15. 15 : bha-mee Says:

    Good story
    Love the two main actor and actress

  16. 16 : today Says:

    its kind of different from the other kdramas. Got hooked after watching the OST MVs. likes the wardrobe of the Judge Lee Jung Joo, Wonder who are the sponsors/brands of those pant suits which she wore in the show.

  17. 17 : wafa Says:

    More than the plot, im enjoying the two male leads, very impressive, i didnt want to fall for the second lead syndrome but i did T_T he is cute <3 Wish he could do lead roles next time.But than again this drama is amazing!

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