Hot-tempered Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Rank #390

“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by a prickly woman and an innocent part-timer who visit customers in their dreams to help...

Gaus Electronics

Rank #560

Stress is no stranger to the members of Marketing Team 3 of the home appliance department at the Gaus Electronics HQ. The firm is a busy, multinational company, but this...

Awaken (2020)


Rank #973

It’s been nearly thirty years since one small village was plagued by a mysterious string of events that shook it to its core. While the events were never fully understood,...

Secret Garden (2010)

Secret Garden

Rank #1140

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won, an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im, a poor and humble stuntwoman...

Into the Ring (2020)

Into the Ring

Rank #1147

Seo Gong Myung is an efficient and hard-nosed elite civil servant, who can multi-task with ease and is titled the ‘Number One Handsome Man’ on the District People’s Committee. However,...



Rank #1338

A single mom who has been only focusing on making money and achieving fame suddenly finds out she has a time-limited life. All her life, she has been ignoranceing her...

Drama Stage Season 1: Anthology (2018)

Drama Stage Season 1: Anthology

Rank #2992

The story of a boy’s first love, a girl who returns a poorly written anthology....

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019)

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Rank #3203

Growing up an ordinary country blacksmith, Lee Soo had no idea he would ever rule all of Joseon; but, at the age of twenty-three, that’s exactly what happened. Now as...

Judge vs. Judge (2017)

Judge vs. Judge

Rank #3346

The story of a fiery female judge who fights to prove that her older brother is unjustly jailed on charges of assault and tragic end. It also explores her relationships...

Love with Flaws (2019)

Love with Flaws

Rank #3353

This romantic comedy follows a woman who has an aversion to flower boys and a man who has an obsession with appearance. The female lead, Joo Seo Yeon, is a...

Homemade Love Story (2020)

Homemade Love Story

Rank #3443

Three families live under one roof at a boarding house called Samkwang Villa. Soon Jung’s family lives a pure and simple life and doesn’t have a lot of money. Jung...

Jesters: The Game Changers (2019)

Jesters: The Game Changers

Rank #4139

Deok Ho and his gang make ends meet by racketeering around the country. Han Myeong Hoe, King Se Jo’s right-hand man, thinks highly of their talents and encourages them to...

Search Out (2020)

Search Out

Rank #5764

“What is the meaning of your life?” After this message arrived via SNS, death began! Police trainee Sung Min and job seeker Jun Hyuk both become suspicious after a young...

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Rank #5947

Man Shik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-worker in a tsunami. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop...

Ghost House

Ghost House

Rank #6115

Park Pil Gi’s family has never owned a house for three generations. They have to live in a rented room all their lives. Quite understandably, his father’s will at his...

The World That They Live In (2008)

The World That They Live In

Rank #6428

Joo Jun Yeong, a producer working her way in the male dominated world of drama creators. Co-star Hyun Bin plays her mentor, who makes Joo’s character’s life miserable at first,...

Marrying School Girl

Marrying School Girl

Rank #8368

The story begins with the tale of a classic Korean story of romance about a princess named Pyun Gang, whose husband, On Dal, dies. Then we flash forward to a...

We’re Not Trash

Rank #40107

“We’re Not Trash” is a web drama about a man and a woman who consider themselves trash, experiencing rehabilitation and healing their pain. Shin Jo Hee grew up without being...

Everglow (2021)


Rank #42205

Jeju is an enviable island to everyone, but we cannot forget the deep pain that exists. Over half a century ago, tens of thousands were slaughtered under the specter of...

Cruel Winter Blues (2006)

Cruel Winter Blues

Rank #49975

Shim Jae Moon watches his friend being stabbed to death by rival gang members and he quickly flees the area. A few years later, Jae Moon sets out to revenge...

Between Love And Hate

Between Love And Hate

Rank #57194

Yeong Hoon works in his mother’s restaurant, and is more interested in having a good time with his friends than settling down with his fiancée. He allows himself to be...