Adventure Korean Dramas & Movies

The Adventure genre in Korean dramas and movies is characterized by thrilling and action-packed storylines that often involve epic journeys, treasure hunts, and battles against supernatural forces. These stories are designed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats and are perfect for fans of high-stakes action and adventure.

BTS in the Soop Season 2 (2021)

BTS in the Soop Season 2

Rank #3

“BTS in the Soop Season 2” is HYBE’s entertainment reality program, which contains a healing story in the forest, this time in Pyeongchang-fire-arm, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Here all seven BTS...

Going Seventeen 2023 (2023)

Korean TV Show - Mar 1, 2023
Rank #16

The epic variety show known as the infinity challenge of the idol world is back with another season to delight carats and cubics with more fun and laughter with a...

Nana Tour with Seventeen (2024)

Korean TV Show - Jan 5, 2024
Rank #22

Here comes the 7-day vacation full of laughter! Come enjoy Italy to the fullest! Follow the lead of Guide Na with SEVENTEEN, NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN! PD Na, a 20-year...

New Journey to The West: Season 4 (2017)

New Journey to the West Season 4

Rank #32

After taking trips to China in the first three seasons, Korean celebrities venture into Vietnam in “New Journey to The West: Season 4”! The fourth season features cast members Kang...

Seventeen in the Soop (2021)

Seventeen in the Soop

Rank #42

“In the SOOP” (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) takes place in a house in the woods, and the concept is to spend time “somewhere between everyday life and leisure”. Participants...

Twogether (2020)


Rank #73

Paired together for an unforgettable trip across Asia, stars Lee Seung Gi and Jasper Liu become buddies as they connect with fans and local cultures. (Source: Netflix)...

Ateez Treasure Film (2019)

Ateez Treasure Film

Rank #75

‘ATEEZ Treasure Film’. The boys will be going through 16 different challenges – 8 individual ones and 8 group ones. The reality show was filmed in Australia and in Los...

ATEEZ Fever Road (2020)

ATEEZ Fever Road

Rank #79

The upcoming show will feature the premise of the ATEEZ members discovering a secret space in which a mysterious figure left hidden missions for them two years in the past....

In The Soop: Friendcation

Rank #107

‘In the Soop: Friendcation’, which will be aired in July, is a spin-off of ‘In the Soop’ and depicts a travel story of Park Seo-joon, Peakboy, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik,...

BTS in the Soop Season 2: Behind The Scene (2021)

BTS in the Soop Season 2: Behind The Scene

Rank #123

The behind the scenes of BTS TV show BTS IN THE SOOP Season 2....

2021 BTS Winter Package (2021)

2021 BTS Winter Package

Rank #142

Second season of the Winter package this time BTS takes us with them up top the snowy mountains in Gangwon....

BTS in the Soop (2020)

BTS in the Soop Season 1

Rank #160

“In the SOOP BTS Ver.” (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) So the show takes place in the forest. The concept is to spend time doing activities that are “somewhere between...

BTS: Bon Voyage Behind Cam (2016)

BTS: Bon Voyage Behind Cam

Rank #166

Enjoy behind the scenes of the first Bon Voyage of BTS in Northern Europe....

BTS: Bon Voyage 3 Behind Cam (2018)

BTS: Bon Voyage 3 Behind Cam

Rank #190

BTS take a trip to the Republic of Malta for third season of Bon Voyage. Enjoy the behind the scenes of their fun trip!...

EXO’s Ladder Season 4 (2023)

Korean TV Show - Aug 11, 2023
Rank #194

EXO is back with another season of healing, fun and laughter. The ladder has led them to Geoje & Tongyeong this time. Looks like things have changed up a bit...

ATEEZ Wanted (2019)

Ateez Wanted

Rank #202

ATEEZ members are going on a 2 days 1 night trip around Seoul in their pirate ship. Their ultimate goal is to find the treasure hidden somewhere in Seoul. In...

BTS: Bon Voyage 3 (2018)

BTS: Bon Voyage 3

Rank #255

BTS Bon Voyage is back as usual with it’s third story. The seven members are making happy memories in Malta! This year, it is spectacular beyond your expectation as always!...

BTS BE-Log (2021)


Rank #264

Get an mini peek into BTS daily life in preparation before the release of BE, from workouts to healing times with pets....

ATEEZ 82 challenge (2020)

ATEEZ 82 challenge

Rank #277

ATEEZ take on special challenges with their fans....

BTS: Bon Voyage 2 (2017)

BTS: Bon Voyage 2

Rank #278

Season two, we follow BTS as they have a memorable 9 day travel in Hawaii!...

BTS in the Soop: Behind The Scene (2020)

BTS in the Soop: Behind The Scene

Rank #300

The behind the scenes of BTS TV show BTS IN THE SOOP....

EXO’s Travel the World on a Ladder in Namhae

Rank #309

In celebration of their 10th anniversary of their debut, EXO members went on a trip to Namhae, a treasure island with clean nature! From climbing the ladder you don’t know...

BTS: Bon Voyage (2016)

BTS: Bon Voyage

Rank #336

In season one, let’s see stories of BTS travelling around North Europe during 10 days, celebrating their 3rd year!...

New World (2021)

New World

Rank #391

In this reality show, six celebs arrive at a magical island called The New World. For 6 days they work through challenges to gain a virtual currency, which places them...