Tokusatsu Korean Dramas & Movies

Legend Hero (2016)

Legend Hero

Rank #44231

Bewildered fighter Liu Bei slowly recovers his dream he had as a child. Each Legend Hero has their own dream to achieve. The Dream Battlers such as Sun Ce, who...

Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (2017)

Power Rangers Dino Force Brave

Rank #48946

Power Rangers Dino Force Brave (파워레인저 다이노포스 브레이브 Pawoleinjeo Dainoposeu Beureibeu) is a South Korean-made sequel to the 2013 Super Sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, known as Power Rangers Dino...

X-Garion (2019)


Rank #55344

‘X-Garion’ is a strong and mysterious (imaginary animal) entity with infinite power. They choose and empower the people of Earth according to their standards, which will allow the person who...

Yonggary (1999)


Rank #59658

A team of scientists working on a remote dig site find the buried body of an enormous monster, perfectly preserved even after 200 million years. As soon as the beast...

Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku

Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku

Rank #59687

This live action adaption from Korea adopts the events of the Emperor Pilaf Saga and a little of the Vegeta Saga, as Nappa makes an appearance in this film. (Source:...

Armored Saurus Season 2

Rank #99999

Armored dinosaurs with mechanical powers and their trained pilots fight against extraterrestrial invaders that are set on destroying Earth. (Source: Netflix)...

Nano Fighters LOKAPA (2021)

Nano Fighters LOKAPA

Rank #99999

Nano Fighters LOKAPA is the story of four heroes who eliminate virus monsters that have infiltrated human bodies. LOKAPA is a name from LOKAPALA, the protector of humanity. It is...

Movie Rangers (2021)

Movie Rangers

Rank #99999

The main character is a film school student who is afraid of filmmaking. He tries to make a film with some elders he met at a video rental shop. Fighting...

Erexion (2006)


Rank #99999

On the distant planet Airon, there was the Crystal tower which held “the crystals,” a powerful source of energy that kept the galaxy in balance. The evil Terra however, tried...

Armored Saurus (2021)

Armored Saurus

Rank #99999

Armored Saurus is a series about JIN, a boy with a destiny. A destiny to pilot the invincible RED DRAGON, a weaponized T-Rex. Together, boy and Armored Saurus lead the...

SFX Fantasy Rayforce (2010)

SFX Fantasy Rayforce

Rank #99999

Promotional video for a Korean Tokusatsu series produced by the Korean media company T3 Entertainment released in 2009, but the series was shelved indefinitely in August 2010 due to a...

Mobilize! K-Cop (2015)

Mobilize! K-Cop

Rank #99999

By chance, two incumbent policemen rescued Princess Stella from an alien planet. The princess turned them from ordinary policemen into super-powered police officers. The alien villains, who followed the princess...