Hangul: 카라

Alternative name:

Fandom Name: Kamilia (카밀리아) (Combination of KARA + Family)

Fandom Color: Peach

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: Korea: March 28, 2007 - Japan: August 11, 2010

KARA Members

About KARA

Kara Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. GyuriMay 21, 198834 years old
2. SeungyeonJul 24, 198834 years old
3. SungheeMay 17, 198933 years old
4. HaraJan 03, 199132 years old
5. NicoleOct 07, 199131 years old
6. JiyoungJan 18, 199429 years old
7. YoungjiAug 30, 199428 years old

Kara Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Sunghee1.67 m (5’6″)
2. Youngji1.66 m (5’5″)
3. Jiyoung1.65 m (5’5″)
4. Nicole1.65 m (5’5″)
5. Hara1.64 m (5’5″)
6. Seungyeon1.60 m (5’3″)
7. Gyuri1.60 m (5’3″)


The group originally debuted with four members: Sunghee, Nicole, Gyuri, and Seungyeon. The group had multiple changes in their lineup throughout the years. Of the original members, only Gyuri and Seungyeon stayed until the official disbandment of KARA in 2016.

Past Members:

  • Sunghee: 2007 – 2008
  • Nicole: 2007 – 2014
  • Gyuri: 2007 – 2016
  • Seungyeon: 2007 – 2016
  • Hara: 2008 – 2016
  • Jiyoung: 2008 – 2014
  • Youngji: 2014 – 2016


  • KARA debuted as an all-girl band on the DSPent record label, and eventually became international idols.
  • They are considered the younger sisters of SS501.
  • In 2009, with their song “MR.” Korean version, they start to gain more popularity, the choreography of this song was the one that represented KARA the most until “STEP” came up.
  • In March 2010, it was announced that KARA would participate in the 8th Annual Korea Music Festival to be held at the Hollywood. It was announced in September 2009 that KARA, along with SHINee and Ryan de Paran of Thailand, were performing for the Korea-Thai Friendship Concert, which would be held on the 17th at the Bangkok Paragon Parc.
  • KARA released KARA Premium Box for Japan on April 28, 2010, which is a compilation of their previous Korean albums The First Blooming and Revolution. The box set also contains a special DVD and Japanese versions of their biggest hits “Pretty Girl”, “Honey” and “Wanna”. On the first day of release, the album was ranked number 7 on the Oricon chart.
  • Their first promotional tour in Japan on 02 2010 there would be more than 3,000 registered fans, exceeding the capacity of the venue, which resulted in a second showcase to accommodate more fans. The group also gained a lot of attention before the showcase, due to Hitori Gekidan (劇団ひとりGekidan Hitori), a famous Japanese artist who admitted his admiration for the group. KARA was also featured in a video message for a show called Arashi no Shukudai-kun (嵐の宿題くんde Tarea Arashi), organized by the Japanese group Arashi. KARA held fan meetings on May 8 with more than 8,000 fans at Grand Prince Hotel Japan. In addition, KARA held an official Japan fanclub meeting with 3,000 fans at Yokohama Torimirai Mina Hotel on May 9.
  • In 2010, KARA signed with Universal Music Japan. They had plans to officially debut in the month of August in Japan with the song “Mister”. On July 15, 2010, Universal Music Japan released the teaser of MV “Mister”, stating that their single will be released on August 11.
  • In 2011 KARA went platinum for the first time for the high sales of her SUPER GIRL discography, which reached 400,000 copies of which half were sold in the first week.
  • In 2011 with the release of their discography material “STEP” and their comeback, KARA received much success both in Korea and in many parts of the world, such was the success of this song that when the Japanese version was released, it quickly climbed the Oricon.
  • In 2012, KARASIA was announced, which will be KARA’s first independent tour since their debut in 2007. As concert dates were added, tickets for the confirmed dates sold out quickly.
  • The debut band from the same company A-JAX were the opening act for KARASIA in Japan at the end of May.
  • The group’s sixth Japanese single, “Speed Up/Girl Power,” which was released in March, sold 155,177 copies, bringing them to a total of 1,000,999 copies sold for their six singles. KARA achieved this feat after entering the Japanese market two years ago. Compared to their predecessors TVXQ (DBSK) and BoA , KARA achieved this accomplishment in the shortest time. BoA was able to sell over one million copies after ten singles, while DBSK released 24 singles over three years before reaching one million. Actually these two artists paved the way for other Korean artists to enter the Japanese market.
  • KARA performed at “MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012” on July 14, 2012 along with other artists such as Justin Bieber, Jay Park and Mizz Nina.
  • After her 2013 comeback and three weeks of promotion, KARA is preparing for her Japanese Tour.
  • In 2013 they released the song “Butterfly (나비)” as the theme song for the Korean dub of the anime “Naruto Shippuden”.
  • Following rumors of a possible disbandment of the group, as Gyuri, Seungyeon, Nicole and Hara’s contracts will end in January, while Ji Young’s contract will end in April 2014, DSP Media released a statement saying that the group is not disbanding but there will be some changes.
  • On January 15, it was confirmed that JiYoung would not renew his contract because he wanted to pursue his dreams and study. He left the group in April, retiring to London in order to study.
  • As for Nicole officially left the group in January 2014, because she did not renew her contract with the agency.
  • On May 12, an image was released through the official twitter where KARA Project, which would be produced by MBC Music and DSP Media, was announced.
  • On Day 1, the winner of KARA Project and the Baby KARA that would become part of the group was Heo Young Ji.
  • Her new mini album was released on May 26 and is titled “In Love”. The title song is “Cupid”.
  • After the promotions of her recent release ‘In Love’ are over, Hara will be making her solo debut. She revealed this in a photo shoot and mentions that it will be in July this year.
  • As every year since 2010, NAVER creates an open list for fans to vote and choose their favorite female group dances, “Mr” by Kara came in 10th place with 1.8% (1,559) of the votes. The first place and repeating for the 5th year was occupied by “Tell Me” by Wonder Girls, with 45.1% (29,425) of votes, after them “Abracadraba” by Brown Eyed Girls took second place with 11.1% (7,205) of votes, in third place Apink with “No No No”, EXID with “Up & Down” in 4th place and Girls’ Generation with “Into the New World” in 5th place. See complete list.
  • It was reported that the contract with his agency ends in 2016, it is rumored that Gyu Ri, Hara and Seung Yeon decided not to renew contract with DSP Entertainment by officially leaving the group, leaving Young Ji’s future in doubt.
  • After 9 years of career, KARA disbanded, on January 15, 2016, it was communicated through their agency that the group broke up. Now the 4 former members will take different paths and will continue to have in their hearts the name of KARA and their fans Kamilia.
  • At APRIL’s recent fanmeeting in Japan, Young Ji was the MC of the event in which she introduced herself as “Young ji of KARA” suggesting that the group still exists.
  • The former leader of KARA Gyu Ri said in an interview that although they are no longer with the same agency and have signed with others, the group still exists and they want to record another album.



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