Hangul: 여자친구

Alternative name: ジーフレンド

Fandom Name: Buddy

Fandom Color: Cloud Dancer, Scuba Blue and Ultra Violet

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: Korea: January 15, 2015 - Japan: May 22, 2018

GFriend Members

About GFriend

GFRIEND Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. SowonDec 07, 199527 years old
2. YerinAug 19, 199626 years old
3. EunhaMay 30, 199725 years old
4. YujuOct 04, 199725 years old
5. SinBJun 03, 199824 years old
6. UmjiAug 19, 199824 years old

GFRIEND Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Sowon1.73 m (5’8″)
2. Yuju1.70 m (5’7″)
3. Yerin1.68 m (5’6″)
4. SinB1.67 m (5’6″)
5. Umji1.66 m (5’5″)
6. Eunha1.65 m (5’5″)


1. Sowon: leader, main rapper, vocalist, visual

2. Yerin: lead dancer, vocalist, center

3. Eunha: lead vocalist

4. Yuju: main vocalis

5. SinB: main dancer, vocalist, center

6. Umji: lead rapper, vocalist, maknae


  • Most popular members: Eunha, Yuju, SinB.
  • Top vocalists: Yuju, Eunha.
  • Top dancers: SinB, Yuju, Umji.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader and oldest member of Gfriend is Kim So Jung, better known as Sowon (born Dec 7, 1995).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of Gfriend is Kim Ye Won, better known as Umji (born Aug 19, 1998).
  • The tallest member of GFRIEND is Kim So Jung, better known as Sowon, with a height of 173 cm (5’8”).
  • The shortest member of GFRIEND is Jung Eunbi, better known as Eunha, with a height of 165 cm (5’5”).
  • The main dancer of GFRIEND is SinB (born Jun 3, 1998). She is also the center and vocalist of GFRIEND.

Members’ Profiles

1. Sowon

  • Stage Name: Sowon
  • Full Name: Kim So Jung
  • Native Name: 김소정
  • Birth Place: Korea
  • Birthday: Dec 7, 1995
  • Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Position: leader, main rapper, vocalist, visual

2. Yerin

  • Stage Name: Yerin
  • Full Name: Jung Ye Rin
  • Native Name: 정예린
  • Birth Place: Korea
  • Birthday: Aug 19, 1996
  • Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Position: lead dancer, vocalist, center

3. Eunha

  • Stage Name: Eunha
  • Full Name: Jung Eun Bi
  • Native Name: 정은비
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: May 30, 1997
  • Height: 165 cm (5′ 5″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Position: lead vocalist

4. Yuju

  • Stage Name: Yuju
  • Full Name: Choi Yuna
  • Native Name: 최유나
  • Birth Place: Korea
  • Birthday: Oct 4, 1997
  • Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
  • Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Position: main vocalist

5. SinB

  • Stage Name: SinB
  • Full Name: Hwang Eun Bi
  • Native Name: 황은비
  • Birth Place: Korea
  • Birthday: Jun 3, 1998
  • Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Position: main dancer, vocalist, center

6. Umji

  • Stage Name: Umji
  • Full Name: Kim Ye Won
  • Native Name: 김예원
  • Birth Place: Korea
  • Birthday: Aug 19, 1998
  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Position: lead rapper, vocalist, maknae


  • According to them, they are distributed in lines:
    • 1. Eunbi line (they are SinB and Eun Ha, since their names are the same).
    • Tall line (they are So Won and Yu Ju, because they are the tallest of the group).
    • 3. Birthday line-Cute line/YeSisters line (they are Um Ji and Ye Rin, as they share the same birthday and are in charge of the group’s aegyo. YeSisters because they both have their first name Ye).
  • They were trained by Kan Mi Youn, Orange Caramel, Park Bo Ram, Jung Hyung Don and others, who helped them by sharing stories of experience in the industry, improving their facial expressions, taking proper care of their bodies, among other things. Teen Top gave them tips on how to maintain high synchronization in their dances.
  • Within the predebut phase some of the members were Jenny from DIA, Luda from Cosmic Girls, Yi Soo Ex-member of HEART and Lee Jee Won from R.G.P.
  • Luda from Cosmic Girls, was going to be a member of the group GFRIEND, but she thought they were not going to be able to debut, so she left the group.
  • During KBS CoolFM’s “Kim Sung Joo’s Music Plaza”. When asked why the group’s name, Yuju said, “Our name was given to us by our CEO. After our group was confirmed as GFRIEND, we felt gloom for half a day. We felt that the name did not fit us, and the word just made us feel embarrassed.” Finally, she explained why they no longer feel uncomfortable with the name: “Now that we promote with faith in ourselves, we have grown to accept our group name.”
    • In their first appearance on Sketchbook they said they had difficulty deciding on a name for the group. There were many options and none of them seemed good enough. In the end they chose GFRIEND (yeojachingu) as it was the one they liked the most (other names they had considered included “Guardian Angel”, “Hug Hug” and “World Peace”), although they were initially worried that the name would be unmemorable because it was such a common word (in Korean yeojachingu is literally girlfriend).
  • On January 13, 2015, they unveiled their music teaser video for their debut song “Glass Bead”, gaining some attention after netizens noticed that member SinB resembles former Girls’ Generation member Jessica.
  • On July 23, 2015, GFRIEND released its second mini-album “Flower Bud” through a series of digital music sites. Its song, “Me Gustas Tu”, got the top spot on the real-time music charts on Mnet,Olleh Music and Cyworld Music, and entered other music charts in high positions as soon as it was released.
  • They were the first Rookie Female Group of 2015 to get 1 million digital sales, with their mini album “Flower Bud”.
  • On September 5, 2015, they participated in the “2015 ECO-DRIVING CONCERT” concert organized by Hyundai. The girls performed their debut song “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”. Unfortunately, it was raining that afternoon which made the stage very slippery, an extra distraction was the moths that were attracted to the screens and stage lights. During the performance of “Me Gustas Tu”, the girls suffered several hard falls and multiple slips due to the water on the stage. Although the members showed professionalism by continuing to sing, some of the blows were severe. The news even made it to several media outlets in America, Europe and Australia, receiving a lot of support and love from the people who watched the video around the world, making them admired for their professionalism.
    • A fancam of this performance gained international attention reaching three million views on YouTube in a matter of days and at the time even had more views than the official video of ‘Me Gustas Tú’. With this attention, the song also returned to the music charts. Although the song was released in July, on September 9th at 10AM KST, “Me Gustas Tu” was placed at the eighth spot on the Instiz chart, a great achievement for a rookie group. Thanks to this video they also had a great recognition that gave them the necessary popularity until they became a quite recognized group.
    • a GFRIEND affiliate stated on September 9: “The members who fell were fortunately not injured. They completed their schedule without any problems afterwards. Leader Sowon was worried about the members who fell, but they were fine. There were some moths that fell on the stage due to the rain, and the members talked more about the moths after they left the stage. Thank you for caring about their welfare. They just tried their best to finish the performance to thank the fans who came despite the rain.” as for the viral video issue, they replied, “We didn’t know that this event would become such a hot topic. We are confused, but thank you very much.”
    • GFRIEND talked about the viral video on the October 21 broadcast of “Weekly Idol” and thanked the fan who recorded the video saying, “Thank you for letting us be known, let’s keep working hard. Let’s see each other for a long, long time! Thank you very much.”
  • “Me Gustas Tu” is the song by an idol group with the longest tenure in the top 100 of the Gaon chart and with a total of 62 consecutive weeks in the chart.
  • GFRIEND was nominated along with other idol groups such as B1A4, BTS, GOT7 and VIXX for the ‘MTV European Music Awards 2015′ in the ‘Best Korean Artist’ category. The five idol groups were part of the nominees announced by MTV on September 15 under the regional nominations.
  • Billboard has chosen them as one of the five Kpop artists to watch in 2015.
  • “Me Gustas Tu” became the most downloaded song by a female group released in 2015.
  • They were the female group that won the most rookie awards in different award ceremonies of the Korean music industry in 2015. They are considered together with TWICE, IKON and SEVENTEEN as the best debuts of that year.
  • GFRIEND was the only Rookie group to attend all of the 2015 year-end ceremonies.
  • Their songs “Me Gustas Tu” and “Glass Bead” were featured on MNET’s popular survival show Produce 101, being the only rookie group whose music was featured on the show.
  • “Me Gustas Tu” became the first girlgroup song to break the 2 million download mark in over two years since SISTAR19’s Gone Not Around Any Longer.
  • On January 25, 2016, GFRIEND met with their fans in a mini-concert to celebrate their first anniversary of their debut where they showed a special video for their fans that they recorded themselves where they thanked the fans for all their support, during the video they called their fans “Buddy”. After the video, the members revealed that this would be the name of their official fan club.
  • On February 2, 2016 on SBS’s “The Show,” GFRIEND won its first No. 1 on a music program with its song “Rough.”
  • On February 3, 2016, GFRIEND made an appearance on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” for their comeback with the song “Rough” and mini-album “Snowflake”, known for their powerful dancing ability were challenged to dance the choreography of “Rough” at double their normal speed. The performance went viral and it has since become a trend on Weekly Idol to ask the groups to dance to their songs at twice the speed.
  • Thanks to the song “Rough” GFRIEND took the first place in 2 categories of the respected Gaon Chart in the month of February 2016. The charts released on March 10 of the same year placed it at No. 1 on the digital sales and streaming charts, proving the massive popularity of the song. GFRIEND also dominated the regular music charts and music programs with its song, taking home an impressive total of 15 trophies.
  • In May 2016, a huge controversy was created because of the music video for “With You” by Chinese group AOS. After its release, many pointed out that the costumes as well as the dance itself are problematic as they are very similar to those of GFRIEND which created a lot of controversy. The costumes in the music video are shorter versions of the ones the GFRIEND members wear in their “Rough” music video, while even the song itself has elements of not only “Rough” but also Lovelyz’s “Ah-Choo” as well as in the dance it has similar moves to several of GFRIEND’s dances, especially many of the moves in “Rough”.
  • “Rough” was the most downloaded song during the first half of 2016 according to official lists released by Gaon and Mnet and has become the first song of 2016 to break the 1 million download mark after 10 weeks since its release.
  • On July 30, 2016 they performed at the first day of KCON LA 2016 where they sang and danced Me Gustas Tu, Rough and Navillera, and were also part of a special stage with Turbo and the guys from ASTRO.
  • On October 5, 2016, GFRIEND’s agency, Source Music stated that Umji sprained his sartorius muscle located on his left thigh and will focus on his treatment. The agency revealed in an official statement, “Hello, this is Source Music. Umji recently felt a pain in her leg and after receiving her test results it was discovered that her sartorius muscle has been sprained. The sartorius is a long, thin muscle that is used when walking or using your knees, but because it is injured it causes pain. Following the doctor’s recommendation both rest and treatment are necessary for her recovery, Source Music puts Umji’s health as a primary priority and will focus on her treatment. Until Umji heals, GFRIEND will promote as five members with Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju and SinB.”
  • On November 3, 2016, during an event held at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju where GFRIEND was the main act of the event, SinB collapsed while singing one of the songs on stage. During her singing parts, she was visibly in pain, and after losing her balance for a moment, she collapses on the floor. The performance was interrupted as SinB was escorted off stage. Fans reacted with concern for SinB and anger towards GFRIEND’s management agency, Source Music, claiming that the agency is overcharging the girls creating a strong controversy.
    • A source from GFRIEND’s agency said on November 4: “SinB was not feeling well before the performance. Afterwards, on stage, she started feeling dizzy and having cold sweats and eventually collapsed. At the hospital they determined that there was nothing particularly wrong, so she will be able to continue her activities as planned.”
  • On March 31, 2017, at a GFRIEND autograph signing in Seoul. a fan was caught wearing a hidden camera in his glasses, causing a huge controversy. Yuju noticed the camera first, but did not comment on it other than apparently leaning towards his bandmate Sowon to inform her of his suspicions. Yerin was the next person to notice, and asked the fan to remove his glasses. After examining the glasses and discovering the small camera on them the fan left, Yerin seemed uneasy when she told the manager that the fan was using a hidden camera. The incident became controversial, as these small cameras have been part of a growing crime wave in Korea, where men have been caught unknowingly filming women inappropriately. Fans pointed out that taking video or photos was not prohibited at this particular event, so there was no reason for the fan to use such devices without the members’ consent.
    • GFRIEND’s agency, Source Music, responded, “The fan in question was spotted at the scene and asked to leave with a warning. The glasses with the hidden camera were confiscated. As of now, this particular fan will not be able to attend any fan events.”
  • On March 14, 2017, GFRIEND shared its official lightstick, which is shaped like a light bulb with the letter “G” inside. This is called “Glass Marble Stick”, which refers to GFRIEND’s debut song and the shape of a light bulb.
  • on March 16, 2017, it was revealed by the group’s agency, Source Music that for GFRIEND’s first official fan meeting “Dear Buddy” tickets sold out one minute after tickets went on sale the same day, the news is even more remarkable considering that the audience consisted of 3,000 people.
  • On June 27, 2017, it was confirmed that the group would make a comeback at the end of July 2017 with a summer mini album. They were trending on Naver and Melon once their comeback was announced with their 5th mini album.
  • On July 20, it was revealed that the group will return with their fifth Mini Album PARALLEL, coming back just 5 months since their promotions with 4th mini album “The Awakeking”.
  • As of 6pm KST on August 02, 2017, the MV for “Love Whisper,” which was released on 1theK channel on August 01, 2017, had reached 7,858,525 views. By that time, the music video revealed on GFRIEND’s official channel had also reached 1,392,674 views and this is only what Gfriend reached in the first 24 hours, as the views continue to grow on both YouTube channels. In addition, more than 7,000 physical copies were sold.
  • They revealed that the choreography of their song titled ‘Love Whisper’ was created by BTS’s choreographer. It is the most difficult choreography he created and the most difficult choreography the group has so far.
  • On August 1, 2017, G-Friend held its comeback showcase for its fifth mini album ‘Parallel’ at the main auditorium of Yonsei University in Seoul. On the same day, Gfriend’s tracks reached the spots, Fingertip #1, Rough #6, Me Gustas Tu #7, and Navillera #9 on Melon Rising Chart in real time.
  • They managed to surpass 5 million views in the first 11 hours, obtaining 4,072,299 views on 1theK and 1,125,943 views on the official YouTube channel.
  • Love Whisper MV with 9.3 million views, ranks 5th in Kpop MVs with the most plays within 24hs.
  • Parallel reached #1 on the album charts in Hong King and Taiwan, #2 on the same charts in Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, #3 in Thailand and #5 in Chile.
  • Love Whisper placed #1 on the Hong Kong iTunes Songs chart, #2 in Thailand, #4 in Singapore and #8 in Malaysia. It also topped the charts in Korea.
  • On September 9, 2017, the group was on their way to the 2017 Incheon K-Pop Concert when they had an accident near Incheon Munhak Stadium. The statement explains that the group was on Highway Two Gyeongin on their way to Munhak Stadium in Incheon for the 2017 Incheon K-Pop Concert when their car hit the vehicle in front of them while trying to change lanes at 5:30PM KST. The front part of their car was damaged, but the members did not suffer major injuries. All members were taken to the hospital to receive a full medical check-up.
    • Source Music released a statement the following day following GFRIEND’s car accident: “We first apologize to the other people who experienced injuries from this accident caused by the carelessness of the driver who is one of our company’s managers, we also apologize to the entire INK Concert audience who were waiting to see GFRIEND and for causing inconvenience to the traffic with the accident”. Source Music stated that immediately after the accident, the members of GFRIEND were taken to the hospital. The little finger of Yerin’s right hand was diagnosed with a sprain while the other five members (Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji) and the manager were all uninjured except for minor bruises. The GFRIEND members returned home from the hospital and are resting and their comeback scheduled for September 13 will go on as planned. Source Music has stated that they will take great caution in the future to avoid such accidents and apologized to fans who were surprised by the news.
  • They won the Best Korea Act category at the 2017MTV EMAs, becoming the first female group to win this award.
  • On April 25, 2018, GFRIEND revealed that its official colors will be Cloud Dancer (Pantone 11-4201), Scuba Blue (Pantone 16-4725) and Ultra violetac(Pantone 18-3838).
  • They have been big fans of Wonder Girls since the era of “Tell Me” when they were still very young. They said the fact that they promoted “I Like You” together with them was a great honor and encouraged them a lot to get better and better every day.
  • They were the first group to appear faster after their debut on MBC’s hit reality show “One Fine Day”.
  • They were special guests at the IU singer’s Chat-Shire concert where the artist said that she has been a fan of the group since its debut and asked her fans to support the girls and their music. Before being invited, the members said in a radio interview that they are big fans of the singer and love her songs, especially Um Ji and Eun Ha.
  • They were the first group of girls to win the Triple Crown in Show Champion with the new system/criteria and 3rd to win it overall, independent of the change.
  • They set records for the number of wins and chart dominance with “Rough”.
  • After winning triple crown on February 28 on SBS broadcast ‘Inkigayo’, the girls have set a new record of wins with a total of 15 of them. Among the girl groups, GFRIEND ranks second with its number of wins, with Apink in first with a total of 17 wins with ‘Luv’ and Girls Generation in third with ‘Gee’ and ‘Lion Heart’, which recorded 14 wins each. In an overall count of boy and girl groups GFRIEND is placed as the third group that has recorded the most wins with a single song being in first place EXO with 18 wins with “Call Me Baby” and Apink in second with the 17 recorded with “Luv”.
  • Her first three songs “Glass Bead”, “Me Gustas Tu” and “Rough” form her well-known “SchoolGirl Trilogy”.
  • His presentation on the program ”Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook” was trending #1 on Daum and Naver.
  • GFRIEND along with the BTS boys were chosen as special models for the school uniform brand “Smart Uniform” in a new campaign that plans to promote family love and charity among young people.
  • They participated in the special for the 500th episode of Music Core where they performed a cover of TWICE’s “Like OOH AHH”.
  • “Rough” was the Kpop video with the most views on YouTube during the first quarter of 2016.
  • During her appearance on a variety program, famous singer Lee Sunhee surprised everyone by choosing GFRIEND as the artist she would like to sing with in the future. She also performed a cover of “Rough” on the show, demonstrating her genuine love for the group and their music.
  • The MV of “Family” a special collaboration between GFRIEND and BTS was created as part of the advertising campaign that both groups share for the “Smart Uniform” brand.
  • It was the most watched group in South Korea on Youtube between the months of January and April.
  • They released a special MV as part of their collaboration with luggage brand American Tourister on their official youtube channel. In this video GFRIEND performs a nice remake of “Pado/Wave” the summer hit of the now disbanded group UN.
  • They were trending number 1 on Melon after the release of “Pado” an amazing achievement since it wasn’t even an official comeback.
  • Due to the good relationship between their companies, Big Hit Entertainment CEO and founder Bang Si-hyuk always supports them in his comebacks on his personal Twitter account. He even sent flowers to Source Music’s CEO for his birthday and wished great success for GFRIEND.
  • SEVENTEEN covered Rough in a special performance at Music Core.
  • “Me Gustas tu” has been danced by several groups in their personal concerts among them IKON, 9MUSES, Turbo, GOT7, V.O.S, among others.
  • During an interview Sowon said that producer Iggy-Youngbae had written their debut song Glass Bead after meeting them based on the first impression he had of them.
  • Their two hits “Me Gustas Tu” and “Rough” appeared on Genie’s All Time Top 20 Chart, being the only girl group whose songs made it onto the chart.
  • They have commented that their favorite girl groups are: 9MUSES, Girls’ Generation, Sistar, Apink and MAMAMOO, because in addition to considering them beautiful and kind, they consider them talented and role models.
  • “Rough” becomes the second song by a girl group, after Ladies Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You,” to get more than 100 thousand likes on Melon and the first to do so in 2016.
  • Despite currently being the only group under Source Music’s label, the combined performance of their first three releases alone has made their company one of the best performing digital sales companies in Korea.
  • “Me Gustas Tu” is the first song by a female group to break the 100 million mark on Gaon’s streaming chart.
  • Despite their growing popularity, in a radio interview they confessed that their company, Source Music, still treats them the same way as when they debuted, which keeps them humble and down to earth.
  • Following their special collaboration with BTS for the SMART Uniform brand, both groups have been confirmed as official models of the brand for the entire 2017 season in succession to IKON and Kim Jisoo (BLACKPINK). A whole series of campaigns and activities are expected to involve the collaboration of both groups in this new project.
  • Together with GOT7, TWICE and BTOB appeared in the special episode for Weekly Idol’s 5-year anniversary.
  • It is one of the few groups that has managed to obtain three consecutive scores higher than 10,000 points in Inkigayo with its three victories with Navillera.
  • They ranked third on Weekly Idol’s ‘Perfect Random Play’ list, only being surpassed by BTS and INFINITE, being the first female group in the ranking.
  • Two of their songs are among the most played songs in the loudspeaker broadcasts that South Korea broadcasts on its borders to reduce military tension with North Korea. They are the only Idol group that has made it into the top 10 of these broadcasts with 13 airings for Me Gustas Tu and 12 for Rough.
  • They were nominated for the second consecutive year for “Best Korean Artist” at the ‘MTV European Music Awards′. Being one of the few female groups to achieve such a feat.
  • Their four main songs (Glass Bead – Me Gustas Tu – Rough – Navillera) are ranked #12 – #1 – #2 and #15 respectively in the TOP 15 best selling songs of the rookie groups.
  • At the Korean Music Wave concert, they performed a cover of KARA’s “Mister” and Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, the latter together with BTS and TWICE.
  • They were chosen as ambassadors in Korea for the premiere of the movie Pokemon XYZ: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.
  • Their choreographer is one of the most sought after in the industry for her clean, difficult and powerful choreographies. Many companies want her and BTS’s choreographer to work for them.
  • They performed at the MAMA Awards on December 2nd in Hong Kong where they won best Dance Performance by a female group and also performed a special stage together with the guys from SEVENTEEN.
  • Just two years after their debut, they managed to pay for all the expenses of their time as traineers.
  • The teaser of his new MV alone got 1 million views in one day.
  • With their 4th mini album The Awakening they have managed to surpass the amount of 100 thousand units in pre-order.
  • Within 12 hours of Fingertip’s launch, they managed to get more than 1,000,000 views and more than 2.5 million visits in one day.
  • Just half a day after their comeback they managed to sell 6,800 more albums.
  • They entered the top 5 on Billboard with “The Awakening”.
  • They were able to get their cell phones two years after their debut, because the company prohibited them. In an interview they told that they have a chat group with I.O.I. members.
  • They are very popular in Japan. When they went to a restaurant, hundreds of fans piled up outside the restaurant, leaving little room for other passersby and customers. Then the girls came out and interacted with the fans.
  • They had a special appearance in MBC’s Living Together in Empty Room with Hee Chul, in the variety program Hee Chul didn’t know who he would meet so when he happily anticipates to the door he finds Ye Rin, he thought he would only live with Ye Rin but everything changes when the “doorbell” buzzes again, when he arrives to open the door he finds that the 6 hyperactive members of Gfriend have arrived.
  • They had a problem with the audio of a song in the middle of a presentation, however they continued singing even though there was no music, showing their professionalism.
  • They held their performance at Kcon New York, which featured a special performance by HIGHLIGHT’s Yu Ju and DongWoon, Um Ji and Yu Ju were MC’s, as well as SF9’s SinB and ChanHee. The whole performance was held without Ye Rin, who was preparing to film an episode for SBS’s Law of the Jungle episode that will air in August 2017.
  • Me Gustas Tu was danced and sung on survival shows such as Produce 101, Boys24 and Idol School.
  • They managed to sell out their showcase in 30 seconds, an industry record time.
  • They ranked second in a Mnet poll on which is the most anticipated summer comeback, being surpassed only by EXO.
  • In an interview they expressed that they want and try to dance a nice choreography but whenever they try they end up dancing powerfully.
  • Fingertip, Love Whisper and Summer Rain are part of his concept of parallel worlds. Each MV shows hints of each song.
  • They inaugurated the new segment on Weekly Idol, Random Dance Play at double speed. As expected, they managed to perform it successfully. So far they are the only group that could make it through the challenge.
  • They were nominated for the third consecutive year at the MTV EMAs as the best Korean artist.
  • They are the first female group to win the Best Korean Artist category at the MTV EMAs. It was surprising to be nominated alongside male groups.
  • In just 3 minutes, tickets for his first solo concert were sold out, according to Korean media, proving his popularity.
  • They have received the name “Power Innocence” due to their innocent concept but with energetic, powerful and highly synchronized choreographies.
  • On February 10, 2020, Hanteo Chart announced that GFRIEND had achieved their highest first week sales to date with their new mini album “Labyrinth”. According to Hanteo, it sold 53,162 copies in the week since its release on February 3, surpassing a personal record set by the girl group’s previous mini album “Fever Season.” In addition, “Labyrinth” sold over 29,000 copies on the first day of its release, marking GFRIEND’s highest sales since its debut in 2015.



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