Big Bang

Big Bang

Hangul: 빅뱅

Alternative name: ビッグバン

Fandom Name: VIP

Fandom Color: White, Black and Gold (yellow)

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: August 19, 2006 - In Japan: January 4, 2008

Big Bang Members

About Big Bang

Big Bang Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. T.O.PNov 04, 198735 years old
2. TaeyangMay 18, 198834 years old
3. G-DragonAug 18, 198834 years old
4. DaesungApr 26, 198933 years old

Big Bang Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. T.O.P1.81 m (5’11”)
2. Daesung1.78 m (5’10”)
3. G-Dragon1.77 m (5’10”)
4. Taeyang1.74 m (5’9″)


  • Before their debut, the members proposed a few names for the group, such as “Apex”, “Stump” and “Diamond”, but in the end they decided on BIGBANG.
  • YG planned to make Big Bang not only appealing to those in their early teens, but appealing to all ages.
  • In their former apartment, BIGBANG members have said they had been living with a friendly ghost for 3 years.
  • They have a documentary entitled ‘Big Bang Documentary’, which shows the progress of each of the members.
  • They have done different parodies of dramas, some of them were Secret Garden, Beethoven Virus, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and Hana Yori Dango.  
  • Big Bang was originally planned to be a 4-member group. Through the Documentary that showed how the band was formed, Seung Ri and Jang Hyun Seung (former member of BEAST and Trouble Maker) were eliminated. However, SeungRi showed Yang Hyun Seuk, CEO of YG Entertainment, her talent as a dancer and sang a new song, which earned her re-integration into the group.
  • Because Seung Ri and T.O.P have the same name, Lee Seunghyun and Choi Seunghyun, Yang Hyun Seuk, president of YG, used to call them ‘little Seunghyun’ and ‘big Seunghyun’. This then led to everyone in the YG calling Seung Ri ‘maknae’ meaning ‘the smallest in the family’, which later became a fashion in Korea, where to this day the smallest in the group are called ‘maknaes’.
  • The chant “B to the I to the G, B to the A N G” was labeled as BIGBANG’s official magic spelling, declared by their third album.
  • Tae Yang and G-Dragon could not make it to their high school graduation because their programs overlapped and they had to go to the field.
  • G-Dragon and Tae Yang confessed in November 2006 in the interview that they were trainees for 6 years and that they thought of running away numerous times, but they could never do it because they loved being singers in YG, the feelings of singing on a stage with them and the idea that one day they would perform on stage with their own names and their own songs kept them going.
  • 3 of the 5 members of Big Bang have ventured into the world of acting.
  • They are all maknaes (the youngest) in their families, except Seung Ri who has a younger sister, but SeungRi is the maknae in BIGBANG.
  • At BIGBANG’s first concert, called ‘The REAL’, tickets sold out in a minute.
  • Big Bang’s debut slogan was “To surprise the world”.
  • At the 2006 Mnet Music Festival Awards, BIGBANG was presented only with an image of a CD (instead of MV captures, like other competitors) in the ‘Best New Artist’ category presentation.
  • After only showing 6 episodes of the BIGBANG documentary, through Gom Player (Gom TV) since July 15, the broadcast increased to over one million views.
  • After debuting, BIGBANG was given the name ‘Ugly Idols’, but this media thought changed dramatically when BIGBANG experienced success with ‘Lies’, becoming one of the most influential groups in Asia.
  • Its first fan-meeting was held on September 2 in Seoul, approximately 3,000 fans attended.
  • In November 2006, BIGBANG was asked for the names of ideal celebrity girls in an interview with Newsen and it became a hot topic among their fans, where BIGBANG felt that they were misunderstood when fans thought they had a high standard for girls, which was not true. They were accused of being shallow and had to defend themselves in an article.
  • “Lies” touched the first place in various online (charts) and offline (material sales) sites of music hits for 7 consecutive weeks.
  • Their first showcase was held on September 15 at Seoul AX and was called “Big Bang is V.I.P.” and was attended by approximately 2,000 fans.
  • In November 2006 BIGBANG received strong support from DBSK fans who were waiting in front, and on their comeback BIGBANG wanted to thank everyone for their support.
  • BIGBANG and all other YG artists did not attend any award ceremonies in 2006.
  • For their first concert, as soon as tickets went on sale, 40,000 people logged on to the site at the same time, causing the network to freeze.
  • On November 14, they gave their first concert in Latin America, in Lima-Peru, being the 4th Kpop concert in Latin America.
  • By the time they had 2 single albums out, they sold about 7 million copies and got experience performing in Japan and the United States for YG Family’s 10th anniversary concert tour.
  • They are the first foreign group to make two consecutive tours of 6 Domes in Japan.
  • They sang at the 2013 MAMA Awards the song from their album Alive – Fantastic Baby.
  • On March 26, Fantastic Baby’s MV reached 100 million views on YouTube.
  • BIGBANG’s new video called “LOSER” has been crowned as the most watched kpop group video in one day, with 4.3 million views on YouTube, and around 6 million on Chinese video site YinYueTai.
  • On May 17, Tae Yang shared a picture during a touching reunion between BIGBANG and Jang Hyun Seung, who almost debuted together with the rest, on his Instagram account. In 2005, Jang Hyunseung was a participant in the same over-living program as a member of BIGBANG, but he failed and couldn’t be in the group. Photo: here
  • BigBang revealed that they drank alcohol during the filming of the music video for ‘We Like 2 Party’. A representative of the group said, “We wanted to show a more natural side, and after much thought we decided it would be better to make a video that captures the true feeling beyond the song rather than acting it out. So (BigBang) drank in the studio and then filmed the video. Fans will be able to see BigBang more relaxed than usual in the video.”
  • On June 25 at 8:00 am, the 4 MVs of “M” and “A” Series combined achieve over 136,990,000 million views on YouTube giving a great reception and acceptance to the general public “M” Series “Loser” million, “Bae Bae” 27,520,114 million. A” series “Bang Bang Bang” 23,100,632 million, “We Like 2 Party” 12,154,947 million.
  • BIGBANG has accumulated a huge amount of views on its YouTube channel and Chinese sites through the music videos of “MADE SERIES” achieving a record of 200 million views in total for all videos released. As of July 14 at 8am, the music videos of “Loser” and “Bae Bae” had 44,016,516 and 31,579,806 views respectively on YouTube. “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party”, which were unveiled in June, had 31,534,059 and 16,949,954 respectively. Finally, the group’s most recent video, “Sober” had 12,425,020 views. This total tally on their YouTube channel for “MADE SERIES” music videos had an approximate 137 million views. BIGBANG has been getting a lot of love from different Chinese sites as well. China’s biggest portal QQ and video site Youku also recorded huge views on “Loser” and “Bae Bae” with 18,220,778 and 11,768,893 respectively. The music videos of “Bang Bang Bang,” “We Like 2 Party” and “Sober” achieved 19,663,644, 11,072,890 and 9,065,544 respectively. Between QQ and Youku views, BIGBANG achieved 69,791,749 views on “MADE SERIES” at the time of this article’s closing. With this, we added the total views from YouTube, QQ and Youku and came up with a total of 200 million views.
  • BIGBANG’s video “Bang Bang Bang” won as video of the summer by MTV IGGY being the most voted with 50.75%.
  • Billboard released that “Bang Bang Bang” was the most watched K-pop video in America and the most watched video around the World in June.
  • BIGBANG will hold its 10th anniversary concert at the “Seoul world cup stadium”.
  • BINGBANG will have the biggest concert ever by a Korean artist with an audience of 60,000 people and will break Psy’s record with an audience of 50,000 people.
  • They got the highest view rate for a music documentary in Korea, over 50,000 views and 120,000 views including those in Japan.
  • They were chosen by the Korean government as the “Face of Korea”.
  • Won the “MTV Italy Best World Artist” award.
  • They made the Forbes #100 ranking as the 54th highest earning artist with a total of $44 million dollars in one year, beating out world-class artists like Marron 5, making BIGBANG the first Korean artist to make this list.
  • It is at #3 as the highest paid boyband of all time worldwide annually.
  • He is at #1 in doing the best tour by a Korean artist of all time.
  • They ranked #7 in Japan in selling albums, DVDs, blue-rays (Only the only Koreans in TOP 20) earning about 19 Million. 1 on tour in Japan, even higher than all local Japanese acts.
  • BIGBANG is the first and only group to be featured in VOGUE Korea magazine (July 2015 issue).
  • BIGBANG with its MADE tour is the first and currently has the highest ranking in Kpop to enter Billboard Hot Tours.
  • BIGBANG and his performance at the 2015 MAMAs has placed #3 of the most watched being #1 BIGBANG in 2013, and #2 GDYB in 2014.
  • In China alone, the album “D” of the MADE series sold over 500 thousand copies in less than 20 hours, in 3 days with 650 thousand copies sold, “D” broke the record for the fastest selling pop album in China.
  • The BIGBANG movie was viewed in China more than 10 million times and garnered 18,500 comments in just 18 hours.
  • BIGBANG broke another record by being the first foreign artist to have a Japan Dome Tour for 4 consecutive years.
  • BIGBANG successfully ends its 3-day 10th Anniversary Japan Tour with a total of 165,000 people.
  • After 9 hours of release their MV’s “LAST DANCE” and “FXXK IT” reached more than 2 million views on YouTube.
  • Just one hour shy of completing one day since the release of their MV’s “FXXK IT” has reached over 5.7 million views and “LAST DANCE” has reached over 4 million views. They reached over 6 million views after 24 hours, which is a new record.
  • BIGBANG currently holds the record for the kpop concert with the largest number of attendees in Mexico and Latin America with a total of 19,141 attendees inside the venue and more than 15,000 people outside the venue, an achievement obtained with the BIGBANG MADE TOUR IN MEXICO concert which was part of their 2015 MADE concert tour and obtained a Sold out in just a few minutes after the start of ticket sales.
  • BIGBANG was the first Kpop band to win a major global award such as the VMAs.



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