Hangul: 갓세븐

Alternative name: ガットセブン

Fandom Name: IGOT7 (Pronounced: "Ai Got Seven") or AhGaSe

Fandom Color: Green

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: January 16, 2014 - In Japan: October 22, 2014

GOT7 Members

About GOT7

GOT7 Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. MarkSep 04, 199329 years old
2. Jay BJan 06, 199429 years old
3. JacksonMar 28, 199429 years old
4. JinyoungSep 22, 199428 years old
5. YoungjaeSep 17, 199626 years old
6. BamBamMay 02, 199725 years old
7. YugyeomNov 17, 199725 years old

GOT7 Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Yugyeom1.82 m (6’0″)
2. Jay B1.79 m (5’10”)
3. Jinyoung1.78 m (5’10”)
4. BamBam1.78 m (5’10”)
5. Youngjae1.78 m (5’10”)
6. Mark1.75 m (5’9″)
7. Jackson1.74 m (5’9″)


1. JB: leader, main vocalist, center, lead dancer

2. Mark: lead rapper, visual

3. Jackson: main rapper, lead dancer

4. Jinyoung: vocalist, rapper, visual

5. Youngjae: main vocalist

6. BamBam: rapper, vocalist

7. Yugyeom: main dancer, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • JB is the leader of GOT7.
  • Mark is the oldest member in GOT7 (born September 1993).
  • Yugyeom is the youngest member (maknae) in GOT7 (born September 1997).
  • Yugyeom is the tallest member in GOT7 with a height of 182cm.
  • Jackson is the shortest member in GOT7 with a height of 174cm.


  • In less than a day of opening his Cafe Daum, more than 1,000 people signed up.
  • They were trending on “Naver”, “Nate” and “Daum” in real time by revealing the teaser images of each member, ranking in the top 5 in searches.
  • In just two days her debut MV Girls Girls Girls Girls surpassed one million views on YouTube.
  • They used the famous “Omona” and the So Hee step that brought Wonder Girls fame from their song “Tell Me” for their debut song, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls.
  • The members wrote the rap for Follow Mey Jin Young did the choreography.
  • Soon after their debut, they received more than ten offers of advertisements from different companies such as shoe brands, clothing, etc. Even alcohol, which was not given because there were underage members.
  • They chose Like Oh, but the agency ultimately decided to choose Girls Girls Girls Girls as the main theme.
  • The group had to pause the promotions of Got It? as on January 27 Jin Young was diagnosed with Influenza and 1 day later, JB and Young Jae were diagnosed with Influenza as well.
  • The group opened an official mobile site called GOT7 Japan Official Mobile Site, in less than a day 10,000 members subscribed.
  • Their debut video Girls Girls Girls Girls was filmed until after 4AM. The members say they wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible to make a good impression.
  • The first showcase held on April 4 in Japan was attended by 10,000 fans, a surprising figure since they had not yet debuted in Japan.
  • They won a Pops Seoul poll as the Korean group that will have a rising wave and shine at work.
  • The MV Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls ranked #4 on YouTube’s top 2014 list being one of the most viewed videos from January to April. It surpassed Girls Day, CNBLUE, etc. And it ranked #1 on YouTube’s list as the most watched video for the month of January across America.
  • On a Mnet program they performed 2PM’s song “10 out of 10” and received a standing ovation from the audience.
  • They performed at Immortal Song 2 with the song “I was made for dancing”, they even approached the audience to dance along with them. Their performance was trending #1 in real time on Naver and Nate.
  • When they celebrate each month since their debut, their fans fill the networks sending them messages (they were trending worldwide on Twitter many times because of it) and at the same time the members post on their official accounts thanking them for their love and telling them that they are going to be better every day for their fans.
  • Their second mini-album is titled “GOT♡” because it reflects the love they feel for their fans.
  • They were the only rookies to attend the Dream Concert, the M!Countdown Spring Special and 10th Anniversary in Japan, the K-culture Festival in Germany and the Tofu Music Festival in Thailand.
  • The song “A” is choreographed with steps from Sun Mi’s song “24 hours” and Wooyoung’s “Sexy Lady” as a tribute.
  • In less than 42 hours the MV “A” surpassed 1,000,000 views on YouTube, trending worldwide on Twitter.
  • The group toured throughout Japan, even though they had not yet made their official debut.
  • According to the website Allkpop, the group ranked #3 as the best promotion for their song “A” in the month of June.
  • It ranked #22 according to Social Balkers with respect to Korean bands and solo artists with the most fans on Facebook .
  • You won Mwave’s poll on “Which band would you like to spend the summer with”.
  • GOT7’s first mini-album ranked #3 as one of the best-selling albums of mid-2014.
  • When asked who their role models are, they answered 2PM. Jin Young explained that this was not because they were in the same agency, but because the members possess great teamwork and friendship, as well as amazing skills. And that they have been remembered in the music industry for a long time, so that’s why they remind each other to be like 2PM.
  • GOT7 ranked #10 according to Google Trends about the most searched K-Pop groups of 2014, which is surprising because they were still rookies.
  • In their “Dance Practice” video for the song “A”, they announced that there will be a second season of RealGOT7.
  • For the program “Singer Game” they performed a cover of the song “10 out of 10” by 2PM, which was very well received by the audience.
  • The song “A” was ranked #5 according to the K-Pop ranking in Germany in the month of July 2014.
  • On August 25, a webcomic called “GOTOON” was unveiled, which is the union of the word “GOT7” with “Cartoon”. The stories depicted in drawings are based on real situations and events in the lives of the members, and their unique personalities are depicted by the characters in detail. (link) Articles and products of the members’ GOTOON version have been released.
  • GOT7 gathered 1000 thousand fans at the airport in Thailand, as they had to perform at the Tofu Festival which is a surprising number for rookies.
  • Prior to the official debut in Japan, the ringtone of his song Around the world ranked #1 on the “Recochoku” chart.
  • The pre-order for the single Around the world ranked #1 on Japan’s “Tower records” chart.
  • GOT7 has reached the #1 spot in the B2S music ranking in Thailand, following the release of “GOT7 Thailand Special Set” on September 25, 2014.
  • The ringtone of his second Japanese song So Lucky ranked #1 on the “Recochoku” chart.
  • GOT7 won Hotties Rookie of the Year in the Mnet Mwave voting (photo ).
  • GOT7 revealed that the song Stop stop it was wanted by the members of 2PM to promote them as their own, likewise 15& also wanted the song.
  • 15&’s Jimin, on BamminTV, confessed that the song ‘Confession Song’ was originally for 15& and not for GOT7. Bambam admitted it and said that the demo of the song was sung by them, although the rap was not originally in the song.
  • In 24 hours the Stop stop it MV surpassed 1,000,000 views on YouTube, being also trending worldwide on Twitter.
  • The song Stop stop it ranked #1 on the iTunes music chart in Thailand.
  • The two versions of GOT7’s Identify albums in both Original and Close Up ver placed #1 and #2 on the real-time Hanteo chart.
  • GOT7 ranks #4 on the Gaon Chart SNS Ranking for the mini album A for the month of November.
  • The song Stop Stop it is ranked #4 in the November chart according to Billboard’s Worldwide Digital Album Sales.
  • The album Identify is in the TOP10 on the iTunes chart in 6 countries (Thailand, HongKong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan). They were also found in the itunes chart in USA.
  • In the “Hanteo” chart regarding sales GOT7 broke their sales record, as upon the release of their first debut mini-album Got it? they sold 2,056 , Got♥ – 3,656 and Identify the two versions are 16,113.
  • In the iTunes of the country Laos the songs from the album Identify ranked from #2 to #10 in November.
  • They ranked #1 on the Gaon Chart’s Physical Albums chart with their November album Identify.
  • Stop Stop It ranks #3 for the most viewed k-pop MV in America and #4 around the world according to Billboard.
  • GOT7’s album Identify in both Original and Close Up ranks #1 and #8 on the Hanteo chart with respect to December sales, I feel this is surprising since they have finished their promotions in Korea.
  • GOT7 is starring in an online drama called “Dream Knight” jointly produced by JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou. It started filming in mid-August 2014 and began airing on January 27, 2015. It is a fantasy romance revolving around singing and dancing. In the drama, the roles feature mysterious “flower” boys with superpowers who suddenly appear and protect the female lead. The 4 mysterious flower boys are JB, Mark, Jackson and Young Jae, while the members of a popular idol group are Jin Young, Yu Gyeom and Bambam.
  • They ranked #2 on the Gaon Chart’s Physical Albums chart with their December album Identify. A high ranking despite the end of their promotions.
  • In “KpopStarz”, GOT7 won as the rookie group of 2014 as well as BamBam won as the best international artist of the same year. The award was presented in June 2015.
  • GOT7 is ranked #3 in the TOP 10 most liked K-Pop groups worldwide according to Twitter.
  • Youtube revealed the Top 35 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs of 2014 #GOT7 has 2 in the ranking. #A is at #18 and #GirlsGirlsGirlsGirls at #20.
  • GOT7 ranks #8 as one of the most reblogged groups on Tumblr in 2014. Being the only rookies with the highest ranking.
  • The GOT7 group has been selected as the official ambassadors of the Korean Youth Association 2015.
  • GOT7 was the only group in the Golden Disk Award voting that exceeded one million votes compared to other groups.
  • They were World #1 Trending on Twitter for their first anniversary day.
  • In a survey by Mnet about the groups that will stand out in 2015, GOT7 won the first place.
  • They won first place in the SBS Liver Chat hashtag Hits.
  • GOT7 held the #1 spot on the Hall of Fame chart for 10 straight weeks on STARWARS.
  • The fanmeting Fan Party in Bangkok in Thailand sold out in 5 minutes and tickets for the additional fan meeting sold out in 3 minutes.
  • GOT7 is ranked #9 on the weekly singles with Around the world and #8 on the Tower Records Chart weekly albums.
  • GOT7’s DVD “1st Japan Tour 2014 reached #1 on the ORICON Chart.
  • The ringtone of their Japanese song Love train ranked #1 on the Recochoku chart. However, the full single will be released on June 10.
  • Love Train ranked #1 on China’s Yinyuetai Chart.
  • Love Train debuted at #4 on Oricon, then moved up to #3. And on Music Station Japan it ranked #3. “Love Train” has sold more than 36,000 copies after 6 days of its release. On Towerd Records Japan it ranked #1.
  • The pre-release order for Love Train placed the original version at #2, and the other two versions at #4 and #5 respectively.
  • GOT7 ranked #7 on the Gaon Social Chart in November 2014.
  • Jackson and Youngjae announced the comeback of Real GOT7 Season 3 through their instagram accounts.
  • In less than 12 hours his MV Just Right surpassed one million views.
  • Jackson and Jinyoung had minor injuries at Idol Star Athletics Championship 2015 so they had to cast their left arms, it was just to make them heal faster, neither of them broke anything.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh was #1 on the Oricon Chart in Japan for two consecutive times; the third time it was #2. Furthermore Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh was #1 on Tower Record for several weeks.
  • On September 29 at midnight, his MV If you do was released. And on the 30th, the full mini album called MAD was unveiled.
  • Black Eyed Pilseung composed the song If You Do is the first time another artist composed for GOT7.
  • If You Do debuted at #10 on Melon, #1 on Mnet and Genie, #2 on Naver, Cyworld and Daum. It was also trending on Naver, Daum, etc. It received very good reviews for the new concept. The MV managed to pass 2 million views in less than 40 hours.
  • If You Do ranks #1 and #2 with respect to physical sales of the mini album on Synara.
  • As of September 30, the MAD Mini-Album has placed #1 in 6 countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand #2 in Taiwan and Finland, #9 in Denmark and inside the top 20 in the USA and Canada.
  • His mini album MAD ranked #1 on Billboard’s weekly World Albums chart.
  • On The Qmentary program, the members commented that the creators of If You Do’s choreography were Yu Gyeom and Jin Young.
  • They topped “The Show” charts for three weeks in a row. In the same show they won their first three awards.
  • In the 2015 Top Trends list on Twitter GOT7 was the most tweeted topic in music ranking first in Korea and the second most tweeted worldwide only being surpassed by One Direction.
  • Together with TWICE, they performed on January 10 at the 2016 BTV Spring Festival Global Gala in Beijing for the New Year, which is one of the biggest and most important annual events in China.
  • They won Best Music Video and Best Fandom (with 9.86 million tweets) at the 2015 SOOMPI AWARDS.
  • In less than an hour his MV FLY was trending number one in Thailand and Singapore, following in third place in Russia, fourth place in the Philippines, fifth place in Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia and sixth place in global trends.
  • In less than an hour they were trending number one on Mnet, followed by fourth place on Genie, eighth place on Naver, fifteenth place on MelOn and Olleh, twenty-second place on Bugs and Monkey3 and fifty-first place on Soribada.
  • In less than 24hrs his MV FLY surpassed one million views on YouTube. And in just under two days, it surpassed 2 million views.
  • GOT7 is the first KPOP group to enter the iTunes Top 10 worldwide albums.
  • On September 27th at midnight Korean time, they released their new album and MV Hard Carry, getting half a million views and over 80,000 likes on YouTube within half an hour of its release.
  • In less than 10 hours they achieved 1.4 million views on YouTube with their MV Hard Carry and in 17 hours they surpassed 2 million with more than 250,000 likes.
  • The CEO of JYP showed his support for the group with a message on social media along with an image, in the description he added that he does not know another group of guys in which although it has been 3 years since their debut they are still eager and modest.
  • Upon reaching 10, 12, 14 and 16 million plays of the Hard Carry MV on Youtube, GOT the Stage (special videos in subunits) were released featuring performances of other singles from the album such as “No jam”, “Sick”, “Prove it” and “Bomx3”.
  • It was revealed that before Hard Carry appeared, Skyway was to be the promotional song.
  • In less than 24 hours, the Never Ever video reached 5 million views, making it the 6th most viewed video in 24 hours this year.
  • Two videos of the GOT The Stage saga were released with the tracks “Sign” by Youngjae and “Paradise” by Jinyoung.
  • All the members of the group have a friendship necklace in the shape of a triangle with a logo or phrase of their personal preference, which when put together they all form a heptagon, which is the sign of Got7.
  • In 2016, JYP Entertainment made their blacklisting rules stricter for GOT7 fans as fans broke the rules to a chaotic point for both the group, the company and fansites. According to the circumstances below can get you blacklisted permanently.
    1. Wait for GOT7 for unofficial (closed) hours; in front of JYP, training center, dormitory, etc.
    2. Follow the GOT7 or GOT7 car to a certain destination.
    3. Follow the individual schedules of GOT7 members
    4. Attempting to follow GOT7 after they pass the immigration counter at the airport.
    5. Attempting to touch or linger, walking too close to GOT7 members while moving (including all unofficial times and official times).
  • Several fan sites were warned for taking and uploading photos of GOT7 after immigration inspection at airports and other private times. A warning was taken with the threat of legal action if this continues.
  • On January 24, 2017, JYP Entertainment updated its official fan website for GOT7 with new rules for GOT7 fans: “Hello, this is JYPE. After we announced the Intensified Blacklisting Rules on May 30, 2016, in addition, we announced the Master Warning List of those who uploaded images that were taken in the area after immigration inspection and in a private schedule. However, until now, the illegal invasion of privacy continues especially in front of the Members’ Accommodation, we realize that we will take strong legal measures in accordance with the Criminal Law and the Law on Punishment of Minor Offenses. For each related problem, we will take similar strong legal measures. Legal measures will be taken for fans who violate these rules:
    • Lurking secretly watching
    • recording and filming without permission
    • break-in at the lodging / parking lot
    • Touching them or chasing them closely on their individual path.
    • doing or assisting anyone to do any of the illegal actions described above
    • Invasion of privacy and personal rights
    • Generate discomfort of residents due to illegal actions named above.
  • In the variety series, Knowing Brothers, Yu Gyeom revealed that they were going to debut with the name GET7 but in the end decided to stick with GOT7 because GET7 sounded a bit offensive.
  • His song Lullaby reached 15 million views in less than 24 hours.
  • “Breath of Love: Last Piece” has been certified Platinum in Gaon for selling more than 250,000 units.
  • After the departure of all the members of the company to which they belonged, it was announced that the registration and rights to the group’s name would be transferred to them. Being owners of their own brand.



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