Block B

Block B

Number of Members:

Hangul: 블락비

Alternative name: ブロックビー

Fandom Name: BBC (Block B Club), represented by a bee

Fandom Color: Yellow and Black. His official lightstick is shaped like a honey dipper stick.

Company/Agency: Block B

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: January 1, 1970

About Block B

Block B (블락비) is a K-Pop Boy Groups based in South Korea. They debuted on In Korea: April 15, 2011 - In Japan: January 21, 2015. The group is currently Active.

Block B Members


Block B is composed of 6 members born between 1990 and 1993. The oldest member is Taeil (born Sep 24, 1990). He was 20 years old when the group debuted. The youngest member is P.O (born Feb 2, 1993). He was 18 years old at the time of Block B’s debut in 2011.

In terms of ethnicity, all Block B members are Korean.

Zico was one of the original members. He left the group in 2018 and went on to start his own label KOZ Entertainment in 2019.


The leader of the group was Zico. After he departed, there hasn’t been a new leader assigned. The main vocalist is Taeil and the main dancer is B-Bomb.

Taeilmain vocalist
B-Bombmain dancer, vocalist
Jaehyolead vocalist, visual
U-Kwonlead dancer, vocalist
Kyunglead rapper, vocalist
P.O.lead rapper, vocalist, maknae


Here are the ages of Block B members when they debuted (Apr 2011):

TaeilSep 24, 199020
B-BombDec 14, 199020
JaehyoDec 23, 199020
U-KwonApr 9, 199219
KyungJul 8, 199219
ZicoSep 14, 199219
P.O.Feb 2, 199318

*Age during Block B’s debut on April 13, 2011

Where Are They Now?

In 2018, Zico left the group and went on to start his own label KOZ Entertainment in 2019. During that year, all of the members except for Zico had renewed their contracts. Block B has not released an announcement regarding the official disbandment. The group remains inactive and the members have gone to pursue their own individual projects.

Taeil enlisted in 2019 and was discharged from military service in Dec 2020. He appeared in The King of Mask Singers in 2021. B-Bomb and P.O have been pursuing their acting career. B-Bomb started a YouTube channel and has been releasing vlogs and videos. U-Kwon, Zico, and Kyung served their mandatory enlistment in 2021.

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Block B was formed by Cho PD from Stardom Entertainment who was trying to create a “Korean Eminem”.
  • Block B earned its nickname of “Dark Horse of Kpop” after rising through the charts despite a rocky and unsuccessful debut.


  • After netizens recently discovered “upcoming boy group Block B” in the rehearsal video, many had wondered exactly what style the boys would make their debut with. The group’s concept had been revealed through photos on F-Ve Dolls’ Chanmi’s twitter, as she had a “Block B” poster in her room. Large amounts of support had also been shown for the boys.
  • Cho PD spent $1.5 million for Block B’s debut.
  • Block B had previously revealed that one of the names under consideration for his debut was “Topp Dogg.”
  • They participated in MTV’s Match Up with B1A4.
  • After their comeback they will release “Match Up 2 : Block B Returns” where they will talk about their fans and the 9 months of waiting.
  • Song Min Ho (WINNER) and Hanhae (PHANTOM) were initially apprenticed to be part of Block B (the group would consist of the two of them, Zico, Kyung and U-Kwon).
  • The album “Blockbuster” ranked No. 10 on the Billboard World Album Chart. This is the first time that Block B has made it to the chart.
  • On November 1, 2012 the MV of the song “Officially Missing You” performed by Geeks & Soyou is released, in which initially it was thought that only Zico and P.O. appeared, but it has been discovered that the scene where they see the picture of the girl, was taken during the photo shoot of Block B’s 2013 calendar, since the whole group appears with the wardrobe used for the calendar.
  • On December 2, 2012, member U-Kwon left a message to his fans on his official website where he revealed that he was in a relationship with model Jun Sun Hye who is four years older than him. He apologized and said, “I promise to keep working hard and improve myself as a Block B member. Sorry to all the BBCs. And thank you.”
  • The song “Nillili Mambo” from their latest album ranked first in “German Asian Music Charts” for the month of November 2012.
  • The script for the “Nillili Mambo” video was born from P.O.’s dream, minus Kyung’s part, as Kyung did not appear in the dream.
  • On October 13, 2013, Block B wins first place in the voting for the first time since its debut on the SBS Inkigayo network program with “Very Good.”
  • The single song Yesterday was written by Kyung.
  • On November 23, it was reported that Zico’s contract with Seven Seasons has come to an end. An industry source stated that he would be parting ways with both the agency and Block B.
  • In a recent interview with P.O, in early 2019, he clarified that Zico, despite no longer being with Seven Seasons, was still part of the group.
  • In an interview on January 27, 2019 on Idol Radio, Kyung made it clear that Zico has not left the group, he only did not renew his contract with the agency and established his own, but Block B remained as a 7-member group.



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