Hangul: 에버글로우

Alternative name: エバグルロウ


Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: March 18, 2019


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Everglow Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. E:UMay 19, 199824 years old
2. SihyeonAug 05, 199923 years old
3. MiaJan 13, 200023 years old
4. OndaMay 18, 200022 years old
5. AishaJul 21, 200022 years old
6. YirenDec 29, 200022 years old

Everglow Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Aisha1.74 m (5’9″)
2. Sihyeon1.68 m (5’6″)
3. Onda1.65 m (5’5″)
4. Mia1.63 m (5’4″)
5. Yiren1.63 m (5’4″)
6. E:U1.61 m (5’3″)

Members and Position(s)


Everglow is composed of six members born between 1998 and 2000. Their names are: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren. The oldest member is E:U (born May 19, 1998). The youngest member (maknae) is Yiren (born Dec 29, 2000). Everglow has 5 Korean members and 1 foregin member. Yiren is the only foreigner in the group; she was born in China. The rest of the members were born in South Korea.


E:Umain rapper, main dancer, vocalist
Sihyeonleader, lead vocalist, visual
Miamain vocalist, main dancer, rapper
Ondalead dancer, visual
Aishalead rapper, vocalist
Yirenlead dancer, vocalist, visual, maknae

Blood Types

MemberBlood Types

Zodiac Signs

MemberZodiac SignChinese Zodiac

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The oldest member of Everglow is E:U (born May 19, 1998).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of Everglow is Yiren (born Dec 29, 2000).
  • There is an age gap of 3 years between the oldest member E:U (born May 19, 1998) and the youngest member Yiren (born Dec 29, 2000).
  • E:U was the original leader of Everglow. She served in that position from 2019 through May 2021. In May 2021, it was announced that Sihyeon would become the new leader and E:U would step down.
  • The tallest member of Everglow is Aisha wih a height of 174 cm (5’9”).
  • The shortest member of Everglow is E:U with a height of 161 cm (5’3”).


  • Since its debut, each member is recognized by a color:
    • E:U: (Purple)
    • Si Hyeon: (Green)
    • MIA: (Red)
    • Wave: (Pink)
    • Aisha: (Black)
    • Yi Ren: (White)
  • It is the first female group solely managed by Yuehua Entertainment.
  • They have earned the nickname “The queens of dance covers” for the choreographies they practiced and uploaded through social networks days before their official debut, because of this they had a special section in the program The Show of SBS MTV on March 26.
  • “Bon Bon Chocolat” reached fifth place on the Billboard World Digital Song sales chart as the biggest entry of the week. The song had 944,000 streams in the U.S. with a total of 1,000 downloads in its first week.
  • The debut single topped the “iTunes K-pop” singles charts in 19 countries, including the United States, France, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Austria, Turkey, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and others. They also entered the top 10 “KKBOX K-pop” in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
  • They were nominated for #1 on the April 2 broadcast of The Show, placing second, just 99 points behind the top spot.
  • On April 10, they entered Spotify’s “Viral 50 Global” chart at #2, having the highest ranking among Korean artists.
  • The girls of EVERGLOW would perform at KCON NY 2019, however, days before the event their agency Yuehua Entertainment announced that there are visa issues that made it impossible for the group to participate in that concert.
  • The members revealed that their previous name was to be Ultraviolet but decided to change it to EVERGLOW.
  • On December 1, 2020, Yuehua Entertainment announced that Yi Ren had tested positive for COVID-19 after contact with a confirmed case. The agency later confirmed that all EVERGLOW members had been tested as they lived together in a dormitory, but only Si Hyeon had tested positive. Si Hyeon and Yi Ren will begin treatment, while the rest of the members will spend two weeks in precautionary quarantine.



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