Hangul: 버스터즈

Alternative name: バスターズ

Fandom Name: Beotchu (버츄)

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: November 27, 2017

Busters Members

About Busters

Busters Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. TakaraJan 19, 200518 years old
2. JieunMar 05, 200518 years old
3. MinjiSep 26, 200616 years old

Busters Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Takara1.60 m (5’3″)
2. Jieun1.60 m (5’3″)
3. Minji

Members and Positions

  1. Takara: main dancer, vocalist, rapper
  2. Jieun: main rapper, vocalist
  3. Jeon Minji: lead ancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Busters is one of the youngest kpop groups to debut in the industry. At the time of their debut in November 2017, the average age of the members was 14. Hyeongseo, the oldest member, was born in 2002 and was 16 years old. Chaeyeong, the youngest member at the time, was born in 2004, and was 12 years old (international age). Since then, multiple members have left and new ones have joined. Jeon Minji is currently the maknae of the group. She was born in 2006 and was only 13 when she debuted with Busters in March 2020.


  • The members have a color that identifies them:
    • Members:
      • Seira: Blue.
      • Ji Eun: Red.
      • Takara: Green.
      • Min Ji: Yellow.
      • Yun Ji: Pink.
    • Former Members:
      • Min Ji: Red.
      • Hyung Seo: Pink.
      • Ji Soo: Blue.
      • Min Jung: Green.
      • Chae Yeon: Yellow.
      • Ye Seo: Purple.
      • MinMin: Pink.
  • They are so far the youngest female group to debut. Due to the change of members, the average age changed over time (15.4 years → 16.4 years → 17.2 years → 16.4 years → 16.3 years → 14.3 years).
  • Because the members are still minors, they do not yet live together.
  • Many fans speculated that So Yeon would be part of the “rival” group of the Power busters in the anime, however this was ruled out.
  • There are a few photos in which So Yeon appears, in the latest one, she appears with her back together with the other girls, wearing her blue uniform.
  • The incident at ISAC had a lot of controversy in K-Pop, since that day, many people started to support BUSTERS.
  • Chae Yeon, Min Jung and Ye Seo belonged to girl group HI CUTIE (CutieL) before joining the group.
  • On August 23, the group performed at SICAF 2018 with their two main songs and then performed special collaborative presentations (PRIPARA MUSICAL).
  • The girls dressed as the main characters of the video game and anime PriPara (Prism Paradise).
    • Min Ji as Shion Todo
    • Hyung Seo as Sophie Hojo
    • Ji Soo as Reona West
    • Min Jung as Mirei Minami
    • Chae Yeon as Laala Manaka
  • In the latest photos that have been uploaded, members Ji Soo and Min Jung have switched colors (Ji Soo blue and Min Jung green).
    • Later on, for BUSTERS LAST FESTIVAL, the girls’ patches were sold, in this one it is confirmed that Ji Soo and Min Jung changed their colors.
  • After a long time, Min Ji posted a photo on the group’s official Instagram, informing that this had been hacked, happily, they managed to get it back.
  • Their official logo was changed to one previously seen on “Real BUSTERS” (their reality show on MARBLING’s YouTube channel). This followed the agency’s announcement, marking a new era.
  • In her farewell video, Min Jung thanked for all the love given by the fans and asked them to receive the new member with the same love.
    • Later, L.L Entertainment confirmed that a new member would cover Min Jung’s lines for BUSTERS’ Brazil Tour.
  • On February 12, Marbling E&M revealed photo cards that would be sold at the fansing BUSTERS Chocolate Party, in which it can be seen that Ye Seo’s representative color would be purple.
  • Unfortunately, it was announced that Chae Yeon could not participate in the shows in Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and Goiania. This is because she was filming a TV show and her contract did not allow it, however, she will participate in the Sao Paulo show.
  • The show in Rio de Janeiro was originally scheduled to take place at the Riachuelo Rio Theater, however, due to production problems it was cancelled.
    • Marbling E&M commended L.L Entertainment for their professionalism in solving the problem quickly by providing the group with a new venue to perform and meet fans.
    • L.L Entertainment later explained further the problem that had arisen in Rio de Janeiro by apologizing once again to the fans.
  • Originally, Min Ji was to leave the group after a Fanmeeting to be held on December 14, however, his parents changed their minds.
  • After the departure of Chae Yeon and Ji Soo, there are no members of the original lineup left.
  • There is a web comic about “PowerBusters”, in that web comic, Tai Seira already appeared as a member of the group.