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Your Honor

Title: 친애하는 판사님께 / Your Honor
Also Known as: Dear Judge
Chinese Title: 致親愛的法官大人
Genre: Legal
Episodes: 32 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2018-July-25 to 2018-Sep-20
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama tell the story of identical twins, Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho (Yoon Si Yoon) who live completely in different lives.

Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho were born as identical twins, but they live totally different lives. Han Soo Ho works as a judge and he is guided by principles. Meanwhile, Han Kang Ho’s extensive criminal record contains 6 different arrests. One day, Han Soo Ho suddenly disappears. Han Kang Ho secretly takes his brother’s place as a judge. Han Kang Ho, who was once considered trash, becomes “Dear Judge” and highly respected.


Main Cast

Yoon Si Yoon as Han Kang Ho / Han Soo Ho
Lee Yoo Young as Song Ji Hyun
Park Byung Eun as Oh Sang Chul
Nara as Joo Eun

Supporting Cast

Sung Dong Il as Sa Ma Ryong
Heo Ji Won as Jin Wook Tae
Heo Sung Tae as Hong Jeong Soo
Kwak Sun Young as Song Ji Yeon
Hwang Suk Jung as Lee Ha Yeon
Kim Hye Ok as Im Geum Mi
Yoon Na Moo as Lee Ho Sung
Kim Kang Hyun as Jo Bok Soo
Kim Myung Gon as Oh Dae Yang
Sin Seong Min (신성민) as Park Jae Hyung
Park Ji Hyun as Park Hae Na
Ha Kyung as Ji Chang Soo
Han Soo Yeon as Bang Woo Jeong
Jo Seung Yeon
Ha Eun Soo as Kim Yeong Joo
Jung Kang Hee as Jo Jeong Man

Production Credits

Director: Boo Sung Chul
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il


2018 SBS Drama Awards – Rookie Awards (Actress): Lee Yoo Young (Your Honor)
2018 SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actor (Wed-Thurs Drama): Yoon Shi Yoon (Your Honor)

Episode Ratings

2018-07-2514.85.05.2 (20th)5.4
2018-07-2525.96.16.3 (13th)6.5 (14th)
2018-07-2636.47.37.0 (11th)7.9 (7th)
2018-07-2646.77.97.7 (7th)8.8 (5th)
2018-08-0154.95.25.3 (19th)5.6 (18th)
2018-08-0166.16.66.4 (13th)6.9 (9th)
2018-08-0276.56.75.8 (14th)6.1 (12th)
2018-08-0286.97.57.1 (10th)7.7 (5th)
2018-08-0895.15.45.6 (19th)5.9 (17th)
2018-08-08106.26.37.1 (9th)7.2 (7th)
2018-08-09116.46.66.5 (14th)6.7 (11th)
2018-08-09127.78.07.9 (9th)8.2 (7th)
2018-08-15135.56.76.8 (14th)8.0 (9th)
2018-08-15146.88.28.6 (6th)10.0 (4th)
2018-08-16156.37.16.8 (11th)7.7 (8th)
2018-08-16167.68.58.3 (7th)9.2 (3rd)
2018-08-22174.95.65.4 (19th)6.0 (18th)
2018-08-22186.67.17.3 (11th)7.8 (6th)
2018-08-29196.46.97.1 (18th)7.6 (15th)
2018-08-29207.98.58.4 (13th)9.0 (8th)
2018-08-30xbroadcastmovie"The Sheriffin Town"
2018-08-30xbroadcastmovie"The Sheriffin Town"
2018-09-05215.4-5.9 (16th)6.7 (12th)
2018-09-05226.3-7.3 (11th)8.0 (5th)
2018-09-06236.7-6.4 (14th)6.8 (11th)
2018-09-06247.3-7.8 (9th)8.1 (7th)
2018-09-1225--5.6 (19th)6.0 (17th)
2018-09-1226--7.7 (8th)8.5 (5th)
2018-09-13276.7-7.5 (9th)7.9 (8th)
2018-09-13287.4-8.6 (7th)9.1 (4th)
2018-09-19295.0-6.3 (10th)6.4 (9th)
2018-09-19306.5-8.3 (3rd)8.6 (3rd)
2018-09-20316.0-6.3 (7th)7.2 (5th)
2018-09-20327.1-8.4 (4th)9.2 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : miki Says:

    Plot looks similar to Switch

  2. 2 : happy wheels Says:

    Han Soo Ho suddenly disappears!

  3. 3 : jum Says:

    lol at SBS. Switch just finished airing lol but i will watch because it’s Yoon Shi Yoon

  4. 4 : เรื่องย่อซีรีส์ : Your Honor / Dear Judge (2018) Says:

    […] (1) (2) (3) Photo Credit […]

  5. 5 : mei Says:

    Going to watch the first 2 episodes and will take it from there. Yoon Dong Gu 😍 Fighting!

  6. 6 : Hyeongnam Says:

    The thing I dislike most about Si Yoon is when he plays the stupid idiot; it doesn’t look like he’s acting. Normally that’s a good thing but in this case, it’s pathetic.

  7. 7 : Windsun33 Says:

    This for sure “dislike most about Si Yoon is when he plays the stupid idiot”. It is way over the top and is just annoying. Hope it gets toned down in future episodes.

  8. 8 : heynie Says:

    Drop at ep 3/4.
    Cant stand anymore for YSY acting, it doesnt look good, seems unnatural.
    Too much acting, so annoying.

  9. 9 : iLy Says:

    well, well… is this drama copying Switch? 2 peoples, look alike, one of them disappear and the other one take the place. but Switch act as prosecutor and here act as judge. but it’s still in the same league, so where’s the difference?

    maybe YSY should choose carefully which drama he will do next time, I like him do the romcom, not the serious drama…

  10. 10 : Nitu Shahi Thakuri Says:

    Jus watching this drama because of YSY(dong gu)

  11. 11 : gisele nguyen Says:

    I like this drama, it is not copying Switch at all, same idea but different developpement .YSY is very funny playing judge , he is a good actor as always , he can take different roles easily .

  12. 12 : Kay Says:

    This drama was so good! Yoon Shi Yoon was amazing in dual roles and gave such a wonderful performance. Him and Lee Yoo Young were adorable together, and there was a good story to round things out. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one 🙂

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