Calm Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Nobody Knows (2020)

Nobody Knows

Rank #383

Detective Young Jin, from the regional investigation unit, has only one thing on her mind: to catch the ‘Stigmata’ serial terminateer that tragic ended her friend 19 years ago. She...

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Rank #441

The series revolves around the narcissistic Lee Young Joon, the vice president of a company run by his family. He is very self-absorbed and thinks highly of himself, so much...

Circle (2017)


Rank #514

Taking place in both the present year 2017 and in the year 2037, when people believe that their future depends on humans controlling and regulating their emotions, this drama is...

Memorist (2020)


Rank #617

Dong Baek has an extraordinary ability. He can peer into the memories of whoever he touches. With his supernatural power, get it done attitude, and eye-pleasing looks, he is fervently...

Voice 3: City of Accomplices (2019)

Voice Season 3: City of Accomplices

Rank #831

Emergency 112 call center members deal with an international evil cartel. The group is involved in the internet’s dark web. (Source: AsianWiki)...

Misty (2018)


Rank #888

Go Hye Ran is an ambitious anchorwoman for the popular news show, News 9. She is passionate about her job and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. One...

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

Rank #892

What would you do if you woke up with a new face every day? Woo Jin, a man who designs furniture for a living, is used to this. An elderly...

Lawless Lawyer (2018)

Lawless Lawyer

Rank #960

Whatever gets the job done. Bong Sang Pil grew up living the gangster life, full of tough physical fights and evading the law. When his mother dies a tragic death,...

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019)

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Rank #1037

The story takes place at the beginning of the 19th century. Goo Hae Ryung is an intern to become a palace historian. However, it was not acceptable for women to...

Life Is Beautiful (2010)

Life Is Beautiful

Rank #1577

Set in Jeju, the drama revolves around a loving, multi-generation family led by the parents, Yang Byung Tae and Kim Min Jae, and their four children Tae Sub, Ji Hye,...

A-Teen (2018)


Rank #1590

People say that 18 is a carefree age, but all the moments were too serious to say I was not worried. This is a short teenage school romance web drama....

Your Honor (2018)

Your Honor

Rank #1675

There are identical twins named Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho. Although they are both smart, good-looking, and share the same gene, they live completely different lives. Han Soo...

It's Okay To Be Sensitive (2018)

It’s Okay to Be Sensitive

Rank #1731

The story revolves around five first-year students and the challenges they face on and off campus. The web series brings awareness to gender issues. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Miss Independent Ji Eun (2018)

Miss Independent Ji Eun

Rank #2439

Ji Eun is a girl who enters society for the first time, getting her first job, at 24 she must make important decisions about emotions in her career and her...

Whisper (2017)


Rank #3583

Shin Young Joo is a female detective, a section chief with charisma, although she spends most of her time with petty criminals. She has to pay the debt of her...

The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013)

The Suspicious Housekeeper

Rank #3809

Park Bok Nyeo is a housekeeper shrouded in mystery who comes to work for a family — one father, 2 daughters, 2 sons — when their mother dies. Unsmiling and...

The Goddess of Revenge (2020)

The Goddess of Revenge

Rank #3894

In the world of the rich and powerful, one wrong move can destroy everything; a sad lesson Kang Hae Ra soon learns. Once a reporter working hard to support the...

Baby & I (2008)

Baby & I

Rank #3952

Joon Soo is a tough 18-year-old high school kid that loves to cause trouble. He often gets in fights, once with 17 other guys, but always comes out as the...

My Healing Love (2018)

My Healing Love

Rank #4844

The success story follows Im Chi Woo and Choi Jin Yoo as they pursue their own happiness. Im Chi Woo never wanted to become a good daughter, a good daughter-in-law...

Beautiful Days (2001)

Beautiful Days

Rank #4851

Lee Min Chul returns from studying in the US, to take an active role in his father’s prospering music business, Victory Records. It turns out that his father was involved...

Enemies In-Law (2015)

Enemies In-Law

Rank #5024

Park Yeong Hee is a former national fencing athlete and currently a detective in the narcotics department. She also comes from a family of cops, from her soon-to-retire father to...

Anniversary Anyway (2019)

Anniversary Anyway

Rank #5421

“Anniversary Anyway” is a Naver V original web drama that tells the story of six teenagers who are experiencing first love as they each get ready to celebrate an anniversary....

Creating Destiny (2009)

Creating Destiny

Rank #6005

Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later, she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her...



Rank #8210

A westernized Irish adoptee, Joong-Ah inevitably flies back to Korea to confront her past and to see the country she is really from, only to fall in love with her...