Hangul: 아이콘

Alternative name: アイコン

Fandom Name: iKONIC

Fandom Color: Red

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: In Korea: September 15, 2015 - In Japan: January 13, 2016

iKON Members

About iKON

iKON Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. JayFeb 07, 199429 years old
2. SongFeb 08, 199528 years old
3. BobbyDec 21, 199527 years old
4. DKJan 03, 199726 years old
5. Ju-neMar 31, 199726 years old
6. ChanJan 26, 199825 years old

iKON Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Ju-ne1.83 m (6’0″)
2. Chan1.81 m (5’11”)
3. Bobby1.76 m (5’9″)
4. Song1.75 m (5’9″)
5. DK1.73 m (5’8″)
6. Jay1.65 m (5’5″)

Members and Position(s)


iKON is composed of 6 Korean members born between 1994 and 1998. The oldest member is Jay (born Feb 7, 1994). The youngest member (maknae) is Chan (born Jan 26, 1998). All of the members were selected after winning the competition Mix and Match in 2014. All of the members are Korean.


Jaymain vocalist, lead dancer
Songsub vocalist, center, visual
Bobbymain rapper, sub vocalist, face of the group
DKmain dancer, sub vocalist
Ju-nemain vocalist, lead dancer
Chansub vocalist, maknae

MBTI Personality Types

MemberMBTIPersonality Traits
JayISFPIntroverted, observant, feeling, prospective
SongENFJExtroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging
BobbyINFPIntroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospective
DKENFPExtroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospective
Ju-neENFPExtroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospective
ChanISTJIntroverted, observant, thinking, judging

Zodiac Signs

MemberBirthdayZodiac Sign
JayFeb 7, 1994Aquarius
SongFeb 8, 1995Aquarius
BobbyDec 21, 1995Sagittarius
DKJan 3, 1997Capricorn
Ju-neMar 31, 1997Aries
ChanJan 26, 1998Aquarius

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The leader of iKON was B.I. He was also the main dancer and lead rapper of the group. He left iKON in Jun 12, 2019 after a drug scandal.
  • The oldest member of iKON is Jay (born Feb 7, 1994).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of iKON is Chan (born Jan 26, 1998).
  • The tallest member of iKON is Ju-ne with a height of 183 cm (6’0″).
  • The shortest member of iKON is Jay with a height of 165 cm (5’5″).
  • Contract expiry: iKON’s contract is expected to expire in 2022. The typical Kpop contracts are 7-year contracts.


  • Bobby and B.I auditioned on May 18 for Mnet’s rapper survival show, Show Me The Money 3. Bobby was the winner of the show, while B.I came in the top 8.
  • Bobby and B.I appeared in Epik High’s “Born hater” video.
  • Bobby collaborated with the HI SUHYUN sub-unit for his debut MV.
  • Although they had not made their official debut, B.I and Bobby performed at the 2014 MAMAs in collaboration with other artists.
  • They opened for BIGBANG in Japan.
  • Participated in the “YG FAMILY Tour in Japan DVD” (as Team B, without Chanwoo).
  • They posed for HIGH CUT magazine in June 2015.
  • His debut was on September 15, 2015 with the Warm-up single “My Type”.
  • “My Type” got an All Kill on all the music charts within hours of release.
  • It is the second group, after BIGBANG, to achieve a #1 position on iChart Weekly, with “My Type”.
  • It is the first rookie group to make a HIT in MELON in its debut.
  • Within 12 hours of the release of his MV, it reached one million views.
  • They are the most popular rookie group in China.
  • Without officially debuting they managed to win their first award at Music Core after 12 days of releasing “My type”.
  • They were the second group to win an award in the shortest time in a television program with “My Type”; their time from their debut to the date they won was 12 days, being only surpassed by WINNER which won in 6 days.
  • On the Melon page, they won the poll as the most popular artist of the week for five consecutive weeks with “My Type”.
  • Their debut concert ‘SHOWTIME’ was a great success.
  • They performed their debut concert with 13,000 people; tickets were sold out within two hours.
  • They released their debut album on January 13, 2016 in Japan and started their Japan tour on February 11, 2016, ending on February 21, 2017.
  • They traveled to Los Angeles to produce the second half of their album.
  • The mini-album “Welcome Back” ranked #3 on Billboard’s “Album World” chart.
  • They won Best New Artist (Male) at the Melon Music Awards.
  • On November 16, they released two singles; one as a group titled “APOLOGY” and the other from sub unit B.I & Bobby titled “ANTHEM”.
  • “APOLOGY” got an All Kill on all music charts after two hours of being released.
  • His Apology MV reached 1 million views within 24 hours of release.
  • “My Type” earned a Triple Crown on the Gaon Chart.
  • According to Gaon’s November music chart report, “My Type” was ranked eighth on the top of male group song downloads in 2015. IKON is the second group to appear on this chart after BIGBANG.
  • On Melon’s page, they won most popular artist of the week with “Apology”.
  • G-Dragon gave them a song for their debut album. According to a representative of YG “I Miss You So Bad” is a demo song he made while preparing for BIGBANG’s album. G-Dragon thought that the song’s elegant style went more with other singers, so he gave it to iKON, who were recording in the next studio. This is what G-Dragon said to iKON with a smile: “This song seems to go more with you guys. It’s your debut gift.” iKON were not the only ones surprised, Yang Hyun Suk after knowing this called G-Dragon to confirm if it was true. A representative of YG said, “No nonsense, the song made by GD is of very high quality. Initially, we thought of using it as the title song. However, we were cautious about problems that would harm GD’s name as a promotional song of a rookie group. After the concerns, we thought that this good gift should not be used with promotional pretension. This is the reason why we decided to just include it in the album instead of making it a title song.”
  • “Dumb & Dumber” scored an All Kill on all the music charts within hours of its release.
  • On December 31, 2015, they released “My Type” in Chinese version.
  • On January 13, iKON released its Japanese album, “Welcome Back”. The album sold 53,000 copies upon its release and quickly reached the top of Oricon’s Daily Albums Chart.
  • Tickets for their January 30 and 31, 2016 concert sold out in less than 10 minutes respectively on their sales days.
  • At their IKONCERT 2016 Showtime Tour concert in Seoul, they covered EXID’s “Up & Down” and GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tú”, dressed as girls respectively.
  • iKON won the “New Artist to Shine” award at Synnara Awards.
  • On one show the guys were asked about their ideal type of girl, to which B.I said that the agency had “forbidden them to fall in love.”
  • It is the first group in 8 years, after SHINee, to win a ‘ROOKIE AWARD GRAND-SLAM’.
  • It is the second group in YG Entertainment with the second highest debut sales, second only to 2NE1.
  • They are called the “Monster Rookies” because of their great popularity and streak of Rookie awards.
  • His debut is known as one of the best in history.
  • iKON won Best New Group at QQ Music Awards 2016.
  • It won another award as “Album of the Year” at QQ Music Awards 2016.
  • On March 31, 2016, Oricon’s chart rankings revealed that iKON ranked fourth with its album “Welcome Back.” Despite releasing the album on January 13, the group continued to hold a spot on the charts 70 days later. On the first day of the album’s release, approximately 50,000 copies were sold.
  • On March 30, 2016, his song “Just Go” was unveiled, which has no music video.
  • On May 30, 2016 they released #WYD, the video reached 1 million views in less than 12 hours, which is impressive for a rookie group.
  • They were part of the Chinese program “The Heroes of Remix”, along with other groups such as MONSTA X and VIXX, being part of PSY’s team.
  • Their dance to the song Billie Jean that they performed on the show “The Heroes of Remix” with LED lights has given much to talk about as they have received praise from Michael Jackson’s own choreographer: LaVelle Smith Jr., from the biggest fanbase in brazil, china weibo Michael Jackson and was even shared on a radio show in Mexico.
  • iKON has won in “The Heroes of Remix” three episodes out of eight, being the group with the most victories in the show.
  • PSY said on “The Heroes of Remix” program that he wanted to leave out one of the three features for the performance (Chinese pronunciation, dancing and singing), but iKON members were willing to continue with the three features. He also commented, “Maybe some people in the audience don’t know, but the fans do; iKON hasn’t had a single day off since its debut.”
    • PSY became close to them during the broadcast of the program.
  • They supported the rookie group The East Light.
  • iKON is considered one of the best groups debuting in 2015, along with SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X, in the male category.
  • During the recording of the MV of “Bling Bling”, Chanwoo suffered a minor injury and had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately, it was a minor injury and he was able to continue with his schedule, albeit with difficulty.
  • They have a good relationship with all YG artists and groups.
  • In a recent livestream, Donghyuk mentioned that they were becoming close to MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN, adding that they exchange greetings with each other.
  • All members have friendship rings.
  • Hanbin and Junhoe wrote the title song for the drama Shut Up and Smash, being co-composed by Hanbin and performed by all iKON members.
  • Currently in their new apartment each member has their own room.
  • In the teaser film of his second album, the announcer is Bobby.
  • The dance choreographers for “Love Scenario” and “Beautiful” were The Kinjaz dance group.
  • A day before the comeback, they held a VLive called “Konfidential Night” at 11:00pm(KST) on January 24.
  • During the Konfidential Night, B.I stated that he has been working hard these 8 months on the songs of the album Return.
  • During this VLive, Hanbin also mentioned that the song “Hug Me” was written in 2014, as well as “Just Go”, which was the fifth song he wrote since he was born.
  • Nine hours after the MV of “Love Scenario” was released, the video reached one million views on YouTube.
  • iKON is the fourth group to rank #1 on iChart Weekly (after BIGBANG, HIGHLIGHT and WANNA ONE), with “Love Scenario”, since the midnight position rules were changed.
    • This would be the second time iKON has ranked #1 on iChart Weekly since their debut song; “My Type”.
  • “Love Scenario” remained #1 for over 423 consecutive hours on MelOn.
  • “Love Scenario” is iKON’s second most listened to song in a 24-hour span, after “My Type”, on MelOn.
  • “Love Scenario” surpassed “My Type’s” record of staying #1 on iChart Weekly for more than 8 days.
  • “Love Scenario” scored an All Kill on all the music charts ten days after its release.
  • “Love Scenario” got a Perfect All Kill eleven days after it was released.
  • iKON is the second male idol group to achieve a Perfect All Kill, after BIGBANG, and the first to do so since the chart rules were changed.
  • “Love Scenario” filed 204 hourly Perfect All Kill, making iKON the Korean kpop group and artist with the most PAKs with a single song.
  • “Love Scenario” earned a Triple Crown on the Gaon Chart, for ranking #1 on the digital chart, streaming chart and download chart.
  • “Love Scenario” was the first song after ten years to be two consecutive months at #1 on the Melon Chart.
  • “Goodbye Road” in the first 24 hours of being released reached 784,214 unique listeners thus positioning itself as the second song with the most listeners regarding male groups in 2018. Being surpassed only by BIGBANG’s “Flower Road” which has 1,268,006. Likewise, it is also iKON’s second song with the most unique listeners in the first 24 hours being surpassed by “My Type” which has 846,711.


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