Hangul: 에이티즈

Alternative name: エイティーズ

Fandom Name: ATINY

Origin: South Korea

Debut Date: Korea: October 24, 2018 - Japan: December 04, 2019

ATEEZ Members


ATEEZ Member Ages

Ranked from oldest to youngest.

1. SeonghwaApr 03, 199825 years old
2. HongjoongNov 07, 199824 years old
3. YunhoMar 23, 199924 years old
4. YeosangJun 15, 199923 years old
5. SanJul 10, 199923 years old
6. MingiAug 09, 199923 years old
7. WooyoungNov 26, 199923 years old
8. JonghoOct 12, 200022 years old

ATEEZ Member Heights

Ranked from tallest to shortest.

1. Yunho1.84 m (6’0″)
2. Mingi1.83 m (6’0″)
3. Seonghwa1.78 m (5’10”)
4. Jongho1.76 m (5’9″)
5. San1.75 m (5’9″)
6. Yeosang1.73 m (5’8″)
7. Wooyoung1.73 m (5’8″)
8. Hongjoong1.72 m (5’8″)

Members and Position(s)


ATEEZ is composed of eight members born between 1998 and 2000. Their names are: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. The oldest member is Seonghwa (born Apr 3, 1998). The youngest member (maknae) is Jongho (born Oct 12, 2000). All of the members were born in South Korea.


Hongjoongleader, lead rapper, sub-vocalist, center
Seonghwalead vocalist, visual
Yunhomain dancer, lead vocalist
Yeosanglead dancer, sub-vocalist, visual
Sanlead vocalist, face of the group
Mingimain rapper, lead dancer
Wooyoungmain dancer, vocalist, visual
Jonghomain vocalist, maknae


The height of ATEEZ members ranges from 172 cm (5’8”) to 184 cm (6’1”). The average height in the group is 177 cm (5’10”). The tallest member is Yunho with a height of 184 cm (6’1”). The shortest member is Hongjoong with a height of 172 cm (5’8”). Yunho, Mingi, and Seonghwa are taller than the average height in the group. Jongho, San, Yeosang, Wooyoung, and Hongjoong are shorter than the average.


  • Top Popularity Ranking: San, Mingi, Hongjoong.
  • Top Dance Ranking: Yunho, Mingi, Wooyoung.
  • Top Visual Ranking: San, Wooyoung, Yeosang.
  • Top Vocal Ranking: Jongho, Yunho, San.
  • Top Rap Ranking: Hongjoong, Mingi, Seonghwa.

Personality Types MBTI

MemberMBTIPersonality Traits
HongjoongINFPIntroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting
SeonghwaESFJExtroverted, observant, feeling, judging
YunhoENFJExtroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging
YeosangISFJIntroverted, observant, feeling, judging
SanINFPIntroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting
MingiENTPExtroverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting
WooyoungESFJExtroverted, observant, feeling, judging
JonghoESFJExtroverted, observant, feeling, judging

Jongho and Wooyoung share the same personality type – ESFJ. Hongjoong and San are both INFP. Yeosang and Mingi have completely opposite personality traits (ISFJ and ENTP, respectively).

Fun Facts and Trivia

  • The tallest member of Ateez is Jeong Yunho with a height of 184 cm (6’1”).
  • The shortest member of Ateez is Kim Hongjoong with a height of 172 cm (5’8”).
  • The leader of Ateez is Kim Hongjoong (born Nov 7, 1998).
  • The oldest member of Ateez is Seonghwa (born Apr 3, 1998).
  • The youngest member (maknae) of Ateez is Choi Jongho (born Oct 12, 2000).
  • Siblings: Seonghwa and Hongjoong have an older brother. Yunho and Jongho have a younger brother. Yeosang has a sister. San has an older sister. Mingi has an older brother. Wooyoung has an older brother and a younger brother.
  • The group was previously known as KQ Fellaz during their trainee days.
  • KQ Entertainment is the same agency that formed the famous Korean group Block B.
  • ATEEZ is signed to the American label RCA Records, house to artists like Shakira, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Khalid.
  • Member that speaks English the best: Hongjoong.
  • Hongjoong, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho were participants in the survival show MixNine. The rest of the members auditioned as well but did not pass.
  • ATEEZ released a pre-debut song called ‘From’, which was composed and written by themselves.
  • Mingi and Hongjoong write and compose a lot of the songs of ATEEZ.
  • They released a Youtube series called KQ Fellaz American Training. The series shows the members traveling to LA in California and their training.
  • ATEEZ had a ninth member during their trainee days called Lee Junyoung; however, he departed from the group and returned as a trainee.

Members’ Profiles

1. Hongjoong

  • Stage Name: Hongjoong
  • Full Name: Kim Hong Joong
  • Korean Name: 김홍중
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Nov 7, 1998
  • Height: 172 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Scorpio, tiger

2. Seonghwa

  • Stage Name: Seonghwa
  • Full Name: Park Seong Hwa
  • Korean Name: 박성화
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Apr 3, 1998
  • Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
  • Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Aries, tiger

3. Yunho

  • Stage Name: Yunho
  • Full Name: Jeong Yun Ho
  • Korean Name: 정윤호
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Mar 23, 1999
  • Height: 184 cm (6’1”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Aries, rabbit

4. Yeosang

  • Stage Name: Yeosang
  • Full Name: Kang Yeo Sang
  • Korean Name: 강여상
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Jun 15, 1999
  • Height: 173 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Gemini, rabbit

5. San

  • Stage Name: San
  • Full Name: Choi San
  • Korean Name: 최산
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Jul 10, 1999
  • Height: 175 cm (5’9”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Cancer, rabbit

6. Mingi

  • Stage Name: Mingi
  • Full Name: Song Mingi
  • Korean Name: 송민기
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Aug 9, 1999
  • Height: 183 cm (6’0”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Leo, rabbit

7. Wooyoung

  • Stage Name: Wooyoung
  • Full Name: Jung Wooyoung
  • Korean Name: 정우영
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Nov 26, 1999
  • Height: 173 cm (5’8”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius, rabbit

8. Jongho

  • Stage Name: Jongho
  • Full Name: Choi Jongho
  • Korean Name: 최종호
  • Country of Birth: Korea
  • Birthday: Oct 12, 2000
  • Height: 176 cm (5’9”)
  • Weight:
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Libra, dragon


  • They auditioned for MIXNINE as “KQ Fellaz” but only 4 members (Min Gi, Woo Young, Jong Ho and Hong Joong) made it through.
  • On June 1, 2018, the group opened a vote for fans to submit suggestions for the group’s future name.
  • On episode 10 of the group’s US trip, they revealed the ninth member, Jung Young.
  • On July 2, 2018, KQ revealed the official name of the group. It was also revealed that Jung Young would not join as a member of the final group.
  • EDEN who is also an artist under KQ Produce has been in charge of the production of the group’s albums.
  • On July 20, 2018, the first episode of his Reality Show “Code Name is ATEEZ” aired.
  • ATEEZ ranked among the top 50 most reputable boy groups in the month of August 2018.
  • On October 02, 2018, it was reported that the group’s debut would be on October 24, 2018.
  • ‘Treasure’ reached 1M, nine days after its release, making it the first official mv of theirs to reach that amount.
  • Their first mini-album “TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero” debuted at #13 on Billboard’s “WORLD ALBUMS” chart.
  • On November 17, 2018 at 8PM KST via a Vlive they revealed the name of the fandom “ATINY.”
  • They ranked #6 in Billboard’s top 10 K-Pop acts of 2018.
  • In their album TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action (1st ANNIVERSARY EDITION Ver.) they added to their photo album, pictures of the baby members.
  • “STAR 1117” is the song ATEEZ made and sang for the first anniversary in a Vlive, and the numbers represent the date the fandom was named ATINY. The song was included on the Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer mini-album.
  • On May 8, 2020, ATEEZ members were appointed KOCIS ambassadors by Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Yang Woo at a ceremony in Seoul.
  • ‘Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer’ is the boy group album that has spent the most weeks in Gaon’s weekly top 5 in 2020 (as of Sept 6, 2020).
  • On July 3, 2020 via Twitter they revealed their upcoming comeback which will be on July 29 with their album ‘ZERO: FEVER PT.1’.
  • According to the Hanteo chart, ‘ZERO: FEVER PT.1’ sold over 115,000 copies in the first hours of its release on July 29, 2020. Sales totaled 233,399 during the first week. As of September 6, 2020, more than 350,890 copies have been sold.
  • They were declared winners of Immortal Songs on August 29, 2020 with the cover of Turbo’s Black Cat (검은 고양이). They thus become the sixth K-Pop group to achieve this.
  • In the special Immortal songs program in tribute to Rain, ATEEZ was the winner for the second time. Receiving very good comments from the guest artists (2AM’s Jokwon, Jamie (soloist). Rain even praised ATEEZ saying: “They are great artists, I could see them cheering for each other during the performance. They are the next superstars of the new kpop generation.
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.1” has been certified Platinum in Gaon for selling more than 250,000 units.
  • On September 14, 2020, it was announced that ATEEZ members were named ambassadors for the Polished Man campaign.
  • The upcoming KBS drama, based on the famous Webtoon “Imitation,” confirms the cast that includes ATEEZ’s Seong Hwa, Yun Ho, San and Jong Ho.
  • Min Gi went on hiatus last November due to being diagnosed with psychological anxiety, he has been focusing on treatment. ATEEZ recently hinted at a comeback with a teaser photo shared along with the date of March 1, and KQ Entertainment announced on February 5 that Min Gi will remain on hiatus during the group’s comeback. However, they shared that he participated in recording the album’s songs before stopping activities.
    • The statement is as follows: “Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. First, we express our gratitude to ATINY for their love and interest in ATEEZ. We are writing to inform you about Min Gi’s current condition, participation in the new album and his activities. Min Gi stopped his official activities last November and has been focusing on counseling treatment. He has been undergoing treatment while resting and is currently regaining a sense of psychological stability compared to when he stopped his activities. Therefore, prior to the release of this album, we talked with Min Gi, her parents and the psychology counselor about the status of her recovery and her resumption of activities, and it was agreed that there has been much progress through counseling treatment. However, it was decided that he will focus a little more on recovery, as everyone agreed that returning when his health is not fully recovered could also cause more long-term concern for ATEEZ members, including Min Gi and ATINY. Therefore, we ask for your understanding on the fact that for these promotions, ATEEZ will promote with seven members instead of promoting as the full group with all eight members. However, the recording of all the songs of the new album was finished before we stopped the activities, so you will be able to hear Min Gi’s voice in the songs. We request ATINY’s support so that Min Gi can return to his activities in good health, we will share a notice on the status of his activities in the future. Thank you.
  • On March 18, 2021, it was announced that ATEEZ members were named Spotify ambassadors.
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.2” has been certified Platinum in Gaon for selling more than 250,000 units.
  • ATEEZ became the first group of its generation to achieve 3 wins in Immortal Songs and joins MAMAMOO as the only groups with more wins in the program (3 wins in total).
  • “The Real” ranked #6 on Billboard World Digital Song Sales, its fourth entry on that chart.
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.2” has been certified double Platinum in Gaon for selling over 500,000 units.
  • “Dreamers” ranks #4 on Billboard Japan Top Singles Sales with 34,346 copies in its first week.
  • “Dreamers” debuts at the #5 spot on Billboard Japan Hot Animation.
  • “Dreamers” debuts #2 on Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with 35,612 copies.
  • On July 18, the agency announced Min Gi’s return to the group’s activities after being on hiatus since November 2020 due to her diagnosis with psychological anxiety, the new statement reads as follows: “Hello, this is KQ Entertainment. We would like to inform you about the health status and comeback of ATEEZ member Min Gi. Through counseling therapy, taking a long period of rest and her own efforts, Min Gi has recovered her health. To check his mental and physical health, he participated in various work activities in the first half of 2021 prior to his official return to the team. After checking his health status and having several conversations with Min Gi, his parents and his psychological counselor, we received the final verdict from his counselor that he could return to work without difficulty. From this point on, ATEEZ will be active as a full eight-member group, and we will keep you informed of any changes that may be made to the existing schedule. We would like to thank the ATINYs who has waited for Min Gi and sent him their unwavering support once again. Thank you.”
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.3” sold 144,821 copies on its first day on Hanteo.
  • ATEEZ with “ZERO: FEVER PT.3” occupied the #1 spot on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart for three consecutive days (September 13-15).
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.3” debuts at #42 on the Billboard 200 chart.
  • “ZERO: FEVER PT.3” has been certified double Platinum in Gaon for selling over 500,000 units.
  • “ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE” has been certified Platinum in Gaon for selling over 250,000 units.



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