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Title: 카이로스 / Kairos
Also known as: Cairos / Kyros
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2020-Dec-22
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 21:30 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a man who is in shock of losing his daughter and a woman who lives in the past, struggling to save the ones they love.

Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok) is a very successful man with a great job and great family with his wife, violinist Kang Hyun Chae (Nam Gyu Ri) and daughter. But one day his daughter is kidnapped. To change the fate of his daughter he contacts Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young) one month in the past. Ae Ri is a hardworking women whose mother goes missing. She then is contacted by Seo Jin from the future.


Main Cast

Shin Sung Rok as Kim Seo Jin
– Lee Jung Joon (이정준) as Seo Jin (young)
Lee Se Young as Han Ae Ri
Ahn Bo Hyun as Seo Do Gyoon
Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae

People around Kim Seo Jin’s

Shim Hye Yun as Kim Da Bin (Seo Jin’s daughter)
So Hee Jung as Jung Hye Kyung (babysitter)

People around Han Ae Ri

Kang Seung Yoon as Im Gun Wook (Ae Ri’s friend)
Hwang Jung Min as Kwak Song Ja (Ae Ri’s mother)
Lee Joo Myung (이주명) as Park Soo Jung

Yoojong Construction

Shin Goo as Yeo Seo Il (company president)
Jo Dong In as Lee Taek Kyu


Im Chul Hyung as Park Ho Young
Jeon Kwang Jin (전광진) as Choi Duk Ho
Jung Sung Joon (정성준) as Lee Tae Woo
Lee Tae Goo (이태구) as Kang Byung Suk


Go Kyu Pil as Kim Jin Ho
Choi Duk Moon as Kim Yoo Seok
Kwon Hyuk as Han Tae Gil
Yoo Yun Suk as prison guard

Production Credits

Production Companies: O H Story, Blossom Story
Director: Park Seung Woo
Screenwriter: Lee Soo Hyun

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-10-26 1 - - 2.7 -
2020-10-26 2 - - 3.7 -
2020-10-27 3 - - 2.7 -
2020-10-27 4 - - 3.1 -
2020-11-02 5 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-02 6 - - 3.3 -
2020-11-03 7 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-03 8 - - 3.5 -
2020-11-09 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-09 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-10 9 - - 3.1 -
2020-11-10 10 - - 3.4 -
2020-11-16 11 - - 3.3 -
2020-11-16 12 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-17 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-17 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-23 13 - - 2.6 -
2020-11-23 14 - - 2.7 -
2020-11-24 15 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-24 16 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-30 17 - - 3.4 -
2020-11-30 18 - - 3.2 -
2020-12-01 19 - - 3.5 -
2020-12-01 20 - - 2.8 -
2020-12-07 21 - - 3.1 -
2020-12-07 22 - - 2.7 -
2020-12-08 23 - - 2.9 -
2020-12-08 24 - - 2.6 -
2020-12-14 25 - - 2.9 -
2020-12-14 26 - - 2.7 -
2020-12-15 27 - - 3.5 -
2020-12-15 28 - - 2.6 -
2020-12-21 29 - - 2.7 -
2020-12-21 30 - - 2.2 -
2020-12-22 31 - - 3.3 -
2020-12-22 32 - - 3.3 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Shiva Says:

    looks really good, recently Lee Se Young has done really good dramas

  2. 2 : dinopie Says:

    Watched Episode 1 and 2 with English subs. Drama looks promising. Intriguing and mysterious for now. Its only the start of drama. Will need to watch a few more episodes to determine how good it is.

    This drama needs lots of attention paid to it when watching. The story is not told in the flow of the drama, but in the dialogues and even in the little bit of actions and behavior of everyone, eg, from the detectives, to SeoJin’s staff, etc

    This drama might be a good pick me up on a dull day.

  3. 3 : CareLuv Says:

    Hello folks

    Just a friendly warning here :

    Should you come across what looks like a link or a few links to a Translator Bot or a link to more k-entainment information at any of the sites you visit, DO NOT click.

    Lately, there seems to be an entity on the prowl online (mainly at k-entertainment sites) to entice unsuspecting visitors to click into their sites. These entity and their sites are suspicious. DO NO CLICK.

    Take care !!

  4. 4 : dinopie Says:

    This drama sure is hell of a complicated story.

    So many characters to get to know including the worst eyersore, Kim SeoJin’s personal aide the one who loves heavy eye makeup, in his corporate status and in the construction industry!! Woohoo !

    For a start only two episodes have been aired. Between these two episodes there were already a few time switches between future and past of only a month’s difference in time. So I followed … jumped here and there accordingly so as not to miss any detail in the story.. Where am I now? Landed in the twilight zone? See, what I mean? Lost in time travel and nothingness… Ayuuuh !

    Anyway, I forgive the production people. Its only first two episodes. Plus I have not got the hank of time travel yet. Landing in the twilight zone is inevitable.

    By the end of 2nd episode can’t say that the story was all about everything, but about nothing. Finally, the story did however yield a tiny shred of substance. That of the establishment of an investigative working team of Kim SeoJin and Han AeRi. Woohoo ! So the many time jumps were not in vain after all. They did not get lost in the twilight zone. (The one who got lost was that, that whining viewer !! Ehem 😆)

    So far so good! Complicating or choatic or cunning manueverings by certain human creatures.. Kairos has caught my attention. Will be waiting patiently for the following episodes to come.

  5. 5 : Nigel F Says:

    @dinopie — The characters are not time jumping which is good cos it’d be hard to track the storyline. As it is; he is always in the future and she is always in the past. Where it might get complicated—now they know the future is not set in stone (or is it?)—should they make numerous changes to the timeline, it will prove difficult to track the storyline. Fingers crossed the writer gets it right.

  6. 6 : dinopie Says:

    Just finished watching episode 3. One hell of a trip again.

    I have decided that if I wanted to continue watching and enjoying the drama which so many people had worked hard to produce, I should just go with the flow of the story. Do not question it, do not try to understand it ..

    Yeah, its dawned on me that the characters are not actually time “jumping” but that, they could contact each other thro the uncanny occurence of a ‘time window” when the past and the future overlap each other at a particular time each day. This “time window” lasts only a minute, at every night between 10.33 – 10.34 pm.

    During this one minute, Kim SJ and Han AR would exchange info to solve the mysteries of their loved ones’ dissapearance.

    Honestly, I have no problems following the story, but I do admit that when trying to tell the story, the show had to switch the past and future every few minutes, had me all confused. Hehehe !!

    One part in particular in episode 3. When Han AR finally found her way to meet with Kim SJ at his office she was instead accused of being a troublemaker by Kim SJ and was subsequently evicted out of the office. What?

    Now, I do not understand why does Kim SJ not expect to see Han AR or know of her existence at all, when he (from future) was the one who invited Han AR to meet at his office (to work together on the investigation)?This is confusing to me.

    I think there are much too many unnecessary, not useful stuff that is written into the story with hope to make the story sound complicated and intriguing. This idea might not work out well. It might end up tripping the story instead.

    Sometimes less is more !!

    So far not much useful or concrete clues have surfaced yet, except for one man whose daughter had died in the collapse of a fun park in the past. And he blamed it on Kim SJ’s construction company. He claimed to be responsible for the kidnapping and death of Danbi, Kim SJ’s daughter. Somehow, I doubt his claim…

    But he was caught on hospital securiry camera the day Han AR’s mom went missing ? Strange. What is going on here ??

    Let’s wait and see what’s in the next episode…

  7. 7 : dinopie Says:

    Episode 4

    Well, I spoke too soon, when I said in Episode 3 that there was not much useful or concrete clues that have surfaced yet.

    Now, Episode 4 is starting to crank up the action, tension and suspense. The story is starting to take off…

    A picture is starting to form : Bits and pieces of the puzzle are being dished out to viewers’ delight. I for one is happy with this. Yay yay !! It means that I do not need to blindly go with the flow of the story anymore. I can question and try to make sense of what is happening !! Yipee !!

    The below notes are just my guesswork, which might differ from fellow viewer’s. Please bear with me…

    What I have gathered from the clues just seen in this episode is that :

    1) There is a powerful entity (I.D. is still unknown) who is wanting to take over Yoojong Construction. However, YC currently under the helm of Chairman Yeo Seo Il and his trusted and capable assistant Kim SJ is strong and steady, cannot be bought. There is no way it can be weaken in any way, to fall prey to a hostile take over.

    2) What to do to weaken YooJong to its foundation ? Answer : (A) To get rid of the main pillar, i.e. Kim SJ. (B) Once Kim SJ is down, the next target is the Chairman who would be easy meat without Kim SJ.

    Based on the above two core plans, the bad people starts their heinous and despicable crime.

    Lure Kim SJ’s wife into having an affair with his personal aide. She’s necessary victim in order to break a part of Kim SJ’s spirit and create chaos in his sensibility. And the kidnapping of their daughter. To bring him to his knees. By which time the bad people hope Kim SJ would be hopeless and useless to defend the Chairman and Yoojong Construction from a takeover.

    One good news is that, there is a possibility that Kim SJ”s wife and daughter are still alive. Been held prisoner somewhere.

    Han AeRi’s mom was involved could possibly be either she’s recruited into the scheme to run some errands in exchange for money (for her medical trestment), or she could have accidently come across the bad peoples’ plans (crime). So that’s why she too disappeared (got removed). Hopefully she’s not killed off.

    As for Kim HJ the man whose daughter was killed in the amusement park collapse, he’s very likely used by bad people as a scapegoat or a decoy.

    But the bad people did not and could not have forseen the uncanny and unbelievable occurence of a cosmic time warp. It allowed Kim SJ and Han AR to communicate with each other to investigate the disappearance of their loved ones.

    When we say “Place our enemies next to us in order to be save”,
    in this case for Chairman and Kim SJ the trusted ones turn out to be the enemies !! @#$/& 😱

  8. 8 : annmasae Says:

    @dinopie thanks for your great analysis. What you say makes a lot of sense. could not figure out what is going on. now I can relax and just enjoy this drama.

  9. 9 : dinopie Says:

    #8 annmasae

    You are welcome to read my guesswork.

    Wrote it out cuz I tend to express myself in writing. Didn’t expect to get any attention.

    (I am better at writing than talking). 🐍

    I do think too that once the motive is established, the drama could be enjoyed better and viewers can ‘participate’ in the solving the despicable case.

  10. 10 : dinopie Says:

    Hahaha !! Ooooopps !! The emoji is a snake !! 🐍

    No no, I mistook it for a dino. Emojis frm handphone sometimes don’t come out right, like now. Haha …


  11. 11 : dinopie Says:

    Episode 5

    Barring the possibility of a few points going off (episode 4) a slight tangent in the motive for whats happening, from this episode onwards I feel it will now be easier to follow the whole story that is about to unfold.

    There is less switching of time warp scenes. Instead more focus and time were dwelled on each scene where KimSJ and HanAR were. This gave the opportunity for more details and time in each respective scene’s coherent story to flow out, making it easier for viewers to follow.

    Woah !! … Kim SJ ‘s personal staff, the arrogant manager/personal aide Seo DoGyun and the thug chauffuer would have been fired by me for insurbodination. Rude and crude dudes ! Dont know why Kim SJ let them off. The did not treat him respectfully at all. If even if I had to get a board resolution (to circumvent the CEO) to fire them, I would do so !! Forget about saving their rice bowls. They do not deserve it !! Arrggg !!

    These two thugs are now clearly part of the crooked organisation. They are blatantly doing the dirty jobs on KimSJ and Han SR.

    KimSJ is beginning to suspect these two. He starts to investigate from his end, which yielded promising results. Yipee !! Fighting !!

    Meanwhile, Han AR with the help of friend Im GunWook is still plodding on a long trail looking for her mother. Without much progress or results. Though along the way she unwittingly almost gotten herself killed if not for Kim SJ’s timely alerts thro those warped phone calls.

    In this episode, we briefly see two interesting tidbits thrown out to pique viewers’ interest :

    1) Kim SJ’s wife and daughter living happily at a mansion !! So .. they are not dead afterall !! The wife looks very much like she is in on the whole treacherous scheme too. She doesnt look innocent. They were visited by that snake Do GY, her lover/Kim SJ’s p.a. Oh gosh ! Ultimate treachery !! *#”‘-$ 👹

    2) Unknown by him, SJ followed the thug chaffeur to a remote place on the outskirts of the city. In this dilapidated and rundown building… he came upon a body hanging by a rope. Body appeared long dead. Who was this dead person ?

    Let’s wait for the next episode to see what these are about …

    I have a feeling that Kairos will eventually turn out to be more of a homicide kind of drama. Where I’m concerned, its ok. Less cosmic time warping angle too, is ok.

  12. 12 : dinopie Says:

    Only episode 5 is aired this week. Reason : the KBO league game is on.

  13. 13 : annmasae Says:

    #11 dinopie thanks for your updates. guess we are the only 2 fans watching. 2) i think woman hanging is Han AR mom. so sad but hopefully her death can be reversed. I was disappointed to realize that Kim SJ’s wife is not that innocent. Looking forward to next week.

  14. 14 : dinopie Says:

    #13 annmasae

    Hahaha… well, it certainly looks like we are the only two fans here. But in truth, I think there are other Kairos fans who can be found at other sites too…. A matter of fans’ preference. Haha !!

    Yeah. At first glance I caught a glimpse of the hanging body as that of Han AR’s mom. However without confirmation (via next episode), I dared not say so as a sure thing.

    If it was Han AR’s mum, it was a sad thing to happen. Either she didn’t know that she was dealing with vicious and monstrous people or, that she was too desperate for money for her medical treatments.

    I am not too keen for a reversal of her death via some cosmic intervention. Its cuz her death is not the only one speck of incidence that hapoened. There would be a universal myriads of other stuff happening too. Tweaked her death, and
    a cosmic domino effect might happen. What will be the final big picture then ? As such, I would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie… try not to play God.

    Kim SJ’s wife is worse of the worse bitch around. She’s utterly got no morals at all. She’s not human !! She makes me cringe !!

    I think she’s at the top level of the criminal organisation that is behind this crime.

  15. 15 : Tya Lavender Says:

    @annmasae @dinopie Heyaaa~~ May i join the clout? 👀 Hihihi~ Maybe beacuse this drama is kinda underrated, that’s why people rarely commented in here huhu~

  16. 16 : dinopie Says:

    #15 Tya Lavender

    Hello T Lavender

    Happy to meet you. Of course, you are welcome here. The more people here, the better !! Its been too quiet here. So much so, that I think I can even hear my own thoughts. Hahaha !! Sounds like I’m going bonkers? Haha !! Just joking !!

    Yeah. A pity this drama is under-rated. Audience’s preference is hard to gauge isn’t it. Let’s hope it will do better as time goes on.

    Drop by whenever you can, to just chit chat, or discuss, rant or whine, etc etc

    Take care ! Stay safe ! Have a good nite ! ☺

  17. 17 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #16 dinopie

    Omg thank youuu ueueue, i’m so glad to join in here huhu~~ Don’t worry, we’re in the same place, i thought i’m going crazy over this drama all alone ueueue (TwT) But luckily i have friend too watching Kairos, she said she wanted to comment in here but she’s kinda shy hehe 😅

    Amen to that sis! I hope people know more about Kairos! ^^

    Thanks, mate, you’re awesome hihi~ 💙💙💙💙

  18. 18 : N.O Says:

    So far, such a great Korean thriller drama, especially the intelligent and strong actor and actress, Shin Sung Rok and the natural beauty, Lee Se Young!

  19. 19 : dinopie Says:

    #17 Tya Lavendar

    As a 32 episodes drama, there’s still a long way to go. I guess there are going to be plenty twists and turns to the story to come. So there will be plenty more to show and tell.

    So come on and bring yourself and your friend here to say what’s on your mind as the story goes along.

  20. 20 : annmasae Says:

    Glad more people are joining in. I always look forward to @dinopie analysis. Please explain more about Episode 6. You were right about Kim SJ wife. It looks like she and the daughter are ok. Kim SJ will be taking over projects from evil Seo Do Gyun so I hope he doesn’t get blamed for any problems with the projects. # 18 N.O I am also a fan of Lee Se Young (Ae Ri). She is the reason I started watching this drama. Ratings are still low in Korea but I am really enjoying drama. Only problem is that Viki takes a long time to translate.

  21. 21 : dinopie Says:

    #28 N.O

    Hi, N

    Glad to hear from you. Please make yourself at home here. It would be nice to hear your mind and thoughts as we go along.

    I’m happy that finally I do not feel as if I’m a ghost here. Hahaha ! I got company now !

    So dont be shy, eh?

    Look forward to seeing you !! ☺

  22. 22 : Fira putri Says:

    I love this drama and I hope it will not have an open ending, because I often found fantasy dramas/movies to have an open ending and I hate it:(
    And we are still far away from the ending, so i hope all the mysteries can be solved, including how ae ri from the past can have a phone call to Seojin from the future, and why it has to be 10.33(???)

  23. 23 : Fira putri Says:

    #15 Tya Lavender

    Yeah, I’m sad that this drma is underrated, all my friends usually talk about Kdrama, but I don’t think they are watching this, and this drama is still ongoing, they probably wait until it has full eps T^T

  24. 24 : Tya Lavender Says:

    @Fira putri @dinopie

    There’s she goes! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s my best friend, and btw, yeah, i hope the mystery can be solved soon, i can’t really say anything because i kinda forgot the storyline ueueue ;3; 👉👈

  25. 25 : dinopie Says:

    Sorry, I have not posted my thoughts on Episode 6.

    If you have watched Ep 6, you would have noticed that the only main focus was placed on Kim SJ’s investigation on the I.D. of the dead body and Han AR’s search for her mom. Nothing much to draw great attention.

    And the rest of in-between scenes seem frivolous.

    You would be surprised to know the telling of the story lies here. That these frivolous scenes are full of clues and hints (many) on what direction the story might take. Possibly done on purpose by Production Team. (One of reasons why I was mulling how should I write about them here in a concise manner).

    The best would be to go watch Ep 6 again.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short I’ll only jot down a few hints I picked up that are significant :

    1) Kim SJ’s wife, the ruthless and vicious physco, might betray Seo DG in the end. She does not love him! She’s just using him now. Hurray !! (Did I just cheered?) Hurray !!

    She’s the one at the crest of the whole plot, I think. Plotting, planning and manipulating.
    However, will she get away in the end ? Don’t think so. Team Kim SJ/Han AR will stop her.

    2) She currently has plans to use Han AR, unknown to AR. She’s secretly now studying, watching AR. AR in danger now. Physcos can be very devious. They are great manipulators.

    3) CEO of Yoojoong Construction I think, is not exactly oblivious to what’s going on to Kim SJ and the corporation. He’s cool. He plays his hand cooly. Right now, he does not know the reasons for the attack. So he’s investigating the case quietly. Passive agressively?

    First he put Kim SJ on home leave. Purpose was not to let him rest. But unknown to Kim SJ, to push him to go dig for more info.

    Then he placed Seo DG to take over Kim SJ’s projects. Purpose, to study Seo DG (enemy) better.

    Next, return projects to Kim SJ plus a promotion. CEO’s ultimate plan to hand over Yoojoong Construction to Kim SJ. This show is a message to Kim SJ and enemies that he (CEO) backs Kim SJ.

    Kim SJ’s promotion might rile the enemies to show their hand in desperation. Enemies lured to trap set up by CEO?

    CEO finally now has the answers as to why Yoojoon Construction is under attack now for building negligence after all these years. He’s done. He’s a cool cat.

    From here on, I guess CEO will extend his full support to Kim SJ to ward off the attack.

    Well, right now, these are the main points I can remember. These plus what you have, would make a bigger picture for us to see?

  26. 26 : dinopie Says:

    #18 N.O

    Firstly, please forgive me for errors in the numbers. Two reasons why it happen : 1) Could be I got mata tak center? 2) I using handphone. Keyboard hard to use? Hehehe ! Just excuses lah !!

    Waaaa… your friends are fast to visit here. Happy event !!

    Thanks for your assistance. 💓

  27. 27 : Fira putri Says:

    #25 dinopie

    And what do you think about Ae ri’s Mom? Why she has to stay away from Aeri and why she have to be killed?

  28. 28 : dinopie Says:

    #N.O #Tya Lavender #Fira Putri

    Welcome here !! Please make yourselves at home here.

    This is a open site dedicated to k-dramas and k-movies. It welcomes viewers and fans to mingle and share their thoughts and opinions here. We will have a fun time.

    As with elsewhere, this site appreciates respectable and responsible posts, so would all of us, wont we?

    BTW, like you, I am also a visitor here, though I am a regular, and been here for some time now.

    I am happy that I will not feel lonely here anymore.

    Stay safe !! Have a great day !

    Re: Kairos

    This drama is interesting in that it gets viewers to want to join in, in solving the case.

    The mystery started off complicated. Now as it progresses the story is easier yo understand. But its still very interesting..

    Regarding the mystery of the time warp, and the opening of the window of a time gap lasting only 1 minute, I too wonder whether Scriptwriter will explain the cosmic mechanism aspect of it later on. Or possibly, it is only fiction ?

    Have a nice day, chingus !!

  29. 29 : dinopie Says:

    #27 Fira Putri

    The reason why Han AR’s mom left the hospital (though the drama gave the impression that she was ‘kidnapped’) was cuz she got involved in the bad people’s scheme.

    Unknown to anyone, she could have been recruited by Seo DG’s people to do some illegal work in exchange for money. Her husband used to be a construction staff. He died in the collapse of the building that is now in the negligence criminal case.

    She needs money for her medical treatment. Hence for this purpose she foolishly agreed to work for the bad people.

    She moved away without Han AR knowledge cuz she did not want to get daughter involved.

    Han AR’s mom got killed cud be one of these or both reasons 1) she knew too much, such as identity of killers, contact numbers etc. 2) she got killed off in order the murder could be pinned onto Kim SJ plus she was of no use to bad people anymore.

    Hope I am of help.

  30. 30 : annmasae Says:

    #25 dinopie again a lot of thoughtful analysis about upcoming events. need to see episode again to confirm your thoughts.
    thanks and keep up the good work. Kim SJ/Aeri FIGHTING!!!

  31. 31 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie, tnx for yr warm welcoming and brilliant analysis! This intelligent drama, Kairos is one of the best Korean thriller drama, with strong and intelligent characters, especially the Hero & Heroine!

  32. 32 : dinopie Says:

    #30 annmasae and #31 N.O

    Hahaha !! The analyses you referred to, I would call them ‘guesswork’. I was guessing only. Haha ! Hope they will prove useful.

    Anyway, I am happy that these ‘guesswork’ are of some help to us to make some sense of this complicated story.

    As the drama still has a long way to go before it ends, I am expecting that some twists and turns might happen to the story.

    I think the lot of bad people we see currently, are not all of them.
    I believe there could be some powerfull entity up there who is the puppet master. And Kim SJ’s wife knows who they are. She’s a psycho. In previous episode, I thought I saw a young girl burning down a house with someone in it. I think it was her. Mentally sick people would only do this.

    Good thing Kim SJ’s CEO has come into the picture. He can provide much needed support to our KSJ/HAR team. They are facing a formidable enemy who would kill to get what they want.

    If you have any comments to make, keep them coming.

    Have a nice day ! 🌞🌻

  33. 33 : dinopie Says:

    Last night, I was watching, I Live Alone, an MBC variery show. The Guest of Honor at this show was actor Ahn Bo Hyun. He’s the actor who acted as Seo DG aide to Kim SJ.

    Boy, was I surprised to find that he was different from Seo DG totally. Hahaha !

    So used to seeing an awful character as Seo DG, then to see Ahn Bo Hyun as such a nice person, I could not believe what I saw. Great acting by Ahn BH. Hahaha !

  34. 34 : dinopie Says:

    😸 Its all about finding the calm before the choas…..

    Last night was a repeat screening of Ep.6.

    Hopefully, we will get to watch Ep.7 tonight.

    Waiting in anticipation… keeping fingers and toes crossed… woohooo ….!!

  35. 35 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #34 dinopie

    I heard that the episode was delayed again because sports league (again ugh), i hope the episode doesn’t get delayed again, i almost forgot the storyline already ueueueueue (T_T)

  36. 36 : dinopie Says:

    #35 Tya Lavender

    Oh no no no ! Pleaseeese .. no more delays !!

    If so, it’ll kill the thrill and purpose of Kairos. Well, it would at least, make me lose interest entirely. I wish it will not happen, since I’ve already invested time watching it already.

    Fighting !!

    P/s Take care everyone !! The pesky virus is on a rampage in every country now. And this one is thought to be a very infectious variant.

  37. 37 : dinopie Says:

    So, finally I have hit a wall at ep. 7 and 8. A dead end for me. I find many scenes here confusing.

    Help !! I’m totally lost here ! I cant make head or tail of what the episodes are trying to tell.

    Would someone care to come give an idea as to whats going on in ep. 7 and 8 ? If not in detail, at least a rough idea of it ?

    Do you think breaking up the scenes in ep. 7 and 8 into the following 3 groups would help to get a clearer picture ? :–

    1) Which scenes are the real and current events ?

    2) Which scenes are the time warped illusions ?

    3) Which scenes are the real background stories of how the crime was planned and executed ?

    If Item (2) were to be just time warp illusions which are meaningless and useless to the story, they should have been left out totally. They should not even be used as fillers. Without Item (2), Item (1) and (3) themselves would do fine.

    I look forward to hear from our Kairos friends here. Come share your thoughts. It would be nice to hear from you.

    Have a great day ! Stay safe !!

  38. 38 : annmasae Says:

    #37 dinopie. you are correct, the story is getting very confusing.
    AeRi is living in Sept which I will call the present. The nicer Seo Jin lives one month ahead in Oct which I will call the future. The story switches back and forth between present and future so it’s hard to follow. Also, when present events change future events also change.
    The Seo Jin in the present is more arrogant while the future person is more kind and understanding since he thinks his wife and child are dead.


    Episode 7
    1. AeRi finds her mother in the present which changes the arrest of SJ for her murder in the future. We also discover that AeRi’s father died in the collapse of Tajeon Towers 10 years ago. This is the same accident that causes SJ nightmares.
    2. In the present we learn that SJ wife finds a blind spot in the CCTV so the camera can not see that she did not actually commit suicide. We also learn they used another girl’s body to fake Da Bin’s death and his wife provides the dead girl’s hair sample so that there is a match.
    3. In the present, AeRi places a tracker in Da Bin’s bear.
    4. In the present, a man with scars on his face is threatening SJ wife about her past so this will be another story line in the future.
    5. In the future SJ uses the tracker to find the hiding place of his wife and daughter, He is shocked to learn that they are still alive. He is knocked unconscious from behind and the episode ends.

    Episode 8
    1. In the present AeRi stops the kidnapping of DaBin at the concert which then prevents SJ from being killed in the future.
    2. In the present AeRi is jailed because the police thought she was trying to harm Da Bin. Eventually she is freed because SJ does not press charges.
    3. In the present AeRi is upset that she hasn’t been able to contact SJ in the future. In her last call she tells him that she won’t work with him anymore. However he calls for her help because he is in an accident with his wife and daughter in the future.

    Would appreciate any other comments about Episode 7 and 8. My interpretation could be totally off so please correct me if anyone has other ideas. Glad we have a lot of people interested in this drama.

  39. 39 : N.O Says:

    Simply unbelievable that petite evil lady, the Witch, seems to be the Mastermind – has all the stupid men wrapped around her finger!

    Episode 8, Dinopie & Annmasae, is a little bit confusing, abt. the accident. That scarred man is the evil Witch’s drunk father whom she tried to murder with fire, but looks like he’s still alive after all.

    Have to watch Episode 9 to get more understanding!

  40. 40 : dinopie Says:

    Oh gosh !! Let me take a deep breath first…. No time warp here eh ? You guys are real? Would have pinched you to make sure if you were here physically…

    Thanks so much, guys. Much much much appreciate it !!

    Annmasae and N.O.
    What a relief !! Your explanations are straightfoward and clear. Now I understand what’s going on in the episodes. I will re-watch these episodes again.

    I will re-watch ep 7 and 8 again. For a spell, I was so disappointed thinking that I have to give up altogether.

    Ahhhh… so the man who was set on fire was the Witch’s father ! I was wondering who on earth was he. Good, now he’s come to haunt her.

    This witch is beginning to betray Seo BG. Will he start to panic now or get deeper in trouble in order to please her. Oh gosh ! So stoooopid !

    Thanks so much again, guys for coming to the rescue.


  41. 41 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie, watching repeat of Episode 10 tomorrow, miss it tonight, will talk more, take care dear.

  42. 42 : dinopie Says:

    #41 N.O.

    Thank you for your assurance. I look forward to your presence here.

    Dont know why I feel so defeated by Kairos the drama. I should not take Kairos seriously I know, afterall its only a drama. I am not competitive by nature, but this is one time I realised that I cannot figure out a puzzle !!

    Kairos .. you convoluted drama I kowtow _/o\_ to you !! Respect !! 😊 (But I also feel like giving you a big kick too ! )

    I’ve finished watching Ep. 9 & 10. I think I will have to re-watch. Looks like this is going to be the usual practice for me now where Kairos is concerned.

    About the latest developments :

    Now… CEO is in the picture. Woah .. it seems that he is not what I had expected him to be. Here he is depicted as ruthless, sharp, tough, but very smart ! Got to watch him further… plenty to come from him I think.

    Somehow the Witch gives a picture of a very dangerous physco on the lose. She’s plotting murders and evil all the time !! Hope her undead Father will be the last person who can bring upon her end. He’s the only person who knows she is psycho.

    Surprising the Witch could even fool her husband ! He does not even have any inkling of her true nature !!

    N.O., fully agree with you. This witch has all the stupid men wrapped round her fingers.

    P/s I am also currently watching on tv, a drama “A Thousand Stars From The Sky” starring Seo In-gook and Jung Somi. Its good. But tinged with sadness. It has romance between the ML and FL plus it tells the sad tale of people’s preconceived ideas and bias against the poor and orphans… All casts’ acting is good. Makes drama very real.

  43. 43 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie, that Witch is even trying to murder her husband in Episode 10. But why was she & her cute kid in the car since she already hired the driver-killer to to murder her husband! And you’re right, the CEO is ruthless too & seems to have a relationship with the Serial-killer Witch!

    I think what’s great about this Thriller, it has all the suprising twists and suspense that we don’t expect at all! So just hang in there dear, don’t give up! But I really don’t like Romance dramas or films anymore, they usually bore me to death.

    Nite nite Dinopie, take care dear.

  44. 44 : dinopie Says:

    #43 N.O.

    Yeah.. this is what I do not like or understand about this drama.

    I find it hard to follow the Scriptwriter’s intentions and logic regarding the various scenarios that are set up. Too much, too messy, useless. This style of writing reminds me of the one time when I was a teenager. I wrote a composition, my imagination (like the script here) had a field day. In the end, though it was filled with my wild fantasies, it was messy and mixed up. My best friend could not even understand it.

    And now, I am re-visiting the same nightmare here ! (Though this script here is more polished).

    Let us now come back to the drama’s story :

    1) Yes, I find it puzzling too re the CEO’s current actions and his intentions. From his actions, he gives the impression that he is the one attacking his own construction company. Why ? He must have a very good reason to do so, considering that murders were involved in the Taejung project and now this.
    This CEO must be watched closely… looks like he still has plenty of stuff in his ‘magic’ hat to be pulled out.

    2) The Witch definitely has a backer. How else could she be so arrogant and impervious to the law of justice? Like you mentioned before, her backer might be CEO… and thro what relationship connection ?

    Re Witch and daughter being killed in car.. this one too is puzzling. But isn’t this scene an illusion? It has not happened yet? Might even not happen at all?

    My thinking about this drama is why is it wasting time drawing up so many illisionary scenarios and probabilities to keep viewers entertained ?

    Looking at the flow chart of the real time incidents we can get an idea of what will likely be the thing to happen next…

    As such the “what if” scenarios (illusions) are not necessary? Eventhough its had been suggested that the illusionary scenarios were to give an idea of what changes might take place in the present, if we were to change “fate” in the past? But how is this possible when the flow chart of natural law is already in place cosmically? Can a revision be possible? This is what I find it hard to figure out.

    Anyway, whatever had been said and done, as what N.O. had mentioned, there will be more twists and turns to come. Lets be ready for them.

    Let’s sit tight watch the show…

    P/s I am not surprised that you are not into rom coms and movies currently. Can’t blame you. Currently, the k-drama market has become saturated with works whose standard has dropped. The cinematography or cgi might have improved, but the quality of the scripts or stories are lacking. Plus, we are now flooded by too many “idol actors” some of whom may be good actors, but somehow, they lack that “extra” quality that connects them to their audience. Unlike the feels that established actors impart. This is what is the problem now, there is obviously a difference …

    This is the reason why I am picky about what I am watching now. And I am glad that MBC channel here where I am, is doing re-runs of old dramas. They are good pcs. Worth watching. I do not watch the long winded dailies though.

    Sorry, for writing too much. You may take a nap in between readings if you need to. Hehehe ! 😁

    Have a great day! Be good !! 🌞

  45. 45 : dinopie Says:

    Elsewhere at other sites, there was mentioned about the Witch’s early days. The questions asked were :

    1) Where did she go to live after she had burnt down her father’s home?

    2) How did she grow up with a new identity and with an education that included learning music and to play the violin?

    3) How did she end up marrying Kim SJ?

    Its a mystery. Could the CEO be her secret benefactor?

  46. 46 : annmasae Says:

    dinopie and N.O.
    Love your posts. Lost of interesting information.
    I am still waiting for episode 10 english subtitles on Viki. This drama is not a priority so subtitles take about a week.
    I’m disappointed in the CEO because I thought he was one of the good guys. I want to see how they reverse the accident.
    Sometimes it gets frustrating with all the twists and turns in this drama. Glad they started putting dates to make time frame clearer.
    I started watching a more confusing drama Awake so my brain is currently overloaded.
    Looking forward to your future posts.

  47. 47 : dinopie Says:

    #46 annmasae

    Hahaha .. you came just in time. The points you raised are exactly what are on my mind too.

    Viki’s is known for late translations but the quality of the translation is good. Kind of compensate for delay.

    I am very disappointed with the CEO too. Like you, I had thought that he was a good guy … this old goat sure fooled everybody !!

    I really DO HATE the twists and turns in this drama. I can’t get used to such meanderings. Its so hard to follow.

    Now at least dates are given for the time frames. It does help a bit there.

    Re the accident that you mentioned. Are you referring to the accident where the Witch was killed in it?

    N.O. in his previous post had also mentioned a similar point.

    I have also wondered about it. In the end, I concluded that it could be nothing more than just another illusion (like the so many other illusions) since nothing concrete had followed to confirm the accident and death?

    See, this is another case in point where the story takes its viewers on a convoluted maze.

    Re the drama Awaken. At first I had planned to watch. But changed my mind. From what I’ve gathered from chit-chats elsewhere, I concluded it is not for me afterall. I think actors GoongMin and Seolhyun are trying too hard to portray the characters. A turn-off for me.

    Bye for now.

    I look forward to hearing from you both, N.O. and annmasae, and from any other viewers too.

  48. 48 : annmasae Says:

    #47 dinopie
    Good to hear from you.
    Yes the accident I am referring to is where the witch gets killed.
    Kim SJ is hospitalized from that accident and at the ending of episode 10 it looks like they suspect him for contributing to the accident.
    I have the same question as #43 N.O. as to why the witch and her daughter were in the car since she planned the whole thing.
    Very confusing.
    Hopefully the next 2 weeks will explain everything.

  49. 49 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie & Annmasae, tnx for the analysis.

    I watched episode 9 again becoz the other day, was sleepy! The points I got:

    1. Seo Jin & Ae Ri – are linked through fate already becoz their father are good friends, but Seo Jin’s Dad was most likely murdered by the President (the Demon), after he got an evidence of a tape, and somehow Ae Ri’s mother got hold of the tape, maybe (who made it looked like he killed himself); that’s why Ae Ri’s mother is not yet killed by the Demon, who is threatening her in the Hospital;

    2. The Witch hired the Killer-driver to kill her husband, Seo Jin – but instead the double-face Driver-Assassin, Lee Taek Kyu, I think, betrayed her & killed the whole family, suspected ordered by that Demon; thus is Why Seo Do Gun (the Witch’s lover) was trying to prevent by pretending to be Seo Jin through the past time zone; in order to murder the Assassin!

    3. The Witch was trying to blackmail the Demon, I think – that’s why he got her murdered too;

    Let us see Episode 10 nx week. Bye for now.

  50. 50 : N.O Says:

    Correctiin to Point 1: ….(where the Demon made it look like Seo Jin’s father killed himself)…..

  51. 51 : N.O Says:

    I think Ae Ri has got the evidence but she doesn’t know it yet. That’s why she is linked to Seo Jin through the past time zone – in order to solve the murder of Seo Jin’s father and the rest of the workers’ murders from the Construction tragedy.

  52. 52 : dinopie Says:

    #48 annmasae

    Thanks for quick response. Your points are noted.

    Let’s go over to look at #49 – 51 to see what N.O. has to say.

  53. 53 : dinopie Says:

    #49-51 @N.O.

    Gosh !! I now realised how much info I have missed while watching. No wonder, I was so lost.

    Your explanations are so clear to me now, point by point ! Like magic, I can see a big picture now… hehehe !!

    So many questions answered. Phew !! I feel so silly.

    It looks like this Construction tragedy is hell of a big mess. Let’s see how the Demon is going to handle this mess. I think trying to cover it this time round is going to be harder. He now has a bunch of victims’ descendants who hold no affialiation to Yoojoong Construction to deal with.

    Thanks so much for your help. Appreciate it. 😊

  54. 54 : annmasae Says:

    #49-51 N.O.
    I second #53 dinopie comments.
    Thanks for your analysis which helped clear my troubled mind.
    I love the names witch, demon, killer-driver. Much easier than their actual names.
    Can’t wait for next episodes.

  55. 55 : dinopie Says:

    Yeah .. I like the nicknames the villians are given too. Make it so much easier to identify them according to their specific speciality. Haha .. they did earned their nicknames.

    This drama has 32 episodes. A long way more to go. I can’t imagine how much more variables will come our way….

  56. 56 : N.O Says:

    Annmasae & Dinopie, glad to be helping, but my analysis might be wrong. We’ll talk more after Episode 10& 11 this week. Take care ok.

  57. 57 : dinopie Says:

    #56 N.O.

    Not to worry about what condition you analyses come in. Just keep them coming. Afterall, our participation in solving the case is more fun. Who cares about the quality of our analyses.

    Take a look at my “guesswork” in all the previous posts. Hehehe !! Now being reminded of them, I feel ashame lah! But dont care ! Everyone of us can try to be a detective. Just for the spirit of it. No harm done… hehe ! 😗

    For all our analyses, we could be at least 80 % right ? (Are we?) Hehe !!

    Oh well … folks. Fighting !!

    P/s Latest news on the grapevine … a new Gumiho is on the way. A romantic and handsome one. Ayuh … will another cloud 9 be looming ahead ??

    ” Could you act human? I have neighbours! ” – bella swan

  58. 58 : N. O. Says:

    Sorry Dinopie & Annmasae, my analysis previousky was on Episode 10. Abd don’t worry abt. yr. analysis either, Dinopie! Now, tonight’s Episode 11 – gripping, gripping!

    1. Our courageous beauty Ae Ri, is going to be murdered (at end of Episode) – suspected by the Demon & his Right-hand man, the Driver-Sociopath Serial Killer Lee Taek Kyu – so now Seo Jin has to stop this from happening, also to stop the Accident by the Killer, that killed The Witch & cute Da Bin;

    2. So, it’s true that Seo Jin’s late father gave the Evidence of a tape – to Ae Ri’s Mom – becoz her husband (Ae Ri’s) father who died in the Construction Mass Murder, was Seo Jin’s murdered Dad’s good friend (most likely murdered by the Demon (The President of Yoojoong Construction);

    3. Ae Ri’s Mom disappeared before, becoz she blackmailed the Demon for some money for Ae Ri & to keep Ae Ri safe from the Demon; Luckily Seo Jin prevented Ae Ri’s Mom murder by the Serial Killer; and she still have the tape evidence which the Demon is trying to find before murdering her;

    4. The Witch was indeed trying to blackmail the Demon – but ended up being murdered by the Serial Killer – although she mistakenly hired the Serial Killer to kill her husband whilst on a trip for their holiday, and all of them being injected with sleeping pills after the accident by the Serial Killer, to make it look like family suicide by Seo Jin;

    5. Now, the Witch’s Slave (lover) Seo Do-Kyun – is trying to use Seo Jin & Ae Ri to prevent the accident from happening;

    6. Most likely, the Daejung City Construction Tragedy – was planned intentionally, all along by the Demon wz help from local Police etc. – so that the Demon & his small Yoojoong co. could overtake all the shares, cheaply, of the primary mega Construction Company (forgot its name), which was solely blamed for the Construction tragedy – & finally Yoojoong co. expanded to be among the biggest Construction co. in Korea!!

    Take care.

  59. 59 : dinopie Says:

    #58 N.O

    I’ve just finished reading your post. Yes yes the revealations are mind boggling.

    I got plenty of laughs too from your post. You can guess what made me laugh …. haha [email protected]

    I’ve just come from some other sites, and battery power is running low.

    I gotta go charge battery for time being. Will come back as soon as its done.

  60. 60 : dinopie Says:

    #58 N.O.

    Hi, I’m back. Whilst waiting for the battery to charge, I quickly prepared myself for bed. So that I can just zoom straight to sleep thereafter. Tis is called efficient time management. Joking only ! Hehehe ! 😗

    N.O. your concluding para says it all. You are on track .. it is all about the grab for power ! At what cost?? It cost in total so many lives and ruin just as many as well. And the atrocity is still ongoing.

    Yes, the police too has got be involved. Otherwise such a big and conspicous crime cannot happen without drawing attention or getting away from prosecution.

    Hard to imagine the Demon is so ambitious. His plans continued on for so many years. From first generation of employees to their descendants involvement.

    Construction and property developments in most countries are prime and powerful industries. Is no wonder crooks fight for control.

    Re Han AR’s mother. In these later episodes she is alive and is involved in solving the Daejung Construction tragedy case.

    So are we to believe that her death in a much earlier episode, was only an illusion.

    Re Han AR ‘s forthcoming death. How is Kim SJ going to save her, when he himself is badly injured in the family car accident?

    Hahaha !! The Killer Driver got promoted. He is got a big big title now Driver-Sociopath-Serial Killer !!.

    Thanks N.O. for your explanations. The most telling clue for why this mega murderous incident happen is in the last para of your post. I think now I can step by step join the dots now.

  61. 61 : annmasae Says:

    #58 N.O. and #60 dinopie
    Good Information. Things are falling in place.
    Hope they save Ae Ri.
    I think the worse villain is the Driver-Sociopath-Serial Killer.
    He really makes me mad.

  62. 62 : dinopie Says:

    #61 annmasae

    I just caught the ending part of Ep.11. Will watch full episode later when its repeated today.

    1) What I saw was Han AR being carried out on a stretcher. A white cloth was draped over her from head to toes. Doesn’t look good. Doesn’t it mean a person is dead when all covered like this ?

    2) Among the onlookers was Kim SJ. He could be too late to save her. Unless, if he could revert to the past time line to prevent her death.

    3) Yes, long long and big big title for the killer Driver. Makes police job easier to i.d. him. No need look into his file for his personal info. Info’s all there in the long long and big big title already.

    In Ep. 11 Kim SJ almost strangled him to death, after he’s found out that DSS Killer was responsible for the death of his wife and daughter. Kim SJ said whether DSS Killer is killed in past or present is the same. He has to die. (I support this decision !!)

  63. 63 : dinopie Says:

    Just dropped by to whine and rant … ayuhhh… there was a heavy thunder storm over here.

    The thunder was so loud. Followed by crackling lightning. Habis lah !! My tv got knocked out !! No signal. I am going to miss Kairos Ep.12 tonight.

    Will wait and see whether tv station will take care of problem tonight. Hope it will. Otherwise, I’ll have to tackle it myself tomorrow.

  64. 64 : dinopie Says:

    Finally the tv got signal again. Problem was with the tv station’s booster. It got struck by lightning yesterday during the thunderstorm.

    Missed both episodes this week, including their repeats. Hope there will be another repeat this weekend.

    P/s N.O. how are you doing? I visited your dedicated corner somewhere, and found it in darkness. Please come back here as soon as your temperature returns to normal. We need your analytical reports in order to be able follow the convoluted story. Get well soon !

    Good nite ! Sweet dreams !

  65. 65 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #63 dinopie

    Aww i’m sorry to hear that 🙁 I hope your TV recovered soon (T^T) Also, are you an Indonesian/Malay person? That “Habis lah!” caught me off hehe ^^; I wanted to comment but i don’t know what to say, plus i kinda forgetful, it’s kinda hard to remember the story line ueueue (T_T) I hope that both Seojin and Aeri gets a good ending, big Amen 🤲

  66. 66 : annmasae Says:

    #65 Tya
    Thanks for joining in the discussions.
    I agree with you. I hope SJ and Aeri have a happy ending .
    I went back to an old drama Memorist with the actress playing Aeri.
    Highly Recommended. She is a great actress.
    Things are definitely getting exciting and a lot of the questions have been answered. Hope more people join in our discussions.
    It’s fun to hear different points of view.

  67. 67 : dinopie Says:

    #65 Tya Lavender

    Sorry I am late here.

    Haha ! So you are curious about me too? I am not offended that you asked. Its a normal reaction. Thanks that you asked.

    I am used to people being curious about me. Frankly, even people on the ground here when they come across me, the brave ones would strike a conversation and then wanted to know which country I was from? Taxi drivers, supermart CEO (Japanese), neighbours, etc etc would ask me. A funny part was even my work colleagues here, years later would pop the same question. Hahaha ! They must have been dying to ask me, until they could not tahan anymore. They asked the Managing Director (swede) to ask me on their behalf. Hahaha !! I didn’t feel offended. I am used to it. I guess it was simply curiosity, was not bcuz I dressed like an actress or was pretty. I am very normal person. I dressed simple and normally.
    No attention catching stuff. Even colleagues’ boyfriends/husbands were curious, and they would tell me about it at work the next day. Haha ! You know what? I think the answer is very simple. It could be bcuz I look pan-asian. I look neither “here” nor “there”. (My roots could be responsible for it). I am thankful that at least I do not look like pontianak ! Hehe !!

    Without any insult or offence meant, I would like to think of myself as a global citizen. Our passports and travel papers might define us geographically, but my feelings and thoughts are usually based on a global/cosmopolitan basis. My outlook too is far and wide.

    Sorry for boring you with this “roots” story.

    Tya, re Kairos, I too sometimes cannot placed what I have watched in perpective or into a neat package. I think this is due to the way the kairos drama is scripted and produced.

    That’s why we need N.O.’s analytical reports to guide us thro the story each time an episode is shown. Thank you, N.O. We appreciate it.

    Tya, may I reassure you that I am a harmless person and from a good family. You are safe here. So please feel free to drop by at any time.

    Till then, good nite !! 🌻🌞

  68. 68 : dinopie Says:

    #66 annmasae

    So you have watched Memorist too. I did watched it. Liked the story until when the ML (dont remember his name) started to have supernatural abilites. Having this ability was acceptable, except when he was depicted as having the ability to switch it off and on in an instant was too fake for me. Unless of course if he were a space alien from a different planet. But not so. He was only human.

    Anyway, I did watch the finale. Was not impressed with the cliched ending.

    However I did like the ML and “Aeri”.

  69. 69 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #67 dinopie

    Oh okay~ Your response is so sweet hihi~ I kindly respect your perspective~ And yes, omg N.O’s analytical reports is so detailed, it took me hours to read and understand the reports (TwT), but what makes me question about this drama is how Aeri and Seojin communicate from phone, between different warp time? I hope we’ll get the answer at the end (>_<)

    #65 annmasae

    Hi!~ I've quite been a long in here and wanted to comment but i don't know what to comment since i'm forgetful person, didn't remember the story line fully ueueue (TT)

  70. 70 : dinopie Says:

    #69 Tya Lavender

    Ayuh .. I am so tired. Two hours of nap is still not enough to recover from today’s long grocery shopping trip. Bought too much junk food this trip – chocolates, unhealthy snacks, etc etc. I got myself some persimmons too, raw and crunchy ! My favorite. Can survive solely on these for days. Pity, they dont grow in the tropical climate here.

    Re Kairos – the baffling time warp phone connection. Me too. I can’t figure out how it works. Baffling. This looks like an Einstein or NASA puzzle.

    Or hopefully Scriptwriter will reveal the mysterious physics of of it all at the end of the drama. (You hear us Scripwriter ?! )

    Well, tomorrow is another rest day. So folks, have a good rest.

    And @ N.O. hope you are feeling better now. Ghosting is not your thing, eh? Cool. 🌞

    Be good. Don’t do what I wouldn’t do !! Hehe !!

  71. 71 : dinopie Says:

    #65 Tya Lavender

    First, my apologies. I forgot to answer your question. Do not mean to be rude.

    I am a Malaysian/Chinese. Chinese lineage from my Dad’s side. From my Mom’s side, the lineage has a long history, and mixed. Our ancestors were widespread too. Hard to trace as there were no written details or info left behind.

    Hahaha !! I remember one funny incident I experience some years ago. Cuz the taxi driver turned around from his driver’s seat and asked me .. ” Are you Indian ? ”

    Don’t know how he could mistake me for an Indian girl. My complexion said otherwise. A Korean had mistaken me for a Korean, and a Japanese customs officer thought I was Japanese. What a happy world.
    I am a happy ghost ! Hahaha !!

    Have a nice day !

  72. 72 : dinopie Says:

    Re Kairos – Baffling time warp phone connection.

    I’ve just finished watch Ep 12. I think Production Team left a hint to tempt our curiosity.

    In a scene (before her death) Han AR was holding her dad’s watch. It was found on him at the time of his death. The time on the broken watch showed 10.33.

    Kim SJ recognised the watch. He told Han AR he was with the watch’s wearer the entire time they were buried in the rubble at the Daejung Town collapse.

    When we join the dots : 1) Both parents were colleagues and were friends 2) The time on the watch stopped at 10.33 – we ask, could there be some sort of a supernatural intervention here that makes the baffling time warp phone connection ?

    On another subject. Some viewers were wishing for Han AR and Kim SJ to end up together. What about AR’s friend Im GunWook? We have forgotten about him. He loves her. Oh gosh !!

  73. 73 : annmasae Says:

    #72 dinopie
    good catch about time on watch of 10:33. I missed that.
    Being impatient I fast forward a lot. Guess I better watch more carefully.

    I think AeRi match’s better with her guy friend who seems so devoted. I don’t expect any romance for AeRi in the end but I could be wrong.

    Looking forward to this week’s episodes.

  74. 74 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #71 dinopie

    Ah understandable ^^ Well i’m from Indonesia so the language is pretty familiar ^^; But nice to hear about it hehe~

    #72 dinopie

    Yeahh that’s what i’m thinking, is the watch reason how Aeri and Seojin can communicate each other within different time warp from phone? Let’s see about that later episode hehe~

    About Geunwook with Aeri, i don’t know about that, i have same opinion as annamasae, i don’t think Aeri would have any romance intention in here since poor lady gets too many traumas in her life ;-; Crossing my fingers for Aeri and Seojin’s good ending 🤞🤧🤞

  75. 75 : dinopie Says:

    #73 annmasae

    Hahaha … you are excused for the “bug” most drama viewers suffer from – Fast Forwarding.
    Anyone who does not excuse you is a hypocrite. Bless the guy who thought of this function when he was at the drawing board. He must have suffered F.F. bug of the worst kind.

    I do not F.F. I switch off and go to bed !! Hypocrite or same, same? Hehe !

    Word of caution F.F. people. KAIROS is one hell of a drama you cannot go on F.F. mode. Miss some .. you miss the whole episode’s story. That’s how tight the stories are packed into the episodes.

    Re: Kairos Romance – I had automatically thought that Han AR and her childhood friend, Im GW would become lifelong partners. There is a strong bond between them.

    Never occured to me that AR and KSJ would be a couple. What connects them right now is their shared dilemna and pain over the Daejung tragedy. Too early to tell anyway.

    Again, AR might go her own way?

  76. 76 : dinopie Says:

    #74 Tya Lavender

    Haha ! I just posted msg above and came upon yours.

    Tya, who knows, I could have ancestors from Indonesia during those early days of settlements here. Hehe !

    Kairos will only be screened tomorrow over here. We are screening a day later, after S.Korea.

    Are you now living in SKorea? Lucky you. You get first viewing and finished drama way ahead of us elsewhere. Anyway, I not complaining. I thankful I get chance to watch drama. Good enough.

    Have a nice warm evening !! Saw tv weather forecast for Seoul .. 6 degC. Freezing… ⛄⛄

  77. 77 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #76 dinopie

    Aaaa you’re the most cheerful person i ever met ueueue :”3 And btw, no, i don’t live in South Korea, i still living in Indonesia, my homies hehe~ I don’t know some time places so pardon my words if my words were confusing ^^; Maybe in Indonesia, the time is kinda follow up SK’s time so the audience doesn’t wait longer (?)

    In my hometown, the weather is quite warm breeze i would say (?) It’s like 29°C in here, often rain :3

  78. 78 : dinopie Says:

    #77 Tya Lavender

    A very good morning to you, Tya.

    Until you mentioned it, I had not thought about the time difference between countries over in this region. Haha !! I have taken it for granted.

    What I am aware of is that some years ago my country had synchronised our time to be the same as China’s in order to make doing business and making life easier.

    But we did not synchronise with SKorea who is 1 hour ahead.

    Its Kairos time here tonight. Hope I can follow tonight’s story. Keeping fingers crossed.

    These past week there have been some brand new dramas starting here.

    Chinese iQiyi station is in on the k-drama business too now. They are now screening e.g. Hush (Yoona) is one of dramas, apart from The Spies Who Love Me.

    Take care ! Have a nice day !

  79. 79 : dinopie Says:

    Hail Mary !!

    1) Happy to announce that Independence has won. President Elect Biden will be sworn in, in a month’s time.

    2) First batches of covid 19 vacinnes are rolling out in some countures now.

    Everyone, be happy !! 🌻

    2021 looking good !! 🌻🌷

    Fighting !! 🌻

  80. 80 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #78 dinopie

    Ah i see…. Hmmm…. How i do put this…. Take example as in here Indonesia is 11:21, in South Korea 13:21, it’s more like 2 hours ahead (?) Idk ueueue sorry if my previous and recent replies is kinda confusing 🤧🙏

    Also, it’s been a long time i didn’t watch any K-Dramas since i’m more focused with K-Pop stuff lol the reason why i watch Kairos at first place is because there’s my favorite idol named Kang Seung Yoon ^^ You may know him now as Im Geunwook, and you might wanna check his previous drama in Prison Playbook or High Kick ^^ His acting is seriously good~ (人*´∀`)。*゚+

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  81. 81 : dinopie Says:

    #80 Tya Lavender

    Really, Indonesia is 2 hrs diff from SKorea? What abt Indonesia and Malaysia? One hour? But we are just touching distance apart?

    You have have my 100% attention.

    Prison Playbook !! Its one of my most favorite k-drama !! The best !! I love it sooo much. I loved the whole cast, villians or not, I loved them all. They are so human. I laughed so much when watching this drama, especially at HanYang. He’s such a smartie pants who loves to irritate HaeJin’s character, the army guy. Hahaha! The fighting scene was best, when HaeJin came out of it worse than when he first fought, and then needed consolling by lifer ajjushi. Hahaha ! That prison was better then a 5 star hotel. The human interactions there were my kind of fantasised world. No class, no color, no judgements. Everyone was just One, the same.

    Kang Seung Woon ? He looks familiar. He didn’t stay long in PP did he? He got transferred out to another prison?

    Didn’t recognise him in Kairos. Dressing and acting can change a person’s look. It did here.

    I didn’t watch High Kick. The title did not get my attention, so I skipped it.

    Among the productions from different Asian countries, I somehow find that I can relate best to those from SKorea, next its China.

    Currently, it seems Mr Queen a k-drama is rather popular. I understand its a comedy cum mystery piece. But I wont be watching. I am not a fan of slap-stick comedy. So I give this one up.

    Opp.. again I talk too much. Must get back to what I was doing….

    Have a great day !!

  82. 82 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #81 dinopie

    Yess you’re right~ Malaysia is one hour ahead from Indonesia~ 🤗


    Ahem- Pardon my excitement hehe ^^; I’m just so glad that there’s people knows about Prison Playbook, in here Indonesia, it’s quite underated 🙁 Desipe it’s not romance genre or makjang genre, not all people interested about it :”l My favorite scene in Prison Playbook was Jehyeok saying wise words from Koran and Joonho pissed, says that it’s Quran not Koran lmaoooo 🤣🤣

    Yes, Kang Seung Yoon didn’t stay long in Prison Playbook, he got out from prison, he’s just basically free and became a better person ^^

    Woah, it did? it means his acting is really good that you didn’t recognize him at first place 😅 It kinda reminds of me didn’t recognize Yeon Jung Hoon in Mask, it’s just felt familiar seeing his face, when i checked in the internet, it was him all along haha~ I knew Yeon Jung Hoon from Vampire Prosecutor, he’s still my favorite actor till this very day~ ^^

    Other Kang Seung Yoon’s drama is We Broke Up and Love for a Thousand More (Available in YouTube with Eng Sub!~) , if you wanna check out his music as an idol, his group is WINNER, their music is amazing!~ Also fun fact, did you hear OST in every ending episode? That’s Im Geun Wook aka Kang Seung Yoon who sang it!~ 🥰💙💙💙💙 The title song is Can You Hear Me~

    It’s nice to talk with you, dinopie ^^ Have a good day~ 💙💙💙💙

  83. 83 : dinopie Says:

    #82 Tya Lavender

    Good morning Tya,

    Yes, now that you mentioned about the “Koran” conversation between the 2 friends, Jehyeok and Joonho in Prison Playbook, I remember that scene too. I had a good laugh. Joonho is short tempered. He’s Mr Grumbs, the grumbler, whereas Jehyeok has an even temper.

    This whole drama is a bucketful of laughs.

    I’m not into k-pop exactly, but I do read about them occasionally. Groups like BTS, Mamamoo, Enhyhen, etc whom I am familiar with, but I’ve not come across Winners. Have they been around a long time? There’s one group I like too. They are Janabi. I was introduced to Janabi when I was watching the MBC variety show ” I Live Alone “.

    I think I will get to watch Kim Ji Hoon (the psycho of Evil Flower) on “I Live Alone” soon. He was guest of honor at their latest show. I like this fella. Easy going guy. Similar to his character in The Rich Son.

    Ok, I’ll go find “Can You Hear Me” by Kang Seung Yoon on YT to check it out.

    Till then, have a nice day!

  84. 84 : dinopie Says:


    Just came back from YT “Can You Hear Me” . Read the synopsis (English) and watch the short vid clip and listened to the song.

    KSJ is a good singer. Didn’t realise he’s got such a great voice and such a good singer.

    I’ll pay attention to him from now on.

    Hahaha … The short vid clip was sad, but so funny too. AeRi chasing a frighten IGW till he went on his knees. Haha! Yes, AeRi is for him. She gives him stability. Not anybody else.

    Thanks. 🌻🌞

  85. 85 : annmasae Says:

    #82 Tya #84 Dinopie
    I really enjoyed listening to “Can you Hear Me” by Kang Seung Yoon on youtube. He has a really wonderful voice.
    Thanks for directing me there.
    Hard to believe that Kairos ends next week.
    Enjoy the final episodes.

    On another note I also enjoyed Prison Playbook.

  86. 86 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #83 dinopie

    Yes, WINNER have been long time in K-Pop industry, they debuted in 2014, they’re very popular in South Korea but for international view, they’re quite underapperciated 😔 Half of the member (there are 4 members in WINNER), enlisted, only Kang Seung Yoon and Song Minho (People called him Mino) is active, so they’re both spending the rest of their time, Mino is active doing his music comeback and radio while Kang Seung Yoon is active doing this drama, possible that after this drama ended, he back again at music stuff as a soloist. For the WINNER, i suggest you listening to EVERYD4Y album, all the music is bop in there~ My personal favorite song is FOOL from FATE NUMBER FOR 🥰💙💙💙💙

    Ah Jannabi? I do hear of them, but Korean band doesn’t fit my taste ^^; I like Japanese band more ^^ The outside K-pop stuff, i like K-Rap/K-Hip-Hop/K-RnB, they got some good music too!

    #84 dinopie

    I know right???? Man blessed for his angelic voice 🤧🤲 Kang Seung Yoon is like buy one get one stuff, you hire him as an actor, you get him as OST singer too lol! 🤣 Another OST that he sang is The Door from Prison Playbook, YOU from Love for a Thousand More, Two of Us from We Broke Up, Golden Slumber from Golden Slumber~ His discography is not that much tho ueueue My favorite solo song is It Rains and his cover, Instinctively~ ^^

    Oop, did i talk too much? 😅 Sorry about that~~ 🙏 I’m too excited when i talk about my favorite things ^^;

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  87. 87 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #85 annmasae

    Omg you too annmasae?? 😳 Thanks for checking in!~ 🤧👐 Yeayyyy, more people know about Prison Playbook yeee~~ And yeah, no problem, mate!~ 🤗💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  88. 88 : dinopie Says:

    #86 Tya Lavender

    Sorry, I’m late here. Was kept busy with some personal stuff, then went on to watched ep14 of Kairos just now.

    Tya, I am going to cry … You surprised me!! Thank you so much for providing so much info on the music scene and recommending the songs to listen to. I appreciate your kind gesture, very much.Very happy.

    Now I have sort of a direction to take when looking for songs to listen on YT, instead of going blindly which was what I would do.

    About a month or two ago, I briefly caught a glimpse of a band playing on tv. I was impressed with their powerful style, similar to Winner’s. It was only a glimpse, could not catch their name. And I was thinking, wow, where did they come from? Now I have an almost similar band, Winner to check out. Hehe ! Thank you.

    Actually, I did briefly check Winner out this p.m. to satisfy my curiosity. Yeah, they are good. I like them. Its a pity they are not getting promoted as much as the young idol bands are getting. Maybe such as promoting them to the international markets. I think there might be interest and a niche market for them. If k-dramas, k-movies, k-pop, k-fashion and k-cosmetics could capture international (world wide) interests why not these senior talented boy bands? Its all to do with marketing?

    Now, this reminds me of the subject of the difference between the acting talents of idol actors and established actors, which I had mentioned in a post much earlier (#44 – Post Script).

    I think Actor Hwang Jung Min a great and experienced actor who was quoted in Wikiwand as saying this, has a good point :

    ” The camera does not lie. You can never fool the viewer. You have to act with your heart, not your head.”

    He also had said he “emphasizes sincerity and empathy in his acting”.

    Could this be “the difference” between good and bad acting?

    Tya, do not be afraid to “talk too much” here. You are not. Just chakap banyak lah !! Ok ? Would you like me to keep you company on this? I also chakap banyak-banyak? Hehe !

    Good night ! Sweet dreams !

  89. 89 : dinopie Says:

    #85 annmasae

    Join the club !! We seem to be on the same tracks here.

    The more members the better !!

    Isn’t Kairos a 32 episode drama? Not 16 ?

    I’ve finished watching episodes 13 and 14. Have not got to process what I’ve seen yet. Might even require a re-watch.

    Good nite.

  90. 90 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #88 dinopie

    Ehhh??? I do???? Uwaaa i’m so glad that you liking it 😭😭💙💙💙💙 I’m always happy to talk about K-Pop scene, especially WINNER!~ 🤗💙💙💙💙 You can ask me more about WINNER, their discography, their concepts, their members, anything will do!~

    Yeah, the sad part about WINNER is how underapperciated they are, i remember that time, 2014, many people know WINNER as Rookie Monster since they taking all the awards, until 25 November 2016, (Ah sorry, i forgot to mention, WINNER was originally 5 member, pardon my forgetful brain ueue 🤧🙏) one of the WINNER member, Nam Taehyun/Taehyun, was leaving because he had mental health problems. It was disaster for WINNER, but Kang Seung Yoon as leader of WINNER (plus youngest of the member), he takes a big chance and make an amazing hit named REALLY REALLY, that song is literally a magic spell that me myself can’t forget it! I kept singing “eodiya jibiya” until my friend sick of me singing it lol 😅🤣

    I don’t know why WINNER’s agency (or YG Entertainment) is not promoting them internationally, they always go with SK’s promotion or Japan’s promotion :/ But i do remember WINNER goes tour at America! And holy stars, they sold out like crazy! What also makes me suprised is most people are an outsider! (not a WINNER’s fan) They deserve more recognition 🙌🤧

    Ah yesss, i do have opinion on idol actors/actress, for me, not all idol can be actors/actress, because i do feel like sometimes the energy doesn’t sit right next to me, unfortunately, i kinda catch one of idol actors/actress is acting is kinda stiff/less expression.

    Oh my starsss, thank you for listening/reading my comments 😭😭👐👐 Sometimes i retrain myself talking too much because i’m afraid people thought i’m annoying person 🤧 Especially i talk about K-Pop/K-Drama even WINNER, my friends gonna be like “Alamak dia cakap WINNER lagi lah, bila dia stop haish-” So i’m quite happy if there’s person likes hearing me talking abt K-Pop/K-Drama ^^ And, of course! You can keep company with me in here hehe~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  91. 91 : dinopie Says:

    Guess, I am not the only one who cannot remember what I have watched when watching Kairos. It’s a job for the supercomputer. My brain is only as good as EC=YUM (Einstein Chocs = Yum). Sorry lah!

    Anyway as I’ve been taught not to leave a job half done, I’ll try to jot down here what I can remember so far – Ep. 13 – 14. Please excuse if points are not in order. If not acceptable, you’re welcome to go rewatch episodes and get your brain fried in the process. Enjoy !

    Here goes :

    Episode 13

    No major developments here. KimSJ, Han AR, Mom and friends are racing against time to stop the predicted killing of HAR in a month. The plan is to expose the Demon and his crimes before the killing. Evidence is a tape and documents now in safe keeping with Kim JinHo.

    The evidence did return to HAR Mom. But soon it was lost in a break in at home.

    Seo DG was shown to have possession of the evidence.

    HAR whilst searching for Kim JinHo had run into a stranger near KJH’s home. Unknown to her this is her killer in a month’s time.

    Eoisode 14

    One month in future : llusion broken – Witch and daughter (Danbi) are alive. But HAR still remains dead ??

    Driver-Sociopath-Serial-Killer is in police custody. Who then is the real killer of HAR in a month’s time? Its a mystery.

    KimSJ found out about Witch’s secret affair with SeoDG. In not so many words, he sacked SGD ! (Yay !! KSJ should have given SDG a tight left hook under his chin, and then send him rolling down stairs! ) 😠

    SeoDG got the guts to demand practically all KSJ’s got, in exchange for the crucial tape/documents.

    KimSJ accidentally discovered identity of the corrupt police traitor/informant.

    Horrors of horrors. This could be how the Witch became a psycho. Her Devil Dad. He has stopped his threats. He is taking actions !!

    Someone has die-ed. Who?

    CEO is desperate now. He’s seen with a bodyguard going to HAR and KimJH threatening them, looking for the secret tape and documents.

    Well, folks. This is what my poor brain can remember ..

    Have a good evening. Year 2021 will be a good year. !! 🌻🌞

  92. 92 : dinopie Says:

    #90 Tya Lavender

    Thanks so much for some more info on Winner and Kang Seung Joon. 🌷

    I have no doubt that either you are a No.1 fan and/or a good friend of KangSJ.

    Your enthusiasm has proven it. I am inundated with so much info on KSJ and Winner now, I have a head start getting to know them better. Thank you.

    Next step is, go and listen to ” Really Really “.

    So he’s under YG Ent umbrella too. YG is too big. Inevitable that some artistes might fall through the gaps in the floor.

    The solution is, do not wait for YG to action, artistes must create their own opportunities (using YG’s brand). Do not be complacent. Just do it ! Take own action. Results might start or seem small at first. As public interest grow, word of mouth will spread. Eventually the name will get bigger…. and spread .. opening more doors.

    As the saying goes “God will help those who help themselves “.

    Cheer up !! Year 2021 will be better year. 🌻🌷

  93. 93 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #91 dinopie

    Hyunchae (Seojin’s wife) is regretting now, his lover is gone, Seojin knows her horrible attitude, police knows her real identity, oh lady Hyunchae, you can’t live forever in lies hun 💅

    When Hyunchae gives her money to her crazy dad, she should have leave earlier, her crazy dad just want her money, but no! That witch just straight up want to kill her crazy dad! Ah, she wants her crazy dad gone right? Now she gets it, but her lover (Dokyun) is gone too!

    I want Dabin (the daughter) with Seojin, she doesn’t deserve to be live with that witch 🤧 Also, i feel bad for Jiah, Kim Jinho’s daughter, my poor baby see her father gets assaulted 😭 I want to hug Dabin and Jiah and tell them it’s gonna be okay 😭🤧

    Phew! Next week is gonna be the last one, eh? Man, i can’t wait Seojin to tear down that old man! 😤 I hope the ending is good ending and not open ending, big Amen! 🤲

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  94. 94 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #92 dinopie

    No problem, mate!~ Ahaha, tell me when i give too much information 😅 Yeah, YG Entertainment is too big for these artists, many artists leaves YG Entertainment due to several reasons.

    Ah, WINNER member tries to do it by themself, but it’s kinda…. hard (?) To do that (?) Idk ueueue, i do remember one of the member (Kim Jinwoo/Jinu) says that after enlistment over, he wanted to create a YouTube channel for cover songs, i hope that happen 🤧🤲

    And yes, i hope they gets a more recognition from people, Amen 🤲

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  95. 95 : dinopie Says:

    #94 Tya Lavender

    Its never too much or too little when anything is given with a sincere heart. I am very happy and feel priviledged in this case. More so, when I need the info in order to guide me. Thanks so much. I am grateful. 🌷

    I may be a busybody, but sometimes, I feel sorry that talented, hardworking and dedicated youths, for lack of funds and connections would lose the one opportunity in their life time to soar. You see, most times, when an opportunity is missed, it seldom comes back again.

    (I used to be responsible for the Human Resources dept, for an international corporation. During that time, I liked to help enthusiastic youths whenever I came across them. At most times, all that they needed was that one chance to start off. And if given that one chance, usually they would be on their successful way after that).

    Per Winner member Jinu, I think his idea to use YT to build up his foundation is a good idea. It does not require a high capital and coverage is world wide. He must bear in mind that once he starts, he stays determines to make it even if sometimes he might come across obstacles. Just push on. And most important is, be constant with the time table of the uploads etc. Do not be irregular. Otherwise subscribers will lose interest and leave.

    Do you know what? If done as Winner, in no time, Winner can possibly become a big thing online with a huge subscriber base ? A business generating income?

    Be imaginative, add new ideas, etc etc… whenever possible and tada, a whole new online Winner is there serving their listeners throughout the whole world for a subscription membership !! 🌷

    I think I am fantatizing here. Plse excuse. 😊

  96. 96 : dinopie Says:

    #93 Tya Lavender

    You too think that Kairos will end next week ?

    So is confirmed. I got info wrong

    Yes, Hyun Chae made one big mistake. Should have left her Devil Father as soon as she gave him the money.

    She must be so used to getting her way that she must have thought no harm will come to her, and that she will live forever.

    Her mistake caused the life of her lover, her marriage and her family. Big loss.

    Next week’s finale will be interesting to watch. Will Demon die or live?

    Good night.

  97. 97 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #95 dinopie

    Oh okay~ Glad to hear it hehe~ WINNER’s fanbase/fandom is called Inner Circle (or Inseo in SK), it means a close group of friends~ ^u^ Their debut song was Empty, and they got their first win in 5 days! Almost all their title songs is on top charts!~ Even the B-Side is on charts too! It shows that WINNER makes great musics~
    Most popular songs from WINNER:
    1. Empty [2014 S/S full album]
    2. Color Ring [2014 S/S full album]
    3. Sentimental [EXIT: E mini album]
    4. Baby Baby [EXIT: E mini album]
    6. FOOL [FATE NUMBER FOR single]
    8. ISLAND [OUR TWENTY FOR single]
    9. EVERYDAY [EVERYD4Y full album]
    10. MILLIONS [MILLIONS single]
    11. AH YEAH [WE mini album]
    12. SOSO [CROSS mini album]
    13. Hold [Remember full album]

    WINNER consists 4 members like i said before, there’s Kang Seung Yoon or Yoon, he’s the leader and youngest. His position is Main Vocalist. It’s rare that YG group leader is Main Vocalist because mainly, all the group leader are Main Rapper. (YG style is hip-hop/rap style, like swag and cool stuff you know?) Song Minho or Mino, his position Main Rapper and Vocalist. Fun fact: Mino was the original leader 😳 (Woah Tya! How is Yoon become the leader?) The answer is Mino having ankle injury that he can’t perform well, so YG decide to choose Yoon as the leader. And so goes on, Yoon become leader of WINNER. 🤗

    Lee Seung Hoon or Hoony, his position is Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, and Vocalist. His dancing skills are so artistic that he became mentor in Dancing High on KBS! (He also the most tallest member in WINNER 😳) Kim Jinwoo or Jinu, he’s the oldest. His position is Lead Vocalist. Man, if you saw his face, you can’t believe he’s the oldest! 🤧 Many people mistaken him as the youngest because of his baby face :”3 I would like add the former member because i will never forget WINNER’s originality ✊🤧 Nam Taehyun or Taehyun, he’s actually the youngest before Yoon, just different 1 month. He was the Main Vocalist. (That makes Yoon as Lead Vocalist and Jinu as Vocalist.) He was the most popular member in WINNER along with Mino.

    Omg yess (T^T) I would say that YG didn’t make good job promoting WINNER :/ Maybe also the age factor, WINNER was debuted in early 20s, so i would say their career is not that long (plus inactive for 1 years ⅓ month), you see that younger groups are 14-ish to 19-ish, right? In that way, they have longer career.

    Making a cover songs is pretty long i would say (?) It may takes several days to make one cover song, because adjusting the voice, the camera, anything else like that ueue~~

    Ah it’s okayy, sometimes i like to fantatize WINNER became popular among the world ^^ But sometimes, i kinda little worried if WINNER became popular, people nowdays hating popular things you know? :< But i pray for the best for my four brothers aka WINNER 🤧🤲

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  98. 98 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #96 dinopie

    Yeah, it’s actually 16 episodes, i don’t know why they made 1 and 2 episode combine like that ueueu makes me confused 🤧

    I’m thinking that if Hyunchae doesn’t kill her crazy dad, she’s thinking that her crazy dad is forever haunting her, wanting a money just to buy alcohol, it never ends. So maybe that’s why she decide to kill her father but boy oh boy she was dumb 🤦

    I also don’t get it why Dokyun tries to call her crazy dad, that’s calling a death for sure 💀 Not knowing that Hyunchae’s dad is already on edge of cliff 💀 That’s why love is blind, kid. Never go blind in love-

    Let’s wait the last episode and see the unrevealed answer!

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  99. 99 : dinopie Says:

    #97 Tya Lavender

    Hahaha !! Are you an Inseo member too ? Or a WinnerWiki? The info you have on them are just off your fingertips! I am not complaining. Just grinning from ear to ear. Happy. Thanks. 🌞

    You mentioned that you were worried that when the band make a successful comeback they might get a hard time from the haters.

    Nah !! Not to overthink on this. Hater issue should be the least priority. First priority, energy and concentration are to be on the comeback itself. Get this all set up and go first. Nothing else matter. Dont waste energy on the haters. Dont be distracted. Ignore the haters. They are not important. Only deal with them after !

    Ahhh… Haters !! They cause problems everywhere dont they? Mentally sick.

    Me, too, an ordinary person, having my fair share of hater problems. There is one in particular, who had stalked and tried to upset my life for some years already. He’s still at it. His favorite modus operandi is spreading malicious rumors. What caused this ? Very possible could be some one whom I had turned away years ago. His ego could not deal with it. Could be someone with mental/ motional issues. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so obsessed. Crazy !!

    Tya see, haters are everywhere. They are crazy people. By being nasty they just want to bully and control people. Should you come across them, dont allow them to bully you with their nonsense. How? Be firm. Just live your life happily as you like it. They will go on and on behaving like a fool. Ignore them. Its their lost not yours. This is what I do for myself.

    Have a very Christmas holiday ! 🌲⛄

    Good night. Sweet dreams ! ⛄⛄

  100. 100 : dinopie Says:

    #98 Tya Lavender

    Hahahaha !!

    Quote : ” That’s why love is blind. Never go blind in love ! ”

    You make me laugh so much. Tya, the meaning is not to be taken literally most times. “Love is blind.” could also mean “deeply in love”. Hahaha !!

    Good night !!

  101. 101 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #99 dinopie

    Well, as you can see, i’m a Inseo 😅 WINNER is like the only group i stan in K-Pop industry, i do like other groups but WINNER is just a special place for me 🤧 When i talk about my favorite things, I usually go overboard like detailed information, that’s why i try retain myself from overtalking or i tell a person, remind me if i go overboard too much. In K-Pop scene, i’m just looking for good musics, i always says that i’m only casual listener, not stan ^^

    I would do same thing actually if there’s people hating/disliking me, just ignore them and living my life at the best ^^ It’s just i remember that time Yoon likes to read mean comments, (Woah! What?? Why?) Because mean comments = improvement for him and his group. If there’s no mean comments, he’s worried that he’s actually doing things right or not. (Does that hurt his feelings?) Sadly, yes- But now, he doesn’t read mean comments that a lot, his mindset now is “You don’t like me? I make you like me!” His heart is too pure for this cruel world 🤧

    #100 dinopie

    Kekekeke 🤣 I’m happy that you laugh about it kekeke~

  102. 102 : Bluesparrow1 Says:

    interesting comments 😄I barely remembered I was here to get an insight on the drama

  103. 103 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #102 Bluesparrow1

    Heya! Welcome to the forum!~ Did you read all the comments? You can join us~ Comment anything else!~ Sometimes we’re talking out of the drama and just talk anything else lol~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  104. 104 : dinopie Says:

    #101 Tya Lavender

    Top of the morning to you, Inseo Tya !!

    Hahahah ! You have my respect ! _/o\_ I like your firm belief and loyalty to Winner. Stand for one and one only !

    Reminds me of Joonho of Prison Playbook. His love and loyalty for his best friend Jehyeok, saved Jehyeok from a miserable life in prison, plus helping him regain his career. This is a fine example of what friends are for. Give yourself a pat on your back Inseo Tya. You too belong to this category. If only you were here where I am now, I would give you a … ? What should it be…. from a female to a guy ? Oh yes, a big smack on your back? Hehehe ! Good enough? No? A peck on the check would be too much to consider. Then you will have to ask your baby’s mum for permission first. Hehe ! 😊

    Happy, to hear that Yoon has stopped reading haters’ comments. He did the right thing. Saved himself from the uncalled for insults and pain. There is nothing positive coming out from Haters. Only negative and destructive energy. Why refer to them for guidance? Putting your self esteem and spirit to be trampled on by Haters? Bad move.

    Joony and Winners are good already. What Winners need are good public relations/promotions to remind public of their existence. Keep quiet, and you are forgotten. People can forget fast. Needs a few jolts every now and then to wake them up. ☺

    You know, re k-pop, I prefer to listen to bands like Winners, Jaanabi, CNBlue etc but not the current groups being dished out in numbers. Their music is not what I like. However, I like Enphypen, mainly more to follow their progress (followed them since day 1 in I-land), and more so since they have 3 foreign members, whom I relate to. There are two other persons’ singing that I also like … Jang Kiyong (you should know him very well) and the late Jonghyun (bless his soul). 🌷🌲🌝

    Have a nice weekend !

  105. 105 : dinopie Says:

    Tya Lavender 🌷

    Hahaha !! I can’t stop laughing and feeling excited. I just came from visiting Winner on YT.

    The songs blew my mind away. They are the type that I would stop to listen piping thro, whenever or wherever I was, at the shopping mall, supermarket, cafes, bookshops, convenience stores, etc

    The songs I listened to just now at YT were :
    Really Really
    Love Me Love Me
    Baby Baby

    From the comments, I noted Winner has many fans who love and support them. Many of them internationals.

    Tya, I am glad that you introduced me to Winner. On my own I think I wouldn’t have discovered them. Thanks so much! ☺🌻🌷

    A comment said :

    Winner is the treasure in K-pop. If you found them, then you are the WINNER and you will become Inseo Circle !! Not only that, you will get four precious boys, many great songs and Winner’s love ♡
    – (comments made 6 mths ago) 🌻

    Hahaha … another comment :

    You are a foool if you dont stan WINNER. – I am a unicorn – 5 mths ago 🌻

    I am so happy…. ☺
    Terima kasih !

  106. 106 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #104 dinopie

    Oh my god dinopie, i feel touched, i almost cry *sniff* Thank you for the respect and i deeply apperciated it 🤧🤲💙💙💙💙 It’s been 3 years i stan WINNER :”3 I have funny story when i found WINNER, i was 4th grade (Yes! I already discovered K-Pop when i was 4th grade!), just waiting my favorite shows, Pops in Seoul in Arirang channel. I usually found another K-Pop idol in there, mostly Gen 2, but there’s one catched my eyes. WINNER. And it was spot on because i discovered them after week from their debut! I try to listen their song, Empty and boy oh boy i love it so much ( ;∀;) I hear that song for like more than 2 months! I always kept crying in that song, it feels so melancholic~~ 🤧 But because i was little girl, i forget things a lot, the only member i remember is Mino, i love him because his manly look, huhu pardon my little self 🤧🙏 (Funny thing again, i thought Mino have two voice that completely different, his rap voice and vocal voice, i thought Yoon’s voice is Mino’s vocal voice, and boy i was wrong kekekeke 😅🤣) (It took me several weeks to adapt Yoon’s husky voice with his cute face, i can’t believe that the voice i like in Empty was him all along 🤧)

    I lost track of them when Taehyun leaves the group, i thought they gone forever. Until i found them again in EVERYD4Y era, i’m lucky that i can found them again from me liking YG artists, not knowing that WINNER is from YG.(again, pardon my little self-) I try back at listening REALLY REALLY & FOOL, FOOL has melancholic feels i had when i hear Empty, it brings me the same tears again when i was 4th grade, Whooey! It’s getting dramatic in here~~ 🤧 That’s when i started to stan WINNER in 2018 until now ^^

    I think a hug it’s enough for me hehe~ I love huggies~ 🥰🤗 I’m glad too when Yoon stopped looking at mean comments, the members were too worried about him, they’re already tell him to stop from beginning but he’s kinda stubborn ~~;

    The only WINNER need is a good promotion, that’s why every Inseo literally made a poster promotion on the internet or some goes like that to promote WINNER/solo member. Me myself, i do sometimes like doing my assignment like WINNER style or i’m drawing/editing/crafting for WINNER ^^ I do post my creation but lately, i stopped posting because i felt i’m not that good enough to post my creation for public, so i only share it with close friends 🤧

    Like people said, “I would say that WINNER is not an idol, they’re musician!~” I highly agree with that, WINNER is perserving some great music to public and many people like it!~ 🥰💙💙💙💙 Enhypen is a good group too!~ Ah Jang Kiyong! I know himm ueueueue and our beloved late Jonghyun, he’s a truly legend, i will never forget him 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  107. 107 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #105 dinopie

    I know right??? Their songs is total jam, sometimes i zoned out myself when i hear their song 🤧 Luckily, WINNER does have international base quite a lot, even Mino is pretty popular in China because people likes his personality!~ It’s just they’re quite underapperciated in international views.

    Your welcome, dinopie!~ 🥰🤗💙💙💙💙 I’m always happy to introduce my 4 brothers to all people, this is WINNER, they’re a talented and precious people ^^

    OMG YES, i always say this to my Inseo bestie, WINNER is like rare stuff that you would never know! Once you know it, it’s gonna be an amazing stuff you keep forever in your hands 🤧🙌 Hahaha, i mean it’s okay not to liking WINNER, everyone got their own taste~ 🤗💙💙💙💙

    Once again, sama sama~ ^^ I’m glad that you’re happy, found a new artist to check out~ 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  108. 108 : dinopie Says:

    #106 & 107

    First order of things first .. so you prefer a hug. Coming up .. a BIG virtual hug! ☺🐻 Hmmp! 🐻 HUG 🐻 Hmmp! How’s that? Want some more? But I owe only one hug? Better luck next time! 🐻

    Hahaha .. imagine, you a music fiend, someone whose trained and sensitive ear could not pick out each Winners’ distinct voice, how do you think people like me cope? Well, we just listen and enjoy only lah. Bliss! Ignorance is bliss! Hehe!

    But I did what I knew how on this. Trying to get to know who is who when I was watching the videos on YT. I started with KSY first, since I’ve seen him before on Kairos. I looked so hard. But no luck. He must have changed a bit by now. Never mind. I am still new. I’ll get there as time goes by.

    Yes, of course, Winner is different from Idols. Winner is musician category. Idols are idols. One is forever, the other is shorterm. Ten, twenty years down the line, Winner’s songs are still there playing. Idols’s songs have a shorter life span cuz they are made not to stay in people’s heart. They are made to catch people’s fancy and wallets. How to compare toyota to porsche? Toyoda good for 10 years, then to heap yard. Porche the older, the more valuable. Hehe! (Pardon spelling change. No wanna go to prison).

    Re Kairos

    I’ve been thinking. Before he was killed, Seo DG had the evidence to convict the Demon. Now that he’s dead who is having the evidence?

    If evidence is lost, then it means that the Demon will die otherwise how to write him off?

    Kairos finale is this week. Gotta watch to find out how Demon will end, dead or alive.

    And no open ending please Director. Otherwise, I’ll be most disappointed.

    Stay safe and have a warm winter evening !! 🐻

  109. 109 : dinopie Says:

    #106 & 107 Tya Lavendar

    Correction. Sorry, Tya. 🌷🐻

  110. 110 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #108 dinopie

    Thank you so much for the huggies!~ 🥰💙💙💙💙 One is enough hehe~

    I don’t know my little girl brain thought Mino have two voices, because both Mino and Yoon have husky voice, so i thought my little self like “Oh his face is manly so his voice must be deep!” Oh little Tya, get yourself together- 🤦

    Yeah, he’s kinda changed little bit, he’s more likely cute 🥺🤧 No need to hurry, dinopie! There’s still a lot of time to know about WINNER more~ 🤗 You can wait for Yoon’s solo album after this drama ended~ ✨

    Omg you’re right tho 😳 Most K-Pop idol’s songs that i heard, next months, i’m getting bored of it and searching another song, but WINNER? The more i listen to it, the catchier song is! Damn, what kind of sorcery you put in, Kang Seung Yoon? 😳🤧

    Re Kairos

    Hmm… Yeah i have been thinking that too, but isn’t the evidence is on Park Joo Young’s hands? Because in the past, he suffocated Kim Jin Ho, and possibly pick up the evidence. But the next preview, Aeri found the evidence in somewhat paid locker (?) Idk ueueue i can’t remember it clearly- Let’s see if this old man survive or not….

    And yes, please Writer-nim, no open ending please, my poor eyes and brain already suffered from lots of open ending in K-Drama 😭🤲

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  111. 111 : Bluesparrow1 Says:

    #103 Tya Lavender

    I’ve read your comments and I think you’re much of kpop fans it seems, I’m a kdrama osts fan tho if there’s some like that 😄.am more of a krdama fan so I’d have less to contribute on kpop,if you ask me on kdramas I may have something to talk about 🙂

  112. 112 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #111 Bluesparrow1

    Yes, as you can see, i’m a K-Pop fan hahaha~ I do love watching some K-Dramas, it’s just sometimes i’m too lazy to watch some K-Dramas nowdays because again, i’m focused with K-Pop stuff 😅 The reason why i watch this drama because there’s my favourite idol, his name is Kang Seung Yoon, you may know know him as Im Geun Wook. He’s the reason why i back again watching K-Dramas lol Ah, a K-Drama OST fan? Well i suggest you hear the OST of Kairos! Can Your Hear Me! The singer is also Kang Seung Yoon too~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  113. 113 : dinopie Says:

    #110 Tya Lavender

    Yeah, the sound of a voice can play tricks on people, as little Tya discovered first hand long ago ! Hahaha !!

    Take my voice for instance. Looking at me, the first impression would be that I would have a sweet soft girlish or a high pitched girlish voice, or maybe a squeak, just cuz I am a female. Actually, no, I have a low-toned and husky voice .. almost similar to Actor Seo Ye Gi’s voice (drama Its Ok Not To Be Ok). Hahaha! Most times it would take strangers by surprise. They didn’t expect it. Haha !
    That’s one part of me you know now. Small girl with a “big” voice. So if anybody were to look under the table for a squeaky little girl, dont. She’s right there sitting quietly in a corner … ☺

    Have a nice day !

  114. 114 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #113 dinopie

    Ah i see i see hehe~ My voice is kinda in between (?) Not deep, not high ^^;

    Ding Dong!~ More additional information about WINNER!~

    Per member, they shine in their own colors! They basically like Infinity Stones of K-Pop lol Yoon as vocal, Hoony as dance, Mino as rap, Jinu as visual, you combine them and it became WINNER!~ Jinu also an actor! You might wanna check him in Love a Thousand More or Magic Cellphone~

    The solo song that they have:

    1. Call Anytime [JINU’S HEYDAY debut solo single]
    2. Dduk [Remember full album]

    1. Serenade [Remember full album]
    2. Flamenco [CROSS mini album]

    1. Run Away [TAKE full album]
    2. Fiance [XX full album]
    3. Body [The MOBB mini album]
    4. I’m him [2014 S/S full album]

    1. Wind [CROSS mini album]
    2. Wild and Young [single]
    3. Stealer [single]
    4. It rains [single]

    Other things as collab/duo:

    1. Nobody – Blue.D feat Mino
    2. Wild Boy – Mino & Yoon
    3. Full House – MOBB (Mino & Bobby from iKON)

    Also, did i mention they also have Japanese version of their songs? Yes! I recommend you listen to the Japanese version, it feels like you hear an OST anime kekeke~ Again, i’m so biased about Fool, but Fool in Japanese version is a blessing 😭🤲

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  115. 115 : dinopie Says:

    #114 Tya Lavender

    Yes, yes, about Winner’s Japanese version .. I had wanted to bring it up with you. But decided not to, cuz I didn’t have any more info to say, except that everytime when I was at this Japanese store here where I am, there piping thro would be these lovely, lovely songs in Japanese. And I would just stay at the store for a long time just to listen and enjoy the songs. Now that I know about Winner, I think it was Winner whom I was listening to at the J.Store. Winner can sing in Japanese, right? If its correct, what a coincidence !! Wow !! This means that I had already heard Winner, before I actually know about them, mistaking them for a Japanese band. What a coincidence!!

    Did I just say “coincidence”? I’m breaking Rule 39 am I not? Which is, that there is no such thing as “coincidence”? Never mind, just pretend no rules broken this time …ok?

    From the comments left behind on y.t. there seems to be many listeners who love the song Fool too. I’ve heard the song only once. Will listen to it again. In fact I will go through all the songs again. Its a homework for me. You know, without english subs, I just listen and enjoy the song as I hear it. But still it was good. Hehe !

    Yes, yes !! I echo your opinion. Each Winner is a power house unto himself. So talented and such great singers. Ayuh .. why didn’ YG do something about it? They only focus on the “flash in the pan” type of bands for quick returns. But that needs replacement every few years. Whereas bands like Winner is forever. What they can do now is to write more songs, new material. Dont wait for YG.

    You know, established singers from HK such as Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Joey, etc etc do not need to be active 24/7 whole year. Cuz of their popularity and are great singers, need only do concerts once/twice a year in the Asian region. The income earned from concerts are beyond imagination. Fans would pay even if ticket price is high. So can Winner be in such position, if they work towards it.

    If Winner were to work to expand their fan base, e.g. start with Asia region only. When fan base is built and expanded, give concerts. Just 2 or two concerts a year (like what the HK stars are doing) would be good enough to bring in a good revenue.

    Almost all countries in Asia e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc lack live good musical entertainments to which they can go to. There is obviously a void here to be filled. Concerts too can include in countries such as Australia, New Zealand.

    Well, thats enough talking. Good night.

  116. 116 : Bluesparrow1 Says:

    #112 Tya Lavender

    Firstly thank you for wishing me a good day tho on a funny note I suppose by the time of writing your comment it might have been a good night here😄but still thank you🤗.On your song by Kang Seun Yoon I’ll check it out ASAP.

    Kpop I realized is more of leaning or targeting the female audiences so I guess that’s why maybe I’ve never been really drawn into listening to them, that’s why drama osts tend to be more appealing as it just tends to create that mood and flow for the drama.Am not sort of meaning all this way in a bad way but just a view point.

    You should try out watching more kdramas, I don’t know what the drama directors ard to them but once you begin episode one you just can’t seem to stop but want more like a drugs you know😄

    Have a good evening 💞

  117. 117 : dinopie Says:

    Tya Lavender

    Another point I wish to add :

    Whilst its pandemic time now. Countries’ borders are closed, there are lockdowns etc which are conducive to hold concerts … I think this is good time to carry out promotion blitz online. Go at it… I am sure there will be some good results re building fan base. You know, use this lull to prepare for the big launch once pandemic is declared over and countries are running full blast. So no time wasted.

    You mentioned that Mino is popular in China .. this is a good stepping stone for Winner concerts there? I think China is a big market. But on the other hand, dont know how safe it is from the underworld’s control.

    (Andy Lau used to hold many concerts in China each time. Btw over here where I am, Andy Lau is my relative’s neighbour. His family lives here. They good friends).

    Good night. ☺

  118. 118 : dinopie Says:

    Tya Lavender

    Correction : … lockdowns … not conducive …


  119. 119 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #115 dinopie

    Woah! That’s hidden jackpot right there!~ 😆 Omg i feel the same too! I found a random generated playlist from Spotify, specifically a Japanese band playlist. I just click play, minimize the window, and let it flow in my room~ When i minding my own bussiness, one of the song catched my attention and i was like “Oh shoot, what song is this? Sounds bop~” When i open it, IT WAS WINNER ALL ALONG! I legit laughed and lying in my bed, thinking “Dang, how i didn’t notice it in first place? I need my ears checked ASAP lmao” It was Immature [EXIT: E mini album] in Japanese version and it sounds like legit Japanese band!

    All right, i just pretend didn’t see that hihi~ 🙈

    WINNER is always self-produce, mate!~ Yoon is in charged as main producer/lyricist~ Along with Mino and Hoony as producer + lyricist too~ Jinu is approval, choosing whether the song is good or need to be re-write again. It’s just they need permission to comeback. (i mean they can go by themself without YG 👁️👁️ Idk what’s stopping them from it-) I remember Mino said that one their song (My bad – Remember full album) is written 4 years ago! Can you imagine how many songs they wrote for years?? 😳😳 Also fun fact, REALLY REALLY was wrote for 4 hours in one sitting by Kang Seung Yoon itself! I can’t even draw for 1 hour in one sitting *sniff* :”)

    WINNER is already been in concert for several time, 2014 Zepp Tour in Japan, WINNER 2016 EXIT Tour (South Korea and Japan), 2018 Japan Tour 2018: We’ll Always be Young, EVERYWHERE tour in Asia, EVERYWHERE tour in North America, and CROSS tour in Asia. Have they been in Malaysia? Yes! Indonesia? Yes! (But sadly, i never been to their concert :”) I don’t live in Jakarta, it’s far away from my hometown :”3) And i do say this before (Late Post #90), that WINNER tours in North America, sells like crazy! It’s sold out and packed! What makes me suprised even more is most the audiences are an outsider! (They like never heard about WINNER and goes like “Eh why not, let’s buy it lol”) They do have an online concert and it goes for 2 hours and it’s free! Imagine online concert for 2 hours and it’s free, Masya Allah, what a bless these man 😭🤲

    I thought when they goes on tour in North America, i was scared that no one’s come or the audience is lesser than ever 🙁 But boy oh boy, i was underestimating them 😶 Never underestimate WINNER’s power-

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  120. 120 : dinopie Says:

    #119 Tya Lavender

    A very Good Morning to you, Tya !! 🌻🌞

    Christmas Day drawing closer. But for some reason I am feeling apprehensive about it .. my senses working overtime again. A kind of helpless feeling, over what ? Dunno… Let’s forget about this. Its something I can’t control or do anything about it anyway. Let’s move on to hilarious stuff such as … 😔

    Hahaha .. Someone, who is a staunch Inseo but yet got caught in a situation where for a minute he almost mistook his stan for a J band. Hahaha ! I feel for you, Inseo Tya. Welcome to the same “J. wormhole” I was caught in. 😄

    Winner is so fluid .. we wouldn’t know where or when they will pop up. They are good, leaving their spirits everywhere ! 🐾 🐾

    From the info you gave, its very clear that Winner is a hardworking, capable and very talented lot. No wonder they do not rely so much on YG, and I think YG knows it too. YG however must not forget to help Winner with holding concerts. This is a huge responsibility that Winner cannot do alone. YG gotta step in.

    Waaa .. Winner members can write their own songs? Writing songs is no joke. NOT everyone can do it. Singers with such valuable skill, will “live forever”, so can their band. Do you know why so many bands and singers eventually fade away? Its cuz they can’t write their own songs, making their survival dependent on others. Not ideal situation to be in.

    I think I am going to spend the lull in the xmas days to do my Winner homework. Got much to digest. Yeesh ! There was a time when I was so poor of Winner stuff that I had to park myself at a J.Store in order to get to listen to them. And now ? … No no not complaing ! Happy, happy !! Hehe ! I am a happyghost ! 👻

    BTW, Tya, how do you know that I would luv listening to Winner? You got 6th sense?

    I didn’t know Winner had a concert in Malaysia. How did it go? I wonder where was I when they came?

    So they have had concerts before. Should have no problems doing some more then. USA a good market. YG, you heard that? Wont be long Covid pandemic will be over ….

    For sure, I’ll never under-estimate Winner. They have my humble respect _/o\_ . You too, Tya. I am aware you are also a musician in a class of your own. Respect and admiration from me! _/o\_ Hahah !! ☺🌷

    Have a good day !

    P/s Kairos is on this evening here. Looking forward to it. I mainly wants to know what will happen to Demon.

  121. 121 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #120 dinopie

    Well, i hope your Christmas day is doing well, dinopie! ^^ May God bless you forever 🤗💙💙💙💙

    Kekekeke~ We share the same similarities~ Didn’t know that WINNER can disguise as Japanese band 🙈 You slide one of their Japanese version song and no one would know that they are South Korean band hihihi~ 🙈 It reminds me of one my bestie, she doesn’t like K-Pop that much, i try to convice her but didn’t work that well, and i remember something, she’s an anime fan. What i do is when she’s around, i play a WINNER’s Japanese version song, i was playing Fool that time, and she asked me, “Yo what song is that? Sounds wonderful 😳” And i just tell the song and the band, “YO?? WINNER?? THE GROUP THAT YOU LIKE?? DIDN’T KNOW THEY CAN SING JAPANESE TOO-” She was so shocked, seeing her face was the funniest part 🤣

    WINNER is literally everywhere, it feels getting haunted by four handsome boys 😳 I remember that time when they promoting SOSO [CROSS mini album], that song is literally plays alomst any place in South Korea 😳

    Yes! You read that right~ 3 out of 4 members can write their own songs! If you curious, you can search in Google Images “WINNER [name of full/mini album/single] tracklist”, they even help someone’s song like Wayo by Bang Yedam (TREASURE, same industry as WINNER), Hooligan by Eun Jiwon (SECHKIES, same industry as WINNER), Nobody by Blue.D (Another great artist! You should check them out~) YG is actually encourage all their artist to write their own songs, i don’t remember what’s the purpose but that’s all i can remember ueueue~~ But yes, for promotion/styling/design, YG needs to step in.

    Well, sometimes i know people’s mind even online~ 🙈

    WINNER in Malaysia was blast! People love it so much, the concert pretty packed too!~ I remember that Yoon speaks in English (Yes! He’s fluent in English~ Also Japanese too~~) that he likes nasi lemak 😄 (He likes nasi goreng too 👀 Man, he would even buy thousand of it 🤣)

    YG, you better promote Yoon’s solo album this time or else 😤

    Thank you so much for your respect, dinopie 🤗 I deeply apperciate your respect ^^ Ah i’m not a musician ^^; I’m just high schooler that loves art in general, loves doing art like draw,edit and craft but once again, thank you ^^ 💙💙💙💙

    Re Kairos: I already watch it and BOY OH BOY IT WAS SO TENSE UEUEUEUE 😭😭🤧🤧

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  122. 122 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #116 Bluesparrow1

    Oh, i just saw your comment now hehe ^^; I always says “Have a good day” in verbal way, not in time you know? Hehe your welcome~

    I understand your view point and i respect that. ^^

    Hahaha, i already in that phase, mate 😄 In the past, i used to so digest lots of K-Dramas, but now, i more likely focused with K-Pop stuff hehe~ ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  123. 123 : dinopie Says:

    #121 Tya Lavender

    Oh gosh! This is my 2nd time writing this post tonight. First piece, was half way done, got distracted by my cat, and somehow I touched the wrong button. My writings all got erased. Got to start all over again. U

    Now, Shi is here again. Pushing to share the sofa seat with me. She’s s naughty girl…

    Upon reflection, I think I now know why I was feeling restless this morning (#120 para 1). It could be cuz I hve been having the same bad dream for the past two days. I dreamt that I was attacked at a public place. Attacker had what looked like a knife in his hand. I was injured. Someone tried to save me. Then dream went blank. At this point, I woke up all covered in sweat. Dont know whether I died or not in the dream. Whatever, I was all shakened up. Hope this is the last bad dream for 2020.

    Did watch Kairos 15 just now. This episode is exciting. Showdown between Demon and Kim SJ. When episode ended, Demon was still alive. KimSJ was dead. Never have I so wished for an illusion like now! Hope this scene is an illusion. Tomorow’s episode will confirm.

    Hahaha! Yoon is a smart chappie! He knew how to enjoy eating nasi lemak and nasi goreng when he was in Malaysia. Yes, Yoon, this is the life. Forget about chicken breast diets. Rice is queen. You must be a “rice pot” like me, Yoon. Must have rice. No wonder you make good music. Its all in the rice, I agree. Better still if its Korean rice? The taste is unbeatable !!

    Wow !! Yoon is full of surprises. He is also fluent in English and Japanese. Ayuh! What next will you pull out of the hat?

    Hehe ! Yoon appeared in tonight’s episode of Kairos. I quickly looked at him hard and memorised his face. He looks cute. (Tya, dont tell him that I said this). This is in order to be able to pick him out next time I watch a Winner video. I want to recognise who is who of the 4 Winner guys. Hehe !

    Take a look :
    Quote: Well, sometimes I know people’s mind even online.

    ☆♡☆♡♡ !! 😲 Tya, you are beginning to frighten me ! You really mean it? Your 6th sense? Woah! I believe. Can you give some tips on how we can stop you? No? What will you do, if we were thinking “He’s so cute. I am going to pinch his cheeks till they turn blue black”. Yeah!
    Dont even think about it ! 😎

    (I’ve wondered this about you for some time already. I am not going to elaborate my suspicion here. You know what I am talking about. Hehe !! )

    Its getting late into th night already. Sorry.

    Signing off now. Good night !


  124. 124 : annmasae Says:

    Dinopie and Tya
    Enjoyed all your postings.
    Glad for the happy ending.
    Too bad ratings are really low in Korea.
    Enjoy your Christmas.

  125. 125 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #123 dinopie

    Oh dinopie, i hope you’re not dreaming those bad things again~~ 😣

    I already watch the last episode, AAAAAA I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY ENDED 😭😭😭😭 I feel like 16 episodes is not enough 😭🤲 And the last frame, WHAT IS THATTTT, WRITER-NIM IS LIKE GIVING A CODE FOR SEASON 2 JSJSJSNSJJ, WRITER-NIM, DON’T DO THAT US UEUEUEUE 😭😭

    Yeah! Idk why he likes nasi goreng/lemak more than any fried rice in SK, maybe because of the taste, the taste is unbearable 🤤 Shoot, i’m hungry now- Hahahaha~~

    Yoon is also a smart guy, his IQ is 140+ No wonder he’s so smart making a wonderful songs 😳 Hoony is also fluent in Japanese~ Hoony jokingly said that Indonesia is
    his second hometown, because how Inseonesia called him Kokoh as like one those Indo-Chinese person you see in Indonesia 🤣

    Lookingly him hard? 😳 Like you stare at his face? 😳😳 His face already planted in my head and i can’t get out from it :”) Try to watch a lyric video! They usually make a color coded so you can see/hear who’s singing ^^

    Hahahaha sometimes it just flew in my mind without my consent, i’d be suprised and just laugh about it or let it alone 😅😂 But we can talk through other social media, my Instagram is tyasunflower ^^ (I can’t log in to tyalavender, i forgot my password ;u;)

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  126. 126 : dinopie Says:

    #121 Tya Lavender

    Hiya to you forever !! ☺

    Re KAIROS – Hahaha !! Was happy enough to have a good ending!! But got a fairy tale ending instead ! Even winning a lottery! Haha! Writer-nim, thank you for your generosity. In future, please cast Yoon, as a male lead in one of your projects. He can act well. We would like to see more of him in future dramas.

    Hoony is a kokoh in Inseonesia? Hoony, how did you cast your magic there? Big respect kokoh. You got big respect over there. Kokoh in Chinese hokkien dialect, means “big brother” as meaning “hyung” in SK.

    Waaa … didnt know Yoon got such high IQ. No wonder he is so capable. I know of one other fella here too who has a high IQ, etc. But he doesn’t show it. His mind will boggle you. Hehe!

    Re Yoon. Yes, I did sit close to the tv and stared at him hard. Tonight too. I just wanted to imprint his image into my brain too. Even Kairos writernim made him the lottery winner! See, Yoon is so liked…

    What clue did you pick up at the very end of Kairos. Possibly a season 2? Oh gosh!! My brain almost got fried for eternity trying to understand this drama. And a season 2 in the pipeline? Holy mackerel !

    Thanks for tip of color coding on Winner’s lyric video. Will keep this info in mind. Keep your tips coming, not only on Winner’s stuff, but anything you would like to tell or teach me. I like to learn. I am a curious person.

    Thanks for I.G. address. Have taken note of of it. Give me time to set up an acct first. Presently I do not have an I.G. acct. Be patient? Ok? Its cuz I might need bro’s help on this one. He has to come over to my place to help me. He lives in a different suburb. Thanks.

    BTW if you would like to try the nasi goreng… you can prepare it youself. Most important ingredient is the “samble”. I believe you know how to prepare a samble dish to your liking dont you? Add prepared sambal dish to white rice. Simply stir fry on high heat, add any vegie, eggs, meat you like. Stir fry until all moisture is gone and fried rice is dry. Tada! You get your nasi goreng!!

    Good night! Sweet dreams.

  127. 127 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #126 dinopie

    The ending was good one kekeke~ And yes omg, Writer-nim, please cast Yoon again in future project! His acting is decent and very well acted~~ 🤧🙌

    Even myself, i wonder too how he casted Inseonesia like that 😳 I often call all of member WINNER with brother call, Yoon as Kakang/Akang, Mino as Mamang, Hoony as Kokoh, Jinu as A’a, i call them like that because they’re like a brothers to me ^^

    Whooey! His mastermind is shooks me a lot, my potato brain can’t relate ueueueue :”3

    Oh my god, dinopie 😳😳 Your dedication amazed me 😳 I can’t even stare at his face for split minute without getting blushed how handsome he is UEUEUEUE-

    Re Kairos: If you watch it until very end, there’s a scene where the phone rings again at 10:33, LIKE- WHY IT IS RINGING AGAIN???? IS THERE ANY PROBLEM???? OR JUST CHECKING IN???? AAAAAAA I DON’T LIKE THIS 😭😭 I would say the last scene is like “to be continued” ending, also i have something that bugs me off from the drama:

    1. The drama doesn’t explain how time wrap from two phone works until at the end.
    2. There’s a lot weapon that Aeri/Geunwook can use when fighting someone but why taser tho?- :”)

    Ah okay~ Glad you asked ^^ We usually likes to streaming MV (Music Video) or Korean streaming service (Melon,Soribada,Naver, Flo, etc), me personally likes to stream on Spotify. (even though it’s not really quite helping because SK rarely use Spotify sniff- The Korean one is paid and it’s expensive ueueue~~) It helps for artists to get some awards from music shows. (Music Bank/M Countdown/Inkigayo/etc)
    Sometimes, we get information from other people to vote our favorite idols, mostly music awards.
    Ah, have you seen WINNER’s live perfomance? Go check them out! I suggest you watch REALLY REALLY’s live perfomance, it’s a blessing there 😭🤲
    You can see more their content from VLIVE, it’s livestream application, you can see their online concert in there 👀 Just search CROSS online concert and it goes 2 hours~
    You can also support your idol with buying their physical album ^^

    It’s okay!~ Take your time~ Just tell me when you ready~

    AAAAAAAA I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT SAMBEL UEUEUEUE The spicy kick what makes me love about it 😭🤲 Dang, i think i gotta make nasi goreng now ueueueue :”

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  128. 128 : dinopie Says:

    #127 Tya Lavender


  129. 129 : dinopie Says:

    #127 Tya Lavender

    Re Kairos – 1) Actually I had a good laugh when I first saw that IGW had brought a big bag full of arsenal for protection. Baseball bat, baton, etc. More surprised and happy that they also had the taser. Otherwise, it would be hard to subdue the crazed DSSK.

    2) I think the phone ringing again at 10.33 pm at the end was a goodbye call from the beyond.

    3) I dont think there was an explanation given on how the time warp phone connection happened, did it?

    All in all, the ending was neatly wrapped up.

    Thank you Kairos Team for sending us on a wild rollercoaster thriller ride and then back again in one piece. Merry Xmas !!

    Tya, have a great christmas holiday with your family !

    And thanks for the info on the music scene. Appreciate it, much.


    P/s I will do what I can re IG.

  130. 130 : dinopie Says:

    Hi Everyone, wishing you all :



  131. 131 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #128 dinopie

    Ah, i don’t celebrate Christmas ^^; I’m not Christian or Catholic ^^; but i wish your Christmas day is doing great ^^👐

    #129 dinopie

    Re Kairos: 1. Seriously, Taekgyu makes me anxious whenever he pull up his weapon, doing it just for money, haish! 😤

    2. Ueueue i wish it was 😭🤧 It always like that whenever i watching fantasy drama 🤧

    3. No, it didn’t 🙁 I’m assuming how the time warp is Aeri and Seojin father’s soul is possessing their phone to pass between different timeline lmao 🤣

    But yes, the ending was already satisfy us ^^ I hope Writer-nim makes more amazing drama like Kairos~ (*´ω`*)

    Once again, thanks Writer Lee Soo Hyun and Director Park Seung Woo, you make our days amazing than ever 😊💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  132. 132 : dinopie Says:

    #131 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya, have had a good xmas rest? You have a few more days to go before a new hectic year comes. 😊

    Tya, pardon me for saying this: I had all along thought that you are a catholic?

    Re Kairos
    You are right in your assumption that some kind of supernatural element was involved in the baffling time warp phone connection. Simply put, its a phone call made from the otherside with help from HAR and KSJ Dads ?

    The two Dads “surfaced” after 19 long years to remove the Demon. Otherwise many more might die as long as Demon was alive.

    Tya, I do not have any more of the bad dreams. I do not usually have bad dreams. Hardly. I hate dreams. I am wary of them when I have them. Its cuz they usually come true. And I could not do anything about it.

    There was one which I had when I was 14 y.o. I dreamt/vision of a truck driver being crushed to death when his truck was going downhill on a steep gradient road. The goods at the back moved forward, crashed thro the wall separating driver seat from back of truck. Driver was pinned against steering wheel. He died, crushed by the goods. The goods he was carrying were tombstones. Dream came true. Was in news next day.

    I was only 14. Had thought that I caused his death. Felt so scared and guilty. It became my horrible secret until few years later after that, I had another bad dream. It was a plane crash. Plane and all passengers were casualties. Again I could not do anything about the dream. Two days later accident was confirmed in news. At this time, I was old enough to tell myself that it was not my fault that the plane crashed just cuz I dreamt of it. This was a liberating day for me.

    Such is reason why I hate having bad dreams. (In following years there were a few more… ).

    Well, time for me to sign off. Bye for now. Take care!

    Good night.

    P/s Had time to google only for info on “We Broke Up”. Yoon and one other I am familiar with were part of the cast. Hehe !
    Got to watch drama to know story. Gosh !

  133. 133 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #132 dinopie

    Well, quite good hehe~ I hope next year is gonna be good and amazing for all people, amen! 🙌🙌💙💙💙💙

    No, i’m not Christian nor Catholic, sorry about that ^^;

    Yeah, i cannot imagine how many people die in that old man’s hands, saying that he helps people to not die in vain, jeez grandpa, you’re not grim reaper 💀🤦

    Dinopie, i felt the same too! My dreams always come true in real life, like one time, i dreamt there’s granny telling me that there’s someone died in my friend’s circle, i thought just like “nahh no way that’s gonna be happen” and i was wrong, next day, my friend’s dad is passed way, i was quite suprised that this is happen, i don’t felt scared or anything, because again, that’s connected in #123 post 👁️👁️
    I’m glad that you don’t dreamt those bad things again! My prayer has been answered 🤲

    The girl cast is Park Sandara from 2NE1! She’s the most well known idol as her visual and singing skills~ 2NE1 is one of the favorite girl group i love in K-Pop industry but sadly, they disbanded in 2015 without any reasons why they’re disbanding, some people say that it’s one of the member’s fault because she has scandal that causing a damage to group’s name, some people say that YG can’t handle 2NE1 anymore because there’s one of the member left. I even made like accidental promise where i said that if 2NE1 were disbanding, i would never stan any girl groups that’s ever exist, and really, i have never stan any girl groups till this very day, mostly just a casual listener. Ah i got side tracked- Sorry about that! 🤧🙏

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  134. 134 : dinopie Says:

    #133 Tya Lavender

    Tya, its’s perfectly alright. You dont need to apologise for not being a Christian. Religion is a very personal thing. Whether we have a religion or not, its our own choice.

    I do not belong to any specific religion. I’ve read books on some religions, it was due to my curiosity to know what each was about. But at the end of the day, I do not have a specific religion !

    What guides me in my life is the natural principles of life between right and wrong that I learnt as I grew up. The most important and basic is to have a moral compass. Its a powerful tool. It makes us what we are .. good, bad, evil, selfish, greedy, etc. Once a person has a moral compass, life becomes clearer.

    Re Point 123. Yes, I understand what you mean. I picked up this ability in you since BA time, it was like an “alarm” going off then. Before this, it was faint in the other times when I came across you (dramas). I was not surprised when the “alarm” went off in BA. Its cuz I already known. Was not surprised but a bit scared by my discovery. I was thinking, oh no….!

    Are you aware that this is not something that can be found in anybody? Its a two edge sword.

    What and how you handle it now, is a suitable way. Cuz sometimes it can overwhelm a person. But at all costs, do not panic or be upset by it. Be cool about it. Its less stressful this way.

    You know what? My bad dreams were not all bad. Twice, it had left me with something to smile about. One was that I was able to save a life and the other a “special gift” that I got.

    Re Sandara 2NE1
    Yeah, I have occasionally read about her. Even up to now, she’s still a popular girl. But she does mostly hosting assignments on entertainment programs?

    For some reasons, girl idol groups are hard to handle. I think its cuz girls tend to be petty unlike guys. Personalities of both gender are totally different. This cud be why Big Hit not too keen on forming girl idol groups. If to form, then make it only 4 members, small. Easier to control.

    Tya, time for me to sign off now. Till then, good night !


    P/s Today found that my laptop needs to reset its configuration. It had been idle since early this year. I will need bro for this job. I dare do it myself in case I should mess it up.This means getting IG is delayed. 🌷

  135. 135 : dinopie Says:

    🌷 Bella – (dazed from the fall, and suddenly overwhelmed by Jacob’s kindness & physique all at once) .. “You’re sort of beautiful .. ”

    🌵 Jacob – “How hard did you hit your head? ”

    – Bella Swan/Jacob Black – Twilight Saga

    🌷 “I punched a wolf in the face”. – Bella Swan

    🌷 ” I am really more of a ‘suffer-in-silence’ type”.
    – Bella Swan

    (Bella’s character : reclusive, quiet, insecure, but kind hearted, compassionate and caring towards others).

  136. 136 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #134 dinopie

    Ah okay, i always kept say sorry, it’s like a habit you know ^^;

    Yes, morality is important in nowdays, idk why people sacrifies their morality just to get fame or money-

    Hmm i don’t know, i can’t answer to that :” How i’m handling it? Well, i just stay calm, but sometimes, i sweat a little because “Holy moly, i can’t believe this is actually happening—” But yeah! Some of it comes out as good one ^^

    Re Sandara Park 2NE1

    Yes! She’s often hosting in entertainment show ^^ I remember that time she still miss singing in stage with her fellow members ㅠㅠ

    Ah that’s okay!~ I’m still waiting ^^ Take your time ^^

    Oh, also, here’s the list of WINNER’s variety shows if you wanna see it!

    1. New Journey To The West (Mino) (he appears in season 2.5 until season 8)
    2. Dancing High (Hoony)
    3. Youth Over Flowers : Australia (All member)
    4. WIN: Who is Next? (All member) (a survival show i would say, this is predebut days)
    5. WINNER Dingo Bingo Trip (All member) (Available in YouTube!)
    6. WINNER Vacation : Hoony Tour (All member)
    7. K-Pop Lyrics Helper (Yoon) (There’s two season and available in YouTube!)
    8. King of Masked Singer (Yoon) (Available in YouTube!)

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  137. 137 : dinopie Says:

    #136 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya,
    How’s the weather up there at 6ft+ ? Temperature too has dropped ? That’s good news. You shook almost everyone. It was as if a humongous black cloud had descended. Even the gifs were subdued compared to the lively jumping blobs or the twerking. And what was that 2030 nbr about. A lottery winning nbr? Hehe!

    Even vulcano gives warning signs before they erupt ! Must be some despicable super scum hater spewing hate? Ignore them. Delete their posts. 👾

    Thanks again for some more info on the Winner boys. Whilst googling them I dont remember seeing such info. How did you manage to get such info?

    Re your intuition – as mentioned before, it is a 2 edge sword. Good/Bad. The good side is, to take it lightly and be cool about it. Then you will not feel stressed by the extra sensory feels that come to you. Sometimes if its about something that you can take positive action, then fine. The bad (negative) side is if we were to add these extra senses to what we already have in our everyday life, then this overload can become a burden. However, in time to come, you will know how to block so that your senses will not be overloaded.

    The two times that I had bad dreams were rewarding incidents. First was the little gift I got cuz of it? It was that what I had seen at the wall of a bank when I had just entered it. I saw the interest rates payable for an invesment account. When I registered, I was given the old rate which was much lower. And of course on the wall was a large poster listing the old rates. But I had seen differently earlier. By then the time was past 12.00pm. I informed the officer that the rate they gave me was wrong. True enough officer checked incoming new rates (after 12.00pm). It was what I had seen on poster on the wall when I first stepped into bank. (Actually no new poster with new rates was on wall at all. But somehow I saw it). I was given the new much higher rate. Earned myself some extra money there. Hehe !! Hahaha! When I realise that something unusual had happened and not wanting to give ridiculous explanations to bank, I quickly left the bank. Haha! This was the one and only time I had such an experience. No more after that. God must have decided not to pamper me again. He wanted me to work hard for my income like every one else. Hehe !

    The other one bad dream turned out that I could do something about it and saved a life. After when I had the dream (about an event going to happen), I worked so very hard and prayed very hard too until the day it really happened, exactly as I had dreamt. The saving part I would like to call it – a small miracle. No lives were lost. Nothing like this has happened again. Thank goodness!

    Today, I spent the whole afternoon trying to fix my laptop. It had not been used for almost a year. There were many updates and changes to catch up with. Not completed yet. One last stage to complete.

    Well, time to say goodnight now.


  138. 138 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #137 dinopie

    Hullo!~ Today’s weather is 24°, quite breeze in here since it’s rainy season ^^ I love rain sounds, they make me comfortable ^^

    Well, i usually get from social media like Twitter or Instagram ^^; But nowdays, i don’t often use social media that much, only use it for any important information ^^ Soo maybe i’m using my leftovers memory (?) Kekeke 🤣 Sometimes, i found some website like this type, but more complete list (?)

    Ah i see i see…. For me, it depends sometimes, i don’t really mind about it so it’s just go with the flow ^^;

    Waaa lucky you ueueue, eh, it reminds of me dreaming having an English test and i saw the question and answers, when in real life, tries it, eheee i almost got 100 (mine was 96) 😭🤲

    The bad one was i dreamt of i’m having an English speech, test, but the teacher was the evil one (she’s literally gives no mercy on you 😭), i was trembling and stuttered because i’m afraid that i forget the speech and she immediately cuts me off and told me that i’m a failure, don’t have any bright future, and can’t never reach any goals if i keep doing this. (having a stage fear) I ended up waking up and crying, so what i do is just practicing a lot until D-Day comes up, Alhamdulillah, i did well! She’s giving a pass test and i almost want to cry again because how tense it was to get the pass ueueue 😭😭🤧🤧

    Sounds good to hear! ^^ I hope you’re doing well in there, dinopie 🤗 Take care!~ 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  139. 139 : dinopie Says:

    #138 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya
    How are you feeling now? And your headache? This afternoon, you became tipsy after attending a work celebration. 🍷

    You should go to your hangout and read your postings there when you were tipsy. Sorry, dont mean to be rude, but I had a good laugh. I guess you were not aware ? Hahaha!! 🍷

    I am curious? Can you drink soju or beer? 🍷🍺

    Last Sunday, Actor Kim Ji Hoon (psycho of Flower of Evil) was guest of honour at I Live Alone. There was a few minutes he was showing off his muscles and abs. He looked great!!
    A lot of hard work must have gone in his gym workouts. Hehe! He had a new hair perm too, but still kept his hair long. But he cannot sing well. Hehe ! One time he was having his dinner of grilled steaks, red wine, etc.Toward the ending of the dinner, his mood suddenly changed. He said that it was cuz he suddenly felt empty and lonely. Oh gosh! I think many people can relate to how he was feeling, especially those who are spending their xmas away from family and friends.

    Yes, Conversational Skill is important in the English Language study course. There have been saying that its more important than written English. I think both skills are important. They complete each other.

    English being a language, is best easily learnt through interaction with people who speaks the language. The more the language is spoken, the better the speaker will become.

    Of course knowledge of grammer too is necessary. Knowledge of this too can improve through speaking the language.

    One trick of mastering the language fast and well, is to think in English when speaking or writing it. It means not to think in own language first, then mentally translate into English when writing or speaking it.

    Tya, your English language skill is good. You are a linguist are you not? Another thing, I’ve noticed is that you have a strong western influence in you. Did you happen to spend a part of your young growing years abroad (due parents job)? Or you spent time in an educational institute abroad?

    As for me, I speak English is cause its my family’s main language first, then followed by the other languages/dialects of others. Though we are Chinese by origin, we were educated in the English medium. Due to English colonial rule in the early days of the country (Malaya) b4 becoming independent in 1957 (now Malaysia). Its common occurence here, where English is mainly spoken.

    Malaysia is a country like it’s a united nations. There are people who are from almost every corner of the world here. So its common for most people here to have ability to speak at least 3 languages/dialects. One thing outstanding here is that English is a common language here apart from the Malay language. Almost everyone here understand and speak English. One reason why expatriates once relocate here, get settled down very fast. Reason? There is no language barrier here.

    There are many S.Koreans who have relocated here. Some could not speak English well when first settle here. But become fluent in English very fast. A piece of tidbit news – Actor Seo Kang Joon was a student at an International School here some years ago (b4 he became an actor). He speaks fluent English.

    Will stop here for time being. Good night !!


  140. 140 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #139 dinopie

    Me? I’m doing pretty fine, no, i don’t have any headache ^^;
    No, in my religion, alcohol is prohibited.

    Huweee what a glowup 😫 It reminds me of Yoon’s VLIVE livestream yesterday christmas day, he said that he wanted to exercise more, not to be bulky, just straighten up his body little bit 😅 He also said that he wants to wear a crop top, (Woah! Isn’t crop top for girls?) Well, not on Kang Seung Yoon’s dictionary 😌 Yoon’s mindset, “Not all frilly clothes is for girls.” That means guys can wear frilly clothes too!~ He already wear crop top 4 years ago, when you see Love Me Love Me MV, there’s him wearing crop top, (But Tya, i don’t see it-) that’s because he’s wearing tank top, you’ll eventually know if you buy the physical album of Our Twenty For 👀 He said that his solo album will come out in early January 2021 ^^

    Eh? I’m just a Language high school student 😅 Noo, i
    have never been go abroad in my life (TwT), it’s just me learning English from several movie/music/TV shows/YouTube video ✌️(;3;) But i do love learn language, i learn Japanese – Korean – French ^^ The reason why i can’t go abroad is first, i’m not that smart :”3 second, i don’t have any money to go abroad :”) third, i’m too scared to go abroad since i’m afraid i can’t speak correctly and ended up confusing people ueueue (TuT) So basically just traveling around Indonesia ueue :”3✌️

    In Indonesia here, not all Indonesian people likes to speak English, it’s hustle for them. Local language is where is at such as Javanese, Sundanese, etc. I speak Javanese fluently but only in informal 😂 I can’t speak formal Javanese that much :”D And i rarely speak Javanese
    in front of people because people gonna laugh at my accent, my accent is like having emphasis tone to it (?) Like for example, when i said “The”, it’s more likely to “DHe”

    Aight, might makes some art later hehe~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  141. 141 : dinopie Says:

    #140 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya, 🌻

    Hope you and family have a great new year holidays.

    Tya, I am very sorry I have to bid my farewell to you and all other Kairos friends here today. This is my last visit here.

    Tya, especially you, I thank you for everything and all that you’ve done for me. 🌷

    I have had a memorable time here. And thank you all for being such good and helpful friends whilst I was here.

    Its me for me to move on to something else which waiting for me.

    Good bye! Best of luck to you all !

    Love & warm regards.
    ☺ 🌷❤

  142. 142 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #141 dinopie

    Awhhh…. That’s bummer :”( I also having fun in here too, but it is the time we need to move on, may God bless you forever, dinopie. Thank you for making the most memorable memory in here ^^ I’m grateful to be in here ^^

    Also, you don’t forget right that we can still chat together in Instagram? 🥺🤧

    But until now, good bye!~ Love y’all so much ^^

    Sincerely from your lovely Inner Circle, Tya~ 💙💙💙💙🌻🌼🌹🌸

  143. 143 : dinopie Says:

    #141 Tya Lavender

    Thanks for IG chit-chat offer.

    My laptop configuration re-set not finished yet. Bro has laptop with him. Last stage not running well. Problematic.

    Thanks again. Good night.

  144. 144 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #142 dinopie

    Okayy, tell me when you’re ready~~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  145. 145 : dinopie Says:

    #144 Tya Lavender

    I am quickly dropping by to leave a belated message here for you – for 2021

    🌻🌞 May your life this year be filled with success and progress everyday! 🌷

    My laptop came home last night. Not running yet. Bro will test run with me as soon as he can. He very buzy guy.

    I gotta go now. Bye for now.
    Take care! Keep cool!



    Do you believe that I feel like wringing two persons’ neck right now?
    Keep cool myself !! Keep cool!! 🐙

  146. 146 : dinopie Says:

    Hello Folks

    Recently, I’ve been roped in to help out at a certain organisation. I will be occupied on certain days of the week.

    Sorry, I cant be here as often as I would like to. But every now and then, I will still drop by here, or at Delayed Justice thread to read the posts. So should you have message for me, please leave at one of said places.

    Thanks. Till then.

  147. 147 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #146 dinopie

    Heyyy!~~ Sorry i didn’t reply your message last time ueueue~~ It’s okay!~ As you long available in here, it’s fine~~ Thank you for the message 🥰💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  148. 148 : dinopie Says:

    #147 Tya Lavender

    Its alright, Tya. Not to worry about apologising. Its the beginning of a new year. Usually a busy time for plans and projects to be attended to.

    What I had sent was only a short and simple wish, nothing much. I hope it’ll make this 2021 a fruitful year for you. (I lost count of the dates. Thats why its one day late. Funny, I only realised it just now. Ayuh!).

    I’ve been so very busy too. So many things to take care of. Wish there are more hours in a day.

    Btw Tya, I am wondering whether its an inconvenience that my I.G acct is late in coming? I will need a little more time to set things up. I am still fiddling with the laptop, its been almost a year since I last used it. How about you start off first and I will catch up with you when I am done setting up?
    (Sorry, internet stuff over here is not top std).

    I’ll sign off for now. Good night.


    P/s No need hurry with reply. I aware you are busy. ☺

  149. 149 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #148 dinopie

    Hehe sorry, ah- See, i kept say sorry, it’s a habit ksksjsks- Early year, i attend a school, huweee the day off is not enough, my teacher giving me eye strain too much, i hope this semester they don’t give some nonsense assignment (like last time, my teacher wanted the assignment collected in the school, ma’am???? You know that technology is existed right???? If i don’t do that, she said that i’m just looking for excuse, being lazy for school, MA’AM???? ARE YOU OKAY????) (Oop, got sidetracked- Sorry about that-)

    Ah i already start off ^^; That’s why i’m waiting, it’s fine ^^ You can use Instagram in phone too ^^ Btw, WINNER’s member also have Instagram!

    Yoon: w_n_r00
    Yoon’s photography account (Yes! He also likes take a photo ^^): y8n_l8ks_at
    Mino: realllllmino
    Hoony: maetamong
    Hoony’s dog account (His name Haute hehe~): maetamongisdad
    Jinu: xxjjjwww
    WINNER Official Account: winnercity

    Also, this year, Yoon and Mino have variety show together! It’s “WINNER Vacation: Bell Boys”, it’s usually four of them but because half of the member are enlisted, now it’s only two of them :”3 People said that you can watch it in YouTube ^^ Mino also have become a guest in Gamsung Camping ^^ You can watch it Viu ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  150. 150 : dinopie Says:

    #149 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya, forever !! ☺

    How are you doing? Hope all going well and smoothly for you for the start of the new year. ☺

    Thank you so much for the bunch of info on Winner members. Lucky me, hehe !! This is the best part of having “connexion”, eh? 😊

    Hoony is cute. He especially has an account for Haute and even called himself Haute’s daddy!
    Hahaha! 🐶

    I on the other end, felt awkward calling myself Shi’s mummy or owner. So I referred myself as Shi’s human. Good enough lah, eh? Hehe !!

    Last Sunday night, after I Live Alone on tv finished, Winner came on. They sang Really Really !! It featured 4 of them. Must be b4 two of them enlisted. It was such a pleasant surprise. Like we getting a bonus after ILA, cuz it was so unexpected. And yeah … I could pick out Yoon among the other guys. Haha! See, his image has been imprinted in my brain now !! 😀 I went to bed still grinning from ear to ear at this pleasant surprise.

    Now I have no good news for you. Get ready … please if you feel like squeezing my neck after this, can you maybe postpone it till my next life? Thank you. 😘

    Its that I will not be taking part in your IG group afterall. The reasons are – (1) I am very busy these days ever since I got involved with helping in this organisation. Got not much time. (2) I would really feel uneasy and awkard among other IG members.

    So, I’ve got this off my chest now. Next thing to do is to hope that you will not get disappointed with me. Think of it as a blessing that I am not there to dampen the mood? 🌷

    Good night, Tya. Keep cosy and warm. ⛄⛄


  151. 151 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #150 dinopie


    Alhamdulillah, first month doing fine ^^ Amen, thank you for the prayers 🤲

    It is hehe~ I willingly happy to share my happiness to other people ^^

    Kekekeke 🤣 Not only Hoony does have a pet, all members of WINNER does have a pet too! Yoon with his brown Poodle dog, Thor, Mino with his Munchkin Orange cat, Jhonny, and Jinu with his two Sphnyx cat, Rei and Bei. You can see their pet show in Four Pets Everyday in YouTube (Available in English Subtitle!), Hoony and Yoon appears in Dogs are Incredible too! Available in YouTube with English Subtitle ^^
    Fun fact:
    – Jinu is allergic with fur cat, that’s why he decide to adopt furless cat aka Sphnyx cat, he can’t resist the cuteness of cats sniff 🤧

    – Thor was adopted by Yoon because Yoon saw him in animal shelter, abandoned and about to get eunthanasia (injection death), thus Thor now is big boye 🤧 Before Yoon adopts Thor, Yoon take a care of Rei, one of Jinu’s cats.

    – When Jinu is sleeping, he let alone his cats away from him, and Rei Bei will slept together with Yoon.

    – Jhonny is a grumpy cat, that one time when Haute tries to eat his food and accidentally nudge Jhonny, she punches Haute fiercely 😭🤲 (And yes, Jhonny is female, not male, idk why Mino named her like that-)

    Huweeee you got to see Really Really?? Damnn, i can’t even catch a glimpse of WINNER in my TV ;u;

    It’s okay, dinopie ^^ As long we can chat together like this, i’m already happy~ 😄

    Ah also, probably this month, Yoon gonna release his solo full album!~ I’m gonna tell you when it’s released!~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  152. 152 : dinopie Says:

    #151 Tya Lavender

    Hello Tya!

    You have forgiven me? Thannx. (B4 coming here, my nerves had been in tatters wondering whether I wud face a firing squad or not). ☺🌞

    Yes, I am still around. I will still be visiting here whenever I can. Not to worry, the people I would abandon are usually toxic people or troublemakers. 😘

    Gosh !! It had never occured to me that the Winners are pet lovers. I am impressed!! Having a pet is a big responsibility. And yet they are willing to do it? _/o\_ Respect. ☺ (Are korean men like this? Having a soft spot for pets? Hahaha! My korean friends abroad were different. They got no time for pets).

    Re the name Jhonny. It can also be used for girls. For girls the name is spelt Johnnie. Its more common in the cattle rearing counties in US where the girls are tough and brave gals.

    Hahaha! Now you know why when 2 females are in a fierce fight they are said to be cat fighting.

    Cats are fierce! Jhonny is no exception. She’s territorial too. So she bullies Haute!! Poor Haute. Haha! Similar to my sis-in-law’s cat, Goku. Goku does not like Pom the pomeranian. He would bully Pom whenever he has a chance. And poor Pom got to make detour round Goku when he finds Goku in the way. Anyway size-wise Goku is bigger than Pom. So size does matter after all? Hahaha! Joking only! 😜

    You know I am guessing that there is someone working in the pay broadcasting station here who could be a fan of Winner. Its cuz tis is 2nd time now that Winner appeared on tv here, that I had noticed. B4 it would usually be one of the girl groups etc.

    Good night, Tya. Sleep tight! Keep warm.


  153. 153 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #152 dinopie


    Yes, i forgive you ^^ It’s okay if you don’t want to go there, i understand ^^ Don’t worry, dinopie, i’m a forgiving person 🥰

    Toxic people are not worth of time, better cuts those tangled wires to keep the cable management cleared~

    Ummm maybe yes (?) Lol, this is my first time seeing one K-Pop group have all pets 😅

    That’s why Haute always hiding in Hoony’s back, poor boy gets bullied 😭🤲

    Aah people that works in entertainment industry is so lucky ueueue 🤧

    Also mentioning that WINNER can take care of children too! You can see it from Halfmoon Friends, they’re cutest sniff 🤧

    I’m putting more WINNER’s fun fact in here hehe~
    – Yoon and Hoony sharing the same hometown (Busan) and sharing the same birthday month.(January) (Same goes for me too!) (Hoony is 11 Jan, Yoon is 21 Jan, Me is 17), i thought at first they were twins but little myself didn’t know how first margins works 🤦

    – Jinu gets a nickname of “International Lost Boy” because how he get lost in Tokyo and can’t find a hotel for 1 hours when actually it only take 15 minutes to get there.

    – Mino was already debuted way back in 2011 with a group B.o.M (Blooming of Our Music), it was ballad group but disbanded in 2013. His previous stage name was Tagoon. As underground rapper, his stage name was Huge Boy Mino. Before debuting in WINNER, he suppossed to debut in Block B with Zico, P.O (His best friend) and Park Kyung but ended up eliminated.

    – You can watch Yoon in previous talents show called Superstar K2, he was popular that time because he sang Yoon Jong Shin’s song,

    – Hoony’s previous talents show was in KPop Star, he’s dreaming that whenever he saw YG’s building, he’ll get in that building with a success, now, look at him!~ 😄

    – Mino is the first K-Pop idol that goes in runway model in Paris! You can see it in Louis Vuitton runway, he was choosed by Virgil Abloh ^°

    – This is new one, WINNER won a Chinese Awards 2020 in KpopStarzEntertainment for Artist Of The Year, and Mino too in Song of the Year with his song, Runaway!~ In Asian Pop Music Awards 2020, Mino won awards for Best Producer and Song of the Year too!~

    That’s all i can say hehe~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  154. 154 : dinopie Says:

    #153 Tya Lavender

    Good Afternoon to Tya!! 😆

    Finally, I get to sit down and settle to start writing here. Tried yesterday to write (twice – afternoon and night) but gave up. I was too tired physically and mentally then. The week had been a super busy one, especially when unexpected matters croped up needing quick attention. Now its all done and I can relax a little.

    Hahaha! The Winners are such cute fellas. I had pictured them as serious musicians and businessmen. Now to discover that they have a soft and funny side too, makes me laugh everytime I think of what you said about them. Hhehehe! Yah.. thats great! Funny koreans! I like them! 😘 You too! You must admit that you are cheeky? Did your mom tell you this about you? No? Now you know! 😜

    Now this reminds me of the two Korean friends I had, when I was living and working abroad. They were work colleagues. Both were ex-Wall St. guys, very smart but serious. Both were nice fellas. We were in the finance industry. They would speak in the Korean accent and I, in my M’sian accent. Its was a fun interaction between us.

    One day one of the guys had a house warming party. The day b4 the party, he came to office with a bag containg a beautiful fairytale like maroon-silver hanbok. Beautiful. He handed it to me asking me to wear it to his party. Oh gosh! Me in hanbok? Me, the most deadpan person around? I ended up not wearing it. Solely for reason that I simply did not want to spoil the hanbok in case it got dirtied at the party. The next day I returned the hanbok to him. He was disappointed but accepted my reluctance to wear it. It was something that can’t be helped. If I had spoilt the hanbok, what am I to do then. The three of us remained good friends until I left to join another different company.

    Dont know whether you are aware, a few days ago, the Capitol building in Washington DC had a seriously violent riot there. CNN news reported 5 dead. Today CNN reported D.Trump’s personal twitter acct has been permanently suspended. Its to stop him from inciting his followers to any more insurrections. He might be facing court actions for the above said riot. There’s saying too that other social media platforms too are following the same action.

    My place here will very likely be facing a complete lockdown for at least two weeks to a month. Announcement is expected today. Reason is the covid19 situation is getting bad. 4-figure infections been recorded the past few days. I quickly went to supermart to stock up on groceries yesterday. Situation is worrisome. Nobody want to get infected. Once infected, the virus will either kill or just degrade the person’s body to extent that person’s health will be in bad state for a long time. Scary!

    Hope you and family will stay safe and keep warm!!


  155. 155 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #154 dinopie


    Ah, i hope this year is not another hustle again ueueue 😭🤲🤧 No need to hurry, dinopie! You can take another time to reply my message ^^

    That’s me at first impression of me seeing WINNER, a serious and cold musician, now they’re like my lovely and funny brothers~ Ehehehe 😅 My mom already tell me that i’m cheeky person, but actually in real life, i’m quiet person and not that talkative. If you’re already know me for long time, i become a playful person just like WINNER 😉

    Wow, you must have big respect from them that one of them wants you to wear a beautiful hanbok (‘o’) Lucky youuu~~

    Yeah, i’m aware of the situations in USA. First month and it’s already chaos like this…. It’s 2021, people, we don’t want another 2020 number two….

    Same goes in here, it’s getting worse too, we’re getting another lockdown again, i’m attending online school now, i hope the teachers not giving another stupid assignment….

    I hope your family and you stay safe and stay healthy too, may God bless you forever, dinopie.

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  156. 156 : dinopie Says:

    #155 Tya Lavender

    Good morning, Tya! 🌻

    Yeah, we can hope that 2021 will not be similar to 2020. Positive thinking here, Tya. With the vaccine now available, the world is fighting back at the pandemic. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. 2021 should at least be on the way to recovery. Slowly and surely the world, including both our countries, will revive and recover. Slowly and surely, Tya. We can make it, ya? ☺🐝

    Haha! I am impressed that your self-potrait of yourself is very much similar to what I see in my mind. Its a fine picture. Congrats to Tya’s mom. 😍🌞

    Re respect from my two Korean ex colleagues, I suppose its true. I was lucky to have them for friends. They are the fine type of Korean guys that we usually come across – gentlemen. They treated me very well. I think Korean culture has much to do with it. That’s why Winner guys remind me of my ex colleagues.

    Re the hanbok. In relation to Korean customs and culture, did I break any rules here, when I did not wear it when asked to? I wonder! Oh gosh! 😓

    Tya, a few posts back, you mentioned that you feel shy to speak in a foreign language, cuz of the accent. May I give you a tip? 🐻

    No, dont be shy about it. Just be yourself. Very important. Speak anyway you know how, which includes your accent. You will be understood and be respected much. How? Its cuz the Speaker does not try to be a wanna be westerner. Important to be just yourself, accent and all.
    One very important point is, when talking to a westerner/foreigner make sure to face the listener and look them in the eyes, and speak calmly. One reason is, they like to look at the Speakers eyes and mouth when talking. This way, even when facing a strong foreign accent, they can pick out the words being spoken. 🐻
    Wish you all the best !!

    Well, I will sign off now. Have a nice day. 🌞


    P/s This is a birthday mth for Winner Yoon and Hoony and Someone … “Happy Birthday Guys “!! 🍸🍺🍻🌞

  157. 157 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #156 dinopie


    Hm you’re right dinopie, we still have a chance to live, may God protect us once for all. 🤲

    Hehe that’s why i love my mom so much, she’s a wonderful person ^^

    For me, WINNER reminds me of my own brothers, i have two brothers, sometimes they’re annoying yet loveable brothers, just like WINNER, now my brothers already had a family while i’m still high schooler ;w; 👉👈 That’s why i kept saying WINNER are my brothers, i never thought like they’re my boyfriend because i never had a boyfriend at first place, i like being alone ;3; 👉👈

    Hm i don’t know if that were breaking the rules and i was wondering too if that stuff were not pleasant in their culture 🤔

    Ah… Umm…. If i met new people around me, i probably get nervous and can’t make an eye contact- But nowdays, i try my best to be openly with people and just be myself ^^ And that’s why i can talk with you! (^o^)

    Hey! Hoony’s birthday is tomorrow!~ Hehe, i hope he’s doing well in military ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  158. 158 : dinopie Says:

    #157 Tya Lavendar

    Hello Tya,

    A Good Afternoon to you! 🌻

    Tya, hope I am not intruding or disturbing your very busy day. Only just discovered that your first big project for 2021 has just kicked off. Congrats!! 👌

    So, I’ll not talk much and make my visit here the briefest possible :

    Have fun and enjoy yourself in this new project !! ☺

    All the best !! 👍


    🐺 When you are enthusiastic about what you do – you feel this positive energy. Its very simple. 🐺 – Paul Coelho

  159. 159 : Silverswan Says:

    It is a confusing drama, do not like the story and am sure it won’t get a good ranking

  160. 160 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #158 dinopie

    Ah? My big project? Which one?- But thanks anyway for the support, i deeply apperciated it ^^

    Of course! That’s always implemented in my mindset hehe~~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  161. 161 : dinopie Says:

    #160 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya !! 🌻

    Quote: “My big project? Which one? ”

    Woah! Which one? How many projects are you havin, Tya? Waeyo, are you being humble, so not telling about the few more you have? Or are you pulling my legs?

    All along I knew of only one, cuz there was publicity about it after BA. And which we’ve been waiting for all this time. Long wait. Now, finally our wait is almost over. Soon? ☺

    Anyway, if you really are having more than one projects I am happy for you. The more the better. Dont you think so? ☺

    So how do you feel now that you are back to “familiar ground”? You realised you missed the action? Hahaha! ☺

    Tya, dont feel ackward just cuz you refer Winner boys as your bros. There is nothing wrong with this. Its normal practice to address good male friends as bros. You may be surprised to know that I’m liberal in my outlook? Though as a guide for myself, I set a line that I do not cross.

    Talking about bros, my sibling bros are annoying too when they become over protective. I guess this is typical behavior of bros?

    Tya, no hurry with your reply. I am aware that you are very busy these days.

    Wish you have a nice and fun day at work tomorrow!!

    I will say good night now. Sweet dreams. Sleep tight.


  162. 162 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #161 dinopie


    Eh? I don’t know what are you talking about 😅 I don’t have any big project or something goes like that 😅

    Hmm i guess?? Haha, i’m literally confused which project you meant 😅

    Familiar ground? Feels…. basic i guess??

    Aha i don’t feel awkward at all refering WINNER as my brothers, it’s just filling my brother’s absences so i don’t feel left out that much :”3

    I don’t feel suprised though, i know people always setting a line that shouldn’t crossed.

    Huft, my second brother is over protective, whenever i try talk with my male friend, he always being skeptical to me, if as i were dating them when in real scenario, i never dating anyone because i like being alone—

    Btw 2 days more go to my birthday!~ ^o^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  163. 163 : dinopie Says:

    #162 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya !! ☺

    Re your projects – Ok ok lah! You win! There is and are no projects lah! I will believe you. So ok. I guess I will have to give up wanting to watch this long anticipated drama afterall. The announcement and publicity about it must have been just a stunt, eh? 😜

    I just came off watching Youns Stay on tv. Its a variety show staring veteran actress Youn, Yumi, SeoJin, SeoJun and Wooshik. Its about a holiday homestay somewhere in the outskirts of Seoul. Very interesting show. Its a run-off. Based on a combination of bits of a similar hostel show by Haejin and two others in Spain, and a Korean restaurant on an island off Spain some 1 – 2 years ago.

    I think you would remember Wooshik was the guy in the comical drama about a gay guy having to share accommodation with his straight neighbour (actor Jang KY) as his unit had to undergo repair work. It so happens that they did not like each. And then all the comedy of errors happened thereafter between these two guys. Both Wooshik and JKY were good in this drama. Dont know how they could keep a straight face throughout the show when the show was soooo funny!! I had a good laugh throughout the show. (Sorry, I dont remember the title of the drama now).

    And I also watched DoReMi Marketplace too. First time, today. Looked so hard, hoping to catch a Winner guy there. No luck this time.

    Btw now I know who Mino is afterall. I’ve seen him a few times on Journey to the West, but not aware it was him until yesterday on tv when the name “Mino” appeared below him. Why did the show take so long to i.d. him? Ayuuuuh…!

    Tya, Correct? Mino did take part in the show, Journey to the West? Didnt he? I thought I read about it in one of your previous post…. Or could there be another Mino? No way!

    Yes, I do remember 17 Jan. Another year older and wiser. Here’s Wishing you a Happy Birthday now… in case I miss it on the actual day.

    Well both of us can shake hands on being lone rangers. Here’s a quote from a familiar person. She too enjoys being a lone ranger :
    🌷 I found myself revelling in the aloneness instead of being lonely. – bella swan

  164. 164 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #163 dinopie


    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Afterall, the only thing i do is just doing my school assignment and doing some artwork to fills this quarantine day :”3

    Ooooh! Sounds cool variety show to me! Might watch it if i have free time hehe~

    Hahaha it’s okay dinopie! I’m even more severe because when i saw a photo of Yoon in my 8th grade, i thought it was a JAPANESE ACTOR! “Oh he’s cute guy, might save it on my gallery hehe~” Turns out it was his photo of his debut acting in High Kick, oh my starssss— Get your grip together, Tya! 😫😭

    Yess i did mention New Journey To The West in my previous post! (#136 Post) He appears in season 2.5 to season 8!

    Thank you so much for your wish!~ 💙💙💙💙 May God bless you forever 🤗🥰💙💙💙💙

    Handshake online for being lone rangers 🤧🤝

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  165. 165 : dinopie Says:

    #164 Tya Lavender

    Good morning, Tya! 🌻🌞

    I am wondering why am I spending time talking to a school boy here? Oh gosh, dinopie!! Or dont school boys prefer to spend time on online games, at k-pop fan cafes, drool over the girl bands or go dating girls somewhere? 😨

    Hey! Handsome school boy! Do you know what will happen if a person lies too much? His teeth will fall out!! So will his hair!! He will lose the hair on his head fast. Dont say I didn’t warn you? 😱😛
    So if you dont wanna lose all your beautiful girlfriends quick, and wanna be as popular as LMH, you know what to do. No girl would like a toothless and balding schoolboy or gumiho!! Hehe ! 😆😘

    Tya, where are you? Who is this wannabe LMH? He’s about to lose his teeth and the hair on his head soon. Plse find a way to post his picture here when that happens. My boyfriend Edward would be glad to see the picture and know that he’s still the handsomest. 🙈🙉🙊

    Bella – Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking? So what? You read minds?
    Edward – I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There’s Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…. And then you .. nothing! Its very frustrating!
    Bella – Is there something wrong with me?
    Edward – So, I tell you I can read minds, and you think there’s something wrong with you!! 🐱👩

    Btw, I think I saw Yoon in The Great Escape. It was a variety show staring Hodong, ShinDong, JongMin, Yoon (hope I not wrong here) and PO. Dont know what episode it was. It was not indicated on tv. PO was English translator here when a piece of clue in the game was written in English. Easy to pick Yoon out cuz of his height. He’s cute!! (Dont tell him I said so). Hehe !! 😆

    When you have the time, try watching Youns Stay. (Its a newish variety show by PD Na). Its a pleasant watch, especially on how our team of Youn, Yumi, Seo Jin, SeoJun and Wooshik are doing with their various skills in cooking, p.r., drinks preparation, managing a homestay, etc etc. Very interesting and pleasant. ☕🍳

    Well, that’s all for now. Bye! Be good! 🐵


  166. 166 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #165 dinopie

    Ehhhh???? Dinopieee, it’s still me, you dearest Inner Circle, Tya ;3; There’s no one using my phone and pretend to be “me”, my phone is secured by my fingerprint, so no one will ever be unlocked my phone! Don’t worry dinopie, i’m a high schooler girl that won’t bite you like a Chihuahua :”3 ✌️

    Oh noooo, Yoon was never in The Great Escape, maybe you saw another person but implicated it as Yoon ;; Man, the WINNER effects does really hits that hard eh? :”) Like one time i thought i saw Yoon in split second but it was another idol lol :”))

    If you wanna see his variety show, try see K-Pop Lyrics Helper in YouTube, available in English Subs! Flower Crew in ep 7-9 as a guest, later on he beacme main host in ep 13 onward. War of Villains in ep 7,11,13-14, oh! Also King of Masked Singer too!~

    Okey dokey yo!~ Thanks for the recommendation~~ 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  167. 167 : dinopie Says:

    Tya Lavender

    Just heard a brief CNN news report of an earthquake in Sulawesi. Quake is reportedly somewhere on west of island. How are your family members and relatives? They doing ok? Are they safe?

    CNN also reported that rescue work is undergoing. A little girl was rescued alive.

    Hopefully more news will be reported later today.

    Hope all will be well for everyone there!! 💓💓


  168. 168 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #167 dinopie

    I live in East Java and fortunately, my mom’s relatives is safe in there, they felt less shake, may all people in Sulawesi are safe and sound, may God protect them all.

  169. 169 : dinopie Says:

    #168 Tya Lavender

    Thanks for the good news. Its a relief to know that your relatives are safe in East Java. 💓

    And here’s Wishing you A Happy Birthday!! 🎁🎉🎂
    Third time already within the span of a few days that I’ve wished you. Hahaha !! Who’s more excited about the birthday? You or me?

    Have a great day today!! ☺


  170. 170 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #169 dinopie

    Your welcome, dinopie, this first month is a hard month for Indonesia since there’s a lot accident for Indonesia, Semeru mountain in East Java just erupted yesterday, just a hot cloud passing in my hometown. Sumedang in West Java just got erosion, killing 28 people. West Sulawesi got earthquake. South Kalimantan got heavy flood, lots of people’s house are drowned and they evacuate quickly as possible. And the last one is the lost of Sriwijaya’s airplane (SJ-182), this is very heartbreaking month for Indonesia. May God protect all the mankind. Amen.

    And thank you so much for the wishing again, dinopie! I’m grateful to meet you from this website ^^ I think we both are exicted for my own birthday haha~ Once again, thank you, dinopie, may God bless you forever 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  171. 171 : Mimi Says:

    Reading this convo first of all to know the reviews and scroll down end up just like i read love letter or diary?? kinda weird to read it hahhahha sorry both no offense #peace

  172. 172 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #171 Mimi

    Woah! Hello there fella!~ You read all the comments? Haha~ We just thought that this convo is underrated and not many people would read but yeah, here we are lol thanks for reading the comments tho! Apperciate it~ 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  173. 173 : KDFren Says:

    Dear Admin

    I am a fan of this great site. Been a regular visitor for many years already. From when it started as an infant k-entertainment news site to what it is now. Apart from me, there are some other regulars too.

    After many years its normal for us regulars to run into each other here. Its like the meeting of old friends. Naturally it results in us engaging in an exchange of “conversations” here. Such, is inevitable. As humans, we are social creatures.

    I am one of the guilty ones. Sorry about this.

    Thank you for being patient with us. We appreciate it.


  174. 174 : mimimia Says:

    #171 Mimi-san

    Welcome to the most friendly home from home korean entertainment news site!! That is, if you are comfortable in such and unusual place? Haters would leave here immediately they stepped in here. Its cuz by guilt, they would feel this place is too good for them.

    If you are a reader, I would recomment you read from msg(1) to the last. You’ll enjoy reading the materials posted by the visitors here.

    Happy reading!! ☕

  175. 175 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #174 mimimia

    Oh hello!~ I never see you in this comment section but gladly you were in here ^^


    But to all the readers in here, you may enjoy some our conversation in previous post! May God bless you all!~~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  176. 176 : dinopie Says:

    #175 Tya Lavender

    Good afternoon, Tya! 🌻

    How are things going for you lately? Easy going as usual?

    I’ve just come out of a self-imposed retreat. Retreats are good de-stressing exercise. This time I did some light meditations too.

    My acting skill must be very bad .. even got caught out pretending to be mimimia. Ayuh … 👻👀

    On way to this thread, I came upon introductions of some new dramas coming just round the corner. They appear to be interesting.

    Well, bye for now. Have a nice day! 🌻


  177. 177 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #176 dinopie

    Oh hello!~ Feels nice to meet you again ^o^ I miss you so much ueueue 🤧🤧 Alhamdulillah, these has been pretty good recently, may God gave us ease in our life 🤗

    Eh???? It was you all along??? Ehhh…. My prediction was quite right, because i thought it was you pretending because you put an emoji in last paragraph but i wasn’t so sure, so it’s just slip out in my mind lol 🤧

    Ah that’s good news!~ I have a good news too! Kang Seung Yoon’s comeback is getting closer!! Better prepare folks!~ 💙💙💙💙

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  178. 178 : dinopie Says:

    #177 Tya Lavender

    Hi, greetings!! 🌻

    It’s nice to hear from you too and I’m flattered to find that I’ve been missed. I missed you too. Sorry, I had gone MIA. Had to. In order to unwind. Its my kind of a self-healing exercise.

    Used to have this habit too when I lived abroad. I would even be MIA for longer periods, with news blacked out. Eg One time a friend panicked and had to request a govt agency to trace me. Sure, then I was “found”. But got a good shelling from this friend after that for disappearing without leaving any news behind. But no shelling from family though. Cuz they knew me well. (I was living abroad then). Hahaha!! That was me! Reminds me of a wandering albatross! Haha! 🐾

    Hahaha … you are too sharp, my friend. I knew it. I will get caught using a new i.d. 😎 😨

    So Yoon’s comeback wont be long now. Good on him! Wish him every success!! 🍻

    I have to sign off now. In a few minutes time, Chinese tv drama Rebel Princess will be showing. I am following this drama. Its an interesting drama. We have reached up to Ep8. Tonight’s will be ep 9. 😀

    Good night. Sweet dreams! 🌹


  179. 179 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #178 dinopie

    Ah i see, i can relate cuz i do MIA too!~ Except no one really missing me out lmao :”) It’s been 2 times i have been MIA, because i felt like i’m gaining too much attention that i can’t handle that much, so i just MIA for months even years, just to let people not finding me out :”) Eh? I think this the reason why no one really missing me out lol-

    Huweeee???? Goverment agency???? The amount of the panic of your friend is unbearable 😳😳

    Hehee~ Better practice your MIA, mate!~ So you don’t get caught again~~ 🤭

    Thank you so much for your wishes!~ 💙💙💙💙 I hope his comeback doing well~~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  180. 180 : dinopie Says:

    #179 Tyya Lavender

    Hi Tya! 🌻

    Wow! Didnt know that you did experience MIA too. No doubt sometimes the pressure of the attention that came could be overwhelming. But didnt you think that it could be risky for your career? That doing an MIA could adversely affect it?

    As for me MIA is a normal thing for me. Its the way that works out for me to unwind.

    Re my friend who panicked over my supposed disapearance. He had thought that something bad had happened to me. He is an old friend. I didnt know that he had been keeping tabs and been tracking me since I relocated overseas. He was just watching over me. We hardly commumicated. When he lost track of me, a few days later, as a last resort, he contacted the govt telecommunications agency of the country I lived in for help. They succeeded to locate me via records of phone calls I made. Sure, I kena scolded by him after that. Hehe! 👻 I was only wanting to be alone. Besides I was also volunteering. A safe activity. ☺

    Its hard to MIA for long spells nowadays. The internet does not give any privacy anymore. Nowhere to hide now. So you too think and plan hard how you are going to do it if you need to go MIA.

    Tya, I’ll sign off now. Its getting late already.

    Good night!! 🌹


  181. 181 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #180 dinopie


    Career?? Ah i forgot to mention that i’m doing that (MIA) in the meaning of social media, i don’t have any careers yet because i’m still high schooler :”3

    Same! It’s normal thing for me too, is this how lone rangers usually do? Lol

    Huweeee, your friend is overwhelming protective 😳😳 Can’t imagine in your position (///_///)

    Oof- You’re right, internet does not give any privacy anymore, this is why i kinda rarely online in social media, only close friend/relatives communicate me from my phone number.

    Also, update from Kang Seung Yoon’s comeback music, he’s gonna release his full-length album in March! Oooohhhh!!~~ Strap in, folks! Cuz we gonna ride this rollecoaster! Weeee~~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  182. 182 : dinopie Says:

    #181 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya!! 🌻

    Hope this time there is no hiccups here. The whole nite my internet connection is erratic.

    Re MIA. Its a common practice and popular among lone rangers. Lone rangers enjoy and love the solitude of MIA. Its good theraphy for the spirit and mental wellbeing. ☺

    Yeah. My friend almost had a heart attack when he thought something bad had happened to me. But he recovered fast after he gave me a good shelling. ☺ I have a few good friends. Quality not quantity. Now we are adults. We lead our own lives and do not kachau each other unncessarily. ☺
    Tya, whilst on the subject of friends, I would like to ask you to never stop believing in yourself. Be firm and steadfast in your own judgement. Do not rely on other people’s advice or decisions. You only know your own situation well. You are a very intelligent and smart person. You can only judge and guide yourself well. Nobody can. Ok? ☺ Sorry. Do not be angry with me for trying to be a big sis here.

    I have to sign off now, before the internet connection acts up again
    Good nite! 🌹💓


  183. 183 : dinopie Says:

    Tya Lavender

    Rushing a short note here. Sorry my above msg is short and abrupt. Not suppose to be. Wanted to give more details. But cud not. Having internet connection problems.

    Should you have questions for me, plse let me know. I happy to answer best I can.

    Good nite. 🐻


  184. 184 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #182 dinopie

    Hey hey!~

    Oh my stars! You’re just like me! 😮 I have a few friends too despite me being lone rangers, and i’m pretty selective with people, my teacher always told me not to be so selective with friends but eh…. I can’t, it’s also preventing me from toxic people you know :/

    Awww dinopie~~ (///3///) You’re making me blushing 🤧 Thanks for the encouragament, i deeply apperciate it ^^ Awhhhh!~~ That’s okay!~ You can also always be my big sister!~ ^o^ 💙💙💙💙

    Ah, how’s your progression with WINNER? Did you find any your most favorite song? I’m gladly to hear about your opinion, dinopie ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  185. 185 : dinopie Says:

    #184 Tya Lavender

    A Very Good Morning to you Tya !! 🌻🌞

    I think your teacher could be encouraging her students to be friendly, though she/he did not go further on to say “choose the type of friends”. ☺ Generally its important for most people to be selective about whom they make friends with, for reasons that (1) we can “click” or connect with. This is a natural part of the human/animal’s instinct. (2) to prevent ourselves from getting into bad company? ☺ But there are of course some people who are not bothered about this practice… Its their choice? ☺ This is life. Makes the world go round.

    Re Winners. The last time I visited them at YT was about a week ago. It was just to listen to some of their songs. I have not checked out their variety shows yet. It’ll be a while b4 I can ‘tick’ off each item in the lists you gave me to check out. ☺ Yes, the lists of suggestions you gave are still with me. I have filed them up. Keeping them. They are my important reference materials. Must have taken some of your busy time to gather them? Thank you so much. 🌹🌹

    News that the covid pandemic is not good all around the world. ☺ My country is not doing well either. An Emergency state has been declared in bid to control the spread of covid. Emergency status till August 2021. Emergency laws now applied. Strictly. We on our part must make sure to behave ourselves. 😷

    Well, I’ll sign off for now. Take care! 🌻


  186. 186 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #185 dinopie

    Hai hai!~

    Yeah, sometimes it do be like that though :”3

    Busy time? Nahh, i have quite a lot free time hehe~~ Oh yeah, i heard an info that Kang Seung Yoon in his comeback, he’s writing,producing,arranging music, even directing MV in own his way! Damn, he robbed all YG’s staffs salary lmaoo 😭🤲 I can’t imagine YG’s staffs just watching him doing his own stuff 😭🤧 This is why it takes so long, it’s been 8 years without full album because Yoon does all the stuff by himself! 🤧 Especially Yoon is a perfectionist, one wrong slip, rearrange again! But for us, it’s already good enough~~ 😭🤲 He said that this full album is gonna be his “spectrum” style, more likely diverse (?) Let’s see how diverse it is! 🤧

    Oof, same goes in here, it’s getting dangerous, people better start behave more appropriately before it starts spread more!

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  187. 187 : dinopie Says:

    #186 Tya Lavender

    Good Morning, Tya!! 🌻🌞

    Re Yoon comeback. We cannot blame Yoon for wanting to handle his comeback project all by himself. He’s a perfectionist? And it took him 8 years? In this respect he lost too, monetary wise. His loss was time=money. He is aware if this. Looks like he is more interested in making forever lasting music than a fast dollar. He deserves our respect for this his belief in himself and his hardwork. ☺ Hope other artistes and YG would see it from this angle. ☺

    I too am curious about this “masterpiece” of Yoon’s. Look forward to it. ☺

    Tya, this week there is a piece of news going viral about a SKorean tv broadcast station announcing that a politician from Malaysia claim that holy water could cure covid19. ☺ Should you see this news, do not believe it. It is a mischief. Fake news. Someone had superimposed a picture of the Malaysian politician over the original image. ☺ The original SKorean news – http://m.bilibili.com/video/av8611287

    Have a nice weekend!! 🌻


  188. 188 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #187 dinopie

    Hello dinopie!~

    Yoon doesn’t care about money really, he only cares making forever lasting music, he does say this in somewhere interview, “The main reason from our music (he was referring to WINNER’s music) are not for beating someone else (competing to be number one) but for healing. Eventually, we hoping people that listen to our music, can be a ‘WINNER’ and have a positive and strong mind.” That’s why you always felt happy/calm hearing WINNER’s songs, they’re making healing songs 🤧 Almost all YG artist’s comeback are long way, YG does have this marketing where the artist can only comeback once in year/one or two month only, they make people very curious, lots of people makes various rumors, and once they comeback, they’re hyping it so badly because they ‘missed’ that artist so much. But since there’s a change in YG Entertainment, now one month can be two artist’s comeback. Lots of YG stan missing the old method, but for me? Eh i don’t really care at this point, i just support whatever the time it is lol

    I’m gonna update it sooner if there’s any news about it!~

    Ehhh??? I didn’t know there’s any news like this, never checked news ueueue pardon me 🤧🙏 Haish, just same stuff as Indonesian will do, last year, i don’t know who’s the person is but he claimed that eucalyptus oil can cure COVID-19, and i’m like, “Well…. If they do, they’re gonna mass production of it, you’re just scamming people outta nowhere in this sick situation 💀” I honestly felt embarrased when international media news talks about it (T_T)

    Also, i didn’t know this site can put link website and it works! Hehe might put this beautiful photo of Yoon~~ https://www.instagram.com/p/CKT9Yhis7kH/?igshid=1oakrw0d7j7e6
    (You can slide the picture!)

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  189. 189 : dinopie Says:

    #188 Tya Lavender

    Good Afternoon, Tya !! 🌻🌞

    I was dilly-dallying in going online hoping for internet connection to stabilise. But till now, its still the same. Erractic. Been like this for some time now.
    ☺ Meanwhile, plus point was, while waiting, I got to do the laundry, prepare a lovely bowl of noodles for a late breakfast, and caught up with reading the days’ backlog of reports and info on world’s current affairs forwarded to me by friends for my interest. ☺ The saddest one was the Latest Update on the MH370 plane disapperance tragedy. This tragedy happened 7 years ago. Yet there is still an air of deep sadness overhanging it whenever the subject comes up. Reason? Whole crew and passengers and the jumbo jet itself disappeared midway during flight to China. Sad. 😯

    Re Yoon’s IG pic. Thanks so muuuch for it! 👌🌹 I luv it. Yoon looks so cute! Ooops! I’ve said it again. (You know what to do? Seal your lips?) Hehe ! 🙊

    I agree. Winner’s music and songs somehow grab our complete attention. Enough to drop whatever we are thinking or doing just to be with the rythmn of the song. I dont understand the language, but yet I just love how the songs take hold of my full attention. Make me feel alive. 🙊 How else could I account for spending time at the J.Store just so I could listen to the songs piping thro the store. Many times I did this! Hehe! 🙊

    Re Artistes comeback and YG. I am not aware that artistes comebacks are based on a roster, and that their duration is only for two months. Wow.. I had always thought that at any time a project comes up which suits a particular group or actor, it is than AllGo. Woah .. having to be rostered and only for a short time span of two months is such a waste of time and energy. What if during this time, success did not take off immediately? Does it mean the artiste(s) got to wait for following year? ☺ I wonder, could this roster system be due to YG having too many artistes to handle? If so, I dont think its good system. Much time, energy, funds and talents are in cold storage when they should be productive already. ☺

    Well, I will sign off now. Have a nice day!! 🌻


  190. 190 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #189 dinopie

    Hello my flower!~ 🌻🌻🌻🌻

    Ah…. The MH370 incident…. I remember there were 7 Indonesian passengers and 50 Malaysian passengers in that airplane, rest in peace for the passengers and crews.

    No, don’t seal your mouth, don’t feel shy to praise him, hehe!~ 🤭 The second photo is actually his spoiler for his comeback full album! Man, one photo already making me crazy by his overwhelming visual, how about later on his MV or his photobook in his full album? Amboii~~ Can’t imagine it! 😫😭

    I know right?? It’s kinda hard right now to find some good K-Pop musics, maybe i found one or two but it doesn’t last long like WINNER does 🤧 Personally, i like instrumental more than vocals, that’s why i like listen to Jazz or Hip-Hop or any kinds of instrumental!~ Good music is good music, i don’t care what people said! 😤

    Eh? I-i meant that YG artists can only comeback for once in year/month, they never go for straight 2 months, pardon for my confusing word, i wrote last comment in the middle of night after warm-up drawing, must be drowsy as heck 🤧 Now, for 1 month can be two YG’s artists to comeback, for example, TREASURE’s last comeback was in 11 January meanwhile Bobby (iKON member) are in promotion, his comeback started in 25 January. So it’s like 2 weeks promotion (?) Idk ueueueue 🤧 The old method was like 1 month 1 artist or 1 year 1 artist.

    Have these cute picture of Mino and Yoon hugging Jinu and Hoon’s pillow because they missed them so much, including me sniff :”3

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  191. 191 : dinopie Says:

    #190 Tya Lavender

    Good Morning, Tya!! 🌻🐾

    Finally I got time for myself now. This morning was Shi’s. Prepared and served her food. Wiped her down with wet towel as she refused to shower. Fed her victmin (for appetite). Clean her potty. Tidy her latest sleeping quarters (she kept changing every once in a while). 🐾 I think Shi is a racist cat. One day she ran out when the front door was opened. (She’s not allowed to go out alone without me as she might get lost). She ran so fast away, until she reached a neighbour’s place, just when neighbour was coming out. They came face to face. Hahaha! 🐾 Shi immediately made a U-turn and ran so fast back home. Zoomed past me, straight thro the front door, into the home!! Haha! 🐾 The neighbour was an Indian wearing a turban!! 🐾

    Tya, you telling me to be brave and praise Yoon openly? Oh gosh! What if he finds out? Where am I going to hide. Are you fat enough for me to hide behind your back? No-lah!! You know, I know is enough, lah! Hehe! 😜 Btw, I clicked the link you gave. Thanks much 🌹🐾 Poor guys missing their pals. Pillows are good replacements. I can see that. 🐾 Caution! Oh gosh! I must keep a close watch on my own pillows. Precious commodity, pillows are. More precious if got lingering smell of its owner. Dont believe me? Ask Shi. Shi knows better. 🐾

    Thanks for clarification on the YG comebacks. This looks like the current system is better. It open more opportunities and chances for the artistes to breakout? ☺

    Oh talking about jazz… I love jazz, blues, and american country and westerns. And I still do love them. (My dad used to like Beatles! Imagine that. But he’s passed some years ago). I love Beatles too. Hehe! ☺

    Tya, have to sign off now. Bye for now. 🌻🌹

  192. 192 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender

    Here is a lovely song I would like to recommend. Its a famous and popular classic. Do not miss it.

    Go to You Tube ..

    Title : Do That To Me One More Time

    By : Captain & Tenille

    The title and lyrics might be misunderstood. But in actual fact when you listen to the song with an open heart, its a beautiful song…


  193. 193 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #191 dinopie

    Hello there, dinopie!~

    Oh Shi~~ What a cute rascal cat, i wish i could see her ueueue 🤧 It reminds me of my stray cat named Rimu, when i’m sad or feeling down, she immediately knew and approach me, as like she said, “Aw you’re sad? Let me snuggle you for healing~” Awh, i miss her so much *sniff-

    Yes hihihi~~ Yoon likes to be praised, don’t feel shy about it~~ 🤭👀 WINNER is the only group i know that their chemistry is so strong that even when some of them are enlisted, they still strong together 😭🤲 Reminds me of my relationship with my 2 brothers, even though i’m still high schooler and all my brothers are married, we still connected until now 😊

    Hmm yes i think so, but some of YG stans said that this new method is not really working for them because now there are two things to hype at the same time and it doesn’t bring the hype that much because it collides one to another. One is too much hype, other one is less hype.

    Out of K-Pop scene, i like western artist such as Troye Sivan, The Weeknd, or Caravan Palace, they make great musics, you should check them out!~
    My personal favorite songs:
    Easy – Troye Sivan
    In Your Eyes – The Weeknd
    Plume – Caravan Palace

    Also, thank your for your recommendation! I will check it soon as possible!~ ^u^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  194. 194 : dinopie Says:

    Hello Folks

    Good afternoon! ☺

    With reference to msg #192 above, please note that the song recommended was done in good faith. At any time no offence whatsoever was intended. Please listen at your discretion.

    Thank you.

  195. 195 : dinopoe Says:

    #193 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya, Good Afternoon. 🌻

    First and foremost, let me apologise for recommending this song (msg #192) to you. I realised that I might have stepped out of place. Sometimes I forget that not everybody is the same as me. Sorry. 🙊

    Haha! Surprising, my pet A’Shi has a fan, wanting to have a look at her! I dont know how I’m going to show her picture to you. 🐱 Anyway I shall describe her to you. Shi is a normal local cat. Black and white in color. Intelligent and smart. She’s with me since she was 2 -3 mths old. We met at a car park many years ago. She was an abandoned kitten. One night, she jumped into my car ahead of me when I opened the car door. Smart of her. So I brought her home with me. She’s lived with me since then. 🐱 When I first brought her home, I had her go thro a health check and neutered at the vet clinic. But now, she’s showing signs of age. But its ok. Who doesn’t age? 🐱

    Tya, I’ve checked out the three songs you listed. Sorry to say they do not appeal to me. Hehe!! ☺

    Re YG arranged combacks. ☺ I am still of the opinion that the current system is better than the old one. Current system promotes two teams. Old system promoted one team only. Too slow and too little. ☺ In the current system, all it takes is for both promoting teams of artistes to work in tandem to achieve their purpose. The one that is not doing well, cannot expect the other team to slow down to level the playing field. Why should the leading team re-tract when already going full steam ahead? No logic. By right, the slow team should try to catch up! This encourages the slow team to work and push themselves harder if they want to achieve something. ☺ Unless, if its the Korean culture that the tallest nail must be hammered down, then its a different story altogether. ☺

    Btw, chewing on cushions can get indigestion! 😜

    Bye for now. Have a good day. Keep warm. 🍫🌹


  196. 196 : Tya Lavender Says:


    Is this working?? I been trying send the message but the website seems won’t let me do it- And this is 2nd time trying send the message huweee 😭😭😭😭

  197. 197 : Tya Lavender Says:

    Oh finally it can do it 😭🤲 Hmmm maybe because i put two links in the comments? Huweeee come on admin, let us put two links at the same time 😭🤲

  198. 198 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #195 dinopie

    Sorry about the inconvenience 😭🤲 It looks like the website can’t put two links at the same time, this website has pity tsk 😭

    It’s okay dinopie!~ No need to apologize, haven’t heard it yet but maybe sooner listen to it!~

    Awwww~~ She must be a cute cat!~ She’s lucky to have generous owner like you ^^

    It’s okay~ Everyone got their own tastes, hmm for me, i don’t really mind about YG’s old or new promotion, as long the artists still making musics, i will be always waiting for them to release their amazing musics. ☺️

    Have a picture of Blonde Yoon!~ His blonde hair is my favourite his hair color 😭🤲 He looks like webtoon/manga character and i even thinking to myself, damn, he must be escaped from webtoon/manga world and became a human 😭🤲

  199. 199 : Tya Lavender Says:

    Well- Looks like i can’t put YouTube link tsk 😭

    Did i mention that he was a professional billiards player? No? Well, let me tell you, he was a professional billiards player at the age of 16, YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT- So professional that he became representative of billiards player in Busan 😭🤲 He could be a professional billards player but he choose to sing, his dedication is truly on beyond 😭🤲 Try to search Kang Seung Yoon billiards, he was playing billiards with Oppa Thinking’s MC (psttt! you wanna know who’s the winner? of course, it’s him! te-hee!~)

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  200. 200 : dinopie Says:

    #196-199 Tya Lavender

    Oh gosh!! Poor fella, Tya!! Having to go thro such ‘net hiccups’. Frustrating experience, I know. I’ve been thro such lately too. I noticed it happened only during the night. Dont know what’s the cause. Though when it happened, my device will show no internet connection. It will come on again, then off again. This caused so many breaks in msg transmissions similar to your experience, as did I too. ☺

    Once I had a more teruk case. Someone “stole” my landline to use. He used it to subscribe for an internet service. I didnt know about it until when the bills started to come to me. ☺ I lodged an official complaint with the telco. An investigation was done. Took about 3 mths to finished. ☺ Turned out to be an internal job. A group of staff members hijacked my line then ‘sold’ it to someone else. Turned out I was not the only victim. There other victims too. Some staff from northern branch office to KL were caught guilty. They were fired from their job immediately. ☺

    Hahaha! Yes, I clicked the link you gave. I see what you mean .. Yoon surely look like a webtoon character!! Partly, I think its also due to his round face and the hairstyle…. well, its unique! Haha! Yoon style! 😚

    Yoon is a born achviever. He excels in almost everything he sets his mind on, doesnt he? And the thing is, he can excel, simply, cuz he got the mindset and the brains to do it. ☺ So he decided to be a musician instead of billiard pro. I am sure choosing whichever he chose, he would still excel in it. ☺ The difference is as a musician, he’s more grounded. As pro billiard player, he has to travel the circuit world over, for tournaments which can be exhausting. Hard way to earn a living, not to mention having to rub shoulders with gaming bad hats along the way too. Its better to be a musician. ☺

    Signing off now. Have a good day! Keep warm. 🌻🌹


  201. 201 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #200 dinopie

    Huweeee this is so annoying 😭 I hope there’s no hitch next time 🤧 Sadly i can’t put some YouTube links in here, come on admin, let us put some YouTube links 🤧🤲

    What??? That’s so scummy! Luckily they’re fired, the telcom should check their staff correctly one by one after that incident! So there’s no scummy actions again!

    I KNOW RIGHT???? Blessed for his visual 😭🤲 Here’s his recent selfie https://www.instagram.com/p/CKy6Wu1HEQU/?igshid=u0fymqcrrloj
    Sometimes i forgot he’s 28 years old man- (in Korean age)

    Beside Yoon, Mino is a good at drawing too!~ His drawing might confuse you at first but his art describe as primitive style, he can draw realism too!~

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  202. 202 : dinopie Says:

    #201 Tya Lavender

    A very good morning to you, Tya!! 🌻🌹

    Seems like you know that I like art? I am surprise you knew. How? 🌷 Yes, I like art. I see art in everything that my eyes see But in truth, I am a dumb bell in the real skills of art. Cannot draw and or paint, ignorant in the techniques, the various paints, etc etc. I can appreciate professional art pieces etc etc. 🌷 Thanks for the links to Mino. I’ve checkef out his art pieces there. He’s got talent. I note his pieces tend to express strong emotions. My heart seems to beat faster when I look them. I think they are suited more for tough people. 🌷 W boys are to be admired. They are such skillfull guys apart from making music. (Tya, including you. I think you are artistic too.) 🌷

    Tya, this msg to you will be broken in parts. Reason… hiccups.


  203. 203 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender

    Msg 2/2

    I wonder whether you have thought about moving to elsewhere to msg? Such as to some other spot here? Or other options? Etc etc. Let me know what you think.

    Have a nice day. Keep warm.


  204. 204 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #202 dinopie

    Te-hee~ Did you forgot that i can read someone’s mind online?~ 🤭 Same goes for me, everything in my eyes could be an art 😉 Your welcome, dinopie!~ For me, it’s mind boggling art piece!~ Thinking how the streak or the emotion putted on, whooey!~ Awwww (////3////) thanks dinopie~~ You’re making me blush ehe~~

    #203 dinopie

    I got three options:
    – Facebook
    – LINE
    – Discord
    That’s my options for now because there’s no way i’m sharing my phone number in public website—
    How about you, dinopie? Any options?

  205. 205 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender 🌻

    Re msg 203, all is well. I only brought up the idea (203) is for reasons below :

    1) This thread is much loaded. It would be better to shift to location with less traffic.

    2) The net connectivity for this particular site has developed some hiccups lately. Connectivity keeps breaking up one way or another – intermittently. This results in transmission of messages breaking up midway, and the loss of the message itself. Time and effort is required to redo lost message.

    Just play the idea around in your head and see what comes out. Any option or suggestions you have are open for discussion. How about it?

    Sorry for dropping a bombshell on you so suddenly. All done in good faith. ☺

    Keep warm and sleep well. 🌹

  206. 206 : dinopie Says:

    #204 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya! 🌻

    Did your 6th sense also tell you that msg 204 and 205 were about to meet in mid-transmission? Your 6th sense is scary. 😻

    I’ve just briefly read msg 204. Can I come back to you tomoro with an indepth response to your suggestions. The three options you mentioned are totally new to me. You are teaching me a lot each day. Thank you. 🌹 I am learning, like someone just out of the woods. Its true anyway. No harm done. I was a recluse b4 you surfaced. Hehehe !! 🌹

    So good night. Sleep tight! 🌹


  207. 207 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #205 dinopie

    1) Hmmm i see, i know its begin heavier than ever, i have to press “load comments” button in order to see your comments ~~

    2) Yeah, i feel that too since you can see my message breaking up like biscuits ;u; I almost panicked because why i can’t send my message right away (T~T) Also i can’t put some YouTube links in here~~ Amboi! Such a hassle! 😫😭

    #206 dinopie

    Hmm not really hehe ^^; I was born like this, soo anything will go? Hehe ^^

    Oh you seems never use social media, so is this the first time you talking in online with stranger?
    Okay, i will tell you these three social media ^^

    LINE: This is messenger app from South Korea, you could send sticker in there!~ You simply need a phone number or email to sign up, after that, go ahead make an ID, once you make it, you can’t change it. By that, you can add your friend by ID ^^ I usually often message my friend from other country, but ehhh i use this now as an easy pass for any website hehe :”3

    Facebook: In this app, you can post your photo/video and chat with Messenger! Same just as LINE, you need phone number or email to sign up . I make account in here just to get easy pass in a game lol

    Discord: About this application, this more likely wider one because this application focus to group chat, you can call a group and share screen of your phone/laptop! I rarely use this because…. I don’t have any friends that uses Discord :”

    I wish i could show you how to sign up but most the tutorial are from YouTube, i can’t put YouTube links in here ueueue 🤧

    I’m often online in Whatsapp, but this involves my phone number, so i give you my username, same as goes my username in this website ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  208. 208 : dinopie Says:

    #207 Tya Lavender

    Hi Tya !! 🌻

    What a pleasant surprise to hear from you, earlier than expected. Not complaining. In fact happy to hear from you! ☺

    Yes, as responsible people, we need to realise that KD has been patient and generous to us long enough. So we need to do something about the matter. ☺

    Re use of social media. I have used it before in a small way years ago. But eventually I gave up as I need a change of environment. Got involved in part time animal rescue work and volunteering at an animal shelter. Had to stop when I fell very ill. It had been too stressful, seeing animals suffer. 🐶 One good thing happened was I inspired a rich family friend to contribute a modern fully equipped mobile vet clinic plus qualified vet which would go to animal shelters all over to provide free health care services such as vaccinations, neutering, and spaying, etc. If not vet bills would cost too much for the shelters to afford. 🐶 I am not sure now whether this mobile vet clinic is still in operation. I have not checked. I prefer to leave the decision to them. 🐶

    And now, I’m back using the internet again, but in a very limited way only. ☺

    Coming back to the choice of an app option. Facebook is out. Its not suitable. Too autocratic. Bossy. Discord’s culture is too harsh. Not suitable. This leaves LINE.

    Tya, I have a mental block here. I am confused and not quite sure about how the i.d., contact stuff and telephone nbr works. Does it mean that actually the way it operates is somewhat similar to Whatsapp? But isnt a telephone nbr required too for LINE?

    Or have you arranged such that I can now straight reach you without first having to get your phn nbr?☺

    Here’s another messaging app. Its called Telegram? Have you heard of it? I have heard of it but have not used it. You would like to check it? ☺

    We’ll discuss again? Meanwhile, I will go thro the info you’ve given in msg 207 again.

    Good night. Sleep tight! 🌻🌹


  209. 209 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender

    Forgot to mention this very important point. 😀

    Tya, at anytime should your phone nbr be required to be exposed in public, please stop it. Your safety is more important. Ok? 😀

    Good night. 🌹


  210. 210 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender 🌻

    A quick and important note for your attention.

    I’ve just discovered I cannot sign in or access my gmail account. I believe its been tampered with.

    Therefore, please note that should you receive any email or any form of contact purportedly from me they are FAKE. Do not accept.

    I will inform you when my email problem is fixed. You will know. Thanks.

    Sorry for this hiccup. Beyond my control. 💩

    Good night.
    dinopie 🌻🌹

    P/s Btw did you manage to give Telegram a check?

  211. 211 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #208 dinopie

    Hello there dinopie! I’m sorry that late reply ueueue~~ My internet connection is getting slower because the weather in here is quite rainy TT I also make a tutorial for you to get sign in LINE and Telegram ^^

    Ah i see…

    Yeah, i just realize that LINE requires a phone number, but my old account only had an email, my new one is only phone number now. Maybe changes in new policy? But don’t worry, dinopie! You can see my tutorial in blog, i put it in here ^^



    Ah Telegram? We can use that too! It’s almost the same as Whatsapp but the difference is you can add someone else’s username in search bar, even you don’t have their number!

    #209 dinopie

    Don’t worry dinopie, i don’t expose my phone number in here ;3

    #210 dinopie

    Oh it’s okay! It seems that LINE or Telegram doesn’t requires your email, only phone number ^^
    Yes i do! It’s good app too~ I already mention it previously ^^

  212. 212 : dinopie Says:

    #211 Tya Lavender 🌻

    Been trying to send msg in past 2 hrs. Unsuccessful.

    Will have to stop for now. Continue tomoro. Hopefully condition will be better then.

    Good night. 🌹🌻


    P/s Your blogspot tutorials are a superb idea. Somebody is a clever chappie !! 👏☺

  213. 213 : dinopie Says:

    #Tya Lavender

    We have had a happy and enjoyable time being friends. We clicked well together. Enjoyed the many interactions and interesting talks between us etc etc. Its too good to be true. But sometimes good things for some good reasons or other have to come to an end too.

    I have a suggestion to make.
    What do you think? That now, may be a good time for us to stop messaging each other? ☺ The reasons for this decision are good ones. ☺ You are my good friend. 🌻🌹

    We will still remain good friends. Keep watch over each other and/or make contact occasionally. 🌻🌹

    Let me know what do you feel and think about this? 🌻🌹

    Good night! Keep warm! 🌻🌹


  214. 214 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #213 dinopie

    Hello dinopie!~

    Ah… Um… Leaving soon? Um…. It’s up to you if you want to leave, it’s okay, i’m gonna miss you so much 🤧🤧

    It’s okay if we stopped messaging each other, but don’t forget that we still can chat together, hit me up in Telegram or LINE, my ID is still the same as my username in here ^^

    We can chat together again when Kang Seung Yoon is comeback in March ^^

    Have a good day!~ 💙💙💙💙

  215. 215 : dinopie Says:

    #214 Tya Lavender 🌻💓

    I will miss you too!
    See you when I see you!
    Terima kasih!


  216. 216 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #215 dinopie

    Sama sama dinopie ^^ See you later~ May God bless you and all of us forever. Amen. 💙💙💙💙

    Sincerely, your lovely Inner Circle, Tya. 💙💙💙💙🌹🌻🌼🌷

  217. 217 : Rose Says:

    Wow — this is one good drama so far. I have only seen 5 episodes. There is a lot to keep an eye out for and try to remember it all. It just started airing end of January in the Midwest. We seem to get the dramas later than other areas. I read the posts above only to Ep. 5 as I don’t want to find out everything before I want the episodes.

    Shin Sung-Rok is doing a great job in his performance. I always like seeing the different characters he plays in his dramas.

    Kang Seung-yoon changes his hair color and then he looks different.

    Ahn Bo-Hyun I have seen him a several different dramas. He looks different in this drama. Sometimes I don’t recognize the actors as they have ways of looking different

  218. 218 : dinopie Says:

    Hello Folks

    A New Update – In case you are curious as to how Dinopie is doing since her move from this thread. She wish to report that :-

    She’s doing fine. She’s still in one good piece. Nothing’s been broken or shattered. No broken heart, no broken spirit, no broken faith. And no loss of love either. So far so good. She can hold her own. Playing the game well.

    Thank you, to fellow viewers who had shown silent concerns for Dinopie. She appreciates it.

    Have a great day !


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