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Title: 카이로스 / Kairos
Also known as: Cairos / Kyros
Genre: Action, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 32 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2020-Dec-22
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 21:30 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a man who is in shock of losing his daughter and a woman who lives in the past, struggling to save the ones they love.

Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok) is a very successful man with a great job and great family with his wife, violinist Kang Hyun Chae (Nam Gyu Ri) and daughter. But one day his daughter is kidnapped. To change the fate of his daughter he contacts Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young) one month in the past. Ae Ri is a hardworking women whose mother goes missing. She then is contacted by Seo Jin from the future.


Main Cast

Shin Sung Rok as Kim Seo Jin
– Lee Jung Joon (이정준) as Seo Jin (young)
Lee Se Young as Han Ae Ri
Ahn Bo Hyun as Seo Do Gyoon
Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae

People around Kim Seo Jin’s

Shim Hye Yun as Kim Da Bin (Seo Jin’s daughter)
So Hee Jung as Jung Hye Kyung (babysitter)

People around Han Ae Ri

Kang Seung Yoon as Im Gun Wook (Ae Ri’s friend)
Hwang Jung Min as Kwak Song Ja (Ae Ri’s mother)
Lee Joo Myung (이주명) as Park Soo Jung

Yoojong Construction

Shin Goo as Yeo Seo Il (company president)
Jo Dong In as Lee Taek Kyu


Im Chul Hyung as Park Ho Young
Jeon Kwang Jin (전광진) as Choi Duk Ho
Jung Sung Joon (정성준) as Lee Tae Woo
Lee Tae Goo (이태구) as Kang Byung Suk


Go Kyu Pil as Kim Jin Ho
Choi Duk Moon as Kim Yoo Seok
Kwon Hyuk as Han Tae Gil
Yoo Yun Suk as prison guard

Production Credits

Production Companies: O H Story, Blossom Story
Director: Park Seung Woo
Screenwriter: Lee Soo Hyun

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-10-26 1 - - 2.7 -
2020-10-26 2 - - 3.7 -
2020-10-27 3 - - 2.7 -
2020-10-27 4 - - 3.1 -
2020-11-02 5 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-02 6 - - 3.3 -
2020-11-03 7 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-03 8 - - 3.5 -
2020-11-09 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-09 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-10 9 - - 3.1 -
2020-11-10 10 - - 3.4 -
2020-11-16 11 - - 3.3 -
2020-11-16 12 - - 3.0 -
2020-11-17 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-17 x 2020 KBO League  
2020-11-23 13        
2020-11-23 14        
2020-11-24 15        
2020-11-24 16        
2020-11-30 17        
2020-11-30 18        
2020-12-01 19        
2020-12-01 20        
2020-12-07 21        
2020-12-07 22        
2020-12-08 23        
2020-12-08 24        
2020-12-14 25        
2020-12-14 26        
2020-12-15 27        
2020-12-15 28        
2020-12-21 29        
2020-12-21 30        
2020-12-22 31        
2020-12-22 32        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Shiva Says:

    looks really good, recently Lee Se Young has done really good dramas

  2. 2 : dinopie Says:

    Watched Episode 1 and 2 with English subs. Drama looks promising. Intriguing and mysterious for now. Its only the start of drama. Will need to watch a few more episodes to determine how good it is.

    This drama needs lots of attention paid to it when watching. The story is not told in the flow of the drama, but in the dialogues and even in the little bit of actions and behavior of everyone, eg, from the detectives, to SeoJin’s staff, etc

    This drama might be a good pick me up on a dull day.

  3. 3 : CareLuv Says:

    Hello folks

    Just a friendly warning here :

    Should you come across what looks like a link or a few links to a Translator Bot or a link to more k-entainment information at any of the sites you visit, DO NOT click.

    Lately, there seems to be an entity on the prowl online (mainly at k-entertainment sites) to entice unsuspecting visitors to click into their sites. These entity and their sites are suspicious. DO NO CLICK.

    Take care !!

  4. 4 : dinopie Says:

    This drama sure is hell of a complicated story.

    So many characters to get to know including the worst eyersore, Kim SeoJin’s personal aide the one who loves heavy eye makeup, in his corporate status and in the construction industry!! Woohoo !

    For a start only two episodes have been aired. Between these two episodes there were already a few time switches between future and past of only a month’s difference in time. So I followed … jumped here and there accordingly so as not to miss any detail in the story.. Where am I now? Landed in the twilight zone? See, what I mean? Lost in time travel and nothingness… Ayuuuh !

    Anyway, I forgive the production people. Its only first two episodes. Plus I have not got the hank of time travel yet. Landing in the twilight zone is inevitable.

    By the end of 2nd episode can’t say that the story was all about everything, but about nothing. Finally, the story did however yield a tiny shred of substance. That of the establishment of an investigative working team of Kim SeoJin and Han AeRi. Woohoo ! So the many time jumps were not in vain after all. They did not get lost in the twilight zone. (The one who got lost was that, that whining viewer !! Ehem 😆)

    So far so good! Complicating or choatic or cunning manueverings by certain human creatures.. Kairos has caught my attention. Will be waiting patiently for the following episodes to come.

  5. 5 : Nigel F Says:

    @dinopie — The characters are not time jumping which is good cos it’d be hard to track the storyline. As it is; he is always in the future and she is always in the past. Where it might get complicated—now they know the future is not set in stone (or is it?)—should they make numerous changes to the timeline, it will prove difficult to track the storyline. Fingers crossed the writer gets it right.

  6. 6 : dinopie Says:

    Just finished watching episode 3. One hell of a trip again.

    I have decided that if I wanted to continue watching and enjoying the drama which so many people had worked hard to produce, I should just go with the flow of the story. Do not question it, do not try to understand it ..

    Yeah, its dawned on me that the characters are not actually time “jumping” but that, they could contact each other thro the uncanny occurence of a ‘time window” when the past and the future overlap each other at a particular time each day. This “time window” lasts only a minute, at every night between 10.33 – 10.34 pm.

    During this one minute, Kim SJ and Han AR would exchange info to solve the mysteries of their loved ones’ dissapearance.

    Honestly, I have no problems following the story, but I do admit that when trying to tell the story, the show had to switch the past and future every few minutes, had me all confused. Hehehe !!

    One part in particular in episode 3. When Han AR finally found her way to meet with Kim SJ at his office she was instead accused of being a troublemaker by Kim SJ and was subsequently evicted out of the office. What?

    Now, I do not understand why does Kim SJ not expect to see Han AR or know of her existence at all, when he (from future) was the one who invited Han AR to meet at his office (to work together on the investigation)?This is confusing to me.

    I think there are much too many unnecessary, not useful stuff that is written into the story with hope to make the story sound complicated and intriguing. This idea might not work out well. It might end up tripping the story instead.

    Sometimes less is more !!

    So far not much useful or concrete clues have surfaced yet, except for one man whose daughter had died in the collapse of a fun park in the past. And he blamed it on Kim SJ’s construction company. He claimed to be responsible for the kidnapping and death of Danbi, Kim SJ’s daughter. Somehow, I doubt his claim…

    But he was caught on hospital securiry camera the day Han AR’s mom went missing ? Strange. What is going on here ??

    Let’s wait and see what’s in the next episode…

  7. 7 : dinopie Says:

    Episode 4

    Well, I spoke too soon, when I said in Episode 3 that there was not much useful or concrete clues that have surfaced yet.

    Now, Episode 4 is starting to crank up the action, tension and suspense. The story is starting to take off…

    A picture is starting to form : Bits and pieces of the puzzle are being dished out to viewers’ delight. I for one is happy with this. Yay yay !! It means that I do not need to blindly go with the flow of the story anymore. I can question and try to make sense of what is happening !! Yipee !!

    The below notes are just my guesswork, which might differ from fellow viewer’s. Please bear with me…

    What I have gathered from the clues just seen in this episode is that :

    1) There is a powerful entity (I.D. is still unknown) who is wanting to take over Yoojong Construction. However, YC currently under the helm of Chairman Yeo Seo Il and his trusted and capable assistant Kim SJ is strong and steady, cannot be bought. There is no way it can be weaken in any way, to fall prey to a hostile take over.

    2) What to do to weaken YooJong to its foundation ? Answer : (A) To get rid of the main pillar, i.e. Kim SJ. (B) Once Kim SJ is down, the next target is the Chairman who would be easy meat without Kim SJ.

    Based on the above two core plans, the bad people starts their heinous and despicable crime.

    Lure Kim SJ’s wife into having an affair with his personal aide. She’s necessary victim in order to break a part of Kim SJ’s spirit and create chaos in his sensibility. And the kidnapping of their daughter. To bring him to his knees. By which time the bad people hope Kim SJ would be hopeless and useless to defend the Chairman and Yoojong Construction from a takeover.

    One good news is that, there is a possibility that Kim SJ”s wife and daughter are still alive. Been held prisoner somewhere.

    Han AeRi’s mom was involved could possibly be either she’s recruited into the scheme to run some errands in exchange for money (for her medical trestment), or she could have accidently come across the bad peoples’ plans (crime). So that’s why she too disappeared (got removed). Hopefully she’s not killed off.

    As for Kim HJ the man whose daughter was killed in the amusement park collapse, he’s very likely used by bad people as a scapegoat or a decoy.

    But the bad people did not and could not have forseen the uncanny and unbelievable occurence of a cosmic time warp. It allowed Kim SJ and Han AR to communicate with each other to investigate the disappearance of their loved ones.

    When we say “Place our enemies next to us in order to be save”,
    in this case for Chairman and Kim SJ the trusted ones turn out to be the enemies !! @#$/& 😱

  8. 8 : annmasae Says:

    @dinopie thanks for your great analysis. What you say makes a lot of sense. could not figure out what is going on. now I can relax and just enjoy this drama.

  9. 9 : dinopie Says:

    #8 annmasae

    You are welcome to read my guesswork.

    Wrote it out cuz I tend to express myself in writing. Didn’t expect to get any attention.

    (I am better at writing than talking). 🐍

    I do think too that once the motive is established, the drama could be enjoyed better and viewers can ‘participate’ in the solving the despicable case.

  10. 10 : dinopie Says:

    Hahaha !! Ooooopps !! The emoji is a snake !! 🐍

    No no, I mistook it for a dino. Emojis frm handphone sometimes don’t come out right, like now. Haha …


  11. 11 : dinopie Says:

    Episode 5

    Barring the possibility of a few points going off (episode 4) a slight tangent in the motive for whats happening, from this episode onwards I feel it will now be easier to follow the whole story that is about to unfold.

    There is less switching of time warp scenes. Instead more focus and time were dwelled on each scene where KimSJ and HanAR were. This gave the opportunity for more details and time in each respective scene’s coherent story to flow out, making it easier for viewers to follow.

    Woah !! … Kim SJ ‘s personal staff, the arrogant manager/personal aide Seo DoGyun and the thug chauffuer would have been fired by me for insurbodination. Rude and crude dudes ! Dont know why Kim SJ let them off. The did not treat him respectfully at all. If even if I had to get a board resolution (to circumvent the CEO) to fire them, I would do so !! Forget about saving their rice bowls. They do not deserve it !! Arrggg !!

    These two thugs are now clearly part of the crooked organisation. They are blatantly doing the dirty jobs on KimSJ and Han SR.

    KimSJ is beginning to suspect these two. He starts to investigate from his end, which yielded promising results. Yipee !! Fighting !!

    Meanwhile, Han AR with the help of friend Im GunWook is still plodding on a long trail looking for her mother. Without much progress or results. Though along the way she unwittingly almost gotten herself killed if not for Kim SJ’s timely alerts thro those warped phone calls.

    In this episode, we briefly see two interesting tidbits thrown out to pique viewers’ interest :

    1) Kim SJ’s wife and daughter living happily at a mansion !! So .. they are not dead afterall !! The wife looks very much like she is in on the whole treacherous scheme too. She doesnt look innocent. They were visited by that snake Do GY, her lover/Kim SJ’s p.a. Oh gosh ! Ultimate treachery !! *#”‘-$ 👹

    2) Unknown by him, SJ followed the thug chaffeur to a remote place on the outskirts of the city. In this dilapidated and rundown building… he came upon a body hanging by a rope. Body appeared long dead. Who was this dead person ?

    Let’s wait for the next episode to see what these are about …

    I have a feeling that Kairos will eventually turn out to be more of a homicide kind of drama. Where I’m concerned, its ok. Less cosmic time warping angle too, is ok.

  12. 12 : dinopie Says:

    Only episode 5 is aired this week. Reason : the KBO league game is on.

  13. 13 : annmasae Says:

    #11 dinopie thanks for your updates. guess we are the only 2 fans watching. 2) i think woman hanging is Han AR mom. so sad but hopefully her death can be reversed. I was disappointed to realize that Kim SJ’s wife is not that innocent. Looking forward to next week.

  14. 14 : dinopie Says:

    #13 annmasae

    Hahaha… well, it certainly looks like we are the only two fans here. But in truth, I think there are other Kairos fans who can be found at other sites too…. A matter of fans’ preference. Haha !!

    Yeah. At first glance I caught a glimpse of the hanging body as that of Han AR’s mom. However without confirmation (via next episode), I dared not say so as a sure thing.

    If it was Han AR’s mum, it was a sad thing to happen. Either she didn’t know that she was dealing with vicious and monstrous people or, that she was too desperate for money for her medical treatments.

    I am not too keen for a reversal of her death via some cosmic intervention. Its cuz her death is not the only one speck of incidence that hapoened. There would be a universal myriads of other stuff happening too. Tweaked her death, and
    a cosmic domino effect might happen. What will be the final big picture then ? As such, I would prefer to let sleeping dogs lie… try not to play God.

    Kim SJ’s wife is worse of the worse bitch around. She’s utterly got no morals at all. She’s not human !! She makes me cringe !!

    I think she’s at the top level of the criminal organisation that is behind this crime.

  15. 15 : Tya Lavender Says:

    @annmasae @dinopie Heyaaa~~ May i join the clout? 👀 Hihihi~ Maybe beacuse this drama is kinda underrated, that’s why people rarely commented in here huhu~

  16. 16 : dinopie Says:

    #15 Tya Lavender

    Hello T Lavender

    Happy to meet you. Of course, you are welcome here. The more people here, the better !! Its been too quiet here. So much so, that I think I can even hear my own thoughts. Hahaha !! Sounds like I’m going bonkers? Haha !! Just joking !!

    Yeah. A pity this drama is under-rated. Audience’s preference is hard to gauge isn’t it. Let’s hope it will do better as time goes on.

    Drop by whenever you can, to just chit chat, or discuss, rant or whine, etc etc

    Take care ! Stay safe ! Have a good nite ! ☺

  17. 17 : Tya Lavender Says:

    #16 dinopie

    Omg thank youuu ueueue, i’m so glad to join in here huhu~~ Don’t worry, we’re in the same place, i thought i’m going crazy over this drama all alone ueueue (TwT) But luckily i have friend too watching Kairos, she said she wanted to comment in here but she’s kinda shy hehe 😅

    Amen to that sis! I hope people know more about Kairos! ^^

    Thanks, mate, you’re awesome hihi~ 💙💙💙💙

  18. 18 : N.O Says:

    So far, such a great Korean thriller drama, especially the intelligent and strong actor and actress, Shin Sung Rok and the natural beauty, Lee Se Young!

  19. 19 : dinopie Says:

    #17 Tya Lavendar

    As a 32 episodes drama, there’s still a long way to go. I guess there are going to be plenty twists and turns to the story to come. So there will be plenty more to show and tell.

    So come on and bring yourself and your friend here to say what’s on your mind as the story goes along.

  20. 20 : annmasae Says:

    Glad more people are joining in. I always look forward to @dinopie analysis. Please explain more about Episode 6. You were right about Kim SJ wife. It looks like she and the daughter are ok. Kim SJ will be taking over projects from evil Seo Do Gyun so I hope he doesn’t get blamed for any problems with the projects. # 18 N.O I am also a fan of Lee Se Young (Ae Ri). She is the reason I started watching this drama. Ratings are still low in Korea but I am really enjoying drama. Only problem is that Viki takes a long time to translate.

  21. 21 : dinopie Says:

    #28 N.O

    Hi, N

    Glad to hear from you. Please make yourself at home here. It would be nice to hear your mind and thoughts as we go along.

    I’m happy that finally I do not feel as if I’m a ghost here. Hahaha ! I got company now !

    So dont be shy, eh?

    Look forward to seeing you !! ☺

  22. 22 : Fira putri Says:

    I love this drama and I hope it will not have an open ending, because I often found fantasy dramas/movies to have an open ending and I hate it:(
    And we are still far away from the ending, so i hope all the mysteries can be solved, including how ae ri from the past can have a phone call to Seojin from the future, and why it has to be 10.33(???)

  23. 23 : Fira putri Says:

    #15 Tya Lavender

    Yeah, I’m sad that this drma is underrated, all my friends usually talk about Kdrama, but I don’t think they are watching this, and this drama is still ongoing, they probably wait until it has full eps T^T

  24. 24 : Tya Lavender Says:

    @Fira putri @dinopie

    There’s she goes! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s my best friend, and btw, yeah, i hope the mystery can be solved soon, i can’t really say anything because i kinda forgot the storyline ueueue ;3; 👉👈

  25. 25 : dinopie Says:

    Sorry, I have not posted my thoughts on Episode 6.

    If you have watched Ep 6, you would have noticed that the only main focus was placed on Kim SJ’s investigation on the I.D. of the dead body and Han AR’s search for her mom. Nothing much to draw great attention.

    And the rest of in-between scenes seem frivolous.

    You would be surprised to know the telling of the story lies here. That these frivolous scenes are full of clues and hints (many) on what direction the story might take. Possibly done on purpose by Production Team. (One of reasons why I was mulling how should I write about them here in a concise manner).

    The best would be to go watch Ep 6 again.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short I’ll only jot down a few hints I picked up that are significant :

    1) Kim SJ’s wife, the ruthless and vicious physco, might betray Seo DG in the end. She does not love him! She’s just using him now. Hurray !! (Did I just cheered?) Hurray !!

    She’s the one at the crest of the whole plot, I think. Plotting, planning and manipulating.
    However, will she get away in the end ? Don’t think so. Team Kim SJ/Han AR will stop her.

    2) She currently has plans to use Han AR, unknown to AR. She’s secretly now studying, watching AR. AR in danger now. Physcos can be very devious. They are great manipulators.

    3) CEO of Yoojoong Construction I think, is not exactly oblivious to what’s going on to Kim SJ and the corporation. He’s cool. He plays his hand cooly. Right now, he does not know the reasons for the attack. So he’s investigating the case quietly. Passive agressively?

    First he put Kim SJ on home leave. Purpose was not to let him rest. But unknown to Kim SJ, to push him to go dig for more info.

    Then he placed Seo DG to take over Kim SJ’s projects. Purpose, to study Seo DG (enemy) better.

    Next, return projects to Kim SJ plus a promotion. CEO’s ultimate plan to hand over Yoojoong Construction to Kim SJ. This show is a message to Kim SJ and enemies that he (CEO) backs Kim SJ.

    Kim SJ’s promotion might rile the enemies to show their hand in desperation. Enemies lured to trap set up by CEO?

    CEO finally now has the answers as to why Yoojoon Construction is under attack now for building negligence after all these years. He’s done. He’s a cool cat.

    From here on, I guess CEO will extend his full support to Kim SJ to ward off the attack.

    Well, right now, these are the main points I can remember. These plus what you have, would make a bigger picture for us to see?

  26. 26 : dinopie Says:

    #18 N.O

    Firstly, please forgive me for errors in the numbers. Two reasons why it happen : 1) Could be I got mata tak center? 2) I using handphone. Keyboard hard to use? Hehehe ! Just excuses lah !!

    Waaaa… your friends are fast to visit here. Happy event !!

    Thanks for your assistance. 💓

  27. 27 : Fira putri Says:

    #25 dinopie

    And what do you think about Ae ri’s Mom? Why she has to stay away from Aeri and why she have to be killed?

  28. 28 : dinopie Says:

    #N.O #Tya Lavender #Fira Putri

    Welcome here !! Please make yourselves at home here.

    This is a open site dedicated to k-dramas and k-movies. It welcomes viewers and fans to mingle and share their thoughts and opinions here. We will have a fun time.

    As with elsewhere, this site appreciates respectable and responsible posts, so would all of us, wont we?

    BTW, like you, I am also a visitor here, though I am a regular, and been here for some time now.

    I am happy that I will not feel lonely here anymore.

    Stay safe !! Have a great day !

    Re: Kairos

    This drama is interesting in that it gets viewers to want to join in, in solving the case.

    The mystery started off complicated. Now as it progresses the story is easier yo understand. But its still very interesting..

    Regarding the mystery of the time warp, and the opening of the window of a time gap lasting only 1 minute, I too wonder whether Scriptwriter will explain the cosmic mechanism aspect of it later on. Or possibly, it is only fiction ?

    Have a nice day, chingus !!

  29. 29 : dinopie Says:

    #27 Fira Putri

    The reason why Han AR’s mom left the hospital (though the drama gave the impression that she was ‘kidnapped’) was cuz she got involved in the bad people’s scheme.

    Unknown to anyone, she could have been recruited by Seo DG’s people to do some illegal work in exchange for money. Her husband used to be a construction staff. He died in the collapse of the building that is now in the negligence criminal case.

    She needs money for her medical treatment. Hence for this purpose she foolishly agreed to work for the bad people.

    She moved away without Han AR knowledge cuz she did not want to get daughter involved.

    Han AR’s mom got killed cud be one of these or both reasons 1) she knew too much, such as identity of killers, contact numbers etc. 2) she got killed off in order the murder could be pinned onto Kim SJ plus she was of no use to bad people anymore.

    Hope I am of help.

  30. 30 : annmasae Says:

    #25 dinopie again a lot of thoughtful analysis about upcoming events. need to see episode again to confirm your thoughts.
    thanks and keep up the good work. Kim SJ/Aeri FIGHTING!!!

  31. 31 : N.O Says:

    Dinopie, tnx for yr warm welcoming and brilliant analysis! This intelligent drama, Kairos is one of the best Korean thriller drama, with strong and intelligent characters, especially the Hero & Heroine!

  32. 32 : dinopie Says:

    #30 annmasae and #31 N.O

    Hahaha !! The analyses you referred to, I would call them ‘guesswork’. I was guessing only. Haha ! Hope they will prove useful.

    Anyway, I am happy that these ‘guesswork’ are of some help to us to make some sense of this complicated story.

    As the drama still has a long way to go before it ends, I am expecting that some twists and turns might happen to the story.

    I think the lot of bad people we see currently, are not all of them.
    I believe there could be some powerfull entity up there who is the puppet master. And Kim SJ’s wife knows who they are. She’s a psycho. In previous episode, I thought I saw a young girl burning down a house with someone in it. I think it was her. Mentally sick people would only do this.

    Good thing Kim SJ’s CEO has come into the picture. He can provide much needed support to our KSJ/HAR team. They are facing a formidable enemy who would kill to get what they want.

    If you have any comments to make, keep them coming.

    Have a nice day ! 🌞🌻

  33. 33 : dinopie Says:

    Last night, I was watching, I Live Alone, an MBC variery show. The Guest of Honor at this show was actor Ahn Bo Hyun. He’s the actor who acted as Seo DG aide to Kim SJ.

    Boy, was I surprised to find that he was different from Seo DG totally. Hahaha !

    So used to seeing an awful character as Seo DG, then to see Ahn Bo Hyun as such a nice person, I could not believe what I saw. Great acting by Ahn BH. Hahaha !

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