Different Timelines Korean Dramas & Movies



Rank #56

Fifteen years ago, a young girl was unauthorized takingped on the way from school, and Park Hae Yeong, who was an elementary school student at that time, witnessed the crime....

Kairos (2020)


Rank #411

Living a precarious life as a part-timer at a convenience store, Ae Ri strives to support her mother who is on a waiting list for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, her...

The Classic (2003)

The Classic

Rank #1071

Ji Hae and Soo Kyung are friends attending the same university and both have a crush on Sang Min who is in their drama club. The more clamorous and outgoing...

Time Renegades

Time Renegades

Rank #1218

1983: Ji Hwan, a high school music teacher, is soon to wed his colleague and girlfriend, Yoon Jeong. Yoon Jeong becomes involved in a case and Ji Hwan attempts to...

On Your Wedding Day (2018)

On Your Wedding Day

Rank #1622

Do you remember your first love? This is the story of Woo Yeon, a man who sees his only love as Seung Hee, a girl who believes in falling in...


Saimdang, Light’s Diary

Rank #2618

Seo Ji Yoon is an art history lecturer who has devoted the best years of her life to earning her Ph.D. and working under her mentor, department chairman Min Jung...

Times (2021)


Rank #3873

A passionate reporter with exceptional talent, Lee Jin Woo has dedicated his entire career to pursuing nothing but the truth. Committed to telling the whole story, Jin Woo will do...

Flat (2017)


Rank #3920

Yeon Woo a highschool boy meets Da Mi, he feels an instant connection after he notices her bright red sneakers. Da Mi & Yeon Woo tell their story, reminiscing over...

Re-Feel (2019)


Rank #4951

This is café re-feel, and we have signature drinks. Are you a student? If you show your ID card of Seoyon High School or Seoyeon University, you will get a...

Hometown (2021)


Rank #5351

Set in a small rural town in 1999 where a recording tape containing a mysterious serial tragic end and an unidentified bizarre sound is discovered. In 1989, extremist Jo Kyung Ho...

People You May Know (2017)

People You May Know

Rank #6110

Lee Ahn and Jin Yeong have been in an on-and-off relationship for nine years since they met in college. One day, Jin Yeong breaks up with Lee Ahn. Even before...

Rumor (2019)


Rank #6340

‘Rumor’ is an office thriller web drama about the story of the heroine who died through the internal auditor’s death as a victim of workplace harassment, company absurdity and rumor....

Right Now

Right Now, Wrong Then

Rank #7837

By mistake, film director Ham Chun Su arrives in Suwon a day early. With time to terminate before his lecture the next day, Chun Su stops by a restored, old...

Tell Me You've Changed (2020)

Tell Me You’ve Changed

Rank #44956

The story is about Da Mi, active as a statistician in 2000, who reminisces about her past when she starts working as a researcher again in 2020, and depicts a...

Jane (2017)


Rank #49893

Jungho – a character that the audience does not know anything about – abandons Sohyun. She is now on her own, away from home, somewhere in a motel, trying to...

Invitation (2020)


Rank #59117

“I just want to know the truth.” Older brother Han Jang Seo and younger brother Han Choong Seo loved the charming woman Jang Hyeon Jae at the same time. However,...