Family Secret Korean Dramas & Movies

Flower of Evil (2020)

Flower of Evil

Rank #15

Although Baek Hee Sung is hiding a dark secret surrounding his true identity, he has established a happy family life and a successful career. He is a loving husband and...

SKY Castle (2018)

SKY Castle

Rank #84

Han Seo Jin, Noh Seung Hye, Jin Jin Hee, and Lee Myung Joo all live with their families in SKY Castle, a luxury private neighborhood hosting wealthy doctors and professors....

My Father is Strange (2017)

My Father Is Strange

Rank #335

This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Byun Han Soo is the father and His wife, Na Yeong Shil is a dedicated, responsible mother...

Kairos (2020)


Rank #411

Living a precarious life as a part-timer at a convenience store, Ae Ri strives to support her mother who is on a waiting list for a heart transplant. Unfortunately, her...

Graceful Family (2019)

Graceful Family

Rank #884

Mo Seok Hee is the sole daughter of the MC Group business empire. Financially, she wants for nothing. However, all is not well with her. She is haunted by the...


Bread, Love and Dreams

Rank #1720

Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo In Jong, the president of Geosung Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and...

Please Come Back

Please Come Back, Mister

Rank #2190

Kim Young Soo is a department store worker who dies in an accident. Upon reaching the afterlife, he pleads for a chance to go back and clear up the misunderstandings...

Come! Jang Bo Ri (2014)

Come! Jang Bo Ri

Rank #2867

“Can a long-lost daughter find happiness when she is reunited with her parents after 20 years?” In a complicated twist, a young woman from a wealthy family goes missing and...

Trolley (2022)


Rank #3152

“Trolley” will tell the story of a lawmaker’s wife who hides her past. It will showcase the dilemma and struggles that couples face as their secret got revealed to the...

The Royal Gambler

The Royal Gambler

Rank #3323

Baek Dae Gil and King Yeong Jo enter a match. Baek Dae Gil bets his life and King Yeong Jo bets the entire Kingdom of Joseon on the outcome. Baek...

Sunny Again Tomorrow (2018)

Sunny Again Tomorrow

Rank #3904

Ha Nee has been working in part-time jobs after graduating from high school. One day, she gets a job at a TV home shopping channel but gets fired from that...

Beautiful Days (2001)

Beautiful Days

Rank #4851

Lee Min Chul returns from studying in the US, to take an active role in his father’s prospering music business, Victory Records. It turns out that his father was involved...

Le Grand Chef (2007)

Le Grand Chef 1

Rank #6453

A young, incredibly talented chef quits the profession after a contest to head a world-class restaurant ends in tragedy. Retiring to a small rural town with his grandfather, he finds...

Wonderful Mama (2013)

Wonderful Mama

Rank #6486

Rich, private moneylender Yoon Bok Hee has three children. She gets Alzheimer’s and her three children go through difficulties to finally become grownups. Meanwhile, Jang Hoon Nam lost his parents...

Fashion 70's

Fashion 70’s

Rank #7070

Fashion 70’s focused on the lives of four young people, from their childhood during the Korean War, to their careers and love lives within the booming fashion world of the...

Panda and Hedgehog (2012)

Panda and Hedgehog

Rank #7266

Pan Da Yang is a bright young woman and the owner of a small neighborhood cake shop. She then becomes involved in a love triangle with Ko Seung Ji, a...

Big (2012)


Rank #7638

18-year-old Kang Kyung Joon’s spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae. Seo Yoon Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil...

Will It Snow for Christmas? (2009)

Will It Snow for Christmas?

Rank #7990

Cha Kang Jin is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around...



Rank #8210

A westernized Irish adoptee, Joong-Ah inevitably flies back to Korea to confront her past and to see the country she is really from, only to fall in love with her...

Cinderella Man (2009)

Cinderella Man

Rank #8228

When brash, street-smart orphan Oh Dae San, who makes his living copying designer fashions, and the apathetic grandson of the fashion empire Lee Joon Hee meet by chance one day,...

A LDF Original Series

Rank #35610

A three part series starring K-Pop group Stray Kids to promote the brand Lotte Duty Free. > Story 1: “Brotherly Secret” (형제의 비밀) > Story 2: “Broken Friendship” (흔들린 우정)...

Blue Birthday: The Movie (2022)

Blue Birthday: The Movie

Rank #36610

A fantasy romance movie in which Oh Ha Rin will revisit the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun, who died on her birthday 10...

Drama Special Season 12: TV Cinema - F20 (2021)

Drama Special Season 12: TV Cinema – F20

Rank #43001

Ae Ran, a mother who is proud of her son, hears the shocking news that Do Hoon, her son who left the military, has developed schizophrenia. Afraid of losing her...

Here Comes Love (2016)

Here Comes Love

Rank #44222

A family drama about a woman who is hurt by love, striving for small happiness and realizing the preciousness of family....