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Baker King, Kim Tak Goo @ Bread, Love and Dreams

Title: 제빵왕 김탁구 / Baker King, Kim Tak Goo
Chinese Title : 烘焙王金桌球
Also known as: King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2010-June-09 to 2010-Sep-16
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Viewership ratings: Peak=50.8%, Avg=38.6% (TNS Media Korea)


Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo In Jong, the president of Samhwa Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo In Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to In Jong’s mistress. Tak Goo’s determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.


Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Goo
Oh Jae Moo as Tak Goo (child)
Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung
Jo Jung Eun as Yoo Kyung (child)

Goo family

Jun Kwang Ryul as Goo In Jong
Jun In Hwa as Seo In Sook
Joo Won as Goo Ma Joon
Shin Dong Woo as Ma Joon (child)
Choi Ja Hye as Goo Ja Kyung
Ha Seung Ri as Goo Ja Kyung (teen)
Choi Yoon Young as Goo Ja Rim
Kim So Hyun as Goo Ja Rim (child)

Yang family

Jang Hang Sun as Oh Doo Yong / Master Pal Bong
Park Sang Myun as Yang In Mok
Hwang Mi Sun as Oh Young Ja
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun

Other people

Jung Sung Mo as Han Seung Jae
Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sun (Tak Goo’s mother)
Lee Han Wie as Heo Gap Soo
Park Sung Woong as Jo Jin Goo
Park Yong Jin as Go Jae Bok
Kim Jung Hak as Doctor Yoon
Jun Sung Ae (전성애) as woman from Gongju
Jung Hye Sun as Madam Hong
Choi Il Hwa as Park Choon Bae
Kim Sun Hwa as Tak Goo’s landlady
Kwon Yong Woon as Shin Bae (Yoo Kyung’s father)
Kim Hyun Ah as (Yoo Kyung’s mother)
Lee Gun as Secretary Cha
Jun Sung Hwan as fortune teller
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as trouble-solving broker
Byun Shin Ho (변신호)
Jun Hae Ryong
Min Joon Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Sub
Sceenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung


– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award – Actress (Jun In Hwa)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actor (Yoon Shi Yoon)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series – Actress (Eugene)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Writer Award (Kang Eun Kyung)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Youth Actor Award (Oh Jae Moo)
– 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Young Ah)

Presidential Honors

On December 20, 2010, the series received presidential honors in a ceremony that thanked cultural content producers for their achievements. In its 2010 Republic of Korea Content Award ceremony, the state-run Korea Creative Content Agency named the year’s winner as a part of a ceremony which is given to those who contribute to the overseas boom of Korean pop culture. (Source)

Episode Ratings

2010-June-09115.7 (6th)16.3 (6th)
2010-June-10216.9 (1st)18.4 (1st)
2010-June-16328.5 (1st)29.1 (1st)
2010-June-17425.3 (2nd)26.4 (2nd)
2010-June-23528.5 (2nd)28.6 (2nd)
2010-June-24632.2 (1st)32.5 (1st)
2010-June-30733.4 (1st)33.6 (1st)
2010-July-01835.8 (1st)35.9 (1st)
2010-July-07938.1 (1st)38.6 (1st)
2010-July-081034.5 (1st)34.9 (1st)
2010-July-141135.9 (1st)35.2 (1st)
2010-July-151236.9 (1st)36.1 (1st)
2010-July-211338.5 (1st)37.7 (1st)
2010-July-221438.4 (1st)36.5 (1st)
2010-July-281539.7 (1st)39.2 (1st)
2010-July-291639.9 (1st)38.6 (1st)
2010-Aug-041742.5 (1st)42.3 (1st)
2010-Aug-051844.4 (1st)44.0 (1st)
2010-Aug-111944.9 (1st)44.0 (1st)
2010-Aug-122044.6 (1st)43.8 (1st)
2010-Aug-182144.0 (1st)42.6 (1st)
2010-Aug-192243.7 (1st)43.9 (1st)
2010-Aug-252344.1 (1st)44.1 (1st)
2010-Aug-262444.7 (1st)44.2 (1st)
2010-Sep-012545.8 (1st)44.9 (1st)
2010-Sep-022648.4 (1st)47.2 (1st)
2010-Sep-082747.5 (1st)47.0 (1st)
2010-Sep-092848.2 (1st)46.4 (1st)
2010-Sep-152946.5 (1st)45.5 (1st)
2010-Sep-163050.8 (1st)49.7 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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