Horror Stories

Horror Stories


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Screenwriter: Lee Kyeong Ui

Release Date: Jul 25, 2012

Duration: 1 hr. 48 min.

Year: 2012

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 무서운 이야기

Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

Alternative Titles: Scary Stories, Beginning, Don’t Answer to the Door, The Sun and the Moon, Endless Flight, The Terror Plane, Secret Recipe, Ambulance on the Death Zone, The Ambulance, Mooseowon Iyagi, Museoun Iyagi, Haewa Dal, Gongpo Bihaenggi, Kongjwi, Patjwi, Aembyulreonseu, 해와 달, 공포 비

Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller


Omnibus film “Scary Stories” begins with a female high school student who is unauthorized takingped by a criminal with a speech impediment. In order to survive, she tells the scariest stories to the criminal.

> Story 1: “Beginning” (무서운 이야기) [Director: Min Kyu Dong]
A high school student named Ji Won is unauthorized takingped by a serial criminal with a speech impediment. The criminal can only go to sleep when he listens to scarystories or when he tastes blood. In order to not get terminateed, Ji Won Scheherazade-like begins telling him the four scariest stories she knows.
> Story 2: “Don’t Answer to the Door” (해와 달) [Director: Jung Bum Shik]
A sister and brother are waiting for their mom to get home. However, their mother is late and the girl begins to get caught up in her own imagination. A suspicious delivery man knocks on the door, and the siblings try not to open it.
~~ Based on the folktale “The Sun and the Moon” about a tiger who gobbles up and impersonates the mother of a young boy and his sister.
> Story 3: “Endless Flight” (공포 비행기) [Director: Im Dae Woong]
A flight attendant faces a serial criminal alone, while the airplane is flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet.
> Story 4: “Secret Recipe” (콩쥐, 팥쥐) [Director: Hong Ji Young]
Gong Ji is getting married soon to Min, a rich and handsome bachelor. But she feels anxious due to her stepsister Baek Ji’s severe jealousy. Wanting Min for herself, Baek Ji undergoes plastic surgery to look like Gong Ji. What they don’t know is Min’s secret to maintain his young face. Meanwhile, Min watches all of this, amused.
~~ Based on the folktale “Kongjwi and Patjwi”, another variant of Cinderella.
> Story 5: “Ambulance on the Death Zone” (앰뷸런스) [Director: Kim Gok & Kim Sun]
Among the five survivors inside an ambulance escaping at full speed from a horde of berserker zombies are a doctor, a nurse, an unconscious child and her mother. The young girl is found to have an unknown scar on her wrist, and the military doctor believes that she was infected by one of the zombies.

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