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You Are Too Much

Title: 당신은 너무합니다 / You Are Too Much
Chinese Title: 你太過分了
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-March-04 to 2017-Aug-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45


A drama about a star singer and an imitation singer whose name is ridiculous; their love, hatred and compassion intertwine.

Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa) has been a popular singer for the past 20 years, but she holds pain inside because of something she abandoned when she was younger. Meanwhile, Jung Hae Dang (Koo Hye Sun / Jang Hee Jin) began working as a Yoo Ji Na impersonator to support her family after her father lost his job. She sings on stage at a club and tries hard to mimic Yoo Ji Na’s songs.


Main Cast

Uhm Jung Hwa as Yoo Ji Na
Kang Tae Oh as Lee Kyung Soo
Koo Hye Sun (ep 1-6) / Jang Hee Jin (ep 7-50) as Jung Hae Dang
Jung Gyu Woon as Park Hyun Joon

Hae Dang’s Family

Kang Nam Kil as Jung Kang Shik (Hae Dang’s father)
Shin Da Eun as Jung Hae Jin (Hae Dang’s sister)
Kim Gyu Sun as Jung Hae Sung (Hae Dang’s sister)
Jung Hae Na as Jung Hae Soo (Hae Dang’s youngest sister)

Hyun Joon’s Family

Jun Kwang Ryul as Paek Sung Hwan (Hyun Joon’s father)
Jung Hye Sun as Sung Kyung Ja (Sung Hwan’s mother)
Lee Hwa Young (이화영) as Choi Kyung Ae (Sung Hwan’s wife)
Son Tae Young as Hong Yoon Hee (Hyun Joon’s fiancee)
Eru as Park Hyun Sung (Hyun Joon’s younger brother)
Yoon Ah Jung as Go Na Kyung (Hyun Sung’s wife)

Hae Jin’s Family

Kim Bo Yun as Baek Mi Suk (Hae Jin’s mother-in-law)
Kim Hyung Bum as Yeon Bong Soo (Hae Jin’s husband)
Lee Jae Eun as Yun Bong Sun (Hae Jin’s sister-in-law)
Jung Hyun Joon as Yun Ji Hoon (Hae Jin and Bong Soo’s son)


Jae Hee as Jo Sung Taek (Hae Dang’s former lover)
Choi Hyun as Choi Gun
Choi Jung Won as Im Cheol Woo
Son Gun Woo as cabaret MC
Kim Ji Hoon as young boy
Rye Woon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Shin Hyun Chang
Producer: Jo Yoon Jung
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Ha Chung Ok


Koo Hye Sun has to bow out from the drama due to allergic shock, which caused difficulties in food consumption. Then this role replaced by Jang Hee Jin starting from episode 7. (Source)


2017 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Weekend Drama) -Jang Hee Jin (You’re Too Much)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-03-04 1 11.1 (3rd) 10.9 (4th) 12.0 (4th) 12.2 (5th)
2017-03-05 2 12.2 (2nd) 12.1 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd) 15.0 (3rd)
2017-03-11 3 9.3 (4th) 9.9 (6th) 10.0 (6th) 10.8 (6th)
2017-03-12 4 10.9 (4th) 11.2 (4th) 12.9 (5th) 13.1 (6th)
2017-03-18 5 11.2 (6th) 11.3 (6th) 11.4 (5th) 11.9 (5th)
2017-03-19 6 13.3 (3rd) 13.6 (5th) 14.6 (4th) 15.2 (5th)
2017-03-25 7 9.6 (7th) 9.6 (5th) 11.2 (5th) 11.9 (6th)
2017-03-26 8 13.6 (2nd) 14.2 (3rd) 13.3 (6th) 13.3 (6th)
2017-04-01 9 10.4 (5th) 10.7 (6th) 11.3 (6th) 12.2 (4th)
2017-04-02 10 12.8 (4th) 12.6 (5th) 13.1 (5th) 13.7 (5th)
2017-04-08 11 10.5 (5th) 10.8 (5th) 9.9 (6th) 10.3 (6th)
2017-04-09 12 11.8 (7th) 12.1 (6th) 12.4 (7th) 12.6 (7th)
2017-04-15 13 11.4 (4th) 11.6 (4th) 11.4 (4th) 11.5 (3rd)
2017-04-16 14 13.0 (4th) 13.1 (5th) 12.9 (4th) 13.0 (5th)
2017-04-22 15 11.0 (3rd) 10.8 (4th) 11.8 (4th) 12.2 (3rd)
2017-04-29 16 13.3 (2nd) 12.0 (3rd) 14.0 (2nd) 14.5 (2nd)
2017-04-30 17 16.4 (2nd) 16.2 (3rd) 16.3 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd)
2017-05-06 18 14.3 (2nd) 15.0 (2nd) 14.2 (2nd) 14.3 (2nd)
2017-05-07 19 16.5 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd)
2017-05-13 20 11.4 (3rd) 11.7 (3rd) 11.4 (5th) 11.2 (6th)
2017-05-14 21 12.4 (3rd) 12.3 (5th) 12.9 (3rd) 13.4 (5th)
2017-05-20 x FIFA World Cup U20
2017-05-21 22 11.5 (4th) 10.7 (7th) 12.8 (3rd) 13.3 (3rd)
2017-05-27 23 11.8 (2nd) 10.3 (4th) 10.8 (3rd) 10.9 (5th)
2017-05-28 24 12.1 (4th) 11.2 (8th) 12.7 (4th) 12.8 (4th)
2017-06-03 25 10.3 (4th) 9.6 (4th) 11.5 (3rd) 11.3 (3rd)
2017-06-04 26 12.0 (4th) 11.5 (4th) 13.5 (3rd) 13.9 (3rd)
2017-06-10 27 11.5 (4th) 11.1 (4th) 10.9 (3rd) 10.8 (5th)
2017-06-11 28 12.9 (4th) 12.9 (3rd) 12.5 (3rd) 12.4 (4th)
2017-06-17 29 10.4 (4th) 10.2 (4th) 12.2 (4th) 12.2 (4th)
2017-06-18 30 13.9 (3rd) 13.5 (4th) 14.4 (3rd) 14.3 (3rd)
2017-06-24 31 11.4 (2nd) 11.2 (4th) 12.6 (2nd) 13.0 (3rd)
2017-06-25 32 13.5 (3rd) 12.7 (3rd) 14.2 (3rd) 14.5 (3rd)
2017-07-01 33 11.1 (3rd) 11.2 (3rd) 11.9 (3rd) 12.2 (4th)
2017-07-02 34 13.9 (3rd) 14.0 (3rd) 12.7 (6th) 12.8 (5th)
2017-07-08 35 12.1 (4th) 11.8 (4th) 12.3 (4th) 12.5 (4th)
2017-07-09 36 13.7 (4th) 13.9 (3rd) 13.0 (4th) 13.1 (4th)
2017-07-15 37 12.1 (4th) 11.7 (4th) 12.8 (4th) 13.0 (4th)
2017-07-16 38 14.9 (4th) 14.7 (3rd) 15.6 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd)
2017-07-22 39 12.7 (4th) 12.5 (4th) 13.0 (3rd) 13.2 (3rd)
2017-07-23 40 15.9 (4th) 15.7 (3rd) 16.1 (3rd) 16.7 (3rd)
2017-07-29 41 14.2 (3rd) 13.1 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd) 14.7 (3rd)
2017-07-30 42 14.7 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2017-08-05 43 11.9 (3rd) 12.2 (4th) 13.4 (3rd) 13.6 (3rd)
2017-08-06 44 14.7 (3rd) 13.5 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2017-08-12 45 12.6 (3rd) 12.6 (3rd) 12.5 (3rd) 12.6 (3rd)
2017-08-13 46 15.1 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd)
2017-08-19 47 12.2 (3rd) 12.7 (3rd) 13.9 (3rd) 14.0 (3rd)
2017-08-20 48 17.5 (2nd) 17.4 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd) 19.6 (3rd)
2017-08-26 49 13.0 (3rd) 11.4 (5th) 13.2 (3rd) 13.6 (3rd)
2017-08-27 50 14.2 (3rd) 13.1 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd) 17.1 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tagalog salita Says:

    haba episodes. panget ang drama na to for sure. panget cast. ~

  2. 2 : dinaz Says:

    Awwwwww my angel Hyesun..cant wait to see you in this new drama.love you!!Fighting!!

  3. 3 : Dramalover Says:

    Awww super cute URI angel Koo 🙂 can’t wait 😍😍

  4. 4 : yyslovesme Says:




  5. 5 : TooMuchSalt Says:

    50 episodes of KDrama doesn’t mean a thing. lol. For Someone to base or judge how good or bad a drama would be by looking at episodes and cast doesn’t know anything. Having a keyboard a mouse and a screen in your face don’t mean a thing if your opinion doesn’t have a value. lol.

  6. 6 : Keza Says:

    I bet your uglier 😂

  7. 7 : Keza Says:

    I bet your uglier 😂😂🔫

  8. 8 : belle Says:

    very interesting drama.. I cried a lot when Ku hye sun break up with his bf:( rooting for this drama! two thumbsup!

  9. 9 : Vhia Says:

    I love this drama so much! Always excited to watch my favorite stars, Koo Hye Sun & Kang Tae Oh, working together on tv. More power & God bless to the whole team!

  10. 10 : Dramalover Says:

    Koo unnie fighting 😍 Watching it for you 😇

  11. 11 : Ann Says:

    Sorry to hear Koo Hyu Sun is unwell…. get well soon… started to watch this because of her… hope to see her soon! Fighting!!!!

  12. 12 : dinaz Says:

    Impossible for me to watch it now without my angel Hyesun 🙁 🙁

  13. 13 : lemon Says:

    Koo Hye Sun T_T. im watching this drama because of her.

    if no Koo Hye Sun i will not watch this drama.

    bye “You are too much”

  14. 14 : Rue Says:

    Koo Hye Sun 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. 15 : Noya Says:

    Hyw Sun’s replacement Hee Jin ain’t cutting it for me.

  16. 16 : OK OK OK Says:

    interesting, i will start to watch now and see how they replace an actress from ep 6 to 7. ha ha
    I have watched Jang Hee Jin acted in other dramas.
    IMO, Jang Hee Jin is a good actress who can express inner feeling…. 😛

  17. 17 : zzikkinz Says:

    The new replacement lead actress is good tho..but I think character image is really impt too than being just good. It seems like I’m watching a new character in the drama now. And the chemistry of KHS w/ the 2 male leads were better coz they had more sparks. Geez.. I already got engrossed w/ the casts & story. Too bad, Ku got ill. Wish for her speedy recovery & still wish the drama to do well also. KHS is still Jung Hae Dang for me tho. Peace.

  18. 18 : zzikkinz Says:

    Imo, KHS can express wide variety of emotions. I was hooked w/ her when I first watched her longest top rated daily drama Pure in Heart long ago. So. I didn’t become a fan of her just for nothing lol. It means she’s a good actress too whether haters like it or not. Keep fighting Hyesun. 🙂

  19. 19 : Orleney Says:

    @zzikkinz, I am not a hater of KHS, I only appreciate good and nice storylines of the dramas only. Maybe she look pleasant in your eyes but not on me, sorry to say that.

  20. 20 : Huda Says:

    I am from Saudi arabia ,, i love this drama it is great

    my snapchat account hdhdhdhdhdhd77 _^

  21. 21 : OK OK OK Says:

    Just finished episode 3 and surprise to see Jae Hee in this drama. So sad Jae Hee is torn between 2 females leads love…. but glad to see him acting again even its a short while. 😛

  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    Uhm Jung Hwa ssi is so beautiful and her dancing is so se.xy
    Love watching her…. 😛

  23. 23 : OK OK OK Says:

    after watching from ep 1 to 10, I still prefer Koo Hye Sun to continue acting because the new actress Jang Hee Jin looks so fresh here. Here hairstyle also looks decent.

    Not a lady who has suffer thru so much in life working in the nightclub for 10 years to support the family, her makeup in the nightclub also very decent compare to Koo Hye Sun.
    Not much stress, money, love problems or sorrow shown on her face….. 🙁

    Now I watch is because of Uhm Jung Hwa.

  24. 24 : Marie Says:

    Oh I will watch this for sure this is a good one. All the dramas that have 50 that I’ve watched were all good! And I love the kead actress Uhm Jung Hwa. I’ve seen her in He Who Can’t Marry and Witch’s Romance!

  25. 25 : Fanny Says:

    I love to watch this drama mainly because of Uhm Jung Hwa. She is very styling as same as Ginna Jun. I’m watching all her clothes and styles, very elegant and classic. Never boring

  26. 26 : USA Says:

    This is one SICK drama. Can’t stand watching. The acting by the aging singer and chaebol dad is not good – unrealistic. Her character is more about modeling fashion than acting. He is one crazy self-obsessed narcissist – it’s no wonder he runs a company. I am sure he’ll ruin it. The blind guy character is a crazy one – won’t talk, and can’t stay away – a real nut case. These three main characters along w/the wife of the younger chaebol son are crazy diabolic abnormal people. This drama is so UNREAL, it’s BORING.

  27. 27 : rian Says:

    can you please change the picture of this drama.

  28. 28 : AndrewF Says:

    @23 Ok Ok OK

    With regard to Jang Hee Jin having better hair style and make up compared to KHS, most likely it is not JHJ’s fault. Who ever is styling HJ’s hair and make up may be a different person, or is not doing it the same way as they did it for KHS.
    I am not sure, but possibly the actresses/actors have their own stylists that travel with them.

    Same thing happened with “Person Who Gives Happiness.” One of the actresses had to leave for an illness also, and the replacement actress is doing an excellent job, that I haven’t even thought about the girl that had to exit the show.

    Sometimes it takes awhile to get used to a different person filling in for someone else. You have to give credit to the person who is replacing the actress/actor as they know the fans most likely won’t be happy. But someone has to fill in the role if it is a main role.

    In Eve’s Love, an actor got cancer and they just eliminated his role and brought a new person in with a different story line.

  29. 29 : tagalog salita Says:

    @ #4
    the ratings is not important. the story of this drama is poor. common story.
    super super ugly like you.

    they accept this drama because of money. shut your mouth! wala ka namang alam sa mga drama. i almost 20 yrs i watched korean dramas and other dramas so that i know if the story of the dramas are good or not.


  30. 30 : Diana Says:

    I don’t understand why the wicked grandmother has so much power in the house and influence over Sung-Hwan, Hyun-Sung and his wife??? She is like a tyrant.

    The little boy that played Kyung-Soo is so cute. There is no listing who the adorable little boy is.

    In Ep 9 how did Ji-Na know what bedroom was Hyun Joon’s when she went to get him to come and get his father who was so drunk outside???

    Na-Kyung is causing alot of trouble. It eventually will be her downfall in that house that is so precious to her.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    Why doesn’t Bong Sun go out and get a job instead of living off her brother? Is she in poor health or somethng??? Can’t she get any alimony from her husband???

    I liked the relationship between Hae-Dang and Kyung-Soo when he was blind. I don’t kknow why Hae-Dang decided not to continue to see him just because he can see. Seems stupid to me. I believe he cares for her.

    Ko Na-Kyung is nothing but a trouble maker. She stirred up a lot of trouble between the family. Someone needs to slap the grandmother in the face.

  32. 32 : Yang Says:

    The whole story of this drama is getting messed-up with Yoo Jina illogical crazy bitch. I though she is out of the Chairman’s house but she is till there. Get humiliated from them and she humiliated her own son life. She should dies is the only solution for everyone to live happily.

    Park family is dysfunctional family, not hope to discuss about them and I don’t really like Hyun-soon personality. As an elder son, he should take serious and responsible for the company and not always try to fight against his idiot father. If he is smart, he will take over the powers of his idiot father company, then his idiot father won’t so mighty to obsessed with Yoo Jina and his younger brother also won’t be used by his sly wife.

  33. 33 : Rose Says:

    Eru as Park Hyun Sung — it appears this is his first acting role. He was born in NY.

    If Hae-Dang and Kyung-Soo end up together, than that leaves Hyun-Joon with no one. It appears he is not interested in marrying his finance. And Yoo-Jina is more interested in Hyun-Joon, and not the father. Soo…..will HJ eventually end up with her???

  34. 34 : scorpio1023 Says:

    Darn !!! Just don’t understand UJH ( Yoo Ji Na ). Acting is quite weird. When there is a part that needs for her to cry, no matter what she does, no tears come out…it is bone dry. Her acting is a little too fake. Sometimes, just can’t stand to watch her. I am so surprised. Her brother is a better actor that her. She needs to improve her acting skills. No wonder she does not have a lot of Dramas , Only movies that viewers don’t have to constantly watch her every week !!!

  35. 35 : Yeya Says:

    Omg…i am hooked on this Korean Drama…love every episode…the actors are adorable. Please hurry and put subtitles on episode 33…😆

  36. 36 : Diana Says:

    I just finished seeing Ep16.

    By any chance does Kyung-Soo have the will? Is that the letter or whatever he has that he is supposed to give to Hyun Joon???

    Or is the will buried under the tree? I am not sure about that as I can’t remember what Hyun Joon’s mother told Kyung-Soo when he was rethinking what she said in Ep 16, but it didn’t seem to indicate it was the will.

    I wish Kyung-Soo would give the document he is holding to Hyun Joon.

    If Hae Dang ends up with Kyung-Soo, which I doubt, she would have to put up wih his mother, Ji-Na. If she ends up with Hyun Joon, then she has to put up with Ji-Na, the mouthy grandmother and the conniving sister-in-law, Na-Kyung.

    What happened to the girl that used to date Hyun-Sung? I haven’t seen her in a few episodes. I kind of thought the grandmother wanted Hyun Sung to get back with his previous girlfriend???

  37. 37 : andrewF Says:

    Doesn’t Han-Na work at the cafe with Kyung-Soo any more?? I haven’t seen her there in the last few episodes.

    Also, does her father know that she works in Kyung-Soo’s cafe??

    Why doesn’t the father mind his own business and let Hae-Dang worry about who she wants to marry or not marry? Either it will work out or not without any one interferring. The father has no idea who Hyun-Joon is either or any thing about his family. Hae-Dang will go from one problem to another. HD’s father is looking at the money aspect. All those people rely on HD for a living. They all are old enough to get jobs and support theirselves, even if they get part-time jobs. The father is figuring they can get some money from HJ if Had-Dang marries him.

    Why does Hyun-Sung think his disgusting wife is the only person he can trust?? I agree she is doing everything for her husband to become the heir of the company, but some one needs to slap her in the face.

    How did Kyung-Soo end up playing the piano for Jina’s wedding ceremony???? How strange is this show any way.

    Hae-Dang needs to stop imitating Ji-Na and come up with her own songs and style. She should have Kyung-Soo write a song for her and see if that works out well for her. If Hyun-Joon is only trying to get back at Jina by trying to promote HD, it isn’t working. He needs to get someone else to promote her that knows what they are doing in the entertainment field.

  38. 38 : Rose Says:

    Hyun-Joon fell right into Na-Kyung prodding about the will and if he had any more info. While he thinks he is so smart, he falls into her trap and tells her about a letter from his mother, a blind boy has it, and precedes to give Na-Kyung Kyung Soo’s name. In time she will get her hands on the letter also.

    Kyung-Soo should just have given Hyun-Joon the letter when he finally contacted him. Na-Kyung is like Sherlock Holmes, she sets everyone up and they fall right into her conniving trap.

    Hyun-Joon and his father are too busy fighting over the same old darn thing — and neither are getting any where.

    Sung Kyung-Ja is a wicked witch. Is the company her’s that she is worried about it?? I thought it was Park Sung-Hwan’s wife’s company and Sung-Hwan married into the money????

    Kang-Sik is an idiot at times.

  39. 39 : Lilia Says:

    I started to watch this drama for KHS but tbh she didn’t lose anything leaving ’cause the whole story becomes less and less credible with every episode. The only thing I expect from this drama now is Kyung Soo to do what his benefactor lady asked him to do and give the letter to her son Hyun-Joon beause she wrote it for him and that should be sacred for KS.

  40. 40 : Are da Says:

    I stop watching this drama because of Koo Hye Sun… miss her.

  41. 41 : Are da Says:

    In episode 7. Early episode 7.. Jang Hee Jin not cry like koo hye sun did. Her acting is like fake..

  42. 42 : scorpio1023 Says:

    I have been following this Drama since the beginning. It is already ep.38 & UJH as Yoo Ji na has not improved her acting. Darn… this woman does not know how to shed tears. Her acting sucked & fake. The producer must have been so desperate to cast her. They could have done better. If not for the storyline & other casts, I would have dropped this Drama because of her !!!

  43. 43 : Ely Says:

    I feel this the worst drama and very disappointed of Uhm Jung Hwa in this drama. She really can’t act at all, ruined the role as Yoo Jina. Each time, she appeared like a stick, standing straight and barking at everyone and I’m so tired of her. She is good acting as a sexy comedian bitch but not this one. Sucked! Surprising the ratings is over 16% to see them bricking all the times in the same old house. Really all the casts here can’t act and how many times they broken the glasses that all I seen. Just wasting my times, no process until now.
    Actually the main lead was Uhm Jung Hwa and everything is about her, she is whacker whore, never feel guilty of what she done and ruined the idiot Hae-dang life whose step on her foot.

  44. 44 : Terrie Says:

    Where can I watch episode 45 & 46? It shows aired in Korea but DramaFever doesn’t have it up yet. Is there usually a delay like this? What’s going on?

  45. 45 : Shari Says:

    @Terrie —

    Try viewasian.com and Dramanice — both sites have Eng subs for this show.

    When Yoo Gina was putting on her poor me crying act for Kyung-Soo about what a hard life she had, etc. etc., and he was starting to feel sorry for her, and she wanted to take pills to kill herself, he should have let her do it. She only cares about herself. How low can a mother get to deny he was her son in front of the reporters when she was announcing her marriage.

    That bickering at the dining table consistently in the Park household is disgusting.

    I hope Kyung-Soo does not give the letter for Hyun Joon to his mother. He should just give it to Hyun Joon, what the heck is his darn problem???

  46. 46 : Rose Says:

    Yoo Ji Na is an evil, wicked, manipulative gold digger. What right does she have to have Kyung-Soo inherit the company? The company is not her’s. She is so proud she married a CEO of a company, but all she does is create havoc in the house with her continual yelling. She is out of her mind. Yoo Ji Na must have forgot to “rip her organs out,” when HD and Hyun Joon got married!!!!

    Since Kyung-Soo moved into the annex, his clothes are different. He dressed better when he was in his cafe. He should have kept the cafe and lived there. I know he sold it as he thought he and HD were going to leave town and get married.

  47. 47 : David Says:

    The front entrance where the bickering Park family live seems to be the same front entrance used in “Fated To Love” you with Jang Nara. I have seen in several dramas, they use the same house front areas to film.

  48. 48 : AndrewF Says:

    What is wrong with HD’s head????? How dumb is she??? Why would she spill the beans to of all people, Y-Gi-Na about the CTV camera in the house and what is buried in the yard???? How dumb she is. She started a big mess. Why would she hand over to her opponent what she and HJ are planning to do to find the will and what is buried in the yard. She is one stupid chick to say the least. She is getting crazy.

    These writer’s are insane in this drama. No one would do that, only in these K-Drama’s it happens all the time. Very stupid.

  49. 49 : Diana Says:

    There were many scenes in this drama that could have been eliminated as they were not worth watching. It only dragged the show out longer.

  50. 50 : Angeline Says:

    What happened to Jung Hae-Jin’s and Bong Son’s son??? Haven’t seen him in quite a few episodes, not at any of the family dinners or even when they were invited for dinner at Hyun-Joon’s house. This movie is strange at times.

    Idiot Yoo Ji Na continually blames every one else for her stupid dum mistakes. She is at fault for everything that has happened to her. She always says she “is going to die,” but never does. Always bounces back to start another tirade.

    Even though there are a lot of repeat scenes, Yoo Ji Na ranting and raving, family always bickering at dinner, etc. etc., the ratings appear to be pretty good.

  51. 51 : Moonstar Says:

    I can’t stand Jung Kang-Sik – his stupid facial expressions make me sick. His son-in-law is an a-hole also. How stupid to bring in that lady to live in their house to make Mi-Sook jealous. I am surprised that Mi-Sook didn’t try to find out if that lady really lost her house. I certainly would have investigated it. Plus that lady is only looking to sponge off Kang-Sik now that he owns the gas station.

    First of all, when Bong-Soo gave that con lady with her food tent $10,000 I would have kicked him out of the house and divorced him?

    Now that Kang-Sik owns the gas station, Hae-Dang tells her sister, Hae-Sung to stop working and concentrate on her writing. What kind of job did Hae-Sung have any way???? Nothing that took up 8 hours a day of her time I am sure.

  52. 52 : sheila Says:

    The second impersonator is pretty bad. She is pretty boring.

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