Blindness Korean Dramas & Movies

My Annoying Brother

My Annoying Brother

Rank #224

Doo Shik gets paroled from prison thanks to his younger brother Doo Yeong. Doo Yeong is a promising judo athlete. After 15 years, Doo Shik suddenly appears in front of...



Rank #356

Having closed himself away from the world, former boxer Chul Min starts a new job as a parking lot attendant. One night, a visually impaired young woman, Jung Hwa, walks...

Page Turner

Page Turner

Rank #1078

Yoo Seul is a student at an art high school. She is a talented pianist prodigy, who has won numerous contests, but she only plays because of her mother since...

Blind (2011)


Rank #1293

A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be the same person. Detectives look for a witness. The...

Sad Love Story

Sad Love Story

Rank #2751

Sad Sonata is a love story about two men and one woman. The young Joon Young, who was raised by his mother who sold liquor to American soldiers, met the...

The Divine Move (2014)

The Divine Move 1

Rank #3627

A professional GO player, Tae Seok, loses a high-stakes game to an infamous underground gambler criminal and ends up framed for the tragic end of his own brother. After serving...

One Day (2017)

One Day

Rank #4019

A newly widowed insurance investigator handling the case of a woman in a coma after a car accident encounters her spirit when he visits her in a hospital one day...

Moorim School

Moorim School

Rank #4369

The Moorim School is a hidden school which can only be seen by special individuals, it isn’t focused solely on high academic scores but on physical abilities. The school teaches...

Love Me Not (2006)

Love Me Not

Rank #5268

Julian has lived off with the money he lures from his rich female customers. But now he faces usurious debts from a hasty expansion of his business, and he will...

9 Seconds: Eternal Time

9 Seconds: Eternal Time

Rank #5401

Upon a chance meeting at a neighborhood photo studio, Yoo So Ra and Kang Yoo Chan develop a picture-perfect romance with the help of a magical camera that can freeze...

Eyes Closed (2017)

Eyes Closed

Rank #5599

The story centers around a grotesque tragic end case involving a psychopath, and each character’s love and conflict will coalesce and unfold in an unexpected manner. The web movie reportedly...

The Equator Man (2012)

The Equator Man

Rank #5925

Jang Il, the smartest of the school, and Seon Wu, the strongest kid in Yeosu, are best friends. Influenced by Jang Il, Seon Wu starts studying and working hard towards...



Rank #5975

People who commit cruelty against the weak in order to enrich themselves with more money and power while answering to no one are monsters. A man takes on the corrupt...

The Beast and the Beauty

The Beast and the Beauty

Rank #6372

Dong Gun has a serious complex of sorts. He has low self-esteem about his appearance, particularly a scar that sits next to right eye-brow. His world changes when he drives...

Blades of Blood

Blades of Blood

Rank #7138

Set in 16th Century Joseon era (1592) South Korea, “Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds” details the plight of men from the lower classes of society who fight for...

You're Too Much (2017)

You’re Too Much

Rank #7797

This TV show revolves around a Yoo Jina impersonator who calls herself “Yoo Gina.” The real Yoo Jina was a pop diva who lived life to the fullest and one...

Scarlet Innocence

Scarlet Innocence

Rank #7840

20-year old Deok Yi’s quiet small-town life gets exciting when a former University Professor, Hak Kyu, moves in, running from the scandal of a intimate harassment allegation. He works as...

My Love Toram (2005)

My Love Toram

Rank #39171

My Love Toram is about a woman who loses her sight in an accident. She despairs at first, but finds new hope to live again through the help of her...

Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense

Rank #40009

The youth drama is a coming-of-age story of Eun Soo, who is losing her eyesight due to her retinal degenerative disease, and also a story about a blind female teacher,...

Climb The Sky Walls (2014)

Climb The Sky Walls

Rank #44103

A story based on the subject of Sports Climbing about a friendship between a person with a disability and one without....

Silence (2013)


Rank #56645

She’s deaf, he’s blind, yet they’re connected. There is no one in the five senses and they are no different from us. Rather, there is no one, but it only...

Accompany: Hyegwang Blind Orchestra (2022)

Accompany: Hyegwang Blind Orchestra

Rank #99999

A documentary about the 10 years of the Hyegwang Blind Orchestra, composed of visually impaired people, founded in 2011. Unlike many films about the disabled which mainly focus on topics...

Cheong (2021)


Rank #99999

Having fun with friends one afternoon, Hong pretends not to see her blind father. (Source: JIFF)...

Buen Camino (2020)

Buen Camino

Rank #99999

A visually impaired woman in her 50s, and an 18-year-old girl embark on a pilgrimage to Santiago. The older woman, Jae Han, a masseuse with Category 1 blindness, can only...