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Going Seventeen 2021 (2021)

Going Seventeen 2021

Rank #5

The third season of Going Seventeen. This season’s keyword is “watch what you say” where anything the members say can and will be turned into content....

EXO's Ladder: Season 2 (2019)

EXO’s Ladder: Season 2

Rank #11

Exo’s newest Reality show, where they travel to different countries. Using a ‘ladder’ to help decide their situations. This season will consist of all of the members in Taiwan....

Break The Silence: Docu-Series (2020)

Break The Silence: Docu-Series

Rank #16

Follow the 351-day journey of BTS from ‘LOVE YOURSELF TOUR’ to ‘SPEAK YOURSELF TOUR’ in the all-new docu-series. (Source: Weverse Official Twitter)...

SKZ Code (2021)


Rank #35

In this season of Stray Kids’ reality show, each member represents a family member who has to fight to occupy the throne. They play various games on a snowfield to...

BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star (2023)

Korean TV Show - Dec 20, 2023
Rank #48

The documentary captures the past, present, and future of BTS over the course of nearly 9-years, as well as interviews with each of the group’s members on their thoughts moving...

Let's BTS (2021)

Let’s BTS

Rank #59

Hosted by Shin Dong Yup, the show features a never-before-seen, up-close and personal side of BTS, shown across a variety of different segments. BTS have a chance to honestly open...

Going Seventeen 2022

Rank #63

The fourth season of Going Seventeen. This Going Seventeen season starts in the year 2022 with episode 36....

Treasure Map (2020)

Treasure Map Season 1

Rank #66

“Treasure Map” is a pre-debut variety show of the K-pop boy group TREASURE. In this show, the members complete various challenges for fun and to strengthen their bonds with each...

iKON TV (2018)


Rank #77

After debuting in 2015 boy group iKON is finally getting their own show. iKON TV is produced and filmed by the members themselves....

Show!terview with Jessi (2020)

Show!terview with Jessi

Rank #87

Jessi is a Korean-American rapper and singer who brings a new style of talk show to South Korea. She is cheerful, straightforward, bold and witty with the hottest singers, actors...

Finding SKZ – God Edition (2020)

Finding SKZ – God Edition

Rank #97

Season 2 of Finding Stray Kids. The season will begin with the eight members each finding their own “god powers” to become eight gods, and they will then fight to...



Rank #98

Stray Kids, who since their debut have dedicated their time to singing and practicing, are rookies in entertaiment shows! In their first reality show, they will train to become main...

SJ Returns (2017)

SJ Returns Season 1

Rank #115

Celebrating the group’s 12th anniversary with a new album, Super Junior will reveal how it prepared for its much-anticipated comeback in a special reality show. The show will capture a...

Swing Kids (2018)

Swing Kids

Rank #116

Swing Kids is a 2018 South Korean musical drama film set in the backdrop of the Korean War. The movie is directed by Kang Hyeong-cheol and stars Do Kyung-soo, Park...

Camp ZeroBaseOne (2023)

Korean TV Show - Jun 22, 2023
Rank #129

In February 2023, a group of young, multinational male trainees pitted their talents against one another in the music-themed reality TV show “BOYS PLANET.” The top nine competitors in the...

Super TV: Season 1 (2018)

Super TV Season 1

Rank #132

Super TV is a show that twists all of variety show formats in the world and presents them in Super Junior’s own way. This format is called Super Junior Crazy...

2021 BTS Winter Package (2021)

2021 BTS Winter Package

Rank #142

Second season of the Winter package this time BTS takes us with them up top the snowy mountains in Gangwon....

GOT7's Hard Carry (2016)

GOT7’s Hard Carry Season 1

Rank #153

GOT7’s Hard Carry, hosted by Mnet; the programme shares the same name as their title track, ‘Hard Carry’, released in September 2016. The series ran for ten weeks and was...

BTS: Bon Voyage Behind Cam (2016)

BTS: Bon Voyage Behind Cam

Rank #166

Enjoy behind the scenes of the first Bon Voyage of BTS in Northern Europe....

24/365 with BLACKPINK (2020)

24/365 with BLACKPINK

Rank #167

On June 13, BLACKPINK shared a teaser for their upcoming reality show titled “24/365 with BLACKPINK.” The video followed the four members of BLACKPINK as they gathered to chat about...

BTS: Bon Voyage 3 Behind Cam (2018)

BTS: Bon Voyage 3 Behind Cam

Rank #190

BTS take a trip to the Republic of Malta for third season of Bon Voyage. Enjoy the behind the scenes of their fun trip!...