Kind Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Alchemy of Souls

Rank #19

Set in a fictional country called Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps, it is about the love and growth of young mages as they overcome their...

Navillera (2021)


Rank #50

A 70-year-old with a dream and a 23-year-old with a gift lift each other out of harsh realities and rise to the challenge of becoming ballerinos. Shim Deok Chool has...

Through the Darkness

Rank #156

Back in the 1990s, the citizens of Seoul were gripped with a paralyzing fear after a series of brutal attacks and criminals occurred. A mysterious figure dubbed ‘Red Cap’ was...

Juvenile Justice

Rank #330

Sim Eun Seok is an elite judge with a prickly personality who hates juvenile offenders. After she gets assigned to a local juvenile court, she tries to balance her aversion...

Shark: The Beginning (2021)

Shark 1: The Beginning

Rank #844

Cha Woo Sol, a victim of school harsh who was imprisoned in a boys’ prison due to an unexpected incident, meets mixed martial arts champion Jung Do Hyun and breaks...

I Don't Want To Do Anything

Summer Strike

Rank #853

Lee Yeo Reum is a young woman whose career and life are going very well: She has just been awarded permanent contract status at work, and she has a boyfriend...

The Attorney (2013)

The Attorney

Rank #1141

Song Woo Seok got tired of working as a regional judge and decided to work as an attorney, specializing in real estate and taxation. Fast forward to 1981, Woo Seok...

The Royal Tailor (2014)

The Royal Tailor

Rank #1833

Depicts the love lives, jealousies and desires of those that work within the Sanguiwon during the Joseon Dynasty period. The Sanguiwon are responsible for the attire worn by royalty. Dol...

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers

Rank #2375

Set in the Joseon Dynasty period (during the confusion of justification and the period of espionage and transition from ming to ping), when the public desire for social reform was...

Unstoppable (2018)


Rank #2604

Dong Chul and Ji Soo are a happily married couple. Dong Chul was once a notorious gangster, but he has changed his ways. One day, Dong Chul comes to home...

Forbidden Dream (2019)

Forbidden Dream

Rank #2698

A true historical drama about King Se Jong, the greatest ruler in Joseon history who sought to enhance national prosperity and military power through astronomy, and Jang Yeong Shil, the...

The Soul-Mate (2018)

The Soul-Mate

Rank #3304

Jang Soo is a judo instructor who loves his daughter more than anything in the world but indifferent to the fellow neighbors. One day Jang Soo realizes that he can...

Secret Roommate (2020)

Secret Roommate

Rank #3777

Yeong Min, Yeong Hoon’s younger brother, suddenly comes to the house where his brother and secret lover Tae Ho live. The couple hurriedly covering the traces of their relationship, anxious...

My Little Baby

My Little Baby, Jaya

Rank #4486

Won Seul who suffers from cerebral palsy has a daughter named Ja Ya. She was the victim of school harsh, intimidation as well as assault, and she chose death. Won...

Secret Zoo (2020)

Secret Zoo

Rank #5689

Stuck in a dead-end temp position at a renowned law firm, attorney-at-law Tae Soo dreams of one day landing a permanent position there. One day, he is given a special...

Take Point (2018)

Take Point

Rank #5744

Captain Ahab, who works for the private military company Black Lizard, is tasked with carrying out a top-secret mission for the CIA. His mission is to infiltrate a secret underground...

What Happened in Bali

What Happened in Bali

Rank #5784

Lee Soo Jung is a travel agent who is seeking her good luck in Bali after a harsh and unforgiving childhood. She meets Jae-min, Kang In Wook, and Young Joo...

Where to Go (2018)

Where to Go

Rank #6285

Ki Hyuk, moves to a new place to overcome his broken heart. There are no people like himself and no jobs are even available. One day, he meets Sang Woo...

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (2010)

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle

Rank #6733

Korean government holds a nationwide ‘Kimchi Contest’ to reaffirm its position as the originator of Kimchi in Asia. Jang Eun, who is a famed chef in Japan, comes back to...

Love Phobia (2006)

Love Phobia

Rank #6908

One sunny day, a young boy named Jo Kang meets a curious young girl, dressed in a bright yellow raincoat. Jo Kang instantly becomes friends with Ari, and falls instantly...

Boys of Tomorrow (2007)

Boys of Tomorrow

Rank #7625

Earning a living as a driver for rent, Ki-su lives in a studio flat in the basement floor. When he feels choked up, he tries not to let go of...

You're Too Much (2017)

You’re Too Much

Rank #7797

This TV show revolves around a Yoo Jina impersonator who calls herself “Yoo Gina.” The real Yoo Jina was a pop diva who lived life to the fullest and one...

Revenger (2018)


Rank #7813

To avenge the tragic end of his family, a man goes to Sura Island, a prison for dangerous criminals where dangerous criminals are housed. (Source: HanCinema)...

Arthdal Chronicles : Season 2

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

Rank #34050

It depicts the story of what happens in Arth approximately a decade later. Over the course of more than eight years, Arthdal succeeded in suppressing the massive rebellion of the...