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The Secret Life of My Secretary

Title: 초면에 사랑합니다 / The Secret Life of My Secretary
Also known as: Love at First Sight / I Loved You from the Beginning / I Loved You from the Start
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Office
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2019-May-06 to 2019-June-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about A cold-hearted boss of a mobile media company finding his true identity and finally starting to respect people after losing his sight.

Do Min Ik (Kim Young Kwang) works as a director of the mobile media 1 team at T&T. He is smart and excellent at his job. His secretary is Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo). Do Min Ik often does childish things like calling Jung Gal Hee continually. Jung Gal Hee carries out Do Min Ik’s orders without complaints. She looks soft, but she hides her tough side.


Main Cast

Kim Young Kwang as Do Min Ik
Jin Ki Joo as Jung Kal Hee
Koo Ja Sung as Ki Dae Joo
Kim Jae Kyung as Veronica Park

T&T Mobile Media

Kim Min Sang as Shim Hae Yong (Min Ik’s uncle, CEO of T&T Mobile Media)
Han Ji Sun as Mo Ha Ni
Jang So Yun as Lee Eul Wang
Son San as Goo Myung Jung
Baek Hyun Joo (백현주) as Park Suk Ja
Kwon So Hyun as Ha Ri Ra
Kim Kyung Ryong as Manager Lee
Lee Seung Hyung as Manager Park
Kwon Hyung Suk (권홍석) as Manager Kim

People around Do Min Ik

Jung Ae Ri as Im Hae Ra (Min Ik’s mother)
Choi Tae Hwan as Eun Jung Soo

People around Jung Kal Hee

Kim Hee Jung as Ko Si Rye
Seo Dong Won as Jung Joong Hee
Kim Ji Min as Jung Nam Hee

People around Veronica Park

Baek Hyun Joo as Park Seok Ja


Kim Byung Choon as Goo Suk Chan
Choi Yoon Ra (최윤라) as Boo Se Young
Jo Jae Ryong as Uhm Han Il
Song Jin Woo (송진우) as Woo Doo Han
Kim Byung Choon as Koo Seok Chan
Choi Tae Hwan as Eun Jung Soo
Woo Hyun as sauna guest (ep 16)
Kim Kwang Gyu as HQ director
Oh Young Shil as cleaner

Production Credits

Director: Lee Kwang Young
Screenwriter: Kim Ah Jung

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2019-05-06 1 3.7 - 3.2 -
2019-05-06 2 3.5 - 3.6 -
2019-05-07 3 3.1 - 3.4 -
2019-05-07 4 3.3 - 3.2 -
2019-05-13 5 2.7 - 3.1 -
2019-05-13 6 3.1 - 3.1 -
2019-05-14 7 - - 3.0 -
2019-05-14 8 - - 3.5 -
2019-05-20 9 - - 3.0 -
2019-05-20 10 - - 3.4 -
2019-05-21 11 - - 2.7 -
2019-05-21 12 - - 3.6 -
2019-05-27 13 - - 2.8 -
2019-05-27 14 - - 3.5 -
2019-05-28 15 - - 3.0 -
2019-05-28 16 - - 3.0 -
2019-06-03 17 - - 3.1 -
2019-06-03 18 - - 3.7 -
2019-06-04 19 - - 3.2 -
2019-06-04 20 3.8 - 4.0 -
2019-06-10 21 - - 2.7 -
2019-06-10 22 - - 3.4 -
2019-06-11 23 2.9 - 3.0 -
2019-06-11 24 3.3 - 4.0 -
2019-06-17 25 - - 3.0 -
2019-06-17 26 - - 3.8 -
2019-06-18 27 - - 3.4 -
2019-06-18 28 - - 4.2 -
2019-06-24 29 - - 2.8 -
2019-06-24 30 - - 3.1 -
2019-06-25 31 - - 3.9 -
2019-06-25 32 - - 4.6 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : lclarakl Says:

    I’m looking forward to this drama. He is one of my favorite actors who I think is being underutilized.

  2. 2 : joeun Says:

    very good drama!

  3. 3 : Nyitnyit Says:

    Dramanya bagus. Lucu.. Susahnya nonton drama ongoin tu musti sabar nunggu tiap minggu. Greget banget. Ksihan Do min ik. Banyak orang2 jahat disekitar dy, mulai dari paman, temen karibnya, sekretaris (nunanya Dae Joo) yg udh dianggap keluarga, Supirnya sendiri jg mau membunuh dy. Duhhh… Makin penasaran lanjutannya

  4. 4 : dhebbie2t Says:

    This is one of the ongoing dramas I have been following and I am liking it. I am starting to like Young Kwang, his smile is killing me.

  5. 5 : dhebbie2t Says:

    @lclarakl not anymore, he won new star award ( I guess) from the movie with “On Your Wedding Day” in Baeksang.

  6. 6 : Moon Says:

    Light n Cute 😍 i love this drama

  7. 7 : pia Says:

    getting bored.. urmm

  8. 8 : OK OK OK Says:

    so far i have watched the latest episode ep 16. i like this drama. Both leads are lovable.
    I guess when Kim Young Kwang kiss Jin Ki Joo, his heart beat racing and push his pressure up and he is able to see he is kissing his secretary instead of “Veronica Park” ha ha.

  9. 9 : kristi Says:

    not so good…. acting and story are quite boring

  10. 10 : Sam Says:

    I like Jin Ki-Joo. Very cute. Pretty and good in “Misty”. Who added just the right touch in the movie “Little Forest” alongside Ms. Kim Tae-Ri upon whose entire being thoughts serenely sweet express—(to quote Byron).

  11. 11 : Mara Says:

    This is one great drama why is the rating low?….

  12. 12 : frvralone_ Says:

    Love this serie! Unfortunately im watching this at Viki and dont own any vip viki passes, so i must wait very long to see next few episodes. But love it, the sparkle between Don Min Ik and Jung Kal Hee its so intriguing to watchh😍😍😍

  13. 13 : Ellen Says:

    Love this drama and the entire cast. It is soooo cute & funny.

  14. 14 : Silverswan Says:

    I have not finished watching this drama but I felt it was one of the best this year. It is kind of exciting, and with so many lies the secretary can come up with , it was kind of interesting. I thinkit is kind of romantic not knowing who exactly the person he loves and a mystery to him I guess…I do enjoy this drama though not finished and am sure it will be a superb ending. Besides it makes you laugh a lot, maybe sad in some parts. Good drama and hope they will get good votes for this drama. Best Main actor and main actress

  15. 15 : Kay Says:

    I didn’t think I would watch this drama, but I checked out the first few episodes, and I’m really loving it so far! There were some great surprises, and the drama just feels really fun and fresh. Really looking forward to continuing it 🙂

  16. 16 : Elle Says:

    Based on the ratings, it’s a flop in SK. Sad, as a veteran drama fan, it’s one of the best romcoms to date.

  17. 17 : daebak mama Says:

    this is so really cute drama.. every episode never made me sleepy even just only 1 second.. i guess the rating low bcoz the actors not really familiar for many peoples who just watched this like me..but i keep continued watching bcoz the story so interesting n now i start to falling love to Do min ki oppa.. 5 stars for this drama.. u will not waste your time to watching this one, everyone.. Trust me 😎

  18. 18 : peyutnduy Says:

    Another cheesy entertaining drama. But it’s much better than the previous one about the same face blindness disorder (I forgot its title).

  19. 19 : Soo Says:

    After Ep 7, the drama became draggy….i cannot continue after ep 10 and dropped it. I cannot stand the female lead..every time she appears i felt like fast forwarding

  20. 20 : Not your typical lady Says:

    Underrated drama, this deserves more views. Well, what do you expect, a drama will only be appreciated much if known actors and actresses will star in it. Nevertheless, this is a great drama with great actors and actresses. Others don’t kinda get the story line or they’re already feed up with boss and secretary thing series.

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