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Jang Seong Eun, known professionally as Stella Jang, is a South Korean singer-songwriter. She graduated from Lycée Henri-IV and AgroParisTech in France. She got her name from her French teacher who thought her Korean name would be hard to pronounce for French people. Before debuting she was already involved with music. She moved to Paris at the age of 12. She produced songs at a hip-hop platform, Jungle Radio, where Zico and RM were working. She participated in some of the songs from the album "Backpack" by hip-hop duo Geeks. She returned to South Korea in 2014, where she made her first attempt to become a singer in the K-pop genre with her single "Dumped Yesterday". However, she gained little attention despite releasing 2 more singles and an EP. It was until 2017, after an appearance in the show "Problematic Men" that brought her some popularity with a solo concert and also a job as a radio DJ. In 2019, her song "Colors" became internationally well-known though a TikTok challenge and she released her first full studio album "Stella I" in 2020. She also co-wrote the song "Friends" sung by BTS.

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Stella Jang Facts

Native Name: 장성은

Birth Name: Seong Eun Jang

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: November 18, 1991

Gender: Female

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