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Mysterious Personal Shopper

Title: 인형의 집 / Mysterious Personal Shopper
Also Known as: Doll’s House
Chinese Title: 玩偶之家
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2018-Feb-26 to 2018-July-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


This drama tells the story of the love, friendship and betrayal between two women: Hong Se Yeon (Park Ha Na) and Eun Kyung Hye (Wang Bit Na).

Hong Se Yeon works as a personal shopper. She is outgoing and a positive person, but she is betrayed by people whom she loved. She begins to take revenge on those who betrayed her. Meanwhile, Eun Kyung Hye is the only child of a CEO. Her life looks perfect, but she has a fear that she will get abandoned. Because of her fear, she has an impulse control disorder and gets compulsive.


Main Cast

Park Ha Na as Hong Se Yeon
Wang Bit Na as Eun Kyung Hye
Choi Myoung Gil as Geum Young Sook
Lee Eun Hyung as Lee Jae Soon
Han Sang Jin as Jang Myung Hwan

Hong Se Yeon’s House

Lee Han Wie as Hong Pil Mok
Jung Soo Young as Hong Seon Hee
Kim Ki Doo as Hong Chul Soo
Kim Ji Sung as Hong Kang Hee
Jo Yi Hyun as Sung Woong

Eun Kyung Hye’s House

Lee Ho Jae as Eun Ki Tae
Park Hyun Sook as Park Soo Ran


Lee Kwan Hoon as Yoo Shin Hyuk
Bae Noo Ri as Kkot Nim
Yoo Seo Jin as Kim Hyo Jung
Kim Kwang Young as Kim Dong Sook
Shim Jin Hwa as Shin Yeong Ae
Jo Mi Ryung as Eun Sook Ja
Park Jung Sang as Police department team leader
Park Jae Woong as Na Jin Bum
Jung Jung ah as Luxury brand team leader

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Sung Geun
Producer: Na Soo Ji
Director: Kim Sang Hwi
ScriptWriter: Kim Ye Na, Lee Jung Dae


2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Park Ha Na (Mysterious Personal Shopper)


Official Site

Official Poster

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Jolin Says:

    I ‘ll never watch their family dramas again. These 3 actresses aren’t good acting and they always triggered my anger and stress until the level that I wanted strangle them.

  2. 2 : Laila Says:

    I am soo in love with Lee Eun Hyung in this drama

  3. 3 : lclarakl Says:

    This drama is definitely on my list to watch. Just waiting until it hit the 80 episodes mark.

  4. 4 : mauricia scott Says:

    One of the worst dramas ever. All these people do is stare at each other and not talk. The plot is terrible. Woman steals another’s child and keeps it a secret for 30yrs and cant seem to understand why she cant be forgiven. The other plots are to stupid to mention.

  5. 5 : Alan Says:

    Dun know what is this ridiculous drama about. No meaning at all. The plot only made viewer blood boiled must be written by some insane script writer.

  6. 6 : In Ahn Says:

    The plot of this drama is a carbon copy of the 2016 drama, “Here Comes Love”, for two conniving villains. Han Sang Jin is acting exactly like Lee Hoon in the “Here Comes Love”, not original and distasteful.

  7. 7 : In Ahn Says:

    Han Sang Jin’s unattractive face fits a villain’s image quite well. Scriptwriters lack imagination, only using shallow subplots to make the drama get going.

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