Family Korean Dramas & Movies

SJ Returns (2017)

SJ Returns Season 1

Rank #115

Celebrating the group’s 12th anniversary with a new album, Super Junior will reveal how it prepared for its much-anticipated comeback in a special reality show. The show will capture a...

The Return of Superman (2013)

The Return of Superman

Rank #228

Celebrity dads are left to care for their kids alone for 48 hours without the help of anyone, while their wives leave the home to enjoy some relaxing time off....

I Can Speak (2017)

I Can Speak

Rank #250

Ok Boon, aka the Goblin Granny, is a feisty, elderly woman who combs through the town for any sign of trouble. Over a span of 20 years, she has filed...

Reborn Rich

Rank #286

Yoon Hyun Woo is a devoted, hard-working, and loyal secretary to the Soonyang chaebol family, which runs the lucrative Soonyang Group business empire, founded by Jin Yang Cheol. During a...

SHINee Hello Baby (2010)

SHINee Hello Baby

Rank #290

Hello Baby is South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. Second season stars are SHINee who are taking care of 4 year...


Rank #452

BTS surprised fans with an updated MBTI test, so how different are the 2022 results compared to their initial FESTA 2017 outcomes?. BTS Taking on different Quizzes now, looking at...

SJ Returns 3 (2019)

SJ Returns Season 3

Rank #490

The show will follow the members on their individual activities, as well as their preparations for their new album that will be released this year. It will show the members...

Way Back Home (2013)

Way Back Home

Rank #666

Jung Yeon is a caring wife and mother and a sensitive woman who finds herself plunged into a legal ordeal thousands of miles from home. After years of planning, she...

Miss Granny (2014)

Miss Granny

Rank #674

Oh Mal Soon is a 74-year-old widow that realizes she is becoming a burden on her family. As she is roaming the streets, she comes across a photo studio and...

The Way Home

The Way Home

Rank #819

Seven-year-old Sang Woo is left with his grandmother in a remote village while his mother looks for work. Born and raised in the city, Sang Woo quickly comes into conflict...

The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart

Rank #847

“The Sound of Your Heart” comically follows Jo Suk’s ridiculous but hilarious adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong, their dogs, older brother Jo Joon, and parents. ~~ Adapted from the...

Wedding Dress (2010)

Wedding Dress

Rank #976

Seo Go Eun, a widow who works as a wedding dress designer, discovers that she has gastric cancer. With declining health and limited time, Go Eun tries to do as...

To.Jenny (2018)

To. Jenny

Rank #987

Seven years after graduating high school, Jung Min still works part-time at a convenience store. He dreams of becoming a famous musician, despite his crippling stage fright. Na Ra, Jung...

Wonderful Nightmare

Wonderful Nightmare

Rank #1097

Due to a mistake from heaven, Yeon Woo, a female attorney, dies. Before she is able to return to her normal self, she must live as an ordinary housewife for...

Hearty Paws (2006)

Hearty Paws 1

Rank #1130

11-year-old Chan Yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So Yi by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of...

The Attorney (2013)

The Attorney

Rank #1141

Song Woo Seok got tired of working as a regional judge and decided to work as an attorney, specializing in real estate and taxation. Fast forward to 1981, Woo Seok...

The Most Beautiful Goodbye (2017)

The Most Beautiful Goodbye

Rank #1426

An ordinary middle-aged woman has devoted her life to her family. She is diagnosed with terminal cancer and must prepare her goodbye to her family....

Ojakgyo Brothers (2011)

Ojakgyo Brothers

Rank #1665

The story of a family with four sons who live together with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Hee is the third son and a policeman who...

MBLAQ's Hello Baby (2012)

MBLAQ’s Hello Baby

Rank #1676

Hello Baby is South Korean reality show where celebrities experience parenthood by raising children ages 5 and under. Fifth season is global season because all babies multi-cultural children. MBLAQ have...

The Game Caterers Special (2021)

The Game Caterers Special

Rank #1771

A entertainment show with PD Na Young Seok, who creates various games and then goes to the set of a drama, movie release or entertainment company and challenges the cast...

My Daughter's Men (2017)

My Daughter’s Men Season 1

Rank #1985

Four celebrity dads watch their daughters’ dates with their boyfriends. What will the dads talk about, and how will they react as they watch their daughters’ relationships?...

A Little Princess (2019)

A Little Princess

Rank #2059

Mal Soon is a tough granny in a shantytown in Busan. In front of her, 12-year-old Gong Ju appears with her baby sister Jin Ju on her back. Gong Ju...

Seo Yeong

Seo Yeong, My Daughter

Rank #2160

This drama will tell the story of a father who separates with his daughter, their love, hate and reconciliation. Seo Young is a tough woman who tries to escape the...