Rags To Riches Korean Dramas & Movies

Miracle That We Met (2018)

Miracle That We Met

Rank #1881

An ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. He becomes the head...

Please Come Back

Please Come Back, Mister

Rank #2190

Kim Young Soo is a department store worker who dies in an accident. Upon reaching the afterlife, he pleads for a chance to go back and clear up the misunderstandings...

My Girl (2005)

My Girl

Rank #3233

When Gong Chan meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin, he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks...

Monthly Magazine Home (2021)

Monthly Magazine Home

Rank #3789

Na Young Won is a successful senior editor at the hit monthly magazine Monthly House. Although her glittering journalistic career spans a decade, her home situation is not quite as...

Perfect Proposal (2015)

Perfect Proposal

Rank #4404

While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji Yeon is ripped off by her business partner. One day, the attractive and benevolent Sung Yeol gives her an irresistible offer: $5,000...

Green Rose (2005)

Green Rose

Rank #6598

Lee Jung Hyun is accused of attempted tragic end of his lover Oh Soo Ah’s father. He runs away and becomes a fugitive. Later, he returns with a new name...

Big Man (2014)

Big Man

Rank #6801

Kim Ji Hyuk is a poor orphan who has no money or connections in the world, that is until he suddenly discovers that he is the chaebol of a rich...

Man Who Dies to Live (2017)

Man Who Dies to Live

Rank #6927

In the late 1970’s, Jang Dal Goo went to the Middle East and settled down in the small kingdom. He became Count Saeed Fahd Ali and found success there, but...

Thorn Birds (2011)

Thorn Birds

Rank #6981

This is the story of two women, Seo Jung Eun and Han Yoo Kyung, who walk very different paths to achieve their desires. Seo Jung Eun is a strong and...

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (2014)

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Rank #7115

Jang Guk is a country bumpkin who just transferred into a school in Seoul. She falls for Yoo Jun Su, the most popular boy in school. As her crush on...

Cheongdamdong Alice (2012)

Cheongdamdong Alice

Rank #7219

Han Se Kyung is a young woman with a very positive character. Her motto is “effort will take me as far as I want to go”. She wins many designing...

Haeundae Lovers (2012)

Haeundae Lovers

Rank #7508

Haeundae Lovers is about a prosecutor who goes undercover to infiltrate a crime family in Haeundae, Busan, then gets into an accident and loses his memory. Thinking he’s a gangster,...

A Tale of Two Sisters (2013)

A Tale of Two Sisters

Rank #8048

Choi Seyoung is the adopted daughter of Choi Jin Sa and dreams of becoming an announcer like her idol Kim Ju Hui. Her oldest sister, Choi Il Young, is a...

Cinderella Man (2009)

Cinderella Man

Rank #8228

When brash, street-smart orphan Oh Dae San, who makes his living copying designer fashions, and the apathetic grandson of the fashion empire Lee Joon Hee meet by chance one day,...

Noble Woman (2014)

Noble Woman

Rank #48744

Born to a single mom working as a maid, Shin Ae gives up her studies to work as a salesperson in a department store. Mi Na is the only daughter...

Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young

Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young

Rank #52419

Oh Pil Seung is a free-spirited, but somewhat lazy regular joe who suddenly finds himself heir apparent to a top-level logistics company! With rivals and detractors simply waiting for him...

Desperate Mr. X

Rank #53845

A hyperrealistic comedy-drama depicting the crisis of each generation living in the present era. It tells the story of a simpleton, Mr. A, who suddenly has to struggle to survive...

Phoenix 2020 (2020)

Phoenix 2020

Rank #56589

Belonging to the wealthiest class and as the daughter of an influential chaebol family in Korea, Ji Eun grew up with everything. When she meets Se Hoon, who comes from...