Noble Woman

Noble Woman


Total votes: 112

Director: Han Cheol Soo

Aired on: Jan 13, 2014

Total Episodes: 114

Network: jTBC

Duration: 40 min.

Year: 2014

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 귀부인

Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

Alternative Titles: Gwibooin, Lady, The Noblesse

Genre: Drama, Family, Romance


Born to a single mom working as a maid, Shin Ae gives up her studies to work as a salesperson in a department store. Mi Na is the only daughter and heiress of the family who owns the department store and secretly envies Shin Ae for her inborn confidence. Shin Ae has a crush on Jung Min, a manager at the store she works in. Smart and capable, Jung Min is involvedin a secret relationship with Mi Na. However, Mi Na’s parents disapprove of Jung Min’s ordinary background. When Shin Ae finds out that Jung Min and Mi Na are a couple, she is greatly disappointed.
This is when a clumsy but lovable young man named Yeong Min meets Shin Ae. The two find comfort in each other and end up getting married. However, their happiness is cut short when Yeong Min and his parents die in a plane crash. Shin Ae is devastated by the sudden loss in the early days of her marriage. However, there is an unexpected twist, Yeong Min’s father had actually been a huge investor and major shareholder in the department store! Shin Ae inherits the wealth that she had always dreamed of. Shin Ae, who had only been able to dream about becoming rich, is now indisputably part of the upper class.
However, her changed status does not bring her true happiness. Moreover, unable to accept that Shin Ae has risen to her status, Mi Na hatches a scheme against her, creating conflict and conspiracy over the ownership of the department store. Meanwhile, Shin Ae continues to have feelings for Jung Min. This drama is an epic tale of love and competition between two high school classmates from completely different worlds, each trying to become a truly noble lady.

(Source: JTBC)


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