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Cheongdamdong Alice

Title: 청담동 앨리스 / Cheongdamdong Alice
Chinese Title: 清潭洞愛麗絲
Also Known as: Alice in Cheongdamdong
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-1 to 2013-Jan-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) is a talented young designer with a very positive character. She wins many designing contests and finally joins a clothing company. But She only does errands and chores rather than design at work. Meanwhile, the wife of the upper management in this company humiliates her. The wife is actually her former high school classmate who didn’t do better than her in school. The situation change until she met Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo), who is a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdamdong and he will change her life after that.


Main Cast

Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo
Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung
So Yi Hyun as Seo Yoon Joo
Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong

Supporting Cast

Kim Yoo Ri as Shin In Hwa

People around Se Kyung

Nam Goong Min as So In Chan (Se Kyung’s ex-boyfriend)
Jung In Ki as Han Deuk Ki (Se Kyung’s father)
Lee Jong Nam as Jung Yoon Hee (Se Kyung’s mother)
Hye Jung as Han Se Jin (Se Kyung’s younger sister)
Shin So Yool as Choi Ah Jung

People around Seung Jo

Han Jin Hee as Cha Il Nam
Park Kwang Hyun as Heo Dong Wook
Choi Sung Joon as Secretary Moon
Jung Myung Joon (정명준) as Artemis’s executive officers

People around Yoon Joo

Kim Seung Soo as Shin Min Hyuk
Goo Won as Seo Ho Min
Yoon So Jung as Mrs. Jung
Park Young Ji as Chairman Shin
Jung Geun as Assistant Manager Kim


Song Sun Mi as Artemis’s costumer
Jun No Min as Jang Myung Ho (Tommy Hong’s party guest)
Park Kwang Soo (박광수) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Lee Jong Bak as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Park Sang Yun (박상연) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Ida Daussy (이다 도시) as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Edward Kwon (에드워드 권) as Tommy Hong’s party guest

Production Credits

Production Company: KP&SHOW
Producer: Lee Sung Hoon, Joo Dong Min
Original novel: Chungdamdong Duck by Lee Hye Kyung
Director: Jo Soo Won, Shin Seung Woo
Screenwriter: Kim Jin Hee, Kim Ji Woon


2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Kim Yoo Ri (Alice in Cheongdamdong, The Master’s Sun)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actress: Kim Yoo Ri (Cheongdamdong Alice, The Master’s Sun)

Episode Ratings

2012-12-0118.7 (17th)10.0 (10th)8.6 (17th)9.3 (14th)
2012-12-0228.3 (19th)10.3 (15th)8.6 (15th)9.4 (11th)
2012-12-08311.0 (12th)13.3 (5th)10.6 (9th)10.9 (9th)
2012-12-0949.7 (15th)12.0 (13th)9.1 (17th)10.1 (12th)
2012-12-15513.1 (6th)14.5 (5th)12.5 (7th)13.4 (5th)
2012-12-16610.9 (12th)13.1 (7th)10.2 (12th)11.4 (8th)
2012-12-22711.0 (14th)13.1 (6th)10.6 (12th)11.9 (7th)
2012-12-23810.6 (14th)12.8 (8th)10.9 (13th)12.1 (10th)
2013-01-05917.6 (3rd)19.8 (3rd)15.2 (3rd)16.6 (3rd)
2013-01-061015.0 (8th)17.1 (6th)14.7 (6th)16.2 (5th)
2013-01-121115.2 (4th)17.5 (3rd)14.4 (5th)15.6 (5th)
2013-01-131213.9 (9th)16.3 (5th)13.5 (8th)15.0 (6th)
2013-01-191312.9 (6th)13.9 (4th)15.0 (4th)16.2 (3rd)
2013-01-201413.4 (8th)15.3 (7th)14.4 (7th)16.6 (4th)
2013-01-261514.9 (5th)16.7 (4th)15.6 (4th)16.7 (4th)
2013-01-271614.8 (6th)17.1 (5th)16.6 (4th)18.6 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

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