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Mr. Trot Season 2 (2022)

Mr. Trot Season 2

Rank #36318

Trot music is back! After the huge success of season 1 of “Mr. Trot” and the resurgence of the genre, TV Chosun is bringing back the trot survival competition with...

Begin Again 3 (2019)

Begin Again Season 3

Rank #36327

Season 3 stars Lena Park, Hareem, Henry and Lee Su Hyun, who appeared in Season 2 and are known as Family Band that has been requested by many to reunite...

Folk Us (2020)

Folk Us

Rank #36814

Mnet’s Folk Musician Audition Program....

BIGBANG The beginning (2006)

BIGBANG The beginning

Rank #36858

YG Entertainment’s self-produced 10-part film ‘Real Documentary Big Bang’ depicts the debut process of the formation of, a newcomer group designed around Taeyang and G-DRAGON , who started life as...

New Festa

Rank #36858

A revival project for those who miss music festivals filled with shouts, cheers and chants, together with six music experts that are good at having fun with music, they will...

Listen Up

Rank #37099

“Listen Up” is a music competition show featuring the best music producers in the business. Ten producers making the best K-pop nowadays produce fantastic music and performances with some of...

The Call (2018)

The Call

Rank #37225

Mnet announced the start of ‘The Call’. The new show is a special collaboration project created by the producers of ‘I Can See Your Voice’. ‘The Call’ aims to create...

Boom Shakalaka (2016)

Boom Shakalaka

Rank #37454

Chuseok special – Dance Variety Show “Boom Shakalaka” “Book Shakalaka” is a dance competition program where eight contestants transform into “Dance AlphaGos,” competing with South Korean dance hits from the...

Hyena on the Keyboard (2018)

Hyena on the Keyboard

Rank #37582

“Hyena on the Keyboard” is a music reality television show whereby the processes of song production from various producers/singer-songwriters will be shown. The completed songs will then be released as...

Fly to the Dance

Rank #37723

It follows a crew of dancers on their journey to the cities of New York and Los Angeles. The dancers will be gathering American crowds to come and see their on-the-spot...

After School Excitement Special Activities

Rank #37953

My Teenage Girl contestants have special activities to share their chemistry and bond for the Lunar New Year. (Source: netfelix)...

Dingo x DAMOIM (2019)

Dingo x DAMOIM

Rank #37973

Rappers Yumdda, Deepflow, The Quiett, Simon Dominic and Paloalto have one thing in common: they are born in 1984. Dingo gathers them to make some hits together....

My Major is Hip Hop (2020)

My Major is Hip Hop

Rank #38020

‘My major is Hip Hop’ is a program aiming to find talented rappers by visiting hip-hop clubs at famous universities. (Source: Allkpop)...

The Voice of Korea: Season 1 (2012)

The Voice of Korea Season 1

Rank #38088

The Voice of Korea is a South Korean reality singing competition and local version of The Voice. One of the important premises of the show is the quality of the...

Begin Again (2017)

Begin Again Season 1

Rank #38478

Reality program where musicians from South Korea travel around the world and hold busking events for people who have no idea who they are. They introduce themselves through their music....

The Call Season 2 (2019)

The Call Season 2

Rank #38705

The show is a special collaboration project created by the producers of ‘I Can See Your Voice’. It aims to create legendary collaboration with top artists of Korea. Singers will...

Music Bank (1998)

Music Bank

Rank #38952

Music Bank is a weekly South Korean program airing every Friday at 5pm on KBS2 live....

War of Villains (2020)

War of Villains

Rank #39439

The variety show will feature the cast members meeting artists who have impacted the Korean music industry and starting new music projects. (Source: Soompi)...

Music Bank in Jakarta (2017)

Music Bank in Jakarta

Rank #39603

The Music Bank World Tour is a worldwide live concert tour of South Korean music show Music Bank by the KBS. The tour stages live performances, featuring multiple K-pop acts,...

Love at First Song (2019)

Love at First Song

Rank #39859

XtvN’s “Love at First Song” features people being matched up in pairs to rehearse and perform a duet together. The twist is that they have to prepare and perform without...

Show Me The Money: Season 1 (2012)

Show Me the Money Season 1

Rank #40002

The format of each season varies, but generally consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...