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I-LAND (2020)


Rank #401

23 young male K-pop trainees, born between 1997 and 2006, attempt to become the hottest new thing in global pop music. The trainee group has been working toward its big...

Good Girl (2020)

Good Girl

Rank #651

“Good Girl” will feature some of the best female hip hop and R&B artists around the country, including underground rappers, current idols, and popular artists. These artists will be put...

Produce 101 Season 2 (2017)

Produce 101 Season 2

Rank #716

Produce 101 Season 2 brings together 101 trainees from different entertainment companies in South Korea, and 11 trainees are selected through audience voting to form a boy band. The group...

Queendom (2019)

Queendom Season 1

Rank #862

The concept of “Queendom” revolves around six artists; Park Bom, AOA, Mamamoo, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and (G)I-DLE, releasing singles on the same day at the same time to compete...

Amazing Saturday (2018)

Amazing Saturday

Rank #1279

Every week there will be a featured market from South Korea and within it, there are 3 types of food selected as its representatives. The cast and guest(s), as contestants,...

Produce X 101 (2019)

Produce X 101

Rank #1309

Produce X 101 was the fourth season of Mnet’s reality television talent competition franchise Produce 101. The public (called ‘national producers’) “produces” a boy band by choosing 11 members among...

Produce 101 (2016)

Produce 101

Rank #1446

Produce 101 is the nation’s first agency-collaboration unit girl group project, which brings together 101 trainees from different entertainment companies both inside and outside of South Korea. From the 101...

Show Me The Money: Season 10 (2021)

Show Me the Money Season 10

Rank #1538

New Season...

Why Not? The Dancer (2018)

Why Not? The Dancer

Rank #1543

Dance reality show where korean idols/dancers collaborate with popular international dancers and choreographers to create new choreography. Started filming in the US on march 25th. Will start to air on...

NO.MERCY (2014)


Rank #1599

No Mercy will show the trainees at Starship Entertainment going through fierce competition as they prepare for their debut. Currently housing SISTAR, K.Will, Boyfriend, JunggiGo, Mad Clown and more, Starship...

Show Me The Money: Season 3 (2014)

Show Me the Money Season 3

Rank #1896

The format of each season varies but generally consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...

The Unit (2017)

The Unit

Rank #1986

“The Unit” aims to create the best idol unit by uncovering already debuted singers’ talent and potential in a program where viewers get to pick the unit members. Viewers who...

Show Me The Money: Season 4 (2015)

Show Me the Money Season 4

Rank #2391

The format of each season varies, but generally consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...

Show Me The Money: Season 9 (2020)

Show Me the Money Season 9

Rank #2667

“Show Me the Money 9” plans to showcase a new system of competition, as well as the usual diverse lineup of talented producers. The biggest difference in the new season...

YG Treasure Box (2018)

YG Treasure Box

Rank #2955

In this survival show, YG Entertainment introduces all their male trainees in the agency. YG Treasure Box determines the member selection of YG’s new boy group that debuted in 2020....

Unpretty Rapstar (2015)

Unpretty Rapstar Season 1

Rank #3569

Unpretty Rapstar is a brutal rap competition program focusing on female rappers. Where unpretty describes the girls who try not to look “cute” and “girly”. The show features 8 women...

Queendom Season 2

Rank #3794

Following the success of “Queendom” in 2019, a fresh group of six all-female acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out in the...

Idol School (2017)

Idol School

Rank #6923

Idol School is a reality girl group survival show. The program aims to form a 9 members girl group out of 41 female participants, training them in singing and dancing...

Chen FM

Rank #34906

The EXO members gather to listen Chen’s new album and talk a lot about various other things, too. (Source: Mia at MyDramalist)...

A Butterful Getaway with BTS

Rank #35037

“A Butterful Getaway with BTS” is the fourth special comeback show by the boy group BTS, promoting their first English single album Butter. The show promotes the new album with...

After School Excitement Winter Camp

Rank #35578

The remaining 21 girls of “My Teenage Girl” gear up for an online fanmeeting for two weeks, where they interact with fans online and play a variety of games in...

Begin Again 4 (2020)

Begin Again Season 4: Korea

Rank #35836

In seasons one to three, singers traveled to various cities in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Italy. In this the musicians will go on a busking trip around Korea and...

Hwasa Show (2022)

Hwasa Show

Rank #35978

A music entertainment program where Hwasa and musicians fill the night with deep stories and music. (Source: Naver)...

Kep1er Debut Show

Rank #36115

Check out Kep1er’s chemistry and watch them play different games on their debut day! (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...