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Hello, Franceska

Rank #47049

Romania, 2005. One of the last vampire families on earth decides to disguise themselves and live among humans until “the glory of their empire” revives. They are sent to different...

I Need a Fairy (2012)

I Need a Fairy

Rank #47097

In this sitcom fate introduces a fallen angel into the lives of a mother and daughter, who together are put through a variety of episodes. (Source: HanCinema)...

Yoo Mi's Room

Yoo Mi’s Room

Rank #47224

The coming-of-age sitcom depicts the struggles and adventures by a single lady, Yoo Mi, who tries to find her own happiness and what she really loves....

Look Back With a Smile (2006)

Look Back With a Smile

Rank #47278

Lee Duk Hwa is the iron-willed president of a private hospital. At home, he is similarly conservative and severe, stubbornly insisting that his word is law. In an era where...



Rank #47389

The series was popular for its cast of teen idols, many of who debuted through the show gaining vast popularity. Each Nonstop season shows the hilarious everyday life adventures of...

I Live in Cheongdam-dong (2011)

I Live in Cheongdam-dong

Rank #48039

This is a story about an ordinary family struggling to become residents of Chungdam Dong, a rich neighbourhood in Korea equivalent to Beverly Hills in LA. Kim Hye Ja is...

Blue Tower (2013)

Blue Tower

Rank #48232

Blue Tower follows the everyday struggles of our challenged group of guys while they serve their mandatory military service. But nothing ever goes smoothly for them! Watch as they attempt...

Nonstop 6

Nonstop Season 6

Rank #48781

This is another season of the Nonstop sitcom which shows the everyday life of students who live in a dorm....

Wild Guys (2019)

Wild Guys

Rank #49718

A sitcom that takes place in ‘Amazing’ a magical club in a university with members that have superpowers....

More Charming By The Day

More Charming By The Day

Rank #51400

Song Ok Sook’s husband walked out their family after his business went bankrupt. For the past 15 years she has raised her three daughters up to the best of her...

Reckless Family Season 2

Reckless Family Season 2

Rank #51751

“Reckless Family Season 2” is a sitcom that features impromptu skits around the concept of “family”....

Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007)

Kimchi Cheese Smile

Rank #52175

The drama is about 2 families who go from the picture perfect life to a stage life. Shin Gu runs a photo studio and his kimchee-like common class family is...

What is Mom (2012)

What Is Mom

Rank #52730

This drama tells the story of a mom who stays with her children again after her children become jobless. Na Moon Hee is the owner of a noodle shop. Her...

Orange (2002)


Rank #53485

This sitcom revolves around the ambitions, passions and relationships of a group of young people who work as lifeguards at a water theme park. It also deals with issues of...

Can We Refill the Love? (2005)

Can We Refill the Love?

Rank #57582

Jin Joo is a single woman with an appearance and job everyone else would envy, but she is not happy because of her divorce. Meanwhile, her sister, Sun Joo, is...

OK Family

OK Family

Rank #58706


Honest Living

Honest Living

Rank #99999


Global Travel Agency Gaboiso (2021)

Global Travel Agency Gaboiso

Rank #99999

Confidently established, for those who were craving to travel, despite COVID 19, Global Travel Agency ‘GABOISO’. But… from the start, something seems unusual…? People who are somewhat lacking gathered and...

That's Perfect

That’s Perfect

Rank #99999

A sitcom revolving around the friendships and love lives of students enjoying their springtime of youth in their second year of university....

On Air: The Secret Contract (2021)

On Air: The Secret Contract

Rank #99999

An interactive show in which the cast members will take comments from fans in real time and directly communicate with both online and offline audiences. Each show will be a...

Short Family (2012)

Short Family

Rank #99999

A Sitcom about a middle aged household head, a mother and a competent career woman....

How Am I (1998)

How Am I

Rank #99999


Reckless Family Season 3

Reckless Family Season 3

Rank #99999

‘Reckless Family Season 3’ is a sitcom that features impromptu skits around the concept of “family”. It is a program that combines variety and sitcom....