Sitcom Korean Dramas & Movies

The Birth Of A Nation (2021)

The Birth of a Nation

Rank #35746

The story of a family that founded a new nation. ~~ Adapted from a webtoon of the same title....

Smashing on Your Back (2017)

Smashing on Your Back

Rank #37663

A sitcom about a family that’s struggling to survive, living with the in-laws, and dreaming of getting back up on their feet. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Soonpoong Clinic (1998)

Soonpoong Clinic

Rank #38479

This daily sitcom revolves around the quirky family who owns the Soonpoong Clinic, an obstetrics and gynecology hospital; the father, a gynecologist who is afraid of performing surgery, his wife,...

Oh My God

Oh My God

Rank #38993

A sitcom about a couple 20 years into marriage and another couple 3 months into marriage....

TMI NEWS (2019)


Rank #39464

The show is the first ever global K-pop idols’ news & talk show. The “TMI” in the show’s name stands for Thursday Mnet Idol. The show is currently retrieving any...

Fork You Boss (2017)

Fork You Boss

Rank #39657

From Monday to Sunday, 24/7! the main character relieves his stress from work by cooking. If you are like him, you will be thrilled by the way he treats cooking...

Fork You Boss 2 (2018)

Fork You Boss Season 2

Rank #39773

The worst bosses that you probably encountered yourself have gathered here. Kwon Yeo Bin has been harassed by a verbally violent Team Head and emotionally unstable Manager. Her way of...

I Want to Live an Easy Life

Rank #40087

The story of four candid and brazen girlfriends in their 30s who want to be rich but do not like to work hard, are comfortable with being alone but do...

Nonstop 2

Nonstop Season 2

Rank #41001

Nonstop is a South Korean sitcom that broadcast its first season in 2000 on MBC. It continued with 5 more seasons. The series was popular for its cast of teen...

Go Mom Go!

Go Mom Go!

Rank #41231


Three Friends (2000)

Three Friends

Rank #42075


Keu Keu Island's Secret (2008)

Keu Keu Island’s Secret

Rank #43018

Ten employees in a company drift off to an inhabited island after an accident that occurred at sea during their company trip. Since all ten employee were drunk before the...

Old Miss Diary (2004)

Old Miss Diary

Rank #43024

Mi Ja, Ji Young and Yun Ah are three 30 year old urban single woman.. Mi Ja is a dub actress who is devoted to find a right man before...

Somehow Family (2021)

Somehow Family

Rank #43218

The story of a married couple, Sung Dong Il and Jin Hee Kyung, who run a boarding house near the airport and live with various people who work at the...

Going to the Blue House Like This (2021)

Political Fever

Rank #43709

A black comedy political sitcom about an Olympic gold medalist who was appointed as minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and is facing a unauthorized takingping incident of...

Nonstop 3

Nonstop Season 3

Rank #43878

This is another season of the Nonstop sitcom which shows the everyday life of students who live in a dorm....

Welcome to Royal Villa (2013)

Welcome to Royal Villa

Rank #44721

“Welcome To Noyal Villa” will be about the stories of people who live in a royal villa portrayed in a comic, sitcom-like way....

Reckless Family

Reckless Family

Rank #45445

“Reckless Family” is a sitcom that features impromptu skits around the concept of “family”....

Better Things (2023)

Korean Drama - Aug 7, 2023
Rank #45554

Comprised of 3 episodes, the sitcom follows the story of four girls living together in a share house, where every day is full of fun and laughter. (Source: TheTVDb)...

Nonstop 5

Nonstop Season 5

Rank #45869

This is another season of the Nonstop sitcom which shows the everyday life of students who live in a dorm....

Standby (2012)


Rank #45935

Standby is a workplace comedy that takes place at a fictional broadcast station, where our series lead Ryu Jin finds himself stuck in a career slump (can it be a...

Nonstop 4

Nonstop Season 4

Rank #46066

This is another season of the Nonstop sitcom which shows the everyday life of students who live in a dorm....

Big Hit Family

Big Hit Family

Rank #46143

Windfall Family is a charming family sitcom depicting the heartwarming love of a family through a variety of episodes surrounding a middle-class household pursuing their hopes and dreams. The main...

Drama Special Season 13: Do You Know Ashtanga?

Rank #46745

A yoga instructor with a twisted mind meets a sugar daddy in this bumpy human romantic comedy....