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Sassy Go Go 04

Title: 발칙하게 고고 / Sassy Go Go
Chinese Title: 無理的前進
Also known as: Cheer Up!
Genre: Romance, Youth, School
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-05 to 2015-Nov-10
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This is a drama about a high school cheerleading squad. itdepicts the friendships and loves of youths, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasizes competition.

Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) is a popular amongst her school friends for her active and honest character. She is the leader of the cheer team and shines when she’s cheering but is intimidated by her status in the school as she is in the lowest of classes in a school where only the brainiest ones attend.


Real King Club

Jung Eun Ji as Kang Yun Doo
Kim Min Ho as as Min Hyo Shik
Kang Min Ah as Park Da Mi
Son Bum Joon as Seung Woo
Ooon as Joon Soo
Park Yoo Na as Kim Gyung Eun

Baek Ho Club

Lee Won Geun as Kim Yul
Chae Soo Bin as Kwon Soo Ah
Ji Soo as Seo Ha Joon
Shin Jae Ha as Choi Tae Pyung
Jung Hae Na as Han Jae Young
Kang Gureum as Kim Na Yeon

Basketball Club

Cha Hak Yun as Ha Dong Jae

Teachers & Staff

Park Hae Mi as Choi Gyung Ran (principal)
Kim Ji Suk as Yang Tae Bum (teacher)
In Gyo Jin as Im Soo Yong (teacher)
Lee Mi Do as Nam Jung Ah (cheerleading coach)


Kim Yeo Jin as Park Sun Young (Yun Doo’s mother)
Choi Duk Moon as Kim Byung Jae
Go Soo Hee as Choi Hyun Mi (Soo Ah’s mother)
Jo Won Hee as Seo Ha Joon’s father


Gil Hae Yun as Manager Lee
Jo Mo Se (조모세)
Ha Yeon Woo (하연우)
Yoon Mi Hyang (윤미향)
Seol Ji Yoon
Oh Jung Won (오정원)
Lee Tae Gum (이태검) as PD Oh

Production Credits

Director: Lee Eun Jin
ScriptWriter: Yoon Soo Jung


Actress Kim Yoo Jung was first offered the lead female role, but declined.


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Rookie Awards (Actress) – Chae Soo Bin (Sassy Go Go, Blue Bird’s House) & Kim So Hyun (School 2015: Who Are You?)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-10-05 1 3.1 3.6 2.2 2.4
2015-10-06 2 4.1 4.7 3.2 3.4
2015-10-12 3 3.5 3.8 3.3 3.6
2015-10-13 4 4.0 4.4 3.8 3.9
2015-10-19 5 4.0 4.2 2.9 2.7
2015-10-20 6 4.2 4.2 3.5 3.8
2015-10-26 7 4.3 4.4 4.3 4.6
2015-10-27 8 4.4 4.8 3.6 3.9
2015-11-02 9 4.1 (<7.2) 3.0 3.4
2015-11-03 10 4.5 4.1 3.5 3.8
2015-11-09 11 3.8 (<7.7) 3.4 (<8.3)
2015-11-10 12 (<7.2) (<6.5) 4.2 (<7.3)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Sassy Go Go Poster1 Sassy Go Go Poster2 Sassy Go Go Poster3 Sassy Go Go Poster4

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85 Responses to “Sassy Go Go”

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  1. 51
    Chan Says:

    I think this drama will pass 6% rating . 😀 Fighting

  2. 52
    Klaire Says:

    Seo hajoon & Yeondoo EP 8 😍

  3. 53
    Qorina Says:

    Omo..?!! I think this drama will be 16 eps, but it just 12? It’s okay, the next drama will be great too. Kim Yeol-Yeon Doo fighting!! ^_^

  4. 54
    Henry Says:

    I like this drama!!!

  5. 55
    mels Says:

    omo omo kim yeol-yeon do- ha joon.. i can’t let ji soo be a one side love

  6. 56
    nanakim Says:

    omo hanya 12 episode,,,,aku ingin lebih hoho,,,,

  7. 57
    maknaee Says:

    I wish the writer didn’t push the love triangle -_- I can’t stand Ji-soo to be brokenheart -_-

  8. 58
    Michael Haokip Says:

    School is reopen for meh…dying for this

  9. 59
    Sinopsis Sassy Go Go Episode 1 - Terakhir - Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran lain di sini. […]

  10. 60
    Ami Says:

    I can see why this drama has low ratings….boring plot line

  11. 61
    Wi song Says:

    I love seeing jisoo when he likes eunji 😄 😘 😍

  12. 62
    Wi song Says:

    Why it’s just 12 episodes 😢 I want to see more 😭

  13. 63
    Wi song Says:

    I love you jisoo, fighting with your love to eunji 💋💖💕

  14. 64
    belsy Says:

    I love to see yeon do together with kang yeol but i also love to see yeon do with ha joon especially with the latest episode when ha joon was looking for yeon do😭 it’s such a great drama but how can the rating number is low?:(

  15. 65
    peyutnduy Says:

    Why the rating so low? And why only 12 eps.??? It really is an interesting drama… Not only about studying, competing & dancing but also about the humanities.

  16. 66
    @kimchifan Says:

    fighting for school dramas!

  17. 67
    Wi song Says:

    Why it’s just 12 episodes 😢, tell me 💔 I love this drama sooooo much 👌

  18. 68
    AgassiOnlineShop Says:

    lee won geun so cute,,,
    cant wait for next eps

  19. 69
    Hikmi's Says:

    Good drama .. really love it

  20. 70
    violet88 Says:

    Great drama, great cast, great couple!!.. sad that rating is low though..

  21. 71
    azuri Says:

    Sassy Go Go is a great drama so sad its already ends…. just 12 episode… Love the ending though for the three of them still friends at the end…. 🙂

  22. 72
    Linh Says:

    I like that drama. I felling good better when look at Jung Eunji actress playing Sassy Go Go. She is good Singer and good actress

  23. 73
    maknaee Says:

    the best thing at the end : Ha-joon’s “If he cheats on you, then come to me, I am very loyal”

    Ji-soo is one of my favs since Angry Mom 😉 wish he gets the girl and isn’t get abused in next dramaaa :’D

    This is one of the dramas that have low ratings but good stories, casts, etc.

  24. 74
    Ran Says:

    I can’t even believe it’s already finished. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat. Eunji, u r the best!

  25. 75
    Tuyet Says:

    Fighting Sassy, Go Go!!!!

  26. 76
    nguyettuyet Says:

    I love Sassy, Go Go!❤

  27. 77
    mels Says:

    same with you.. i like ji soo’s acting from his role in angry mom. his acting is something else. he can get the emotion, so the viewer absorb the feeling too. when i know he plays in sassy go go i really anticipated it. and as my expectation, his acting was incredible. i’m so sad when he didn’t pairing with no one. but, his last word toward kang yeon do makes my lips smiling

  28. 78
    violet88 Says:

    @maknaee @ 73 & @mels @ 77

    Did you know that in Viikii the translation for that part was “If he cheats on you come to me.. My family relationship is clear”.. oh my.. i find that even funnier that the other translation.. 🙂 That was gold!..

    I still can’t let go of this drama.. Started rewatching from ep 1.. haha.. it’s because the chemistry between LGW and JEJ (KY & YD) are so daebak right from the beginning, even when Yeol is still snobbish and cold.. But you know what, cold Yeol is cute too.. in fact he’s too cute to handle.. hahaha.. if I were YD high chances I might fall for Yeol right from my 1st year in Sevit High School.. Such a perfect package.. 🙂

    Let’s vote SGG as best drama for year 2015… even if it can’t get to be the winner (well, look at the sad rating..) at least we can bring this great gem of a drama to the next round..


  29. 79
    maknaee Says:

    @mels #77 @violet88 #78

    Ji-soo’s act always made me wanna give him a big hug, even when he did something violent -_- huahahaha

    waaah the translation is much different, I played back to the end of eps 16, and I do hear the word ‘clear’ :’D love triangle didn’t break the friendship!~

    Yeol is the perfect type~ but, actually I’m a lil bit disappointed with him when YD is lost on camp, Ha-joon took the bicycle right away to search for YD, while Yeol was still thinking… and knocking the door –‘

    ah, btw there’s news that said Ji-soo’s next drama is a short one (3 eps maybe) with Kim So-hyun, it came form I Hear Your Voice writer (my favs!). Can’t waittt. Wish it come trueee

    KBS has much underrated dramas this year (what I mean is superb dramas but so-so ratings):
    – Healer
    – School 2015
    – Remember You (Park Bo-gum! <3)
    – Sassy Go Go

    Ok, Let's vote guysss 😀

  30. 80
    jane Says:

    Nice drama and even the acting of all the cast are great, Congrats! 😃

  31. 81
    mels Says:

    @maknaee #79
    waaah, really? he will paired with kim so hyun? ahh, she is my fav young actress too. but i don’t know why i feel they are not good to be couple, hahahaha. ji soo’s character just match with the strong women’s character.. like jung eun ji in SGG or kim yoo jung in angry mom, or someone else that not too girly

  32. 82
    violet88 Says:

    @maknaee # 79

    Ya I’ve read the casting news too.. am looking forward to it.. It’s called Page Turner right?.. but since KSH is still a teenager/underage i guess there’ll be less romance.. hehe.. anyway i love both actor/actress.. hope there’ll be subbed version available..

    I love all the drama you mentioned too (esp Healer), except School 2015.. Actually i was planning to watch it but didn’t get to since I’ve read not so nice comments about it.. 🙂

    Well, SGG is at 9th place in “2015 Best Drama”.. Need more vote to bring it at least to 8th place.. some of the drama within Top 8 now do not deserve to be there.. so sad…


  33. 83
    luly Says:


  34. 84
    dikariani Says:

    i did’nt get it, the story was good, the actor and actress was good to, i can spend a hours staring at this film withouth getting bored, not like some other story which I used to skip some scene because too annoy, why are the rating get low?

    why should the cut 4 episode? I think story and rating get better through the end
    and even I still wanna see some triangle love beetween kim yeol, ha joon and yeon do.

    i wish they will make a story like this again

  35. 85
    Zaza Says:

    omoooooooooooooooo, kim yeol ! Daebak ! love this drama so much !! ^^

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