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Please Come Back, Mister

Please Come Back, Mister 05

Title: 돌아와요 아저씨 / Please Come Back, Mister
Chinese Title: 回來吧大叔
Also known as: Come Back Ahjussi / Come Back Mister
Previously known as: 안녕 내 소중한 사람 / Hello My Precious
Genre: Melodrama, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-Feb-24 to 2016-Apr-14
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


This drama was based on the Japanese Novel Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days / 椿山課長の七日間 by Jiro Asada which was published from 2001-July-02 to 2002-April-16 through “Asahi Shimbun“.

A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Lee Hae Joon (Rain) is a perfect man with good looking appearance. He works as a section chief in the women’s apparel section at a department store. His body is actually possessed by the spirit of Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) who was worked to death. Meanwhile, Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) is a beautiful woman, but her spirit is possessed by a tough guy, Han Ki Tak (Kim Soo Ro). At the same time, Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) is a beautiful housewife, but her husband suddenly dies. She falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae Joon and a promising store employee Jung Ji Hoon (Yoon Park).


Main Cast

Rain as Lee Hae Joon
Oh Yeon Seo as Han Hong Nan
Kim In Kwon as Kim Young Soo
Kim Soo Ro as Han Ki Tak
Kwak Dong Yeon as Han Ki Tak (young)
Lee Gun Ha as Ki Tak (child)
Lee Min Jung as Shin Da Hye
Lee Ha Nui as Song Yi Yeon
Ji Ha Yoon as Song Yi Yeon (young)
Choi Won Young as Cha Jae Gook
Yoon Park as Jung Ji Hoon

Kim Young Soo’s family

Lee Re as Kim Ha Na (Young Soo & Da Hye’s daughter)
Park In Hwan as Kim Noh Gap (Young Soo’s father)

People around Han Gi Tak

Oh Dae Hwan as Na Suk Chul (Gi Tak’s natural enemy)
Lee Tae Hwan as Choi Seung Jae (Gi Tak’s right-hand man)
Kang Ki young as Je Gal Gil
Go In Bum as Jang Jin Goo

People at department store

Park Chul Min as Ma Sang Sik
Ahn Suk HwanOh Na Ra as Secretary Wang

People around Relive

Ra Mi Ran as Ma Ya
Lee Moon Shik as Pilot
Yoon Joo Sang as Stationmaster


Ryu Hwa Young as Wang Joo Yeon
Park Min Woo as Yoo Hyuk
Park Chul Min as Ma Sang Sik
Hong Suk Chun
Ray Yang
Lee Kyu Sub
Park Kwang Jae (박광재)
Min Jung Sup
Kim Bo Jung as Bang Yeong Eun

Production Credits

Director: Shin Yoon Sub
Screenwriter: Noh Hye Young


Episode 15 was postponed to 2016-April-14 in favor of coverage of the National Assembly elections. (source)


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Fantasy) – Oh Yeon Seo (Please Come Back, Mister)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-02-24 1 8.0 (19th) 10.5 (9th) 6.6 7.6
2016-02-25 2 9.0 (19th) 11.4 (9th) 7.6 8.9 (16th)
2016-03-02 3 6.2 8.0 (16th) 5.2 6.0
2016-03-03 4 6.9 7.8 (18th) 5.5 6.1
2016-03-09 5 5.2 (<7.7) 5.2 5.7
2016-03-10 6 5.9 (<7.5) 5.4 5.9
2016-03-16 7 3.6 4.5 4.0 4.2
2016-03-17 8 4.7 (<7.0) 4.0 4.2
2016-03-23 9 3.1 3.8 3.5 3.8
2016-03-24 10 3.6 4.4 4.1 4.4
2016-03-30 11 2.3 2.8 3.3 3.6
2016-03-31 12 3.7 (<6.7) 3.8 (<8.2)
2016-04-06 13 2.6 (<6.8) 2.8 (<7.2)
2016-04-07 14 3.6 (<6.8) 3.2 (<7.2)
2016-04-14 15 4.5 (<7.0) 4.6 (<7.6)
2016-04-14 16 3.1 (<7.0) 2.6 (<7.6)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Daebak Rain Oppa is back 😳😍🙆❤️

  2. 2 : Jun Mark Says:

    Wow….!!!! Can’t wait…

  3. 3 : Dy.K Says:

    Most likely on my watchlist, like Oh My Ghost mass version. Kim Soo Ro, Lee Min Jung, Rain. Is this the writer first drama? I just hope the writer do a good job. Coz i like the storyline n the cast.

  4. 4 : h3rancho Says:

    I will watch this for sure ^_^

  5. 5 : yeetshok Says:

    rain…wow i cant wait…

  6. 6 : malou1010 Says:

    Welcome back Lee Min Jung! I just finished rewatching Cunning Single Lady coz I missed you already and…………..tada, you’re back! So excited to watch this drama. Love Rain as well.

  7. 7 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Birdybuddy

    Hi there! We meet again, eh? This drama seems like a lot of fun especially Oh Yeon Seo’s character being possessed by a tough guy’s spirit. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a blast🎇🌌🎆🚀! Nice to see you here. Keep it here!

  8. 8 : noonacloud Says:

    OMG rain is making a come back I can not wait please 24 Feb come fast. But I don’t get it who is the main lead Lee min Jung or oh yeon seo? Rain fighting

  9. 9 : OK OK OK Says:

    Why trailer never show RAIN but other actors????
    Hope RAIN will have more acting scene, not just use his “name”…..

  10. 10 : Nicole Says:

    Raaaaaaain!! <3

  11. 11 : Masood Azhar Says:

    welcome back. dramamotion.com

  12. 12 : Masood Azhar Says:

    i am waiting for that . . . hummmmm http://www.reelfy.com

  13. 13 : amaal Says:

    i wish its beginning tomorrow

  14. 14 : KDzzz Says:

    im confused the plot is everywhere and its confusing to read.

  15. 15 : petriska dilla Says:

    Raaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnn…. 😘😚😚

  16. 16 : Sonal Says:

    Wow… finally Rains first serial in this year… <3

  17. 17 : kiki Says:

    this drama is up against song hyekyo and song joongki’s…

  18. 18 : lily Says:

    Acting of actress is weak, but I will see this drama because of Rain.
    Keep fighting!

  19. 19 : korea fan Says:

    I look forward to this upcoming drama.

  20. 20 : Alwine Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama…😍

  21. 21 : lily Says:

    any news of this coming drama?

  22. 22 : bingeul Says:

    Finally rain in a new drama!!!

  23. 23 : Chaiko Says:

    Looking forward to this drama!!!

  24. 24 : Jazz Says:

    What can we do the same airing & timeslot of the drama descendants in the sun. Nice storyline wins!👍🏻👏🏻

  25. 25 : N Says:

    Omo, same time slot with Descendants of the Sun. Let’s just hope that both show will be able to get good ratings. O_O

  26. 26 : fajar Says:

    KBS2 Vs SBS
    DotS Vs PCBM
    Hell ya!

  27. 27 : Anju Says:

    I am confused with the plot…

  28. 28 : Gina Says:

    this must be blast…im excited to watch this drama…as always my favorite Actress Oh Yeon Seo…and also rain my favorite actor.

  29. 29 : Dramanew.com Says:

    omo~~ can’t wait.. i love Rain
    Watch free on http://www.dramanew.com

  30. 30 : winnie Says:

    I’m an avid fan of Rain since Full house days. Lost count already of how many kdramas i’ve watched since then, but Rain and song hye kwo are still the best for me. Will never get tired of watching your dramas. I wish you all the luck. thank you for making my days brighter

  31. 31 : boy Says:

    Omg lee tae hwan with kang ki young again guys!!!

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  33. 33 : Vicckky Ds Says:

    Can’t wait to watch “Please Come Back Mister”, Rain is an amazing artist I love all about him!!! So happy so happy!!!

  34. 34 : Kala Says:

    Can’t wait? Can’t wait for Rain!

  35. 35 : Armstrong Kennedy Says:

    Wow, 2016 having many good actors and actresses come back….
    Rain’s very popularity STAR but most for KPop(stage) not screens(TV, big screen).
    Best wish to Rain in new comedy drama(Rain’s comedy’s skill, good).
    Actresses, average=5/10.

  36. 36 : Armstrong Kennedy Says:

    Rain’s best time for drama, still’s Full House!

  37. 37 : friss Says:

    Oh Yeon Seo! Your acting at Come On Jang Bora is amazing! Love that hit drama! Can’t wait to see this drama! Will watch descendants of the sun too! I don’t compare, watch both, win win situation! 🙂

  38. 38 : Kala Says:

    Ep 1 is coming soon, can’t wait for Rain!

  39. 39 : silver Says:

    I first noticed Oh Yeon Seo in Unexpected You. From there look out for her other dramas.. Shes really good, very natural , easy going for comedic as well as melo roles. Even with the latest successes of her dramas,, she has not displayed that sort of undertone arrogance like some actresses do. Thats what I like about her. Well CBA has a group of fantatic cast, Rain, Honey Lee, LMJ, Kim Su Ruo. Its gonna be a group effort to make this drama great not just focusing on one or two cast members. They look such a fun group. Just looking out for it.

  40. 40 : Mariam Says:

    wow sounds so interesting to watch…… top stars actors .. so excited >< … all of my favourites are in … and i wonder how the actors will act their or create the character .. once they get right the drama will be hot … will judge the first episode today ^^

  41. 41 : Minela Says:

    very interesting! keep fighting with a lot of Rain, ha..ha..

  42. 42 : Chaiko Says:

    Haven’t watched it yet but i have a good feeling!!

  43. 43 : Chaiko Says:

    Where can i watch this?!!!

  44. 44 : Marda Says:

    Just watched ep1 so good so far and I’m really excited about ep2!

  45. 45 : natasha Says:

    u can watch it on asiantvdrama

  46. 46 : Diane Says:

    Love this comedy drama!!! Looking forward to the next episode!!!

  47. 47 : Marivi Says:

    I was looking forward to this show since the news came out. Excited to watch Rain again!

    I have watched the 2 episodes and it showed an interesting storyline, it’s a combination of drama and comedy. Wish all the casts and staff in this drama success!

  48. 48 : rian Says:


  49. 49 : Marjorie Says:

    Really enjoy the three episodes, very interesting and love all the cast. So good to see Rain again on the small screen, love his acting. Such an amazing artist, very much looking forward to the next episode. Bravo to Rain and all the wonderful cast. Fighting !

  50. 50 : namjoo Says:

    Not interesting yet, hm i think the story a bit ridiculous and too much people to become a point. But i’m waiting till drama goes to ep 6, how it’s going. Is it interesting or not.

  51. 51 : Gemmy ge Says:

    The best drama ever its better than descedant of the sun but poeple are stupied

  52. 52 : Gamal Says:

    The rate of excitement is unbelivable to describe it in one word ,,,,different

  53. 53 : do Says:

    Hey sometimes rating prove about the quality of drama, and rating doing his job. dissapointed 🙁 not as i expected

  54. 54 : Azalea Says:

    Enjoying this drama, excellent acting by all the casts in this quality drama. Good story line and in depth analysis of a lot of the characters. This drama is quite intense and serious, but there are many life lessons to be learned. Sometimes in life when we are given a second chance, we truly will do things quite differently. I thoroughly enjoy this drama and would highly recommended it.

  55. 55 : silver Says:

    The cast is really fantastic. Its comical and intense at the same time. It serves as a reminder on how we should view life. We sail from one day to another taking for granted that tomorrow will always be there for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. Yes, when the inevitable does happen and if given a second chance (to be alive again!!), we would likely grap the chance to do things differently. Hope its not just about romance, romance and more romance about the main casts which is the standard Kdrama fare in the later episodes. The ratings really do not do justice to this drama.

  56. 56 : Sinopsis Come Back Mister Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

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  57. 57 : Jake Says:

    Enjoying the drama so far. Waiting for Ep5

  58. 58 : RannieFC Says:

    I can’t stop laugh both actor and actress I recommend !!!!
    goshhhh need everyday it’s Wednesday

  59. 59 : Matt Says:

    Very bad drama = very poor ratings

  60. 60 : CoolBeans Says:

    ABSOLUTELY FUNNY! Packed with experienced and talented comedic actors of all ages! SCREW THE RATINGS. Netizens hating on RAIN, again. Fast moving script! 16 episodes is all you need!

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like Rain & lead actress Oh Yeon Seo pairing and hope they can end up together.

    Hope that 2nd lead actress ends up with Yoon Park.


    Screenwriter: Noh Hye Young – GREAT WRITER. THANK YOU 😛

  62. 62 : OK OK OK Says:

    SUPER FUNNY. 😛 😛




  63. 63 : Drakordownload Says:

    can’t wait episode 5

  64. 64 : Marjorie Says:

    Very good drama, comical and hilarious at times but also a tear jerker. Wonderful performance by all casts and love Rain always, such a talented artist and actor. Couldn’t wait for the next episode, Fighting Please come back Mister ! Bravo to the whole casts, enjoy thoroughly this drama.

  65. 65 : Enn Says:

    I try to watch this because i like the cast but unfortunately i prefer descendants of the sun more. I cant find my interest in this story. I’m sorry but I’m an avid fan on DOTS! 👍🏻

  66. 66 : OK OK OK Says:

    episode 5
    Its still very interesting 😛

  67. 67 : Azalea Says:

    Love this wonderful drama ! Just finished watching eps 5 & 6, I find it so good that I re watch the episodes again. Amazed at the superb acting of Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, the rest of the casts also performed excellently. This is a good story, can be very funny at times. A top quality drama with a lot of depth that you need to savor. Bravo to Rain and the whole cast for their professionalism and top notch deliverance. Looking forward and Just couldn’t wait for the next episode 🙂 Fighting !

  68. 68 : jean Says:

    This drama is great and so funny, but comes not the right time because decendants of the sun more interesting, ganbatte !

  69. 69 : Tt Says:


  70. 70 : Vic Says:

    Great drama, so funny and comical. Fantastic performance by the whole casts, a very different kind of kdrama, good story voicing and depicting the life of underdogs. Appreciate this kind of drama, looking forward to next episodes 🙂
    Cheers to whole casts and crew, excellent and Fighting !

  71. 71 : OK OK OK Says:

    in this drama, i really like Honey Lee (Lee Ha Nui)
    She is so se xy and pretty. I love her healthy smooth complexion. 😛

  72. 72 : ST Says:

    So comical and hilarious, love this drama. Not the ordinary kind of story line, different and unique. Amazed at the wonderful acting of Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, kudos to the whole cast. Fighting 🙂

  73. 73 : Maya Says:

    I Love it..it’s super funny drama..never doubt rain’s acting,he can be a commedian,romantic&serious. Unfortunatelly the rating is low because it’s released as the same time w/ DOTS but for me DOTS is boring, complicated & not interesting, the rating’s high just because of song hye kyo otherwise it will be just so so like others romantic dramas ideally..

    Still rain is the great one&this is the best comedy drama ever…FIGHTING RAIN & all the crews..

  74. 74 : Yan Says:

    Simply the best comedy ! I just couldn’t stop laughing in episode 6, hilarious 🙂 Such a good script and story line, Rain and Oh Yeon Seo is amazing, wonderful performance. Appreciate this drama, so entertaining and thanks to Rain and whole cast 🙂 Love and support this wonderful drama. Fighting !

  75. 75 : Simon Says:

    My original expectation is very high for this drama but after 6 episodes, I would have to say DOTS is so much better. The writer and director is trying something different from typical Korean dramas but it do not work for me. I keep watching mainly because of Oh Yeon Seo, I don’t know she can be so funny. I like Lee Min Jung too, she is so beautiful. Both Rain and Lee Ha Nui are both over acting in my opinion, too unnatural.

  76. 76 : Tanya Says:

    Super funny comedy, such a blast ! Didn’t expect such a good script and just couldn’t stop watching. Very different kind of k drama and appreciate SBS of trying something different. Loved Rain and Oh Yeon Seo’s performance. Really admire Rain as an actor, his versatility and professionalism, shed his macho image as an idol and dare to try this comical role. Bravo ! This drama is so funny and sad at the same time, feels are intense and extremely hilarious. Cheers and support to the whole cast and crew. Fighting !

  77. 77 : Hannah Says:

    The chemistry between Rain and Oh Yeon Seo is so great! It’s funny how I love seeing them together eventhough it’s weird that they’re together since their souls are two mid-age man. lol

  78. 78 : Hannah Says:

    I feel sorry for Seung Jae, he looks so cute together with Hong Nan. HAHAH

  79. 79 : waniya iqbal Says:

    i don’t know why the ratings are not that high ….but drama is great ,,,amazing acting with really entertaining script …..

  80. 80 : me_nina Says:

    this drama make me want to watch again and can’t wait the next ep because OH YEON SEO and KIM SOO RO… both of them make me laugh so hard.. lol thanks for them 😀

  81. 81 : Simon Says:

    Honestly, I give up. I can’t watch this drama any more. It is like mixing steak, lobster into ice-cream. I like them individually but mixing them together is a mess. I watched almost 8 episodes, enough to call this a flop.

  82. 82 : Tt Says:

    Giving up after enduring 7 episodes. Actors are fine. Script is a mess.

  83. 83 : ST Says:

    Simply love this drama, just couldn’t wait for the next episode. Wholesome cast with fine acting, good story line. May not be the typical k drama, as the script is based on a Japanese novel. Different and unique, funny and hilarious at times, but also warm and touching. Amazing cast with superb acting, appreciate all their hard work and effort. Great drama, will keep on watching and supporting. Fighting !

  84. 84 : Wee Says:

    This drama make my day. Super funny and amusing. This is my first time to watch Rain’s drama although heard a lot about his news. He doesn’t look handsome to me but his body is damn hot and truly sculpture.
    I prefer Oh Yeon Seo rather than Lee Min Jung. First time too for me to watch her drama. Her beauty and acting skills is much better than Lee Min Jung. Ming Jung looks so much lady-alike after married to Lee Byung Hun. Supposed to look cheerful but she looked so depressed like in this drama.
    I like watching second story about Hong Nan but keep skipping Hae Joon’s story, don’t know why?

  85. 85 : dramafreak Says:

    OMGGG this drama is so funny, i really recomend this drama, i enjoyed every single episode, cant wait till the last one, nice cast, especially rain he can play funny drama im amazed, figthing for all the crew <3<3<3

  86. 86 : Rainie Says:

    Really recommend this drama for those who feel so down and sad. Never stop laughing since episode 1.
    I don’t know whether I’m weird or not? I think most comedian stories are messed. As long it gave us a good laugh, I will say this drama is worth good comedian story. I had seen many Korean dramas but never watch one that so crazy and funny as this one.

  87. 87 : Queenie Says:

    Can’t wait to continue watching this drama. All the casts out there don’t give-up hopes, there are many fans like us wish to watch your unique and energize acting skills. We love to watch a good comedian drama which gave a lot of laughs.

  88. 88 : Rainie Says:

    Honestly, I think most of comedian stories don’t give complicate and sad ending. I don’t know whether it is a mess or not until you watch some western dramas or movies? I love Rain throwing his gentleman manly looks to act funny in this dramas. Can’t believe, he was my hottest k-pop idol acts so funny. He really can be a good comedian actor. Seen him improved a lot since “Full House”. So sad about the ratings, maybe they aired in the wrong timing when many hit-stars completing each others in those emotion dramas. Love Oh Yeon Seo in this drama too. She really a great actress, dare to challenge herself in the comedian drama to look funny.

  89. 89 : JR Says:

    There are 2 stories in this drama, that’s why people confuse about this plot. I love the gangter Hong-nan story.

  90. 90 : Marjorie Says:

    Simply love this drama ! So entertaining, super funny ! Wonderful cast with superb acting by Rain and Oh Yeon Seo , didn’t realize Rain can be so funny. Never doubted Rain as he is such a talented artist and great actor. The whole cast did a fantastic job with such professionalism. This drama is just like a breath of fresh air, so unique and different. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and just couldn’t wait for the next episode. Highly recommended drama, thumbs up ! Fighting !

  91. 91 : colo Says:


  92. 92 : sheli Says:

    i like this drama. fighting!!!

  93. 93 : Yan Says:

    Love episode 9, just couldn’t stop laughing, so entertaining ! Never doubted Rain, he is such a great actor and always deliver. Love Rain and Oh Yeon Seo, this is such a wonderful comedy, warm and touching and hilarious. Wonder what the ending is going to be like ? Wouldn’t want to miss this drama for anything, highly recommended. Fighting and applause for the whole cast.

  94. 94 : Hannah Says:

    I wonder how writer-nim would wrap up this drama. Since like from the preview for ep 10, they don’t have much time left. Tbh, I like more of Hong Nan’s story than Jae Hoon.

    Now that Jae Hoon wants to have relationship with Da Hye, wouldn’t that be cruel to her since he doesn’t have much time left? I just feel that he shouldn’t have messed up with her feelings by meddling around her life.

  95. 95 : Omo Omo Omo.... Says:

    Started off watching Descendants of the Sun first first before going on to this drama. Now it’s the other way round. This drama is really good, entertaining and the casts are really good. PCBM really deserves good ratings. Looking forward to Ep10.

  96. 96 : Hannah Says:

    This drama deserves higher ratings!

  97. 97 : ST Says:

    Just finished watching episode 9 & 10, simply love it. Entertaining, hilarious, warm and touching. Excellent acting by Rain, Oh Yeon Seo , Lee Min Jung and the whole cast. This is a really good drama, so refreshing ! Deserve a lot higher ratings for sure. Top quality drama and thanks to whole cast and crew for all their hard work, effort to make this drama so entertaining. Thumbs up and fighting !

  98. 98 : Humy Says:

    OMG! this drama is super-funny in this season. But why the ratings getting worse?

  99. 99 : Rainie Says:

    I keep laughing, seeing the ratings among Nationwide sinking further each episodes until negative 7. While the story is getting funnier and the casts are getting crazier.
    Hope they don’t become crazy-mad before the drama ending because I’m really getting crazy for this drama.

  100. 100 : Audrey Says:

    About the low ratings, should blame it on Maya. She mixed-up the whole story. How come the naïve husband became her hot idol and the gangster became woman, Hong Nan. I get my mind-straight after watched ep. 8 onward. Still can’t imagine both ajusshi become handsome man and beautiful woman.
    Still don’t get it why both dead men don’t want to go to heaven and remain in the earth? Understand the husband not intend to die but accidentally fall, so his main point is tell his wife, he is not suicide and want compensate from his company for his hard-works in limited times. He should focus on his wife promotion instead to make his wife jealous and make her falls for his disguise as CEO.
    About the gangster’s story much complicated to explain. He been murdered by CEO Chai, should revenge on his enemies instead, he became woman still protecting his lover from his murderer. Too confused to understand.

  101. 101 : SIS Says:

    Oh,no!!!! 😮 My idol, Rain become a joker in this drama.

  102. 102 : Wink* Says:

    Hehehe! Rain laugh like a gorilla in this drama too.

  103. 103 : Rainie Says:

    You’re right, Audrey. I should blame on Maya, the angel without wings, need to wear artificial wings and she always hope both guys quickly go back to heaven.
    Looking at the lowest ratings given by Nationwide and Seoul, already know this story no need to understand seriously. Just give us a good laugh until end.

  104. 104 : Kay Says:

    Tired after works, watching this funny drama, just like giving me an energizer for the weekend. Love the bonus endings in each episode.

  105. 105 : Azalea Says:

    Super comedy, funny and hilarious supported by great cast. Actually I am hooked and just couldn’t wait for the next episode. Rating suffered because in same time slot as DOTS and GMB, well different strokes for different folks. I personally think this drama is just as good as the others, very refreshing comedy and in a totally different caliber. Really there is no comparison. Want to give the whole cast ( Rain, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Min Jung and the whole crew ) my appreciation and support for all their hard wok and effort to provide such entertainment. I have lots of laughter and feel so good after each episode, that’s what make a good drama. Please come back Mister deserve at least a two digit rating. Fantastic drama ! Fighting !

  106. 106 : Dy.K Says:

    Thanks to the cast that make me survive through 10 episode…Those Afterlife besties was Jjang! Also Song Yi Yeon Team they were hillarious. But seems how the story so far make me less and less interested…seems the drama writer didn’t make to much effort because it was an adaptation and put the rest in the actor/actress hands.

  107. 107 : Simon Says:

    I am not sure why both Please Come Back Mister and Good Bye Mr Black use comic book stories. The story plots of both dramas are messy and childish at best. I watched both dramas because of the cast members but keep thinking what if both TV stations use better script writers. What a waste of great actors/actresses.

  108. 108 : Anna Says:

    Super comedy, tons of laughter and fun filled. I am totally recharged after every episode. Kudos to such a great cast and great acting. Love the story line, always some twist and turn in each episode, wonder what the ending would be like ? Just couldn’t wait for next episode to come. Fighting !

  109. 109 : bigeye Says:

    i cant stop laugh now..so funny.this is best drama i seen it

  110. 110 : Amy Says:

    Super comedy ! Bringing me lots of laughter, feel so refreshed after every episode. A big round of applause for the wonderful cast, superb acting ! Interesting story line, very different and intriguing. Totally captured by this drama, top quality and thumbs up. Looking very forward for the new episodes ! Fighting !

  111. 111 : Hannah Says:

    I can’t believe that the real Hong Nan is Da Hye! What a plot twist!!

  112. 112 : Marjorie Says:

    wow, so many twists and turns in eps 11 & 12, aside from Hong Nan is Da Hye, I am guessing Hah Na is Yoon Park’s daughter ? Getting to be very intense and intriguing, couldn’t wait for the next new episode. Appreciate the whole cast with their excellent acting ( Rain, Oh Yeon Seo , Lee Min Jung and all cast ) Kudos to all their hard work and professionalism. Great drama, fighting !

  113. 113 : Sampras Says:

    Very poor ratings

  114. 114 : ST Says:

    Just finished watching eps 11 & 12, love it. Lots of revealing, didn’t expect such a good script, exciting and kept me in suspense. Now I just couldn’t wait for next weeks episodes. Cheers and support to the great cast ( Rain, Oh Yeon Seo and all cast ), beautiful acting and thanks to their wonderful job. All the long hours, hard work in the midst of cold weather. with appreciation for making this wonderful drama. Fighting Please Come Back Mister, rating might be low in S Korea for whatever reason, but you are well appreciated by a lot of overseas fans. Bravo !

  115. 115 : Peejay Says:

    I agree that the ratings don’t do justice to the drama. Good action, funny moments, tearjerking moments, and great actors. Sometimes I do not understand Korean drama watchers on their choices of dramas to watch. The one drama that I will not protest being No. 1 is Descendants of the Sun 😉 Anyway, for the actors, director, writer and other staff of Please come back Mister, FIGHTING! We international watchers like your drama!

  116. 116 : Dianne Says:

    Loving this drama, just finished watching episodes 11 & 12. Fast paced, exciting, lots of revelations. There are a lot of funny scenes that I just cracked up laughing, and also scenes where I shed tears with the actors. I truly love this drama, warm, touching and funny. I like to pay tribute to the whole cast for their tremendous effort and wonderful acting ( Rain, Oh Yeaon Seo , Lee Min Jung and all cast ), good script and story line. To me this is one of the few best comedy that I have ever watched. Thumbs up ! The viewership rating of SK didn’t do you justice at all, there are lots of international fans supporting and loving this drama. Fighting Please Come Back Mister 🙂

  117. 117 : Hannah Says:

    You know what, I am not a Korean but I do love watching korean dramas a lot. This is one of the dramas that I would watch RAW without subs as I just can’t wait to see the episode after they aired it. If anyone of you guys judge this drama by the ratings, you’re missing a hell of great comedy drama!

  118. 118 : Omo Omo Omo.... Says:

    It just keeps getting better n better n better…. Just finished watching Ep 11 & 12 and can’t wait for the next episode. I hope the ratings shoot to the top next time round. C’mon people this is a great drama and it deserves the highest ratings possible!!

  119. 119 : Sweet Says:

    i love this drama more than DOTS.

  120. 120 : Amelia Says:

    Daebak. I guess Ha Na is Jung Ji Hoon’s daughter.

  121. 121 : Timmy Says:

    Childish, slapstick, foolish, stupid, whatever.. still it captivated me. Best casting choices, especially Oh Yeon Seo! So hilarious, keep me watching for more.

  122. 122 : Hannah Says:

    Seung Jae to the rescue. How I wish HongNan (Oh Yeon Seo) is real.

  123. 123 : Marjorie Says:

    Wow, this drama is getting better and better ! Watched episode 13 RAW and it totally captured all my attention, what a tear jerker as I shed so much tears with the actors. So touching, great scenes with the little girl and Rain , Oh Yeon Seo , it just tugged at your heart. SK viewership rating is just a poor reflection of this drama. This drama is at a least a double digit rating drama, one of the few best kdramas that I have ever watched 🙂 Fighting and support all the way, thanks also to the great cast and wonderful performance.

  124. 124 : Amy Says:

    Simply love this drama ! Getting to be very intense and intriguing, but also a lot of warm and heart breaking moments. I particularly love the scene in ep 13 with Rain and Hah Na on the skyride, I cried my eyes out watching father and daughter given a second chance to have a heart to heart talk. A lot of times in real life, we don’t get that chance and only realize that we should treasure what we have when they are still around. Lots of life lessons to learn from this drama.
    The story line is getting very interesting, I really couldn’t guess the ending. Appreciate Rain, Oh Yeon Seo , little girl Hah Na, Lee Min Jung and whole cast for their superb acting , all their hard work and professionalism in making such a top quality, wonderful drama. Please do not compare this drama to DOTS, it is an dishonor ! This drama is unique, different , very refreshing , top quality and great cast with distinctive performance . Bravo, thanks to SBS for production and the whole cast , my utmost appreciation !

  125. 125 : Mary Says:

    This drama totally captured my attention, wow getting better and better. Fine acting by the whole cast, good story line and suspense is keeping me on my tippy toe ! Wonder what is the ending going to be like ? Just couldn’t wait. Want to thank the whole cast for their fantastic performance, SK rating simply did not do any justice to this drama. As an overseas viewer, I truly appreciate this drama and the whole cast. Very good drama with great life lessons to learn, my heartfelt thanks and full support of this great drama. Bravo !

  126. 126 : Shelly Says:



  127. 127 : Maya Says:

    Audrey you said that because you don’t like it and better you don’t watch it if you don’t get the point of the story..and don’t make it to be complicated to think further about the story coz it just a simple and funny drama to enjoy not to debate..and as stated it is based on the japanese novel so that this is the story whatever you understand or not..

    For the rate, i just said the fact that it’s lowest due to it’s showed at the same time w/ DOTS, if it’s released in different time i’m sure the rate will be better..btw, rate is not important, the point is the drama is comical&can make people laugh..unless only few haters of this drama who feel dislike of it as you did..

    Keep on moving the cast&crew..fighting…

  128. 128 : Debby Says:

    @ Audrey
    I agree with maya, if you don’t understand the story then don’t watch it. Better you watch a heavy drama like empire of gold which will make you think a lot complicated bout the story.

    I think you don’t get the point of what maya said about the rating, she said similar with you the rate is low b’cause is aired in the wrong timing,and yes it’s true where it’s aired at the same times w/ others booming drama currently. But the rating is unimportant, the thing is please come back mister is unique with a comical story that can make people laugh and enjoy to watch.

    For me, I really like this drama b’cause the story is unusual than others drama generally, and it’s so funny & fresh. I agree with amy, this drama can’t compare with DOTS due to totally different so that please for you who don’t like it, don’t judge it badly.

  129. 129 : thomas Says:

    it is good film. i like it a lot. it make me laugh

  130. 130 : Leo Says:

    Good drama indeed, fresh story and very entertaining..

  131. 131 : sheryl Says:

    Daebak !!! very funny comedy drama !

  132. 132 : goby Says:

    i like lee hae joon who always make me laugh. he often support his employees

  133. 133 : Jerry Miller Says:

    I was born in 1936 as a WASP, but I worked one year for ROK Ministry of Education in P’aju. I’m loving DramaFever in USA with great subtitles. This Mister Please Come Back is far superior to lame U.S. ‘comedies’ IMHO. Fine cast and story line.

  134. 134 : Hannah Says:

    I would say they wrapped up the drama nicely. But I am really really curious who the hell is the real Hong Nan, because she said she just arrived too.

  135. 135 : bigeye Says:

    thumb up and this is best drama i seen it

  136. 136 : Meily Says:

    The ending is perfect&nice..it’s so touching the heart..daebak rain & others for giving the best acting performance..

  137. 137 : Dono Says:

    This is Daebak Drama..
    There are so many Feeling in this Drama..

    I don’t understand why the rating is so low…
    really.. really don’t understand..

  138. 138 : Patricia Says:

    This drama is awesome!! So meaningful! It is a far better film than DOTS. DOTS is a boring typical love story which has no depth in the storyline and I don’t even think it is worth the popularity (just only because of SJK). This drama here involve both actors and storywriters with great calibre. The story line for Come Back Mr is intriguing and deep.

    Sometimes i seriously doubt the ability of the koreans in having eyes for good production.

  139. 139 : Ryan Says:

    This is Very Good Drama..
    In this Drama, You can learn to be the good father, good leader, good friends, good man in your life…

    Hi, Rating..
    Let me ask you a question…
    Why are you so low???

    Because this drama released in wrong time..??
    OMG, where is maya??
    Maya, please ask to the God to make rating to be No. 1 !!

  140. 140 : ruby placheta Says:

    hahaha! great! i love this drama. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo were cool. all the cast have their own unique role. congratulations… hope to see more drama series of lee tae hwan and yoon park. saranghae…good luck… fighting…

  141. 141 : Liza Says:

    Geez, that’s unbblievaele. Kudos and such.

  142. 142 : Jooyoug kim Says:

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  143. 143 : joo young kim Says:


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  144. 144 : Maya Says:


    Hehe I wish I can but just forget bout the rating lah..the thing is the story is unique, funny, and meaningful where it can give the inspiration and learning to all people to be a good human as you said also..and you can see that people love this drama, only few haters/netizens who judge it badly coz they don’t understand how to evaluate which one is the real good drama..normally they vote the high rate&choose as the best drama just because the popularity of the actors/actress..

    I agree with you DOTS be a booming drama is only because SJK..Huft even SJK’s acting can’t compare with rain lah..rain is a multiple profesional actor where he can be a comedian&serious actor with natural acting..also he has a perfect body that most women like..even lee min jung&oh yoen so can’t stop to praise his six pack ^ ^

  145. 145 : Marjorie Says:

    Thanks much joo young kim for the information. I have participated and really wish there will be a Please Come Back Mister DVD for keepsake. I love this drama, such a masterpiece. The writer is just brilliant with the support of the great cast, such superb acting by Rain and Oh Yeon Seo and whole cast, I pay tribute to them all. This is an award winning drama well appreciated by lots of overseas audience. Bravo !

  146. 146 : ica Says:

    I think this drama funny, entertain, and interest story. the actor, actress are good. about the rating, maybe playing with same time with DOTS, so a bit low rating
    Rain has great body, charming,handsome. please dont compare with SJK. because both actor are great.in acting, both good looking handsome too, great body. have great fans everywhere.
    so, just enjoy this drama. I really like DOTS, but i like this drama too. have great watch.

  147. 147 : guarani Says:

    Hello everybody)) Guys what about music in this drama? I look for one track and can’t find it at all((( Can someone help me? This track you can find in the begining of episode 4 after 1 min watch.

  148. 148 : Jooyoung Says:


    “Come Back Mister”‘s DVD’s speculative demand poll is currently on.
    This is not a real purchase, so we welcome your active participation.

    Dvd includes bloopers, unreleased scenes, commentary, and so on.
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  149. 149 : Nicey Says:

    Yes, some say Rain’s acting here is different, quite overacting or not natural. No, because he actually acted the character of Shin Da Hye’s deceased husband, and he gave justice to the role, he did great here, a unique personality he is portraying. Maybe it’s a bad timimg because DOTS is on the same time slot, but this drama was such agood drama. Others why not give it a try online, very entertaining. Besides, Rain is Rain, he is the one we really love since Full House, he’s a good actor. Good luck to all!

  150. 150 : Serena Says:

    Great intelligent drama.

  151. 151 : FiveD Says:

    Fun and entertaining drama indeed. Have a great watch. Smile , laugh , touching moment… kudos to the cast and production team.

  152. 152 : cutiebarbie Says:

    Not as I expected. Less interesting

  153. 153 : Jerome Heng Says:

    The storyline is interesting & it captures my attention to watch, which is much better than the same time on-air series… The actors are fascinating & they bring us laugh… so enjoyable!

  154. 154 : irene Says:


    we are progressing prepayment of “ComeBackMister director’s re-edit DVD” now.

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    Director’s version DVD includes
    1. 100minutes per 1episode reedited by director (broadcasting ver. 60~70min)
    2. NG cuts&making film
    3. script book (pre-order special)
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  155. 155 : Mine Says:

    Ignore the ratings, highly recommended.
    Oh Yeon Seo great acting!!!

  156. 156 : Mia Andriyani Says:

    So funny, and the actors and the actresses were so wonderful, handsome, beautiful, and of course good in acting, especially acting of Oh Yeon Seo, she is always good in acting like jang bo ri, good luck all 👍👍

  157. 157 : Timpf Says:

    Gaebongaaaah! Gaebongaaaah!! Gaebongaaaah!!!

  158. 158 : Timpf Says:

    Thoroughly entertaining. Great casting.

  159. 159 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Why is Kim In Kwon first in the billing of this site instead of Rain? Are you out of ur mind admin?

  160. 160 : http://www./ Says:

    Hahahaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  161. 161 : http://www./ Says:

    – I like everything you guys are generally up also. Such wise work as well as reporting! Keep in the superb operates guys We have incorporated an individual guys for you to my blogroll. I think it’s going to improve the worth of my web site

  162. 162 : EMPRESS KI Says:

    This drama ate dust because of Descendants of the Sun ahahaha

  163. 163 : Elder Manise Says:

    Poor rating because head to head with decendant of the sun. Not because it’s not good. I interesting with the fact. I became interested in watching this drama, because at that time the Koreans chose Decendant of the Sun. But now decendant of the sun aren’t interesting anymore and I consider this drama like a new drama. Interesting because many good stars play.

  164. 164 : Kay Says:

    Please Come Back Mister was a good drama with a nice story and great characters. I loved the mix of humor, supernatural elements, and heart. A nice watch all around 🙂

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