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Phoenix (2020)

Title: 불새 / Phoenix
Also known as: The Fire Bird
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2021-April-09
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:35
Related Series: Phoenix


This drama is a remake of 2004 MBC drama Phoenix with the same scriptwriter.

It’s tells the story of a rich woman who marries a poor man for love and eventually gets a divorce. She later reunites with her ex-husband, who is engaged and an executive of a successful company.


Main Cast

Lee Jae Woo as Jang Sae Hoon / William Jang
Hong Soo Ah as Lee Ji Eun
Seo Ha Joon as Seo Jung Min / Seo Jung In
Park Young Rin as Yoon Mi Ran

People around Ji Eun

Yang Hye Jin as Jo Hyun Sook
Choi Ryung as Lee Sang Beom
Kim Seung Hyeon as Jo Hyun Min
Jung Seo Ha (정서하) as Lee Young Eun
Ok Go Un as Nam Bok Ja (Ji Eun’s best friend)

People around Sae Hoon

Shin Sung Kyun (신성균) as Jang Ji Wook
Kim Ho Chang as Kim Ho Jin

People around Jung Min

Kim Jong Seok (김종석) as Seo Moon Soo
Seo Ha Jun as Seo Jung In
Sung Hyun Ah as Choi Myung Hwa


Oh Cho Hee as Han Na Kyung
Kim Byung Choon as Park Gwang Cheol
Kang Sung Jin as Loan Shark Kang

Production Credits

Production Company: Samhwa Networks
Chief Producers: Choi Young Hoon (ep. 1-60), Park Young Soo (ep. 61-120)
Director: Lee Hyun Jik
Screenwriters: Lee Yoo Jin (ep. 1-120), Kim Shi Eun (김시은) (ep. 61-120)


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  1. 1 : dinopie Says:

    Sounds like an interesting drama… but there are far too many episodes.

    I’ll have to pass on this one.

  2. 2 : raye201 Says:


  3. 3 : In Ahn Says:

    All fathers in this drama are too young to play father roles. Their children look only ten years younger. I cannot immerse to the drama because of this nonsense casting.

  4. 4 : vidly Says:

    Love all the artists, must watch!

  5. 5 : Cheorin Says:

    Yay! . . . they actually played a part of the Finale from Igor Stravinsky’s L’Oiseau de feu (The Firebird). The theme played as she was applying the tourniquet on his wounded arm in the first episode.

    However that music takes a lot longer to open up as the grand image of the mythical Phoenix slowly rising from the ashes, wings outstretched and with a triumphant thunderous screech is airborne.

  6. 6 : Cheorin Says:

    The Firebird theme even modified totally fails everywhere they use it. And it ruins the drama for me.

  7. 7 : In Ahn Says:

    Absurd drama. The story is not cohesive. Jang Sae Hoon’s role has been diminished at Episode 80 and after.

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    As mentioned above, this drama is a re-make of the 2004 drama with Lee Seo-Jin and Eric (Moon Jung-Hyuk). The original drama only is only 26 episodes. So the screenwriter/s are dragging the story line out with the additional episodes.

    In case any one is interested, the original drama is running on MBC currently on Saturday and Sunday’s around 3:30 p.m. So far it is well done, interesting and moving along well. Episode 4 just aired on Saturday, March 13. I am enjoying it.

  9. 9 : In Ahn Says:

    The screenwriter Lee Yoo JIn is destroying Korean language, i.e., unnecessary use of English words instead of Korean words.  Such reckless substitution of English words is laughable and cheap. 
    In the second half of the drama, it has become a story of a stalker.  In Episode 104, I am confused and disappointed with poor creativity of the writer.  Simply pitiful!

  10. 10 : Jeanny Jones Says:

    I am looking seo sung min friend call A Jun – what his real name?
    by the way this drama is a happy ending i enjoy talent actor Seo Ha Joon and Hong Soo Ah – THEY LOOK CUTE TOGETHER

  11. 11 : Jinjoo Says:

    I’m late watching this so I’m sure I’ll be the only one talking here however, now watching ep 84/85 and why in the world Ji eun’s father emerged as alive? I don’t get it? Did I miss an epi I wondered coz all the while they’d been talking about him as deceased! I can u/stand if say, the father fell from a cliff or just missing and it so happens that someone took care of him & lost his mind but now he’s in the Sanatorium? I also can’t stand some of the villains like his aunt, his secretary, the illegal step-mom and that young guy A Jun or something! I’m only trying to bear with it bec of my fav actor Seo ha jun otherwise I feel like I wanna stop watching 🙂

  12. 12 : Jinjoo Says:

    @In Ahn comment #3 I noticed that too esp Ji eun’s father you can really tell that they just made him look older and I wondered why the production didn’t really choose some other ahjussi actors to really play the role, there are so many that they can choose from! Like you said the father of Ji eun could pass as her older brother and even Jeo Min’s dad also looking younger and I’ve never seen those two actors anywhere in kdramas before!

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