Pregnancy Korean Dramas & Movies

The World of the Married (2020)

The World of the Married

Rank #552

Everything seems perfect in the life of the successful family doctor and associate director, Ji Sun Woo. She lives happily in Gosan with her handsome husband Lee Tae Oh, whom...

Birthcare Center (2020)

Birthcare Center

Rank #625

Oh Hyun Jin has had a glittering career in her work life. She is the youngest member on the board of executives at the company she works at and is...

Secret (2013)


Rank #689

A man who does not believe in love, falls for a woman who has been hurt by it. Min Hyuk is wealthy, with everything but a good personality, He’s been...

The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale (2019)

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

Rank #1150

Man Deok runs a gas station in a peaceful country village. He has three adult children: Joon Geol, Min Geol, and Hae Geol. Man Deok only thinks about spending the...

Fated to Love You (2014)

Fated to Love You

Rank #1366

Mi Yeong is a typical office clerk who is rather plain, somewhat awkward and has her good nature taken advantage of by her co-workers on a daily basis. While on...

Ho Goo's Love

Ho Goo’s Love

Rank #1843

Ho Goo has never dated in his life. He runs into his first love Do Hee. She is a member of the national swimming team and has a burning desire...

All About My Mom

All About My Mom

Rank #2472

Jin Ae has a love and hate relationship with her mother San Ok. She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin Ae falls in...

Because I Love You

Because I Love You

Rank #3047

Lee Hyung, who is ready to propose to his lover, gets into a severe car accident and gets left in a coma. Miraculously, he snaps out of unconsciousness but notices...

Oh My Baby (2020)

Oh My Baby

Rank #3175

Aged 39, Jang Ha Ri is the ultimate workaholic. She hasn’t even had a boyfriend in the past decade, long ago decided to forget about looking for love, and instead...

The Target (2014)

The Target

Rank #3511

An ex-mercenary criminal is framed for the tragic end of a renowned corporate leader. He is accompanied by an ordinary doctor who is desperate to save his abducted pregnant wife...

Heard it Through the Grapevine

Heard it Through the Grapevine

Rank #4153

Han Jeong Ho and Choi Yeon Hee are a wealthy couple from a prestigious family. Their reputation is suddenly turned upside down when their teenage son, Han In Sang, impregnates...



Rank #4462

A self-centered star actress’ bizarre plan to become a single mother. Go Ju Yeon is a self-centered diva who always gets what she wants: fame, money, and even good-looking young...

Wonderful Life (2005)

Wonderful Life

Rank #4955

Han Seung Wan and Jung Se Jin bump into each other at the airport and accidentally take each other’s passports. They meet again and Seung Wan and Se Jin end...

More Than Family (2020)

More Than Family

Rank #5163

When To Il was 5 years old, her mother remarried. Due to that, they left Daegu and began to live in Seoul. To Il is now 21-years-old and a university...

Three Dads One Mom (2008)

Three Dads One Mom

Rank #5767

Song Na Young and her husband, Jung Sung Min, desperately want a child but her husband is unable to get her pregnant. Her husband’s friends decide to help them. But...

Another Child (2019)

Another Child

Rank #5825

Joo Ri and Yoon Ah are both second-year high school students. One day, they meet on the rooftop of their school. Joo Ri and Yoon Ah recently found out that...

I Do

I Do, I Do

Rank #6393

Hwang Ji An is a successful shoe designer whose life revolves around her work. She’s fiercely protective of her designs, though they are constantly being copied, flooding the market with...

Angel's Revenge (2014)

Angel’s Revenge

Rank #6625

Lee Seon Yoo is training to become a nun. Right before she finally achieves her dream, she learns that her beloved older sister Jin Yoo has died. Jin Yoo was...

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (2014)

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Rank #7115

Jang Guk is a country bumpkin who just transferred into a school in Seoul. She falls for Yoo Jun Su, the most popular boy in school. As her crush on...

Bad Couple (2007)

Bad Couple

Rank #7139

Choi Gi Chan is a University Botanic Professor with the “perfect genes”. The drama is about an editor of a fashion magazine, Kim Dang Ja, who suddenly develops an urge...

Best Wedding

Best Wedding

Rank #7349

Cha Ki Young was once a successful news anchor living the good life, but everything changed when she defied expectations and became a single mother. Jo Eun Cha was also...

Shotgun Love

Shotgun Love

Rank #7738

Sang Yul’s just-your-average guy appearance lands him the mediocre roles at a home shopping channel where he develops a crush on his counterpart model So Yeon. One day, he has...

Acacia (2003)


Rank #7968

After unsuccessfully trying to have a baby of their own, Dr. Kim Do Il and his father convince his wife Choi Mi Sook to adopt a child in an orphanage....

Woo Ri the Virgin

Rank #8412

Oh Woo Ri is the assistant writer of a popular drama series. She has vowed to remain a virgin until she marries, and has shied away from romantic relationships in...