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Perfect Wife

Title: 완벽한 아내 / Perfect Wife
Also Known as: Ms. Perfect
Chinese Title: 完美的妻子
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2017-Feb-27 to 2017-May-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is about a a middle-aged Ajumma who will do anything for her children.

Shim Jae Bok (Go So Young) rediscovers herself and her inner feminine strength in the face of hardship. She’s the type of person who cannot ignore injustice and is revolted by condescending pretension. Despite hating false flattery to her core, she grits her teeth and bows her head to the people who think they are her social superiors because she wants the best future for her family. After living so long as a wife and mother to her two children, Shim Jae Bok has neglected herself to the point where she’s almost lost her sense of self. When she becomes involved in an unforeseeable incident, she learns to regain her identity and fall in love again.


Main Cast

Go So Young as Shim Jae Bok
Jo Yeo Jung as Lee Eun Hee
Yoon Sang Hyun as Goo Jung Hee
Sung Joon as Kang Bong Goo

People around Jae Bok

Kim Jung Nan as Na Hye Ran (Jae Bok’s friend)
Jung Soo Young as Kim Won Jae (Jae Bok’s friend)
Choi Kwon Soo as Goo Jin Wook (Jae Bok’s son)
Kim Bo Min (김보민) as Goo Hye Wook (Jae Bok’s daughter)
Lee Ji Won as Chae Ri (Won Jae’s daughter)

People around Jung Hee

Im Se Mi as Jung Na Mi
Kim Gyu Chul as Jo Young Bae
Lee Yong Yi as Jung Hee’s mother

People around Eun Hee

Nam Ki Ae as Choi Duk Boon (Eun Hee’s mother)
Shin Hyun Joon as Cha Kyung Woo (Eun Hee’s ex-husband)
N as Brian Lee (Eun Hee’s younger brother)

People around Bong Goo

In Gyo Jin as Hong Sam Kyu (Hye Ran’s ex-boyfriend)


Lee Yoo Ri as Lee Jung Soon / Lee Eun Kyung (ep 12, 18)
Jun Se Hyun as Heo Moon Sook
Park Joon Myun as Yang Soon Bong
Heo Eun Jung as Son Yoo Kyung
Lee Jae Wook (이재욱)
Park Young Soo
Yum Dong Hun
Jang Hyuk Jin as Mr Park
Kim Ji Min (김지민)
Hong Yoon Hwa
Heo Min (허민)
Oh Yong as detective (ep 17)
Kwon Doh Woon
Kang Doo as Manager Ha

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Gun Joon
Producer: Jun Je Yun, Choi Joon Ho
Director: Hong Suk Goo, Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah


Lee Sang Yub has been offered a role in this drama but rejected after that.


2017 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Medium Series) – Jo Yeo Jung (Perfect Wife)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-02-27 1 3.0 3.6 3.9 4.5
2017-02-28 2 3.8 4.5 4.9 5.6
2017-03-06 3 4.1 4.9 5.1 6.0
2017-03-07 4 3.4 4.1 4.9 5.6
2017-03-13 5 3.8 4.2 3.5 3.8
2017-03-14 6 3.7 4.0 4.7 5.1
2017-03-20 7 2.7 2.8 3.5 3.6
2017-03-21 8 2.7 3.0 4.4 4.7
2017-03-27 9 4.1 4.2 6.4 6.5
2017-03-28 10 4.3 4.8 6.1 6.6
2017-04-03 11 3.8 4.7 5.3 6.3
2017-04-04 12 4.7 4.9 5.6 5.8
2017-04-10 13 4.6 4.9 4.8 5.1
2017-04-11 14 4.7 5.1 5.4 5.8
2017-04-17 15 4.6 5.4 5.0 5.8
2017-04-18 16 5.2 5.5 5.7 6.0
2017-04-24 17 4.8 5.1 4.8 5.2
2017-04-25 18 4.7 4.9 4.9 5.1
2017-05-01 19 5.1 (<6.6) 4.9 (<6.5)
2017-05-02 20 6.5 (15th) 6.1 (16th) 6.1 (14th) 5.9 (13th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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– Trailer III – Version 1 & Version 2
7 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : kathlyn Says:

    im going to skip ! ITS NOT CUP OF MY TEA.

  2. 2 : BingoGirl Says:

    Yep, this drama skews toward an older demographic, so 18-26 year-olds may be bored. I’m curious how Jo Yeo Jung will be cast, hopefully as the evil “other woman”. She was a real 5-foot firecracker in the KBS Drama Special “Babysitter”. She scares me sometimes. LOL Also looks like we get a couple of actors from “Shopping King Louis”, so should be interesting. Will watch the first two episodes before I pass judgement.

  3. 3 : Snow Says:

    Sounds like another cheating wife drama where they try to justify the cheating like One the Way To The Airport and My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week….I think I will give a pass. Will definitely give this one a pass.

  4. 4 : Jkpop Says:

    Woman power!!! Every ahjumma should watch it.
    😁 independence, self worth, confidence

    Remember my rosy life.???

  5. 5 : Lily Says:

    I am an ahjuma myself but still don’t find this plot interesting at all. Definitely will pass… Sorry…

  6. 6 : ahjumma mama Says:

    Ai-goo it just grew from 16 episodes to 20 episodes. ahjummas won’t be happy about that. Daeback

  7. 7 : Perfect Wife, o novo drama de romance da emissora KBS2 Says:

    […] Fonte:KoreanDrama […]

  8. 8 : Noya Says:

    @Snow: “Sounds like another cheating wife drama”
    It’s a cheating husband or husbands cheating on their wives.

  9. 9 : Noya Says:

    Jung Na Mi is involved in a conspiracy and someone does not approve of the lawyer’s snooping about. I can’t make out if Lee Eun Hee’s interest in Jae Bok is of the lesbian kind or straight. She’s a strange one.

  10. 10 : Timpf Says:

    LOL! I’m wondering too if Lee Eun Hee is a dike and the drama will be a lesbian romance. I hope not, yet all the men presented so far are cheaters, misogynists, spineless and feeble individuals.

  11. 11 : oopa Says:

    This is a really funny drama. Go So Young is great in her role, even after being away from TV for some time. Too bad the ratings are so low. I’m doubtful it will run for the full 20 episodes.

  12. 12 : Mardonna Says:

    The description is nothing like the drama. This drama is really good. Well written and keeps your attention. Not an adulterous drama. This is more of how people you never know throw you into their lives to endure. All the fuckery that goes on with life and the imagination of what if. Which draws you into the I wish a mofo would fan. Very different from the usual drama. This will keep fans from Other countries watching and interested in Korean dramas.

    Whoever came up with the synopsis should rewrite it. Even if this is what the original concept was, it doesn’t work for the first 6 episodes.

  13. 13 : Fow Says:

    Is there any lesbian scene? I hope not, i really want to watch this one, i watched some cut scene and found that sung joon role was so funny. But i’m afraid kind of “that” scene

  14. 14 : Noya Says:

    A drama noir.

  15. 15 : Mardonna Says:

    This is an amazing drama you will not get bored. Not a drama where the women as neglected or abused. Eun hee is off her hinges going after her first love… This is a good drama underrated big time. Hope they get out of the single digits. This is on the level of some big rated drama.. Scandal writer would love this… Probably would have empire cast watching too.

  16. 16 : Kay Says:

    I don’t like the two actors here especially Yoon Sang-hyun. He is so ugly and already mature but still don’t behave as his ages. Always styled weird hair-styles and clothing. He is the ugliest actor in K-drama and his acting is sucked.

  17. 17 : junechan Says:

    you’re wrong. you deserve the rite to dislike the two actors, but pls learn to
    respect the effort that they’ve put on playing the roles in accordance with
    the role-characters specifically designed for them especially yoon sang hyun
    shi who had been struggling to decide whether had to take on the unwelcome
    role or not! His maturity still keeps in store very much of his charm, if you don
    know how to admire a mature man’s charm, pls stop watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 : samuellaw Says:

    i like Yoon Sang Hyun. He is a very talented and versatile artist.
    I like the way he sings. The rock song that he sings in Perfect Wife
    is such that rock and amazing, and his Bohemian style is much to
    my favoritism…. Yoon Sang Hyun, I luv you so much, keep
    fighting !

  19. 19 : sweetpea Says:

    Although this drama has my favorite actors in it, it seems that it’s about cheating and I don’t want to see it if it is. I don’t want to see my favorite actors in unfavorable roles and roles where I can’t support them.

  20. 20 : ButchGirl Says:

    @sweetpea – OK, then don’t watch this fine drama, and go hide under your bed till it’s over. I will watch for both of us.

  21. 21 : Kay Says:

    Lol @samuellaw. You mentioned Yong Sang Hyun with his Bohemian style remind me those antiques displayed in Europe muzium.

    I feel Go Young is referring her husband, Jang Dong Gun in this drama. Her husband as a famous actor, been admired by a rich crazy fangirl. Anyway, I stopped watching this drama already.

  22. 22 : samuellaw Says:

    @Kay, there’s nothing funny, i think u’ve been reminiscent too much
    of ur antique time, pls go back and refer to the modern Bohemian,
    tk u !!!

  23. 23 : Sweetpea Says:

    @butchGirl @ 20, your name says it all. I don’t need you watching anything for me. This may be a fine drama to you, but the ratings show I’m not alone in not really wanting to watch this particular drama. So no thank you, I’ve moved on to another drama.

  24. 24 : Kdrama-lover Says:

    I love this drama. Love the Jae Bok and Bong Goo together!!! I allways thought Sung Joon is such good actor, and i only now fell inlove with Bong Goo in this drama. Here 7s hopping they end up together!!

  25. 25 : Mardonna Says:

    This is the worst directing ever. What the hell is going on? You write to episodes of bullshit and have a cliffhanger of him marrying during his divorce probation period. To top it off this stupid lead you to the ceremony. Then your boss called you after it was over. Reality tv makes more sense than this. This crap like Cheese in the trap and jealousy incarnation. This is what I call Kdummy tv.

  26. 26 : Ann Says:

    This drama is very good …Why are the ranting so low ?

  27. 27 : dramalady Says:

    I think the drama is not bad at all. The plot and acting are good. It’s more interesting than Chief Kim and Strong Woman DBS. The rating is not reflecting the standard of the dramas. It may be influenced by fans of the young idols. I recommend this one.

  28. 28 : dramalady Says:

    I take back my recommendation above. After 8 episodes, this drama becomes unreasonable. Still not the worst but not among the best.

  29. 29 : Joee Says:

    If you like Pushing Daisy ( American Tv Series) you’ll like this drama. It’s whimsical and keep you suspense.

  30. 30 : Florensiana Says:

    The borring one😤

  31. 31 : JuanDay Says:

    Great drama. None of the cookie cutter nonsense.

  32. 32 : Laura Roslin Says:

    the actor Sung Joon could be quite handsome but they dress him in the worst clothes! Stripes of all types, but all ugly busy patterns.

    I’m up to ep 5 and his clothes hurt my eyes. In truth he looks like he will be very distinguished looking as he matures.

    Whoever styled him did him a big disservice.

  33. 33 : Msp Says:

    나는이 드라마를 좋아한다. 나는 매 순간을 즐겼다. 마지막 에피소드를 기다릴 수 없다.

  34. 34 : Slope Says:

    이것은 대단한 드라마였습니다. 끝이 싫어. 이 드라마에는 성공을위한 모든 요소가있었습니다. 다음 프로젝트에서이 액터를 볼 수 있기를 기대하며, 필자에게도 마찬가지입니다.

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